Sugar Momma Dating Apps

Sugar momma dating apps are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of mutually beneficial relationships and the convenience of online dating. Sugar momma dating is where younger men can enjoy financial security and be pampered by older, successful women who have great wealth or social status. It is extremely similar to the sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship we see in sugar arrangements.

Are you a young, single man who is mature for your age, open-minded, and flexible in nature? If so, you might be the perfect fit for sugar momma dating! Check out our top recommendations for the best sugar momma apps and what makes them the best on the market for securing a mutually beneficial relationship with a wealthy, well-to-do woman!

Dating App Key Facts Free Trial
Elite Singles Logo Elite Singles
  • Over 13 million members
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Daily “Wildcard” matches sent to you
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Seeking Logo
  • 1.3 million members
  • Diamond level features
  • SSL encryption and verification
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Sugarbook Logo Sugarbook
  • 80k+ visitors per month
  • Immediate profile approval
  • Use of discreet names on billing
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Cougar Life Logo Cougar Life
  • 7 million+ members
  • Access to members’ private photos
  • Very advanced search features for narrowing results
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EliteMeetsBeauty Logo EliteMeetsBeauty
  • 50,000 active accounts weekly
  • Option to request private photos of members
  • Profile safety validation through Google or SMS
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Top Sugar Momma Apps for 2023

#1: Elite Singles – Best Overall for Finding Sugar Mommas

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 13 million
  • Gender Ratio: 57% men to 43% women
  • Key Membership Features: Unlimited messaging, advanced search filters, get “Wildcard” matches daily, view all photos of all members, read receipts, find out who is interested in your profile, etc.
  • Safety and Discretionary Features: SSL encryption, ID authentication, fraud detection system

Why Elite Singles?

Elite Singles Homepage Screenshot

Elite Singles is a dating app that is replete with successful, highly educated singles who are in high-end professions like law, medicine, and business. Over 85% of those who use Elite Singles have completed some form of higher education. This makes Elite Singles a great dating app for those looking for sugar momma relationships!

Although this is not a site designed specifically for sugar momma dating, it is a great place to begin your search! You are going to find a lot of young, work-related professional singles who place a lot of value on wealth and status. Many of the customers who use this site are 30 years of age or older. These are some of the perfect conditions for finding yourself a sugar momma!

#2: – Best for Highly Educated Women

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 1.3 million
  • Gender Ratio: 61% men to 39% women
  • Key Membership Features: Unlimited messaging, matches are generated by personal parameters set up by members, Diamond-level acts as a profile highlight (access available to verified rich members)
  • Safety and Discretionary Features: SSL encryption, 60-day free access to the UrSafe App, reviews and verifies all customer accounts


Seeking Homepage Screenshot is definitely one of our best recommendations for those seeking a relationship with a sugar momma! This sugar arrangement dating app has over 25+ million users worldwide, which means that those who use the site can draw from a large pool of potential candidates!

With 61% of the users being men, sugar mommas should have no problem finding a young partner to pamper! Something that sugar mamas will love about is the Diamond-level membership that acts as a profile highlight, allowing them to stand out amongst other customers at the site. Diamond membership is available to only the most wealthy of members!

#3: Sugarbook – Best All-Around Luxury Dating

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 6,000
  • Gender Ratio: 59% men to 41% women
  • Key Membership Features: Unlimited messaging, immediate profile approval, and premium badges for higher-level members
  • Safety and Discretionary Features: SSL encryption, conceal login details and activity, report or block other members’ profiles, discreet names for billing on card statements

Why Sugarbook?

As with many of the other sugar mama dating apps we are recommending, Sugarbook has a good member ratio of men to women. They ultimately come down heavier with male users at 59%, which leaves a lot of room for wealthy women to find young, attractive partners for a sugar arrangement!

Sugarbook Homepage Screenshot

Something that sugar mommas and young men will both love about the Sugarbook app is the excellent profile highlights that go the distance to generate interest or buzz around certain members of the site. This dating app also uses discreet names when they generate its billing statements, and they allow members to conceal their login details and activity for an extra layer of security!

#4: Cougar Life – Best For Meeting Cougars

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 7 million
  • Gender Ratio: 70% men to 30% women
  • Key Membership Features: Unlimited messaging, access to members’ private photo galleries, advanced search filters that break down results by weight, height, body type, and ethnicity
  • Safety and Discretionary Features: SSL encryption, members can move their photos from “public” to “private”

Why Cougar Life?

Cougar Life Homepage Screenshot

Many young men seek out sugar arrangements with a “momma,” but there is a great deal who are interested in pairing up with a “cougar.” There is a big difference between a cougar and a sugar momma. A cougar is an older woman who draws the attention and desires of younger men due to their maturity and age. Sugar mommas, while older and mature, are attractive to young single men specifically because of their wealth.

If you’re looking for a “cougar” to have a relationship with, we highly recommend checking out Cougar Life! It’s not specifically focused on sugar relationships but does involve a younger man being drawn to an older woman. Cougar Life even comes equipped with awesome search filters that allow members to base searches around height, weight, ethnicity, and body type. This really helps when determining if the cougar/cub relationship is going to be more sexual or more about companionship.

#5: EliteMeetsBeauty – Best for Meeting Beautiful, High-Society Ladies

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 200,000
  • Gender Ratio: 75% men to 25% women
  • Key Membership Features: unlimited messaging, request private photos
  • Safety and Discretionary Features: SSL encryption, profiles are validated through Google or SMS, members can block or report profiles

Why EliteMeetsBeauty?

The benefits continue to stack up in favor of the sugar mommas! EliteMeetsBeauty is another dating site where there are many more men than women, which makes it a virtual playground for sugar mommas looking for a young man to keep them company! Cool features that are available to members include unlimited messaging and being able to request private photos from other members!

EliteMeetsBeauty Homepage Screenshot

As far as safety and security go, EliteMeetsBeauty is one of the best sugar momma apps out there. They have all their profiles verified through Google or SMS and use a strongly encrypted connection to ensure all personal and financial information is kept discreet and completely confidential. Sugar mommas can know that their well-earned money and reputation are in good, trusted hands!

What Are the Benefits of Dating a Sugar Momma?

There are several perks and benefits that young men can enjoy when they enter a sugar arrangement with an older, wealthy woman. Sugar mommas draw the attention of young men due to their wealth and status, so it comes as no surprise that many of the perks of dating a sugar momma are related to money and material possessions.


Sugar arrangements are relationships where young men can negotiate their own terms. There can be as much or as little commitment as needed going into a relationship with a sugar momma.

Mature Woman Raising Wine Glass

Some sugar mommas don’t even want to have a sexual aspect to the relationship and are fine with their young partners having relationships with other women. Because there is so much room to work in these arrangements, there can be a lot of fun flexibility in starting up a relationship with a sugar momma!

Financial Security

One of the bigger perks that people think of when discussing sugar momma dating arrangements is the financial security aspect. Sugar mommas are women who are influential, wealthy, and marked by success and professionalism. They can be a great source of financial stability and peace for young men who might desire and crave that kind of security in their life.

Many sugar mommas will even give their young partner allowances by the week or the month! Getting involved with a sugar momma means that you will be taken care of!

Gifts and Pampering

Along with financial security in the sugar arrangement, there will also be plenty of gifts and pampering from the sugar momma! Young men can enjoy having some of their craziest wishes or dreams come true when it comes to vacations, trips, toys, and special events. Not only will you be taken care of financially by the woman, but you will also be able to have a little fun in the process!

Networking Opportunities

Women who become sugar mommas and enter sugar arrangements with younger men are typically successful and highly educated. It’s natural that they are going to know a lot of important or key people in high society. This allows for some opportunities for young male partners to rub elbows with people in these circles and establish a network of top-notch contacts. Having a sugar momma comes with knowing some of the right people!

Sugar Momma Dating Apps FAQ

The term “sugar momma” is still relatively new to a lot of people and there are still plenty of questions that come up surrounding it. Below we have attempted to answer several of the most commonly asked questions that we see about sugar mommas and what you can expect if you are looking for one.

What is a Sugar Momma

Sugar mommas are older, wealthy women who are interested in a relationship or seeking companionship with a younger male partner. This is a woman who is willing to share her wealth and pamper her partner with the riches she enjoys. These relationships can be sexual in nature, but that is not always a qualifier for a sugar arrangement between a sugar momma and a young, single male partner.

What Can I Expect When Dating a Sugar Momma?

Young men who begin dating sugar mommas can expect to be pampered with gifts and money. There may or may not be a sexual relationship involved in the arrangement. Sugar mommas can offer their young partners financial stability and a relationship that is largely lacking in drama due to their own emotional maturity and past relational experiences.

How Do I Attract a Sugar Momma?

Something that seems important to sugar mommas is the appearance of their partner. So if you are attractive, that is a really great advantage! It will also help if you are confident and charming as well.

Not only do you want to be a total catch when it comes to your looks, but you’ll also want to display a certain level of emotional maturity. Doing so can make you come across as relatable despite the difference in years. It can also be extremely beneficial to show a sugar momma that you can be flexible and open-minded to new opportunities!

Are Sugar Momma Apps Safe to Use?

As is the case with many online dating services, sugar mama apps have a ton of safety and security measures to make sure that their customers can meet older women or younger single men without having to worry about their safety. These sites use encrypted connections in both their messaging and operational systems to guard all personal or financial information that customers share.

Can I Use a Sugar Momma Dating App for Free?

Yes, there are sugar momma dating apps that allow newcomers to use a free trial version of the site to see if it’s a good fit for them and worth the time or money. Free trial offers of these sugar momma apps are not going to include all the features that you could be experiencing if you simply pay for a membership. Most of the time, a free trial will allow you to create a profile, post photos, and view members’ profiles and photos.

Where Are the Best Places to Meet a Sugar Momma?

Aside from the sugar momma apps that we feature in this review, there are several real-life places that offer some great opportunities for meeting older, wealthy women. You have a good chance of meeting a sugar momma, for example, at a high social networking event. You will want to choose events where important, influential people are present. Check out country clubs as well. These can be hotbeds for finding sugar mommas!

What Is the Difference between Sugar Momma Dating and Cougar Dating?

Sugar momma dating revolves more around the older woman’s wealth and how that is a point of attraction for a younger male partner. These younger men like the idea of being lavished with gifts, pampered, and financially stabilized. On the other hand, there is cougar dating, where the attraction for younger male partners is in the older woman’s maturity and age. A cougar is stable and mature, but it does not come from wealth.

Do Sugar Momma Apps Actually Work?

There are plenty of sugar arrangement apps out there that do not deliver ideal results for their users. The sugar momma apps we recommend, however, are proven to work in bringing together older, well-to-do women with attractive, open-minded young male singles. These apps have millions of users worldwide, have features that allow for sugar arrangements to flourish, and top-notch safety features for maintaining ultimate user security and discretion.

How Much Do Sugar Mommas Usually Pay?

Sugar mommas are usually willing to pay whatever it is that their young, attractive partners desire. It is really going to depend on the sugar momma, their financial position, and how far they are willing to go to make their partner happy and completely satisfied.

What are “Cubs?”

“Cub” is a term that is used for a young man who dates cougars or pursues a relationship with a cougar. Aside from being called “cubs,” these young men can also be referred to as “cougar hunters.”