EliteMeetsBeauty Review

EliteMeetsBeauty is a really bougie name, which is fitting because this dating app caters to a really bougie demo. The target audience is—you guessed it—the elite and the beautiful singles out there.

But as technology and trends keep moving ahead at the speed of light, we have to ask: Has EliteMeetsBeauty kept up with the times and met the standards of the 2024 dating crowd? Let’s find out!

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What’s New for EliteMeetsBeauty in 2024

You might be curious about the latest features or upgrades that EliteMeetsBeauty has introduced—but don’t get too excited because there are none for 2024.

EliteMeetsBeauty has not rolled out new updates or features. Instead, the platform continues to focus on increasing the existing user experience with its current set of features, maintaining its commitment to safety, secure communication, and sophisticated matchmaking. While we would love it if there were some updates or new things to report on, we are pretty satisfied that the app’s stable approach makes sure that the service remains reliable and effective without the introduction of any unnecessary changes that could complicate the user experience just to follow the crowd.

Pros and Cons

EliteMeetsBeauty, which says it isn’t a specialized platform for those into “sugar dating,” but pretty much is, according to users and reviews, combines elements of traditional and more niche dating services. To make the most out of it, knowing the pros and cons of this platform will help potential users decide if it’s the right fit for their dating preferences!


  • Sophisticated Matchmaking: The platform’s advanced algorithm increases the likelihood of finding compatible partners by considering users’ preferences, interests, and lifestyle choices.
  • Solid Communication Features: With features like video chat in addition to private messaging, the platform has different ways for users to connect and verify the authenticity of potential matches before meeting, providing better interaction and overall experience.
  • Strong Focus on Security: EliteMeetsBeauty emphasizes user safety with strong profile verification processes and secure communication options to protect members from scams and verify privacy.


  • Limited Target Audience: The app primarily caters to those looking for sugar daddy or sugar baby relationships, which will not appeal to those interested in traditional dating.
  • Premium Membership Dependency: Almost every essential feature, including the ability to send messages and access private albums, is locked behind a paywall, making the free version of the app super restrictive and basically useless.
  • No Significant Updates for 2024: The lack of new features or significant updates in 2024 could be a dealbreaker for users expecting continual improvements and innovations to level up their dating experience.

EliteMeetsBeauty is best suited for those specifically interested in sugar dating relationships, where one party typically supports the other financially in a mutually beneficial arrangement. It’s perfect for users who prioritize security and sophisticated matching capabilities and are willing to invest in premium features for a more controlled and possibly more serious matchmaking experience.

Signing Up and Getting Started with EliteMeetsBeauty

Signing up and creating a dating profile on EliteMeetsBeauty is a simple process that quickly integrates new users into their system. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to create your dating profile and get started on your search for potential matches!

Creating Your Profile

  1. Visit the Website or Download the App: Begin by accessing the EliteMeetsBeauty website or by downloading their app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Register Your Account: Begin your registration by clicking on the appropriate link and completing the required fields. You will need to provide some basic information, such as your name, email address, age, gender, and location.
  3. Profile Verification: To guarantee a safe and secure user environment, you will be prompted to verify your identity. This includes uploading a photo ID and completing a captcha verification process.
  4. Set Up Your Dating Profile: Upload a profile picture and write a brief bio. This is your opportunity to express what makes you unique and to outline what you are looking for in a potential match. Include details about your interests and the type of relationship you are looking for.
  5. Profile Customization: Build out your profile by adding details about your lifestyle, physical appearance, and relationship goals. This not only helps make your profile more appealing but also helps match you with compatible partners based on similar interests and goals.
  6. Start Browsing: Once your profile is done and approved, you can start exploring potential matches. Remember, free users can view profiles and send winks, but access to any communication features requires paying for a premium membership.

EliteMeetsBeauty does not use a compatibility quiz as part of its registration or profile setup—its matchmaking relies on the preferences and information provided in your dating profile. This method allows singles to manually filter through potential matches based on specific criteria, a setup that is preferable to those who want a hands-on approach to finding their matches.

User Experience and Interface

Evaluating the user interface and experience of EliteMeetsBeauty is essential for users considering the platform for online dating. Despite being in a highly competitive market, EliteMeetsBeauty has not introduced significant updates or improvements to its interface or user experience in 2024. Here, we’ll assess the current state of the platform, focusing on its ease of navigation and design layout, and compare it to previous iterations and competitors.

EliteMeetsBeauty maintains a user interface that is characterized by a straightforward and minimalist design. This design choice is aimed at facilitating ease of navigation for users, focusing on core functionalities like profile browsing, messaging, and match suggestions. The layout remains unchanged, emphasizing clean lines and an uncluttered interface, which can be particularly appealing to users who prefer simplicity over more modern, feature-rich interfaces.

Since there have been no updates in 2024, the user experience and interface of EliteMeetsBeauty remain consistent with previous years. This consistency means that long-term users will find the platform familiar and easy to navigate. However, the lack of any upgrades or changes could be seen as a drawback when compared to dynamic updates frequently implemented by competitors in the dating app industry.

SALT App Mobile

Comparing EliteMeetsBeauty to its competitors highlights a potential area for growth. Many competing platforms have embraced more visually appealing and technologically advanced interfaces that cater to a tech-savvy user base. Features such as real-time behavioral matchmaking, interactive user engagement tools, and visually rich profiles are common among these competitors, enhancing the overall user experience and keeping the platforms engaging.

EliteMeetsBeauty’s simpler approach may appeal to users who favor a more straightforward, no-frills experience, but it might fail to attract new users looking for an engaging, interactive online dating environment. This could be particularly challenging as user expectations continue to evolve with technological advancements.

While EliteMeetsBeauty provides a stable and familiar interface to its existing user base, its lack of significant updates in 2024 may not meet the evolving standards set by more innovative competitors in the online dating market. The platform might benefit from assessing user feedback and industry trends to incorporate more modern features that can better the user experience while retaining its simplicity and ease of use.

EliteMeetsBeauty’s Matchmaking and Search Functionality

EliteMeetsBeauty’s approach to matchmaking hinges on its search functionality rather than on a complex algorithmic system. This section will analyze the effectiveness of EliteMeetsBeauty’s search tools and the customization options available to users, which allow them to pinpoint potential matches based on specific preferences.

Effectiveness of Matchmaking

EliteMeetsBeauty does not utilize any sophisticated automated matchmaking algorithm that many modern and mainstream dating services employ. Instead, the platform provides a strong search functionality that places control right in the hands of the users. This method lets users actively search and filter potential matches based on their criteria rather than relying on automated match suggestions and recommendations.

Search Filters and Customization Options

The search functionality on EliteMeetsBeauty is comprehensive and allows for significant customization, which compensates for the lack of an advanced matchmaking algorithm. Users can filter potential matches based on multiple criteria like the following:

  • Location: Users can search for matches based on geographical proximity or specific regions.
  • Age Range: This common filter helps users target potential partners within a preferred age group.
  • Education and Career: These filters are particularly useful for a site that caters to those looking for “elite” singles, allowing users to find partners with similar professional backgrounds or educational levels.
  • Personal Preferences: Includes filters for lifestyle choices, hobbies, and other personal interests that can be crucial for finding a compatible partner.

This level of detail in the search filters allows users to tailor their searches very specifically to meet their needs. While this method requires more effort from the user, it also provides a greater degree of control over the outcomes, which can be more satisfying for those who have specific preferences or requirements in their potential partners.

Sure, EliteMeetsBeauty doesn’t have the kind of automated matchmaking technology seen on other platforms, but its comprehensive and customizable search functionality effectively empowers users to find matches that meet their specific criteria. This approach can be super appealing to users who prefer to have more direct control over their matchmaking experience. FYI: it’s worth noting that the effectiveness of this method heavily depends on the user’s ability to clearly define what they are looking for in a romantic partner!

Success Stories and Testimonials

We couldn’t find any specific success stories from EliteMeetsBeauty users in 2024, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any! According to the reviews and feedback shared online, it’s a mixed bag of yays and nays for users.

Some users appreciate the app’s features and have had positive experiences, and others have faced a few challenges, particularly regarding the platform’s premium membership structure and the nature of the relationships it facilitates (the sugar dating thing).

Here’s what it says on EliteMeetsBeauty’s “About Us” page: “The rich and the beautiful belong together – and as long as the relationship serves both parties well, why not soak it in champagne and caviar..? Cocktails at sunset on a yacht, a sought-after reservation at the finest new restaurant, and jetting off for weekends in Ibiza and the South of France should never be endured alone. The commitment of marriage between a wealthy and successful man and his wife may be strong; however, often high-powered marriages become more like business arrangements than sexy seductive relationships.

“Registering for EliteMeetsBeauty takes just a few minutes, and you’ll be browsing through profiles of eligible, wealthy men or adorable, gorgeous girls who are looking to date you and make all your dreams and wildest fantasies come true. It’s a free service that provides the golden link for the Rich and Beautiful to match and discover the benefits each other can provide.”

Disclaimer: We aren’t sure if English is the first language of whoever wrote that or if it was a drunken AI bot that took a too-long soak in a bottle of expensive champagne. And it is not really free, as you are extremely limited in what you can do with a freemium account, just FYI.

The platform’s user base is predominantly male, with a significant focus on creating connections between wealthy or successful individuals and those looking for those kinds of romantic partners. This demographic focus seems to say that success stories are most likely to involve financial or status-based relationships rather than traditional romantic connections or love stories.

Given this context, the success stories from EliteMeetsBeauty might not be representative of the average user looking for conventional dating experiences. Those looking for relationships with a financial aspect are likely to find more success and satisfaction than those looking for emotional or romantic connections only.

Pricing and Membership Options

EliteMeetsBeauty offers four different subscription plans that are tailored to different needs and budgets. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the available membership plans and the features you get with each!

LengthPrice Per MonthTotal Cost

1 Month



3 Months



6 Months



12 Months



Subscription Plans and Benefits

Standard Membership (Free)

  • Features: Allows users to create a profile, browse other profiles, send winks, and receive messages. However, free members cannot initiate messages without upgrading.
  • Suited for: Users who want to explore the site and its potential matches without financial commitment.

Premium Membership

  • Features: Includes the ability to send and receive messages, access private albums, see who views your profile, and use advanced search filters. Premium members can also send virtual gifts and use the platform without any ads.

Standard Contacts Add-on ($19.99 per month)

  • Features: Allows non-premium members to message you, enhancing your reach and interaction possibilities on the platform.

Several factors can justify the cost of EliteMeetsBeauty’s services if you are willing to invest:

  • Target Audience: The site targets users interested in “elite” dating, often involving affluent or successful individuals seeking significant connections, which can justify higher prices.
  • Beneficial Features: Premium membership provides comprehensive tools that significantly enhance the user experience and increase the chances of finding a match, such as advanced messaging and search capabilities.
  • Exclusivity and Security: Higher pricing also supports a more exclusive community and funds robust security measures, which are crucial for a dating platform.

Whether the cost is justified depends on a user’s dating goals and how much they value the specific features offered by EliteMeetsBeauty. For those who are serious about finding a high-caliber partner and who are willing to invest in this search financially, the premium options offer worthwhile benefits. But for users who are a little more casual about their search or not quite sure about their commitment to the platform might find the free version okay to start with, if only just to look around at who is there. As always, your best bet is to start out with a shorter subscription to test the platform’s effectiveness before committing to a longer and more expensive plan!

Security and Privacy Features at EliteMeetsBeauty

Even though the app hasn’t made any flashy upgrades of late, one area they do excel in is security and privacy. EliteMeetsBeauty is not messing around when it comes to strong security and privacy features to protect its users, which is one of the most important aspects of any dating platform. We’ll outline the measures EliteMeetsBeauty employs to verify user safety and data protection and compare these to industry standards.

EliteMeetsBeauty’s Security and Privacy Measures

  • Profile Verification: EliteMeetsBeauty requires users to verify their profiles to increase the trustworthiness of the community. This step involves checking a captcha box during profile creation, which helps prevent bot sign-ups.
  • Encryption: The platform uses advanced encryption to protect user data and transactions. This includes SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, which secures users’ personal information from unauthorized access.
  • Privacy Options: Users have the option to browse profiles anonymously, hide their online status, and use photo-editing tools to blur their images or use masks for privacy.
  • Secure Payment Processing: EliteMeetsBeauty uses reputable third-party providers to ensure secure payment transactions, safeguarding financial information against theft or misuse.

Comparison with Industry Standards

EliteMeetsBeauty’s security and privacy measures go above and beyond industry standards for dating platforms. Here’s how they compare:

  • Profile Verification: EliteMeetsBeauty requires users to verify their profiles to increase the trustworthiness of the community. This step involves checking a captcha box during profile creation, which helps prevent bot sign-ups.
  • Encryption: SSL encryption is a baseline security measure used across most reputable online platforms, not just dating sites. EliteMeetsBeauty’s adoption of this technology places it on par with other secure platforms.
  • Privacy Options: The ability to browse anonymously and edit profile photos for privacy is somewhat more advanced than many other dating apps, where user profiles are often fully public. This feature sets EliteMeetsBeauty apart in terms of privacy protection.
  • Secure Payment Processing: Using trusted third-party services for payment processing is standard across the industry to guarantee transaction security and protect against data breaches.

EliteMeetsBeauty incorporates strong security and privacy measures that meet and actually exceed the standard practices within the online dating industry. These features are essential for protecting users in an environment where personal and financial info is shared frequently. Users considering EliteMeetsBeauty should be reassured by these protections, which are designed to create a safe and secure dating experience.

Customer Support and Resources

The effectiveness of customer support is a pivotal component of the user experience, particularly on a dating platform like EliteMeetsBeauty, where personal and financial data are frequently exchanged. Let’s take a gander at and evaluate the types of support and resources available to users on EliteMeetsBeauty, how these services play a role in the overall user experience and contribute to a safe and successful dating journey, and if they could use some work.

EliteMeetsBeauty has one direct channel where users can access support: via email.

  • Email Support: The main method for customer service on EliteMeetsBeauty is through email (support@elitemeetsbeauty.com). Users can reach out with any queries or issues they might have, and the service tries to respond promptly, although user feedback is mixed about the app’s response time.
  • FAQ Section: For users who want to find answers independently, EliteMeetsBeauty has a pretty comprehensive FAQ section that covers a lot of useful topics, from account management to security concerns. This resource is designed to address the most common questions and issues quickly.
  • Security Guidelines: In addition to email support, EliteMeetsBeauty proactively offers tips and guidelines to increase user safety and help steer clear of scams. These resources are particularly useful in educating users about maintaining their privacy and security while using the dating platform.

Unique Support Features

EliteMeetsBeauty does have a few notable features in its support arsenal:

  • Profile Tips: As part of its customer support, EliteMeetsBeauty offers guidance on how to create and maintain an effective profile, which is a valuable resource for users looking to boost their visibility and attractiveness on the app.
  • Dating Safety Advice: EliteMeetsBeauty emphasizes user safety by providing detailed advice on how to navigate online dating securely. This includes guidelines on how to manage offline meetings and protect personal info.

EliteMeetsBeauty’s customer support is adequate but not exceptional. While email support and an FAQ section are standard across most dating platforms, the responsiveness and efficiency of these services can vary wildly from one app to another. The inclusion of dating safety advice and profile tips does add value, making the support offering more comprehensive than some competitors.

Overall, EliteMeetsBeauty provides a functional customer support system that matches up with industry standards. The additional resources, such as profile tips and safety guidelines are helpful to the user experience with problem resolution and also proactive support. But the effectiveness of these services ultimately depends on the responsiveness and helpfulness of the support team, which user feedback says is hit or miss.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

EliteMeetsBeauty has made a name for itself with a distinct niche in the online dating market, specifically catering to those who are interested in sugar dating. Let’s recap the key aspects of the platform for those in the back!

  • Security and Privacy: EliteMeetsBeauty emphasizes robust security measures, including advanced encryption and strict profile verification, to verify a safe environment for its users.
  • Matchmaking and Search Capabilities: The platform provides powerful search tools that allow users to filter potential matches based on detailed preferences, giving them greater control over their dating choices.
  • Customer Support: EliteMeetsBeauty offers basic customer support through email and a comprehensive FAQ section, supplemented by unique features like profile tips and safety guidelines.
  • Pricing and Membership: While the site operates on a freemium model, full access to communication tools and advanced features requires a premium membership, which may be justified by the targeted demographic of wealthy or successful individuals seeking specific types of relationships.
  • User Interface and Experience: Despite lacking significant updates in 2024, the platform’s user interface remains user-friendly and straightforward, designed to cater to users who appreciate ease and effectiveness in their online dating experiences.

EliteMeetsBeauty holds a specific appeal in the 2024 dating landscape, particularly for individuals interested in sugar dating relationships. While it may not offer the broad appeal of more general dating sites, its targeted approach provides a valuable service for those seeking relationships with financial elements involved. The platform’s emphasis on security and user-controlled matchmaking process makes it a noteworthy option for users within its niche market.

We recommend EliteMeetsBeauty for those specifically looking for sugar dating. For users with different relationship goals, other platforms will be more appropriate and better get you to your dating goals or endgame. But for its target audience? EliteMeetsBeauty more than delivers with a space that’s tailored to meet their specific needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a roundup of the questions our readers have asked the most about the EliteMeetsBeauty dating platform!

Is EliteMeetsBeauty a Legit Dating Platform?

Absolutely! Launched in 2021, EliteMeetsBeauty was formerly known as RichMeetsBeautiful before it got its new name.

Is EliteMeetsBeauty Safe to Use?

Yes, it is! The EliteMeetsBeauty app enforces strict privacy and legal standards with comprehensive Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Still, like on any dating platform, keep your eyes peeled for scammers.

How Can I Contact EliteMeetsBeauty Customer Service?

Visit their contact page at EliteMeetsBeauty Contact Us, choose your issue from the dropdown under “Submit a request,” fill out your details, and hit “Submit.”

Can I Use EliteMeetsBeauty for Free?

Joining EliteMeetsBeauty won’t cost you a thing—you can look through profiles, send winks, and add users to your favorites list for free. However, to chat or see who’s interested in you, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium membership.

How Much Are EliteMeetsBeauty Premium Memberships?

EliteMeetsBeauty offers four premium membership options ranging from $39.99 to $69.99 per month. The longer your membership, the less you pay monthly. Adding the “Standard Contacts” feature lets any user message you for an additional $39.99 a month.

What Payment Methods Does EliteMeetsBeauty Accept?

EliteMeetsBeauty takes all major credit cards, and also: Entropay, Paysafecard, Neteller, Entercash, Ideal and Google Play

Does EliteMeetsBeauty Premium Memberships Automatically Renew?

Yes, subscriptions auto-renew at the same rate and duration as your initial term. For 6- and 12-month plans, there’s a twist: your subscription renews every three months until you cancel it, with renewal costs tailored to your original plan.

Can I Change My Location While Using EliteMeetsBeauty?

Sure thing! Go to your profile, find the dropdown at the top showing your location, click, and type your new city. Select it from the dropdown once it appears. Remember, the app will auto-update your location if you log in from a different IP.

How Can I Block Someone?

To block someone, visit their profile, click the three dots next to their name, and hit “Block user.” Confirm by clicking ‘OK.’ A confirmation pop-up will appear. You can also block someone directly from your chat with them by clicking the three dots in the chat and selecting ‘Block user.’

Get Started Today

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If you’re ready to check out this different dating landscape, you can sign up right now at EliteMeetsBeauty to create your account. It’s quick, easy, and the first step to a potentially exciting and lucrative relationship!

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