Best Sugar Daddy Apps (Updated 2023)​

Are you looking for a sugar daddy dating app? We know just the ones that will be right for you! There are seven sugar daddy dating apps that we highly recommend you use this year, and that is because they come equipped with the best features for members, the top safety and security measures, and they come with millions of matches to choose from!

Sugar daddies are welcome to use these apps. Sugar babies can join nearly all these apps free of charge! If sugar arrangements are what you desire, these are our top recommendations for sugar daddy sites in 2023! We will cover the awesome member features like unlimited messaging and advanced search filters to help you find your ideal match in a decent timeframe. And we will go over the safety and security measures that help to keep everything private and discreet.

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Why Are These the Best Sugar Daddy Dating Apps?

When it comes to looking for a sugar daddy dating app, there are three important things to consider. You want an app that will expose you to a large array of good, quality candidates. You will want an app with advanced features that allow you to find those candidates quickly. And the service should have features that ensure you can do everything in a safe and discreet manner.

These three major factors are something that all 7 of our best sugar daddy apps have in common. They are the reason why we feel these are the best platforms for finding sugar arrangements in 2023!

Large Dating Pools

Each of the online matchmaking services we recommend on this page has a membership base that is in the millions! No matter which sugar daddy app you choose, you will have access to a significant number of eligible singles who are seeking out a legit sugar arrangement! Here are some numbers to prove our point:

  • 5 million members
  • Elite Singles: 13 million members
  • 5+ million members
  • 20+ million members
  • SugarDaddyMeet: 5+ million members
  • Sugarbook: 12 million members
  • EliteMeetBeautiful: 2 million members
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Excellent Member Features

What would a good sugar daddy dating app be if it did not have great features? That is why every app we recommend for finding sugar daddies online comes with some of the best features around: unlimited messages, private photo album requests, visibility boosts, profile highlights, advanced search filters, read receipts, and plenty more!

These features go a long way to connecting members with the right singles and the right arrangements that benefit them. The higher up that members can climb in each service’s customer tiers, the more of these features will be made available.

Safety Features for Ultimate Discretion

Those who become members of sugar daddy apps are typically a part of higher society, meaning that discretion and privacy carry a lot more weight. After all, the more you have, the more you could potentially lose, be it wealth or reputation!

Each dating app in this review comes with an SSL-encrypted connection to protect all personal or financial information that is shared. Billing statements will come with discreet names to guard the dignity and reputation of any members who use these apps. Each service also has a great team on staff that is diligent in pinpointing and shutting down any fraudulent or scam accounts that might spring up on these platforms.

Top 7 Sugar Daddy Dating Apps


Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 5 million
  • Gender Ratio: 56% men to 44% women
  • Average Age: 25-34 (28.45% of total users)
  • Free For: Women (sugar babies)
  • Free Features: Create a profile and post photos, search other users’ profiles and photos, send “kisses,” see who is interested in your profile, etc.
  • Premium Features: Receive priority listing in the app’s search results, narrow down results with advanced search filters, upload private photos in Secret Album, Sugar Daddy verification, etc.
  • Safety Features: Sugar Daddy verification, encrypted connection, staff regularly reviews the app for fake or fraudulent profiles, etc. Homepage Screenshot


With 5 million active members, is a sugar arrangement site that we feel is well worth the time and money! Their gender ratio is closer to that ideal 50/50 split which means there should be some decent options for a sugar arrangement in their dating pool. Women do not have to pay for a membership at

Something that really sets for us is their special Sugar Daddy verification process. This is to ensure that both sugar daddies and sugar babies are speaking with a real person! This is an important safety feature that ensures both parties are not wasting their time or putting any important information in jeopardy!

#2: Elite Singles

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 13 million
  • Gender Ratio: 57% men to 43% women
  • Average Age: 25-34 years (21.44% of total users)
  • Free For: Free trial members (limited)
  • Free Features: Create a profile and upload photos, respond to messages sent by members, take personality tests, find matches, etc.
  • Premium Features: Unlimited messaging, advanced search filters, get “Wildcard” matches daily, view all photos of all members, read receipts, find out who is interested in your profile, etc.
  • Safety Features: SSL encrypted connection for messaging and operations, ID authentication, fraud detection system, etc.
Elite Singles Homepage Screenshot

About Elite Singles

Elite Singles is not a niche dating app for finding sugar arrangements, but they are great for finding successful, highly educated singles. As a result, many sugar arrangements have come forth from the success of this site and its mission. Since beginning in 2013, they have grown to right around 13 million members worldwide, making its dating pools one of the most competitive in the market. That is actually why they rank so high on our list!

As a member of Elite Singles, you can enjoy unlimited messaging and get daily “wildcard” matches from the app to keep things fun and exciting. Members can get read receipts on the messages they send and find out who has liked their profile to gauge interest. This is great for sugar daddies and sugar babies to find mutually beneficial matches! And Elite Singles keep things completely cool on the discretion front for their members with a good SSL encrypted connection that covers messages and site operations. They also require ID authentication upon signing up.


Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 20+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 61% men to 39% women
  • Average Age: 25-34 years (31.82% of total users)
  • Free For: Women (sugar babies)
  • Free Features: Create and browse profiles, add photos, read incoming messages
  • Premium Features: Messaging, visibility boost, incognito mode, inbox filter, note dashboard, etc.
  • Safety Features: Reviews and verification of members, free access to the UrSafe app for 60 days, encrypted connection to protect all financial and private information, etc.
Seeking Homepage Screenshot

About is one of our best recommendations for singles who are either looking for a sugar daddy or a sugar baby! It was originally founded in 2006 as SeekingArrangement but has gone through a recent rebranding. When the dust settled, emerged, a sugar arrangement dating app that has over 40 million customers worldwide in over 130 countries! Each day, there are over 1 million messages sent on the app, and over 40,000 photos get uploaded.

One of the biggest appeals to is that women get to use the app free of charge! This creates a huge dating pool of sugar babies for the men who use! Paying members of the service can enjoy unlimited messaging and plenty of profile boosting in order to find the right singles. Members can even upgrade to the Diamond-level membership and enjoy being pushed straight to the very top of search results!

#4: Sugarbook

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 12 million
  • Gender Ratio: 59% men to 41% women
  • Average Age: 25-34 years (33.38% of total users)
  • Free For: Women (sugar babies)
  • Free Features: Create your own profile, post photos, search other members’ profiles, view photos, adjust your location or gender preferences, etc.
  • Premium Features: Unlimited messages, read receipts, get 5x the traffic of a free trial profile, premium badges, immediate profile approval, view crushes, etc.
  • Safety Features: Premium members can hide login activity and details, members can block and report accounts, data transactions use high-quality encryption, etc.
Sugarbook Homepage Screenshot

About Sugarbook

Although this sugar daddy dating app is stacked a little heavier when it comes to male members, Sugarbook has a hefty user base of around 12 million members. There are some great possibilities here! Members can send unlimited messages back and forth to other members, premium badges are available to those who want to highlight their profile and increase their visibility, and women can use the service without having to pay for a membership!

On the safety and discretionary end of things, Sugarbook comes with some heavy SSL encryption to guard all data transactions. They even allow members to conceal when they have logged into their accounts, allowing them to get on and off the site without other members being aware. Combine Sugarbook’s immense user base with the importance they place on security measures, and you have a winning combo for one of the best sugar daddy apps in 2023!


Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 5+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 59% men to 41% women
  • Average Age: 25-34 years (26.66% of total users)
  • Free For: Women (sugar babies)
  • Free Features: Create and view profiles, post and view photos, use search filters
  • Premium Features: Advanced search filters, privacy mode, favorites list, etc.
  • Safety Features: Encrypted data transfers, discreet names on billing statements, forums offer advice on sugar arrangement safety practices Homepage Screenshot

About is another strong recommendation for anyone who is looking for a sugar arrangement. Compared to some of the other sugar daddy dating sites we promote for these purposes, has a smaller user base of a little over 5 million, but this is still a solid pool of potential singles to draw from! Around a third of the app’s singles are between the ages of 25 and 34, and the gender ratio is relatively even! Sugar babies, of course, can use the app for free! has some amazing search filters to help sugar daddies or sugar babies find the right singles. And once you have found an ideal match for a sugar arrangement, you can add them to your favorites list, a nice feature that keeps things organized and easy to pull up at a future date. is an amazing site when it comes to safety and security as well. They use an encrypted connection when handling any personal or financial information from customers. They even go as far as to use discreet names on billing statements to protect the dignity and privacy of their members.

#6: SugarDaddyMeet

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 5+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 61% men to 39% women
  • Average Age: 25-34 years (28.53% of total users)
  • Free For: Women (sugar babies)
  • Free Features: Create a profile, add other profiles to a favorites list, respond to messages sent by members, send “winks,” view others’ profiles and photos, request to view members’ private photo albums, etc.
  • Premium Features: Mutual matching, advanced search filters, unlimited messaging, view login activity with other members, etc.
  • Safety Features: SSL encrypted connections to protect financial information, restriction of private information from third parties, members can block other users, etc.
SugarDaddyMeet Homepage Screenshot

About SugarDaddyMeet

SugarDaddyMeet has right around the same amount of users as, but their gender ratio leans a bit heavier toward a male-dominated membership, so we had to place them right below in the overall ranking. Two things that are the same, however, between these two sugar daddy apps is that the bulk of their users are anywhere from 25 to 34 years old, and women get to use the services for free!

SugarDaddyMeet is the perfect app for sugar daddies and sugar babies, not just because of advanced search filters and unlimited messaging but because of the magic of mutual matching. Members can find out if other members are interested in them through this process of mutual matches. That goes a long way for developing good sugar arrangements! For customer security, SugarDaddyMeet uses strong encrypted connections and allows members to block suspicious accounts or potential scammers.

#7: EliteMeetsBeauty

Fast Facts

  • Active Members: 2 million
  • Gender Ratio: 75% men to 25% women
  • Average Age: 25-34 years
  • Free For: Free trial account (limited)
  • Free Features: Create a profile and add photos, send “likes,” add members to your favorite list, browse profiles and photos, etc.
  • Premium Features: Unlimited messages, see who sent “winks” and “likes,” see who has viewed your profile, send gifts, request private photos, etc.
  • Safety Features: EliteMeetsBeauty encourages all members to have their profiles validated through Google or SMS, members can block profiles, etc.
EliteMeetsBeauty Homepage Screenshot

About EliteMeetsBeauty

Like Elite Singles, EliteMeetsBeauty does not cater specifically to sugar arrangements, but they do help to match up singles who are particularly successful or “beautiful.” In fact, 63% of the men who use EliteMeetsBeauty have above-average education, and 67% of the women are certified beautiful! The same kind of crowd that uses sugar daddy apps can be found at EliteMeetsBeauty, making it another great option, in our opinion, for finding a sugar daddy or a sugar baby!

On top of unlimited messaging, members of EliteMeetsBeauty can request private photos from other members they see potential in, can send “winks” or like other members’ profiles, and see which sugar daddies or sugar babies have viewed their profile! A cool sugar arrangement safety feature at EliteMeetsBeauty is its profile verification systems run through Google or SMS!

Best Tips for Using Sugar Daddy Websites

Perhaps you are new to the sugar arrangement world and need a little guidance before meeting someone new and outlining a plan for the future. It’s ok to be in this position. Sugar dating can be tricky at times. Here are some of our best tips for using sugar daddy apps and for navigating the challenges that you might face along the way.

It’s important to your success in the sugar dating realm to know what it is that your future partner is working towards. Be honest with what it is you want in the arrangement. If you’re a sugar daddy and all you’re looking for is companionship with a young woman and no sex, be sure they know that from the get-go!

Likewise, sugar babies should be honest ahead of time with what they want. Maybe all you want is a weekly allowance once you have fulfilled your obligation to daddy; if that is what you want, state that clearly before getting into the arrangement.

Just like with regular online dating services, dating apps for sugar daddies can have their fair share of fake profiles or scam accounts. It is important to remain vigilant when you’re viewing other members’ profiles. An alarm should be going off in your head if you see a profile where someone has blurry photos or some part of the identity is concealed. Be wary of anyone who is asking you for personal or banking information to help them out of a “crisis.” These are the tell-tale signs of a scammer!

If you feel uncomfortable at the prospect of meeting a sugar daddy or sugar baby in real life, we highly recommend doing some sort of video chat to put some of those doubts to rest. There are actually some safety features found in our favorite sugar daddy dating apps that verify the true identity of the person you are getting to know (Sugar Daddy Verification at and profile validation at EliteMeetsBeauty). Do what you have to do to verify your sugar daddy or sugar baby’s identity to ensure a safe first meetup!

It’s important to use online matchmaking services that are specifically designed for sugar arrangements or for finding successful, highly educated singles. You don’t want to go to a site like, eHarmony, or Zoosk and try to get a sugar arrangement going. Those platforms are not designed for such purposes. Go with one of our recommended dating apps for sugar daddies if you are looking to make it on the scene.

This is a tip specifically for sugar babies. If you begin talking with a sugar daddy and the first conversation goes right to meeting up for sex, this can be a sign of someone who is not really on the site for a sugar arrangement. It could be a sexual predator or someone who is looking to take advantage of a vulnerable woman.

You will know when someone legitimately wants to begin a sugar arrangement with you. They will ask you questions about yourself, things like your interests, your beliefs, etc.

Sugar arrangements are relationships that can move fast, and they are rooted in getting something from the other partner in the relationship. They can be extremely transactional in nature, so it’s important to keep your emotions in check and not fall in love with the person you are in the sugar arrangement with. The chances are that they are not your soulmate or someone who is going to be marriage material.

Sugar Daddy Dating Apps FAQ

A sugar daddy is a rich (typically older) man who gives gifts to a younger woman in return for her company or for sexual favors. The young woman is the sugar baby, and she might get into the relationship for the company of a successful man, financial stability, material possessions, or to climb the social ladder. There can be a lot of nuance to these arrangements, but these are typically the end games of both parties involved.

Mutually beneficial relationships are what sugar arrangements are built on. The whole idea is that both parties involved end up getting something they want. A sugar daddy benefits from the company of his sugar baby or from a sexual relationship. The sugar baby benefits by getting gifts or an allowance from her sugar daddy. She might also have opportunities to network with other members of high society. Both parties in a sugar arrangement (a mutually beneficial relationship) get something out of the deal.

Yes, you can use the sugar daddy dating apps that we recommend for complete safety and security. In fact, many of these services come with enhanced safety features to make sure that their members can enjoy the perks and benefits while doing so in a discreet and shielded manner.

A lot of these apps allow their users to do things like hiding their login details and activity. These apps use encrypted connections to safeguard any sort of personal or financial information. They also allow for discreet names to be placed on the customer billing statement for an added layer of protection.

There are definitely some great perks and benefits that come with being a sugar baby. For one thing, you will be financially supported by a well-to-do man. A lot of sugar babies get weekly or monthly allowances from the men who support them. Being a sugar baby can also help women to climb the social ladder and rub elbows with people in higher society.

There are a lot of people who seem to think so, but we feel they misunderstand the point of this type of relationship. This common misconception that sugar arrangements are a form of human trafficking cannot be further from the truth because these relationships are formed with the consent of both parties involved.

Both people are looking to get something out of the partnership. Typically, the sugar daddy wants someone for their company or sexual favors, and the sugar baby is looking for gifts, financial stability, or social status.

Women, for the most part, can use these services completely free of charge. This makes sense because why would you have to pay only to be lavished with gifts and an allowance later? Sugar daddies have to pay to become members of these dating apps. Many do come with free trials, but they don’t let users enjoy the app in its entirety. Most free trials only allow users to create a profile and post photos and then be able to view other people’s profiles and photos.

You really have to read to find out for yourself which app is going to be the best fit for your needs. If we had to settle on one, we might suggest going with They have one of the biggest user bases of any sugar arrangement dating app out there, so you have a nice, wide pool of singles for an endless array of possibilities. They also have some great profile highlights and visibility boosts that keep sugar daddies and sugar babies really competitive in finding the right singles to settle on!