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Welcome everyone to our online dating blog! This is where we start to really have some fun by being able to create some very fun and unique articles that hit home for all different types of people. We pull topics from all over the world and directly from comments and questions that we receive from real users. Our goal here is to make sure we are hammering down on the real-life issues going on when it comes to relationships and online dating.

With that in mind, please enjoy browsing through all of the articles throughout this blog!

Bridging the Gap | Effective Communication Techniques for Couples

Effective communication in relationships

In all romantic relationships, unless you’re perfect (no one is), getting yourselves through the rough patches that pop up from time to time is just par for the course. It’s like golf; you’re having a great time, you’re going to lower your handicap, and then you shank a drive into a sand trap. That doesn’t

Star-Crossed or Star-Blessed? Decoding Zodiac Compatibility

Couple on Beach at Sunset - Zodiac Compatibility

If you are into astrology or even know someone who lives by the stars, then you know that it plays a pretty big part in who you connect—or clash with. But why? After all, it’s just a date, right? Wrong. Zodiac signs, which are based on our birth time, are considered to have starring roles

Shared Values: The Foundation of Long-lasting Relationships

Senior Couple Hiking - Relationship Values

There are so many moving parts in any couple’s relationship, and getting there takes dedication and hard work–so many aspects play a role in the duration of a relationship, and a healthy relationship doesn’t just happen. Like we said, it takes effort and work on both sides, but you can start out with an advantage

Romantic Gestures | Beyond Flowers and Chocolates

flowers and chocolate

So, you think you’re romantic, huh? You’re sure you’ve got it down pat and are a real Casanova (or whatever the female version of that is) when it comes to bringing romantic gestures to the table. But guess what? If you brought flowers or chocolates to that table, you’re slacking. Look, a bouquet of their

Love’s Evolution | How Modern Trends are Shaping the Future of Relationships

Online dating trends

Like everything else, over time, love and relationships have evolved to meet the moment. It’s come a long way from the olden days when there was basically only one way to do it—two people meet, fall in love, get married, and start a family. Oh, there were a few alternatives, such as arranged marriages with

Sugar Dating: What Is It and How to Get Started

Happy Mix Couple

Thinking about getting into sugar dating? You need to know one important thing: Your success in finding a compatible sugar daddy and having a good partnership is hinged on your choices and overall approach, much like any business or relationship, since sugar dating is a combo of both. The mix of business and pleasure requires

Talk it Out | Resolving Conflicts Through Effective Dialogue

couple having conversation

Disagreements are inevitable in any relationship, especially when it comes to romantic ones. When we say disagreements, we’re referring to arguments—yes, those nasty verbal disagreements. And while it is natural, in fact, it is normal and healthy for couples to have differing viewpoints at times, the crux lies in engaging in healthy and effective communication

Meetup Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special Offer w/ Promo Code

Meetup Pro Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

This Thanksgiving, is embracing the spirit of gratitude and togetherness by offering a special Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount on its premium subscription, Meetup Pro. In the season of giving thanks, Meetup is making it more affordable to connect and find companionship, whether romantic or platonic. “As we come together this Thanksgiving holiday, Meetup, the

The Impact of Social Media PDA on Relationships

Happy Couple Looking at Phone Together - Likes Social Media

Public displays of affection, better known as PDA, is a divisive issue. You’re either pro or anti-PDA—there’s really no middle ground. Now, there are degrees of PDA, and they range from mild to full-on nauseating. Now that we have that settled and you’re either unbothered or ready to lose your lunch at the thought of