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Welcome everyone to our online dating blog! This is where we start to really have some fun by being able to create some very fun and unique articles that hit home for all different types of people. We pull topics from all over the world and directly from comments and questions that we receive from real users. Our goal here is to make sure we are hammering down on the real-life issues going on when it comes to relationships and online dating.

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To Filter or Not To Filter: The Ethics of Editing Profile Picture

Using filters on dating profiles

Welcome back to the always-intriguing world of digital dating, where swiping right can start a romantic spark, and that glow from your smartphone screen could just lead you to the love of your life. But wait, dear readers, before you upload that picture-perfect filtered selfie, we need to have a heart-to-heart to talk about the

8 Signs of Low Self-Esteem in Your Man

Man with low self-esteem looking in the mirror

If you’ve ever been in an on-again, off-again relationship with a guy with mood swings, you’ll understand what it’s like to be stuck in a never-ending cycle of drama. Does this describe your situation right now? Toxic relationships driven by low self-esteem and insecurity can create a destructive cycle of drama, constant fighting, and extended

Ways to Be More Assertive in Your Relationship

Couple being assertive in their relationship

When you think of being in a loving, committed relationship, the last thing you probably think of is being assertive. Surprisingly, ways to be assertive–and not aggressive—is a common question. Some people have been in a long-term relationship and feel their partner is taking them for granted, and they want to know how to step

Methods to Help Build Trust and Intimacy in Your Relationship

Couple building trust and intimacy

Trust is essential in every successful relationship. It helps each partner feel comfortable and safe. Trust and intimacy also allow for healthy boundaries and communication. While it can be difficult, building trust between the partners is worth the effort. Do so by communicating openly, establishing regular check-ins, and not making quick assumptions. Soon, you’ll get

Follow-up Texts to Send Your Ghoster

Man sending follow up text to ghoster

In our opinion, ghosting is one of the worst toxic dating trends that has become a part of dating culture in the past few years. Regrettably, it has become more and more of a common occurrence directly related to the rise of casual dating facilitated by dating apps. What is Ghosting? Ghosting happens when someone

Keeping the Spark Alive | 10 Creative Date Night Ideas for Long-Term Couples

Date night ideas

Hi, all you lovebirds! Have you been feeling like your date nights are just a routine thing you do, or, even worse, you’re in a romance rut? Dinner and a movie or Netflix and takeout, just not cutting it anymore? We get it, and you’re not alone in feeling like you’ve done everything there is

A List of the 11 Best Breakup Songs for Dealing With the Hurt

Break up songs

Here’s the thing: Breakups are sad. They can make your heart literally ache—it’s called heartache for a reason. It can feel like a donkey kicked you in the chest. We aren’t telling you anything you don’t know—IYKYK. While we can’t make it all better, since trite sayings like “Time heals all wounds” and other cliched

Swiping Left vs Swiping Right | What Do They Mean?

Swiping right and swiping left

To swipe or not to swipe…that is the question. Ok, so it’s not the exact Shakespearean quote, but a little creative license is pertinent and relevant regarding dating apps. Because in the olden days, a nod, smile, sneer, or handshake was the most prevalent gesture to show approval or disapproval? But that was then, and