Expert Review of is an online dating app that has developed a reputation over the years as a great place for elite, sexy singles to meet and begin serious relationships. More specifically, Seeking is known for putting together singles who are interested in sugar arrangements. Formerly SeekingArrangement, has a long history of catering to this niche dating market.

But are they as good as all the hype they get? Is the right dating app for you to be using in 2023? We will answer these questions and more as we review Seeking. We’re going to give you an in-depth view, taking a look at its membership plans and pricing as well as the benefits and features that members can enjoy! Banner - Couple Relaxing in Swimming Pool

Our Rating


As we put together our overall rating for, there are several factors that we took into consideration, including the features you get with your membership, the quality of your dating pool and daily matches, and the overall usability of the site!

Category Score
Ease of Use 4
Daily Matches 4
Volume of Users 4
Features and Functions 4
Membership Pricing 3

Pros and Cons of

We promised you an honest and transparent review of, and part of that promise means going through the good and bad parts of their online dating service. These are some of the aspects of Seeking that we like and appreciate as well as some of their weak points.

As a future user of, you have a right to know the pros and cons of the app. Discover if Seeking is the right dating app for you and if it’s worth the time and money! Pros

  • Large dating pool with over 40 million active users worldwide
  • Diamond members get profile highlights and better placement in search results
  • Women can use at no cost
  • Customers can get a 90-day membership and pay for it all at once
  • app is easy to navigate and its design is largely free of clutter
  • Memberships come with unlimited messaging and profile boosting
  • Customer service will address any matters in 24 hours or less Cons

  • The free trial only allows users to view profiles and photos
  • You will run into some fake accounts or scammers on this dating app
  • Woman users are not ID-verified
  • The app is not available for iOS users
  • Customer service and support consists of an FAQ page at
  • Customers complain of being locked out of their accounts for no good reason
  • Pictures need to be approved by before they can post to your profile

Good Reasons to Join

Reasons Not to Join App Fast Facts

Here are some of the more important details that anyone should know ahead of time before making their dating app of choice.
Fact Details
Site Name
Key Info Year Started: 2006 as SeekingArrangement
Best For: Finding singles who are open to sugar arrangements
Gender Ratio: 50% men and 50% women
Active Members: 40 million
Most Popular Country: United States (66.8%)
Cost of Membership Begins at $96.66 per month
Free Trial Yes

Are Seeking and SeekingArrangement the Same Site?

SeekingArrangement used to be the name of this online dating app up until a few years ago when they began to do some significant rebranding. The thing that spurred a redoing of their brand was the fact that the public was conflating SeekingArrangement’s services with prostitution and human trafficking circles. CTA - Woman Flirting with Older Man

To be clear, is known for putting together sugar arrangements between elite singles, but each party in the arrangement puts together terms and conditions for said relationship ahead of time. There is mutual agreement and consent from all people involved in that relationship. It is an entirely legal and valid practice that is within the confines of the law.

As a way to distance themselves from this erroneous and unwanted stigma surrounding their business, SeekingArrangement decided to drop the “arrangement” part of its name and become

Free Trial at Seeking

Honestly, the free trial at is like going out and window shopping. While some free trials are almost like test-driving a car, the free trial at would be like going to a dealership and only being able to look at which cars are available. With the Seeking free trial, the only two things you are able to do our view profiles and view the photos on those profiles. And that is it!

When it comes to successfully finding other singles at, it is best to get a membership at the site. The free trial is not a viable option for using the site and its services. In fact, you do not get any sense of how the app functions or what you need to do to increase visibility with your online profile. The free trial simply serves to showcase the singles that are available for you to meet at and that is all! Membership Pricing

We like what we found at as far as membership plans and pricing went. Yes, Seeking is one of the pricier dating apps out there in 2023, but we feel it is somewhat justified when you see what kind of features and functions you get with the app once you have joined!

It is important to note that women are able to become members of at absolutely no cost!

30-Day Premium Subscription


90-Day Premium Subscription


90-Day Premium One-Time Purchase

One-time shot

30-Day Diamond Subscription


What makes these plans different from one another?

Well, for one thing, there is the length of the plan to consider. Something important to keep in mind is that longer plans have better monthly price points than shorter plans. You might pay more overall for a 90-day plan compared to a 30-day plan, but you will be paying less per month, great savings for you!

There is also the option to pay for a 90-day membership all in one shot instead of three separate payments each month. It is the same price as the other 90-day membership, but you can pay for all three months right up front! But aside from the membership length, there are benefits and features you get as a paying member…

Premium Membership Features

These include the 30-day membership and both 90-day memberships! Here is a complete rundown of features that you will get with these three premium plans:

Diamond Membership Features

You will pay a bit extra for the Diamond membership, but the benefits you get with that extra money might come back tenfold once you experience increased visibility on the app and a better variety of eligible singles!

Customer Support

When it comes to customer service departments at online dating apps, the industry standard seems to be a single FAQ page and no more than that. follows along with this trend, with their FAQ page being the only way to contact customer service at the site, along with a generic contact form. It does seem like they respond to customers in a decent time frame. They guarantee that any comments, concerns, or questions will be addressed within 24 hours or less.

FAQ Illustration - People Reading Around the Word FAQ

We know that the simple FAQ page setup is par for the course for dating apps all over the industry, but we still would love to see a site like Seeking add on some other avenue for contacting customer support like a toll-free phone number or live chat.

Sign Up For the Seeking App Today!

If you are interested in signing up for a free trial account or membership at, we have attached a step-by-step guide to signing up for your convenience! The entire process should not take much longer than 5-10 minutes!

Go to’s home screen and there will be two different options waiting there for you: Join Free or Start Dating Up. No matter which one you choose it will take you through the same sign up process.

Even if you begin signing up for free and you change your mind halfway through and want to do a paid membership, it does not matter. You are still going to be offered the chance later on one you have assembled your new account and profile!

Seeking Sign Up Process Screenshot 4

This step is where things get more involved. You will need to provide an email address, create a unique password, verify you are not a robot, and include your birthday.

You can then proceed by hitting Continue or signing up through your Facebook account.

Seeking Sign Up Process Screenshot 5

Create a unique username and select a photo for your profile. You can get one from your Facebook account or you can download one from your mobile device or desktop PC.

Seeking Sign Up Process Screenshot 6

You can begin typing out your location in the search bar and Seeking will generate results automatically for a quicker search or your town, state, and zip code.

Seeking Sign Up Process Screenshot 7

Answer questions about your height, your body type, and your ethnicity.

Seeking Sign Up Process Screenshot 8

In this step, you will answer questions about your level of education, how many kids you want or have, and whether or not you smoke or drink. Answer all these questions and then hit the Continue button to proceed.

Seeking Sign Up Process Screenshot 10

This next step involves selecting all the things that apply to you and what you are seeking out in the online relationship. If you feel the need to expand beyond the available options, you can get more specific in the text box at the bottom.

Seeking Sign Up Process Screenshot 11

One of the final steps is creating a tagline for your profile that is designed to catch the attention of other members. There is also an About Me section where you can write anything else about yourself that will help your profile to stand out!

Seeking Sign Up Process Screenshot 12

Here is your chance to upgrade to a membership if you want. If not, you can proceed to and view what kind of singles are currently available on the app! Reviews From Real-Life Users

As a part of our honest reviewing process, we have included some comments from people who have used over the years. They can provide a lot of insight that we cannot necessarily deliver. While we have reviewed the app in-depth, we have never used it firsthand for finding sugar arrangements with other users.

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“Seeking is a legitimate site. As for the honesty part...a lot of their blog posts are useless & it has been shared that the owner/creator of the site actually does not give allowances. It's like Yahoo; a legitimate site but that are plentiful scam accounts. Like others have mentioned, folks can hide whether they've seen your profile. Some use it as a bookmarking tool. Nothing to worry about.”
Tony Jay
Tony JayJuly 18, 2022
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“I have paid to join this website. Then, I received a warning for using this website for commercial use. This is a paradox. An SB/SD relationship is a commercial arrangement. Then, I discovered the website was packed with scammers. Sugar babies aren't forced to get ID-verified. So, there are many fake profiles on the site. A man can easily impersonate a woman. Very few women on the website don't get verified at all even if this website allows them to get verified thanks to their Instagram, Facebook, and ID. I have been scammed several times. I paid webcam chat session up front, and I got nothing in return. More importantly, does NOTHING to protect its customers. It is OUTRAGEOUS.”
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“Seeking is annoying in that you have to screen out a ton of people but every time I’ve gone back on, I’ve been confident I’ll find someone I can connect with, as long as I look hard enough.”

Seeking App Alternatives

Here are some great alternative dating apps if seems like it might not be the right matchmaking service for you!

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Yes, Seeking is the same dating app as SeekingArrangement. A few years ago, SeekingArrangement went through a major rebranding to rid itself of the public perception that they were somehow facilitating prostitution and human trafficking ring. These were unfounded claims, but SeekingArrangement wanted to guard its image and branding, nonetheless. Part of this rebrand was changing its name to

To be clear, does help singles to set up sugar arrangements on the app. And these arrangements are legit where both parties stipulate terms and conditions with each other ahead of time. While everything they do is legit, still felt it was best the drop the “arrangement” part out of their name.

Absolutely. There were several years there when the public was mistakenly associating with a site that was promoting prostitution or human trafficking. This actually forced Seeking to begin a rebrand to get away from this erroneous reputation which involved them changing their name from SeekingArrangement to simply Seeking.

  As far as we could see in our reviews of Seeking, they are an honest and reputable dating app. They discourage prostitution and human trafficking. Everything that we have seen indicates that they operate within the confines of the law.

Women who are looking for a sugar daddy are able to use the app completely free of charge! There is a free trial account that future members can try out before paying for a membership, but this free trial only allows the user to look at member profiles and view pictures of the singles that are currently available. You are not actually using the site at all with the free trial. It basically gives you an idea of who is available at the site and allows you to determine if a membership is worth your time and money.

There are three major membership plans that you can take advantage of at the app. There are two premium memberships available, one that is a 30-day deal and one that is a 90-day deal. Thirty days with a premium membership cost $109.99 in total. The 90 days with a premium membership cost $96.66 per month for a grand total of $289.98. The next level up is the Diamond membership which costs $274.99. claims that, on average, their members find ideal matches with other singles in around five days’ time! The length of time that it could take might vary based on how well your Seeking app profile stands out from the others. There are different ways that you can make your profile more appealing or eye-catching to other members. One of the best ways to do this is to get a Diamond-level membership, where you will get your profile highlighted with a diamond badge and better placement for your profile in the search results!

Although they have a pretty good system of vetting new customers, is not perfect, and there are some fake profiles that make their way onto the app. Something that we noticed in our review of Seeking is that the vetting team is diligent in pinpointing the fake profiles or accounts that do slip through initial vetting and shutting them down swiftly.

Because fake accounts are so common on so many other dating apps, this is no cause for alarm. But we do highly recommend that our readers get well-versed in spotting illegitimate accounts for themselves in order to stay safe at!

Yes, there is an auto-renew feature that is available at! Whenever your paid membership ends, you will be automatically billed for the same plan at the same pricing again! It saves you the time and effort of having to go into the app and purchase another plan. If you do not want your membership to auto-renew, contact customer service and have them turn it off before your membership plan is set to end.

With a Seeking membership, members can send and receive unlimited messages from other singles on the app. They can use an incognito setting to browse profiles anonymously without giving up their location. There are inbox filters that they can use to keep their messages organized. They can also keep their singles organized with the help of the user dashboard. From time to time, users can also request that their profile be boosted to the top of the app’s search results!

The only extra features that you get with the Diamond membership are some profile highlights and better placement in the overall search results at It seems like it shouldn’t be worth the extra money to only get two additional features. But these are really valuable features that will allow you to experience better search results when it comes to other singles, greatly increases your visibility, and will generate a ton of interest around your profile!

As a free trial user, you cannot do any sort of messaging with singles at A lot of dating apps offer limited messaging with their free trial opportunities, but there is nothing at The only perks of using the free trial are to view profiles and profile pictures. And that is it! In order to message other members, you need to pay for a membership with