Dating Apps for Men

If you were to ask most people which gender they consider to be the most complicated, you would probably get an overwhelming response saying that the ladies are, by far, the most complex. While this may be true in a general sense, there are definitely times when guys can have their own set of complicated emotions and motivations, especially when it comes to what they want in a relationship. While some guys are content to simply go on dates and have fun, many guys desire a deep connection with the women they meet.

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No matter where you might find yourself in the online dating realm, we are confident that you can find exactly what you are looking for in your online dating experience when you use the best dating apps for men in 2023! For your convenience, we have also included solid dating site reviews, free trial opportunities, and membership cost pages.

6 Best Dating Apps for Men

#1: eHarmony - Best for Finding Deep Relationships

There are a ton of guys out there who are tired of playing the field and going on casual dates that lead nowhere. They want commitment and to settle down with someone special. This is where eHarmony comes in! They are the perfect dating app for men who want quality relationships with women that are built to stand the test of time.

This is not a dating app where you will find women who simply want to hook up or go on one-off dates. This is the best dating app to be used if you want to find a wife or a woman that you see as your lifelong companion. eHarmony has extensive compatibility testing and focuses on 32 separate dimensions to ensure guys share a true connection with the special woman they end up meeting.

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Take advantage of eHarmony’s affordable membership pricing today. If you want to hold off, it never hurts to create a free trial account at the site. Also, be sure to brush up on the site by reading one of our top-rated eHarmony reviews.

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Membership Pricing eHarmony Cost - Starting at $35.90 a month
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#2: Match - Best for the Undecided

Some men might not know what they want when they begin using a dating app. Match is the perfect dating app for men that cannot decide between wanting to settle down with a woman or continuing to go on dates. Match simply creates compatible matches between people and then it is up to the couple to decide where to go from there!

The ratio of men to women on this dating app is split down the middle and there are 30 million active users. This makes Match a great place for guys to meet a ton of different women. Some might be up for casual dating and others might be seeking out committed relationships. You will find it all at, no doubt! This is definitely one of the best dating apps for men when it comes to the volume of single women available.


Sign up for a membership at today or create a trial account so you can test the site’s functionality and features. If you want to learn more about how Match can help you find quality dates or serious relationships with women, check out a Match review!

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Review Review
Membership Pricing Cost - Starting at $21.84 a month
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#3: Elite Singles - Best for Finding Professional Women

There are plenty of professional men and women out there. Some are doctors or lawyers. Others are business owners or entrepreneurs. Elite Singles is a dating app that caters specifically to professional singles, the perfect place for men to find women who are highly educated, career-driven, or like-minded when it comes to success.

And this is no place to meet professional ladies who want a one-night stand or casual, dead-end dating. No, these are professional women who desire serious relationships! This is also one of our best dating apps for men over 40 because 90% of Elite Single’s user base is over the age of 30.

Join Elite Singles!

Feel free to do a trial membership or read up on Elite Singles before pursuing membership. Whatever you end up doing, know that you are joining one of the best dating apps out there for finding the best professional women!

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Membership Pricing Elite Singles Cost - Starting at $19.95 a month
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#4: Zoosk - Best for Casual Dating or Hookups

Maybe you’re a guy who enjoys the thrill of a relationship in its early stages. There are guys out there who go on frequent dates and move from person to person chasing that feeling and sensation. There are also guys who enjoy going out on a lot of dates to see what kind of options are out there waiting. If this sounds like you, Zoosk is the perfect online dating app to be using in 2023.

Many of the users at Zoosk are in their 20s and are looking for casual dating, hookups, or short-term relationships. There are reports of singles finding love on this app, but it is not to the extent you will find at eHarmony or Christian Mingle. One of the biggest advantages of using Zoosk is its vast customer base which is the largest of any dating app that we are currently recommending: 40 million active members!

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Try Zoosk today for free or start a premium membership at a super low price! If you want to know more about this dating app and how it can help men get dates or hook up with women, read one of the Zoosk reviews below.

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Review Zoosk Review
Membership Pricing Zoosk Cost - Starting at $7.50 a month
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#5: Christian Mingle - Best for Finding Christian Women

If you are a Christian man and you are looking for a woman who shares your faith and values, you need to look no further than Christian Mingle! This dating app is committed to matching up Christian singles who are interested in serious relationships that are centered around God and are faith-focused. This is definitely a more niche dating app for men, but it is a large dating market, nonetheless, with about 15 million active members!

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Find out more about Christian Mingle in the review links below. If you want to begin a free membership at Christian Mingle, check out their free trial as well. We have also attached a membership cost page for your convenience.

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Review Christian Mingle Review
Membership Pricing Christian Mingle Cost - Starting at $24.99 a month
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#6: OurTime - Best for Finding Women Over 50

Perhaps you are a guy who is over the age of 50. Or maybe you are younger and are simply interested in meeting older women. Check out OurTime which is the best dating app for finding women who are over the age of 50! There are no age requirements in order to use the site, but it will help you to find older singles. And the women and men who use this dating app are typically in the market for serious relationships and dates.

Join OurTime!

A membership at OurTime begins at a low $15.96 but there is always the trial account route for those who want to hold off. If you want to learn more about OurTime, check out the review link in the table below.

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Review OurTime Review
Membership Pricing OurTime Cost - Starting at $15.96 a month
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What Makes These the Best Dating Apps for Men?

If you are a man who is looking for the best dating apps for finding the right woman in 2023, you have stumbled upon a special set of online dating apps. More so than anything else, these apps cover a wide range of relationship types that a lot of men seek out. Here are six of the top reasons why these six dating apps are the best you will find in the market today!

They Cover a Wide Variety of Relationships

You can access any of these dating apps from the comfort and convenience of your smartphone or any other mobile device. You can hop onto the app any time of the day or night and search for like-minded singles who are up for serious relationships or casual dates. The process of finding someone special is so quick and streamlined that you can save yourself a lot of valuable time!

  • eHarmony: serious relationships and dates
  • Match: serious relationships and dates, and casual dating
  • Elite Singles: serious relationships and dates with professional, successful, or educated women
  • Zoosk: casual dating, hookups, and occasional serious relationships
  • Christian Mingle: serious relationships and dates with Christian women
  • OurTime: serious relationships and dates with women over 50

Millions of Users

Another thing that makes these dating apps for men the best-of-the-best is the fact they have enormous user bases! Zoosk and Match alone have a combined base of around 70 million singles! These dating apps will help guys find the right lady just through the sheer volume of active users.

  • eHarmony: 16 million active members
  • Match: 30 million active members
  • Elite Singles: 13 million active members
  • Zoosk: 40 active members
  • Christian Mingle: 15 million active members
  • OurTime: 1.5 active members

Great Personality Testing

It does not really matter which dating app you end up using in order to find the right woman. Each of them has its own unique brand of matchmaking and processes for creating compatible matches.

You are guaranteed to get quality matches that are right for you at any of these dating apps.

Free Trials

We would not recommend any of these dating apps if they did not include free trials for new customers. If you cannot decide on the best dating app for your needs, a free trial is a great way to catch a glimpse of what each app has to offer when it comes to services and features.

Relatively Even Men-to-Women Ratios

The dating apps we recommend for the guys have decent gender ratio splits. This means that there are roughly the same amount of guys using the site as there are ladies. The niche dating apps do have more of a divide it seems. eHarmony, Match, and Zoosk are about as 50/50 as you can get when it comes to the gender of their user base.

Tips for Guys Using Dating Apps

As men, we typically follow our instincts, we know what we want, and we go out and get it. For some men, this does not come so easy. You need to be confident in what kind of woman you are looking for and what you are looking to get out of the online dating experience.

As a rule of thumb, it is best practice to avoid cliché pickup lines and catchphrases. But you also want to stray away from any sort of generic responses or messages. You need to be using language and asking questions that make you stand out from other potential matches.

Once you have found good matches on the app, you will want to do some research. Find out what they like to do, what they value, and how they view the world. Take what you learned and begin forming good questions that you ask as you get to know these women.

There is nothing worse than someone who does not seem interested in what you have to say. You can always tell when someone is just trying to get through a conversation. To become successful in meeting the right woman, become invested in the conversation. Display active listening skills and show enthusiasm and interest in what they have to say.

Honesty is usually the best policy to adopt when meeting women on online dating apps. Never be deceptive about what you look like, what you value, how much money you make, or what you do for a living. Be honest and begin building trust one day one!

5 Quick Reasons You Can Trust Our Recommendations

Dating Apps for Men FAQ

Yes, the dating apps we recommend have millions of users and proven track records of success in creating relationships, marriages, and friendships over the years. These are some of the biggest names in the only dating market including Christian Mingle, eHarmony, and Match!

eHarmony is at number one for a reason. They are the best by far when it comes to creating solid relationships between couples. They have millions of steady users and have seen tremendous success over the years with their compatibility testing. It has resulted in more marriage and long-term relationships than any other dating app out on the market.

We have personally tested out each of the dating apps’ sign-up procedures. It will generally take about 10 to 15 minutes of your time to create a new account. Some dating apps feature more complicated questionnaires and personality tests so the results can vary from site to site.

The best dating apps for older guys will probably be OurTime and eHarmony. To an extent, Elite Singles is another great option for older guys. OurTime specifically caters to find singles who are over the age of 50. eHarmony has a lot of appeal with older men as they are super focused on serious relationships and compatible connections. Most of the users at Elite Singles are over the age of 30 making this one of the more popular dating apps for men over 40.

Yes, we encourage you to look no further than the dating apps for men we have recommended in this review. Each of these sites comes with a free trial membership and this allows guys to use these sites free of charge. The capabilities and functions of the dating app will be limited but still allow guys to view potential matches, send messages, view profiles, and get an idea of how the site works.

The dating apps we recommend for men are not at all expensive. In fact, they are quite affordable, but you will want to check each site to make sure there is a membership plan there that is right for you and your budget.

You can also check our cost page to learn more about it.

You will never worry about your personal information or money being in jeopardy when you use the best dating apps for men. Each app has an encrypted operating system that ensures all information that is shared with the site will stay completely confidential and private.

You know yourself better than anyone else out there. You know exactly what kind of site you need to find the right woman. Read up on who our best dating apps cater to and this can help you narrow down your options. If you are over 50, for example, consider OurTime or eHarmony. If you want to find a Christian woman, we suggest heading straight to Christian Mingle.

Also, take a look at the features that are offered at each site such as messaging capabilities, how many matches you can get a day, and any sort of information on the matchmaking process. Some of the sites will allow you to exert more control over the search with special search filters. Simply put, begin looking at what each dating app for men offers and see if it fits with what you need!