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Matt Marino

Matt Marino works for and spends his time reviewing online dating apps in addition to crafting online dating blogs. One of his primary missions is to help his readers find the best dating apps out there, something that completely fits their needs and budget. He also keeps his readers notified of any relevant news or exciting changes in the online dating market that the online dating public might be interested in knowing.

As a writer, Matt knows that his readers’ time is valuable. That is why anything you read from him jumps straight to the point! If you are looking for some quick answers to an inquiry on any dating apps or you need some fast information in regards to dating advice, you will want to read Matt’s stuff.

After all, who wants to read something that is super hard to follow or digest? And who wants to deal with a lot of flowery languages or reading something that takes forever to get to the point? 

Matt also uses a friendly and approachable tone in his writings for You can find out more about the top-rated dating apps that are recommended by our experts and have it broken down with information our readers can trust. It’s not going to be the voice of someone who is trying to impress you with fancy words or the voice of an aggressive salesman. Matt’s style is simply to present the facts and allow the reader to make the best decision they can for themselves! 

Dating Advice From the Author​

  • Peoples’ actions say a lot more about them and their motivations than their words ever can.
  • Honesty is always the best course of action in online dating. At times, it takes real integrity and courage to tell the truth.
  • Be quick to listen to others and slow to be angry. When you do speak, choose your words wisely and carefully.

Favorite Quote

No road is long with good company.

Turkish Proverb

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