Cost of OurTime Dating App

OurTime is the perfect dating app for singles who are over 50 and are looking to find serious relationships or fall in love. They have over 1 million active users which means a large dating pool awaits those who visit the site!

OurTime comes with a variety of membership plans, and they are all reasonably priced and quite affordable! Newcomers to the app can also begin a free trial account as a way to test out the app and get a taste of a few of the site’s many features.

How much does OurTime cost? Is there a monthly plan that will fit my personal budget? We will be covering the OurTime dating app cost and show you what is included in each plan. We are confident there is a plan in here for you! Get ready to mingle with older singles at OurTime today!

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OurTime Membership Costs

OurTime comes complete with three different membership plans that all allow customers to chat with one another, experience unlimited messaging, and see who has viewed and liked your profile!

Length of Plan PricePrice for a Year

6 Months
(Standard Subscription)



1 Month
(Standard Subscription)



6 Months
(Value Subscription)



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Examine the prices carefully. You get more for your money when you go with one of the long-term plans! A one-month plan auto-renewed over the course of one year will cost you a pretty penny versus going with two six-month plans.

Membership Features

The features that you will experience at OurTime are completely your decision and based on what membership plan you end up purchasing. In some cases, it makes more sense to go with an OurTime dating app cost that covers more months. Choose wisely!

Membership PlanFeatures Available

6 Months
(Value Subscription)

  • Full mobile app access
  • Message and profile highlights help your online profile to stand out over others
  • Message read notifications pop up when your messages are read by other singles

6 Months OR 1 Month
(Standard Subscription)

  • ConnectMe: a private phone line to talk with other singles without you having to share your personal number
  • NotifyMe: get notifications when a certain single logs into the site
  • MatchMe: request to appear in a specific single’s daily matches
  • PromoteMe: get placed in the top search results using this feature
  • Virtual Gifts: purchase virtual gifts that make you stand out more to other singles

Options for Payment

There are a number of ways to pay for your membership at They accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal and e-wallet Skrill!

They even accept mailed-in checks for those who want to do things in the old-school method. You simply need to select the option called “other” and you will find a place to send in your paper check through the mail.

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Diners Club
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Mail-In Check


Each account set up at OurTime will automatically auto-renew at the end of the plan. Unless the customer states otherwise, they will be charged again for the same plan once the previous plan has hit its expiration date.

Customers of OurTime need to contact the customer service department and specify if they do not their account to auto-renew at the end of their plan. This needs to be done before the plan expires. Otherwise, they will be charged for a new plan.

OurTime Free Trial Account

Just like with any other dating app, OurTime offers its customers a free trial. Older singles can test out the app to see if is one that is suitable for their purposes. Free trials provide an amazing opportunity to test out multiple dating sites at one time without having to pay a penny!

While the free trial is not going to cost you anything, you are not going to have access to all features, capabilities, and functions that you could be getting with a paid membership. At the end of the day, our official recommendation is to do a paid subscription to capitalize on all the bells and whistles.

Free Trial Features

  • Create a profile
  • Upload photos and videos
  • Send winks
  • Browse for singles right away

Paid Features vs Free Features

As you can see, it is well worth your time to pay for a membership at OurTime. While the free trial can save you some scratch and allow you to use the app in a limited capacity, you are simply missing out on too many features that could give you a leg-up in finding other older singles!

Paid Features

Basic Features

  • Register your account
  • Create your profile
  • Search for matches

Best Value Plan Features

  • Register your account
  • Create your profile
  • Search for matches

Other Paid Features

  • ConnectMe
  • NotifyMe
  • MatchMe
  • PromoteMe
  • Virtual Gifts

Free Features

  • Register your account
  • Create your profile
  • Search for matches

OurTime Cost FAQ

Still have questions about the cost of OurTime memberships? Be sure to browse through our answers below to the most common questions we receive.

How Much Does OurTime Cost?

If you go with the best membership plan that OurTime has to offer, it will be 6 months at $119.76! The next step down is another 6-month plan but one that will exclude features like full mobile app access, message-read notifications, and message/profile highlights. That plan is $95.76 for six months. The basic one-month plan will have the same features as the standard six-month plan, but the rate is $34.96! The six-month standard is ultimately cheaper per month than the one-month plan.

Is the Cost of OurTime Dating App for One Month Worth It?

The cost for a one-month subscription is not too bad if you go off of one month’s time, but multiplied over a year, it can be quite steep! Maybe the one-month membership is the right course of action for you if you do not see yourself using the app for 6 months or more. Why pay for the six-month membership if it is not needed? Plus, one month is not a huge commitment and the dollar difference is just under $20. For some, the 1-month membership is well worth the price!

Can I Use OurTime for Free?

Yes, there is a free trial of this dating app available, but you are going to be extremely limited using it. You can create a profile and search for matches. That is about it! You will miss out on a ton of great features and resources that will help you successfully find a wide dating pool of older singles. When you break it down, the OurTime cost per month going with a standard six-month plan is only $15.96, about $20 below the monthly rate for a single-month plan. You can use OurTime for free, but how good of an experience will you get? We definitely recommend a membership plan!

Do I Have to Apply for Auto-renewal on My Membership Plan?

Auto-renewal is going to be applied automatically when you pay for a membership at OurTime. You must contact customer service before the plan is up and cancel the auto-renewal, so you do not get charged for the same plan again once your first plan has been completed.

Let’s say you have the standard six-month membership plan with an cost of $95.76. Once you get to the end of your six months, that plan will renew for another six months, and you will be charged another $95.76 unless you call in before the plan is up to cancel the auto-renewal.

What Is the Difference Between the 6-Month Standard Membership and the 6-Month Best-value Membership?

The best-value membership is going to offer you three additional features that you will not get with the standard plan. Best-value members are able to see if the messages they sent to other singles were read or not. The best-value package also allows customers to use different colors for their profiles and the messages they send so that they stand out again the others. Users also get complete mobile access to the app as well!

If I Cancel My Membership at OurTime or Do Not Auto-renew, Do I Still Have a Profile on the App?

This is a great question! No, your profile will not be deleted if you choose not to re-up your membership. OurTime will always keep your profile intact because you never know when you might need to use it again! Relationships do not always work out exactly as expected. OurTime knows this and keeps your profile saved in the off chance that you might need it if you are ever back on the market again!