Zoosk Cost

Zoosk has grown into one of the most popular dating apps on the market with its 50 million users spread across over 80 countries. Naturally, all the buzz leaves one wondering: what does a subscription to the Zoosk app cost? That will be answered on this page.

Of course, several different elements contribute to Zoosk’s costs. We’re going to break down the various membership plans and durations as well as the available add-ons, such as Zoosk coins, and subscription upgrades – all of which impact the cost of using Zoosk.com. Thanks to the dating app’s many features, the service is highly customizable, and thus comes in a range of pricing options.

That said, Zoosk is surprisingly affordable for a dating app of its size and popularity – especially when you consider all the unique methods of communication the platform provides. Everything from virtual dates to Zoosk Live streams and digital gifts is available, not to mention perks like Boosts, Super Send, and Premium Messaging.

We can’t promise you’ll find love for the cost of a Zoosk subscription, but if you’re open to it, you’ll definitely discover plenty of entertainment!

Zoosk Cost Breakdown

Membership Length Cost (US Dollars) Cost (Australian Dollars) Cost (British Pounds) Cost (Canadian Dollars)
⠀1 Month ⠀$29.95 ⠀$49.99 ⠀£30.99 ⠀$34.99
⠀3 Months $19.98 per month / one payment of $59.95 $30.00 per month / one payment of $89.99 £20.00 per month / one payment of £59.99 $21.66 per month / one payment of $64.99
⠀6 Months $13.35 per month / one payment of $79.99 $20.00 per month / one payment of $119.99 £15.00 per month / one payment of £89.99 $13.00 per month / one payment of $77.99
⠀12 Months $10.00 per month / one payment of $119.99 $19.20 per month / one payment of $229.99 £15.00 per month / one payment of £179.99 $12.50 per month / one payment of $149.99

Zoosk offers premium subscription plans in 1, 3, 6, and 12-month packages. The longer the duration of your membership, the lower the plan costs per month. In the table above, you’ll find the price breakdown for each package using the American, Australian, and Canadian Dollars, as well as the British Pound.

Subscribing to Zoosk unlocks several features for your account. The benefits include:

  • Send and receive unlimited messages
  • See who’s viewed your profile
  • The carousel feature
  • Full access to SmartPicks
  • Great Dates

No matter which subscription length you choose, the total price is due upon checkout. There are no installment plans available or long-term commitments that allow you to sign a contract for a multi-month/year-long membership but pay that smaller rate each month.

Fortunately, Zoosk costs remain relatively low, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding an affordable plan. You can subscribe for one month at a time for less than $30, which is considerably cheaper than many of the dating app’s closest competitors.

Of course, the prices above only include the standard subscription. What makes the Zoosk app cost unique is how customizable the membership experience can be. If you want access to added enhancements and features, you can always purchase Zoosk coins and/or subscription upgrades.

If you’re looking for a more detailed look at what a paid subscription at Zoosk.com will get you, be sure to read through our full Zoosk review.

Zoosk Coins

First, let’s take a look at Zoosk coins. These virtual tokens can be purchased in packages and redeemed for several temporary benefits. Once again, the larger the investment, the lower the price per unit. With Zoosk coins, packages range from 180 to 1800 coins.

Zoosk Coins

At the total cost of $19.95, the 180-coin offering comes out to a price of roughly 11 cents per coin. On the other end of the spectrum, you can get ten times the number of coins for only five times the cost. At $99.95, the 1800-unit package comes out to approximately 5.5 cents per coin.

Zoosk coins are used to purchase four types of perks:

  • Boosts – Boosts typically cost between 30-100 coins and last anywhere from 30-minutes to several hours. While the boost is activated, your profile is pushed to the top of other members’ search results and appears more frequently in their Carousels. Additionally, any messages you send to other users will be highlighted in their inboxes. Basically, boosts increase your profile’s visibility for a set length of time.
  • Go Invisible – Going invisible costs 30 coins and lasts for 30 minutes. During this period, you may view Zoosk users’ profiles without them receiving notifications of your visit. It buys you some time to look around without getting anyone’s attention.
  • Gifts – Coins may also be redeemed for virtual gifts that you send to members when you want to stand out from the crowd. These digital gestures are a way to show someone you’re interested in them and that you’re willing to go a step further than sending mundane likes, smiles, or messages.
  • Delivery Confirmations for Messages – Finally, you can exchange Zoosk coins for delivery notifications on specific messages. As soon as the recipient reads your message, you’ll be notified. No more wondering if they saw what you wrote or not! If you were notified that they received your message, but you never got a response, then you know to move on. On the other hand, if you haven’t gotten the notification, you can rest comfortably knowing that you’re not being ignored; they just haven’t seen it yet.

The features available for purchase via Zoosk coins are short-term enhancements that your buy for one-time use. Zoosk also offers membership upgrades that can be used at all times as part of your subscription.

Subscription Upgrades

Subscription upgrades give members access to special premium features for a slightly higher cost per month on the Zoosk app. These perks fundamentally change how you may use your account by granting abilities that don’t expire or run out.

The three primary subscription upgrades are Premium Messaging, Hide & Seek, and Instant Crush. Each costs roughly 9 or 10 dollars per month, in addition to your monthly subscription rate. So, if you want to juice up your membership to the absolute max, you could be looking at a monthly cost of between $40 – $60.

Premium Messaging

Premium Messaging is usually priced at $9.99 per month. Of all the subscription upgrades, it is undoubtedly the most valuable. Premium Messaging allows any member to reply to your messages, even without a subscription. That means you have access to the entire userbase, not just paying customers! Zoosk estimates that Premium Messaging allows you to communicate with at least seven times the number of people available through standard messaging rules.

Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek is barely cheaper at $8.99 per month and gives users control over the visibility of their profile. Members with this upgrade can choose from three visibility settings: Hide, Seek, and Sneak.

  • Hide – Only the people you message can see your profile.
  • Seek – Makes your profile fully visible and notifies other members when you view them.
  • Sneak – Your profile is fully visible, but you can view other people without them being notified.

Depending on how you’re feeling at any given time, you can cycle through the three settings at your leisure.

Instant Crush

Instant Crush is another premium subscription upgrade that usually costs an additional $9.99 per month. An Instant Crush membership boosts your profile on other members’ Carousels and pushes your messages to the top of your recipient’s inbox, as well as highlighting them with a big yellow star.
This upgrade also gives you unlimited Carousel “Undos.” That means, if you accidentally pass on a profile while browsing through your Carousel, you can go back and change your answer. Otherwise, it’s an opportunity lost and you have no idea when that person will show back up in your selections again!

Highly Variable Pricing

As you can see, the cost of Zoosk per month is highly dependent on the features you require. Most users can get by just fine on the bare-bones subscription cost and spend only $10 to $29.95 per month (based on the duration of your plan).

However, if you want access to all the perks and features, your Zoosk costs can quickly balloon by $12 to $30 per month. And that’s not including any packages of Zoosk coins you may buy! If you go all-out on a 1-month subscription, all three subscription upgrades, and the largest package of 1800 Zoosk coins, you’re looking at approximately $160 for a single month! At least you’ll probably have plenty of coins left over for the following months.

Most users buy 3 or 6-month subscriptions with maybe one or two subscription upgrades – preferably Premium Messaging.

If that’s the case, your Zoosk cost per month should fall somewhere between $30 and $50 per month, which is still cheaper than most dating apps – and with far more features at your disposal!

Zoosk App Free Trial Details

When reviewers talk about free trials for a given dating app, they often confuse two similar, but different concepts. There are two ways to test drive a dating service like Zoosk for free:

  • A legitimate free trial promotion, which gives new users access to all or most of the benefits of a paid subscription for a limited time. When claiming such an offer, you’ll be asked to enter your payment information so that when the trial ends, if you haven’t canceled, your membership automatically renews as a paid subscription.
  • What most dating apps offer is the ability to create a free account, browse members’ profiles in their area, and use a limited number of features, such as sending “likes” or “smiles.” While these memberships are free, it’s almost impossible to communicate with potential matches unless you pay to upgrade your subscription.

Currently, the Zoosk app fits into the second category. It’s free to set up your profile, upload pictures, and fill out your icebreaker questions but you won’t be able to use many of the features necessary to make connections with other singles. You’ll only be able to chat with users who’ve signed up for Premium Messaging – and that’s only if they write to you first!

One advantage a free Zoosk membership has over many of the dating app’s competitors is the ability to view people’s photos without paying. Most services blur their pictures, leaving you with nothing but a silhouette and whatever they wrote on their profile. At least with Zoosk, you can see what kind of opportunities await once you subscribe.

Zoosk Free Membership vs. Paid Subscription

Feature/Benefit Free Membership Paid Zoosk Subscription Subscription Upgrade
⠀Search Profiles ⠀Yes ⠀Yes ⠀N/A
⠀View User’s Pictures ⠀Yes ⠀Yes ⠀N/A
⠀Buy Zoosk Coins ⠀Yes ⠀Yes ⠀N/A
⠀Boost Profile ⠀Yes ⠀Yes ⠀N/A
⠀Watch Zoosk Live ⠀Yes ⠀Yes ⠀N/A
⠀Send and Receive Messages ⠀No ⠀Yes ⠀N/A
⠀Carousel ⠀No ⠀Yes ⠀N/A
⠀Who Viewed Me ⠀No ⠀Yes ⠀N/A
⠀Great Dates ⠀No ⠀Yes ⠀N/A
⠀SmartPick ⠀No ⠀Yes ⠀N/A
⠀Super Send ⠀No ⠀Yes ⠀N/A
⠀Premium Messaging ⠀No ⠀No ⠀Yes
⠀Hide & Seek ⠀No ⠀No ⠀Yes
⠀Instant Crush ⠀No ⠀No ⠀Yes

Payment Options at Zoosk

Remember, Zoosk subscriptions come in 1, 3, 6, and 12-month durations and must be paid in full upon first signing up. After you subscribe, you can tack on any additional upgrades you desire or buy packages of Zoosk coins.

Payment Options

When you’re ready to check out, Zoosk will ask you to enter your payment information. The dating app excepts the following banking methods:

  • Paypal
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Car
  • Direct Debit
  • Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)

Google Play Store and Apple's App Store

If you’re using the Zoosk app on an Android or Apple mobile device, you also have the option of managing your subscription through Google Play or the Apple App Store. Going this route allows you to treat your membership and any add-ons as common In-App purchases.

Promo Codes

Always be on the lookout for Zoosk promo codes to help lessen the financial burden of buying a subscription or extra features. Sites like this one often post promo codes good for a 10-20% discount on the total price of your package.

You can also check the Zoosk app or website for similar discounts. Go to the Zoosk Help section of their site and type “promo code” in the search box. It will usually return an article titled “Does Zoosk offer free trials or promotion codes?” Click on that page and you’ll find a promo code good for a 10% discount.

Zoosk Cost FAQ

Do you still have questions about Zoosk.com costs? Hopefully, the answers to these frequently asked questions can clear up any remaining confusion.

The Zoosk subscription cost depends on several factors, including the duration of your membership, ongoing promotions at the time of purchase, discounts, country of origin, and subscription upgrades. However, we have the prices listed further up the page and have accounted for most variables throughout this article.

Absolutely – the cost of Zoosk is worth what you make it. At the most basic levels, it’s relatively cheap considering the size of the userbase and all the features being offered. And if you’re serious about maximizing your chances of finding love, subscription upgrades like Premium Messaging are well-worth their price tag.

Whether your subscription will renew automatically depends on your payment type and membership plan. Credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and App Stores typically support auto-renewals. Other payment methods might not.

As we covered in-depth throughout our Zoosk dating app review, the standard subscription unlocks the following features:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • See who’s viewed you
  • Chat with connections
  • Full access to SmartPicks
  • Great Dates
  • Carousel
  • Zoosk Live

Yes, Zoosk coins can be purchased by members with free accounts. The coins can still be exchanged for boosts and gifts, but if they’re used to unlock Carousel matches, you still won’t be able to message the other member until you’ve subscribed.