Review of OurTime Dating App

Are you in your 40s, 50s, or 60s and looking for love or serious relationships with other older singles? OurTime might be one of your best options for doing just that!

Although they brand themselves as the online dating app that caters to users who are 50+, OurTime has a ton of members who are in their 40s. Not only does this make a great place for finding love or serious relationships with older singles who are in your general age range, but it’s also very good for younger female users to find a sugar daddy or younger male members to possibly meet a “cougar”! Banner - Members Profile Photos

In this review of the OurTime dating app, we are going to take a look at all major areas of the site, study each of the pros and cons we find along the way, and give you our overall rating for the site!

Our goal is to bring you an honest and transparent take on, so we are going to look at everything. We’ll lay out the OurTime memberships plans, how much they cost, and the features that are attached. We will also touch on trial accounts, provide you with some real-life user reviews, and even walk you through the sign-up process at the site! Review Rating


Is worth it?

In our honest opinion, we believe that is worth your time if you fall into the category of someone who is 50+ and looking for serious relationships. We took the time to do some thorough reviewing, looking at all the site’s pros and cons. Check out how we rated and ranked each category, and the OurTime dating app as a whole to find out more of why we think it’s worth your time and money!

Category Score
Ease of Use 3
Daily Matches 3.5
Volume of Users 3.5
Features and Functions 3.5
Membership Pricing 4

OurTime Pros and Cons

OurTime is a really mixed bag, honestly. There is plenty to like about the site, but there are some issues that are glaringly obvious. Overall, we would recommend its services, especially to those who are looking for older singles who are typically over 50 years of age. But keep in mind there are some areas that definitely need to be improved in the future.

OurTime Pros

  • A well-established name in the online dating market since 2001
  • 1.5 million active members leading to a larger potential dating pool
  • An easy sign-up process that takes around 5 minutes or less
  • PromoteMe feature allows members to rank higher in the top search results
  • ConnectMe feature allows members to contact other singles on a private phone line
  • Value plan members can get a profile and message highlights added
  • Over 8 million site visits per month

OurTime Cons

  • Customer support consists of an FAQ page and a generic contact form
  • It takes around 72 hours to hear back from customer service and support
  • There is no ID verification when you set up your new account at OurTime
  • The free trial has extremely limited messaging capabilities
  • OurTime has been known to have fake accounts, bots, and scammers
  • Matchmaking is done through location so some users might have matches that live far
  • There are a lot more men then women who use OurTime

OurTime Dating App Overview

If you’re trying to figure out if OurTime is the best dating app for your needs and budget, it is best to learn everything you can about it. That is why we have included the table below, with some of the most basic information on, to give you an idea of who they are, who they cater to, and some practical steps to getting started!

Fact Details
Site Name
Key Info Year Started: 2001
Best For: Singles who are over the age of 50
Gender Ratio: 58% men and 42% women
Active Members: 1.5 million
Monthly Traffic: 8.9 million
Cost of Membership Begins at $15.96 per month - Full OurTime Cost Breakdown
Free Trial Yes

Our recommendation is to begin a membership at OurTime in order to capture all the great features they have to offer. If you’re not sure you want to spend the money just yet, we encourage you to check out the OurTime free trial and simply get a feel for the overall service!

OurTime Free Trials

When you create an account at, you will be given the option of paying for a membership or creating a free trial account! We highly recommend the free trial to anyone who wants to experience some of the site’s features and functions before dishing out the money for a membership.

Although you can use the OurTime dating app essentially free of charge, you are going to be severely limited when it comes to what you can do on there. In fact, you probably get half of the features you would find with a paid membership or even less.

While we appreciate including a free trial membership, we really feel that it’s not one of the best we’ve seen. There are not too many features available that give you a good taste of what the app can offer its customers.

Our official recommendation is to begin a paid membership. In doing so, you can enjoy no-limits messaging, use the profile or message highlights to stand out from the crowd, or even boost yourself higher up in the daily search results for other singles!

Here is a complete rundown of what you can experience using the OurTime free trial.

Free Trial Features

  • Message 8 or fewer members per day
  • Search other users’ profiles
  • See who has viewed your profile
  • Send limited likes Memberships and Pricing

We took a close look at what kind of membership plans are offered at OurTime and how much they would cost users. Our best bit of advice is to look closely at the monthly cost rate. The plans that run for a longer time have better cost-per-month totals than the one-month membership.

OurTime Dating Memberships

1 Month

(Standard Plan)

6 Month

(Standard Plan)

6 Month

(Value Plan)

We really liked what we saw with the membership pricing at OurTime. This is definitely a dating app that is more affordable than most!

For a cost comparison with alternative dating apps, check out our page on cost of dating apps and sites in 2023!

Membership Features

When you become a member at OurTime, it really opens up another world for you as far as the features and functions go! You’re going to get much better messaging capabilities as well as a handful of other great benefits.

What comes with an membership, anyways?

Additional Features (Tokens)

Number of Tokens Cost Per Token Total Cost
55 Tokens $2.99 5 cents/token
110 Tokens $5.99 5 cents/token
280 Tokens $9.99 4 cents/token

You can always enhance or upgrade your membership experience by purchasing tokens to pay for add-on features and functions. This was an element that we really enjoyed seeing at OurTime, and we feel this is something that really set them apart from the other dating apps we have reviewed in the past.

PromoteMe (20 Tokens) – Users can increase their profile views by paying extra for PromoteMe, which allows for your profile to be boosted to the top of the search results. Users can get increased visibility and can be exposed to singles that they might otherwise never run across.

ConnectMe (20 Tokens) – This is a fantastic safety feature that allows members to text or call singles they are interested in from a private phone line that is run strictly through the app. Customers can use this with singles they might want to text/call and keep their personal phone numbers completely private.

NotifyMe (20 Tokens) – Say there is someone who is on your radar, but you want to be sure you catch them at the right time when you log into your OurTime account. This is a feature that you can pay extra for and allows you to be notified whenever a certain member logs into their account.

Virtual Gifts (10-75 Tokens) – Members can pay extra to send virtual gifts to other singles. Like profile or message highlights, these are other features that can help you stand out from the rest of the pack!


When you get to the end of your paid subscription plan with OurTime, the plan will auto-renew. This means that you will be charged for the same plan again for the current price it is running. Of course, if you want to opt-out of auto-renewal, you have that right, but you need to be sure to cancel it before the plan expires.

For your convenience, you’ll be notified one week out from the time your plan is set to end and you will be asked if you want to cancel the auto-renewal.

Sign Up Process at OurTime

The sign-up process at OurTime is one of the simplest and most straightforward we have seen of any dating apps that we have previously reviewed. It’s so simple, in fact, that we can break down the process step-by-step in less than 10 steps!

This is the front half of the sign-up process before you can opt to pay for a membership. We will give you an idea of what do to up until that point and then you can decide for yourself if you want to spring for the membership or continue on as a free trial user.

This is what the homepage will look like when you visit There is an area in the middle where you can sign up for free. Click here even if you’re planning on going with the membership because the sign-up process is the same for both.

The first question you’ll be asked is your gender and the gender of the singles who you are interested in finding. Click the blue button to the right to continue on.

SingleParentMeet Sign Up Process Screenshot 1

This step is fairly simple. Choose your location and hit the KEEP GOING button.

Enter your ZIP code and hit the KEEP GOING button.

SingleParentMeet Sign Up Process Screenshot 3

Enter the name that you want to appear on your OurTime dating profile. Then create a unique password that you can use to log in and out of your account. Hit the KEEP GOING button to continue.

SingleParentMeet Sign Up Process Screenshot 4

Enter your date of birth and hit the KEEP GOING button.

Sign Up Process Screenshot 5

Enter your email address. This is also your chance to view and agree to the OurTime dating app terms and conditions before sending your final information to the site.

Sign Up Process Screenshot 7

The next step is to add a photo to your new account profile. You can upload one from your personal device or PC. And there is also the option to pull from your Facebook photos. Once this is done, you will automatically be taken to the next step.

SingleParentMeet Sign Up Process Screenshot 8

This is your opportunity to shine and include some information about yourself to make your profile pop! There is a maximum limit of 200 characters, so it is really more of a tagline if anything. Fill out this small section and hit the KEEP GOING button to continue.

This is the final leg of the initial sign-up process. Here, you will be presented with a list of the features that come with the free trial account and with the paid membership. You then have the choice to upgrade to a paid membership or stick with using the site for free!

Customer Service and Support

This was one of the weaker areas of their service. There are not a whole lot of options for contacting customer service, and the ones that they do offer are not ones where you can get quick answers from a customer service associate.

So what are the two methods for contacting when you have a question, comment, or concern, or you are in a bind? Let’s find out!

FAQ Page

OurTime has an FAQ page on its site that allows customers to troubleshoot their way through problems. This page features a ton of common issues and situations that a customer might find themselves in, along with some straightforward answers to solving said problems.

This is a fairly common practice at many online dating sites, so we were glad to see this option offered.

However, there is not too much beyond that! OurTime does not have any live chat feature or phone support for its customers. We could not even find an email address. Instead, there is just the generic contact form.

Generic Contact Form

You can catch a glance at what this form looks like here. You begin by supplying your email address and phone number. You can then state your problem, request, or concern in the description box at the bottom of the screen or add attachments that might be relevant to the situation.

According to a lot of users and different OurTime reviews, the customer support team will typically respond within 72 hours or less. This is a pretty long time compared to other apps we have reviewed in the past. We hope that at some point in the future OurTime will consider including a toll-free phone line for their customers to experience quicker service and response times.

Contact Home Office

Although this will not put you directly in touch with OurTime customer service, you can still contact the parent company People Media’s corporate offices in Texas by phone or mail.

  • People Media: (866) 727-8920
  • Adress: PO Box 12627 Dallas, TX 75225-0627

OurTime Reviews From Real Users

While you are getting a review of the OurTime app straight from us, we felt the need to include some user reviews that we have seen over recent years to give you a fuller idea of what this dating app is all about!

Drawing from the experiences of other users can be quite helpful, but also keep in mind that everyone has a different experience with the site, some good and some bad. We tried to include a mix of positive and negative feedback to give you a clear idea of the app’s pros and cons on full display.

Nathan (Helena, MT)
Nathan (Helena, MT) 09/10/2019
Read More
“ provided excellent customer service. They responded immediately to my concerns and took immediate appropriate action. I had issues with fake scam accounts. Their security team took prompt action on the issue. I did as well have great experiences with OurTime and have started a wonderful relationship because of OurTime. I recommend the site. They have proper security in place, and as users, we must be mindful of the information we provide on profiles as well as report any suspicious behavior to assist in keeping it a safe and enjoyable experience.”
Samantha B.
Samantha B.06/27/2022
Read More
“Both me and my hubby matched on here, and compatibility is 110%. He was a suggestion and we matched. All I’m saying is our future is bright. Never give up. Best site by far.”
Sandra (Victorville, CA)
Sandra (Victorville, CA)06/12/2021
Read More
“There is no thrill at all with this app. No one wants to talk, they just want to get your number right off the bat. Plenty of guys initiate conversation but most all for a date and want to know what to do, like just pick something! Most conversations don't end in a question to keep the conversation going...I guess that's just guys these days!”
nospam99rApril 2022
Read More
“I have an interest in discussing the features and usability of the various OLD sites as well as the demographics of the population that joins in various areas. Here at r/datingoverfifty, a large proportion of the OPs are about relationships and specific problems, not so much or so often about the gory details about what works and doesn't work at specific sites.
In my own experience, the women on OurTime are mostly the same people as on the other OLD sites. More important, changes to the features of the OurTime site over the last several years have made it more difficult to search, filter, and meet.”
Chas C.
Chas C.05/31/2022
Read More
“1) search facility is very limited 2) Upload of photos leaves a lot to be desired 3) I realize that it all depends on new people joining but it's the same every day 4) nobody replies except scammers, are the other profiles very old or they are current members. All in all, this site is not good (as most others) I conclude at least for me, dating sites are not worth the effort. I suppose if you have chiseled model-like looks, you may get a reply but then you wouldn't need to join a dating site.”

Other Alternatives to

If does not seem like the ideal dating app for what you need, we totally understand that and encourage you to find one that does work for what you want! We would be doing you a disservice otherwise, recommending a dating app that does not benefit you.

Below are some of the best alternatives to using OurTime. They have large portions of their user base who are in their 40s or older. They also focus mostly on building strong, long-term relationships, although there are opportunities to find causal dating as well.

Dating App Best For Review
eHarmony LogoeHarmony
Finding singles who are looking for love and serious relationships eHarmony Review
SilverSingles LogoSilverSingles
Finding singles over 50 who want a serious relationship or long-term commitments SilverSingles Review
Finding singles who want casual dating setups OR serious relationships and commitments Review
Elite Singles LogoElite Singles
Finding professional, highly educated singles who want serious dating and relationships Elite Singles Review
Christian MingleChristian Mingle
Find Christian singles who want serious, God-centered relationships and commitments Christian Mingle Review

OurTime Reviews FAQ

You do have the opportunity to enjoy a few of the features that OurTime has to offer free of charge when you begin a free trial account. But keep in mind that all you can really do is some limited messaging (it has to be eight or fewer members a day), view and send limited likes to other profiles, and see who has viewed your profile. And obviously, you can access OurTime and create a profile for yourself! But that is about it.

There are a number of great features that customers will get when they sign up for a paid membership at OurTime! In addition to unlimited likes and messaging, members have the ability to highlight their profiles and their messages to make them stand out from other members. They can also find out if messages they sent to other singles were read or not. This is all thanks to read-message confirmation!

Members also have access to the ConnectMe feature, which provides a private, virtual phone number so you can speak directly with other singles without having to provide your personal number!

There are three major membership plans available at OurTime. There is a one-month standard plan that runs $34.96 a month. There is also a 6-month standard plan that runs $15.96 a month for a grand total of $95.76. Then there is the 6-month value plan, where the monthly rate is $19.96, and the overall total is $119.76.

From the perspective of wanting to test out the site to see if it is a good fit and to see some of its benefits, we would say that the free trial is definitely worth your time. It costs no money whatsoever, and it never hurts to give it a try. As far as using the free trial to successfully find other singles, we would say it is better to go with a paid membership. With a free trial, you are really only going to be able to send some limited messages and like some profiles, and that is about it!

This is something that we tested out firsthand! The sign-up process is by no means time-consuming and might take five to ten minutes. The steps you need to take before you get to the option to either pay for a membership or get the free trial are pretty minimal and feature questions on things like your name, your location, your date of birth, your email, and others. They are easy to answer and make the process nice and quick.

The average user or member at OurTime is anywhere from 42 to 47 years of age. Though this is a dating app that caters primarily to singles who are 50 and above, there are a number of members who are on the younger side of things too!

The OurTime reviews that we have performed take a look at this dating app from all different angles. We not only focus on what we like about the site, but we also have taken a clear look at the weaker areas, the places where OurTime needs some significant improvement. For instance, we really like the membership plans at the site and feel they offer some excellent flexibility and affordability for the customer. However, we do not really care about their customer service options. They seem limited, and it would be great if there was phone support.

You can rely on our reviews being honest and transparent because we look at the pros and cons of the site, and we do not skirt around issuing criticism.

We would say that OurTime is a better service for finding serious relationships with other singles. The average user at this site is in their mid-40s, and OurTime primarily caters to customers who are looking for singles who are in their 50s or older! Many of these people are in the market to find love, serious relationships, and long-term commitments as opposed to casual dating scenarios. For casual dating, we would recommend a site like Match or Zoosk!

Yes, the OurTime review we have performed has shown it to be a dating site that respects its customers’ information and privacy. They use an SSL-encrypted connection to keep personal and financial information safe and secure. We even looked into OurTime’s past as well as their parent company, People Media, and there are no instances of them selling off customer data or misusing or mishandling sensitive information.

OurTime and Match are owned by the same parent company, but they are two completely different dating apps. Match caters more to a younger crowd and is really good at setting up serious stuff as well as casual stuff. OurTime is clearly more focused on the 50+ crowd and works to foster serious, long-term relationships.

Yes, you can make a profile at OurTime, no matter what age you are! Well, we should amend that and say that as long as you are 18 or older, you are more than welcome to create an account at OurTime, even though they primarily cater to the 50+ crowd. OurTime can most certainly be used by younger singles who are looking for older partners. Some ladies look for sugar daddies, and some young men seek out a “cougar.”