Cost of Elite Singles in 2024

How can you put a price on finding a successful, well-educated significant other? As we covered in our Elite Singles review, the company at the center of this cost guide is marketed as the premier dating app for established professionals looking for similarly high-valued mates. You’ll find our opinion regarding how well they accomplish that goal in the aforementioned review.

This guide will answer the question: how much is Elite Singles per month? Not only have we collected the price per month and total cost of each membership plan, but we’ve also researched the payment methods accepted by the dating app.

In order to enforce the app’s lofty standards, premium memberships for Elite Singles cost slightly more than most online dating platforms. The higher price is meant to weed out less successful users who aren’t fully committed to finding a long-term partner. Still, Elite Singles’ premium membership is competitively priced relative to similar subscription packages offered by dating apps like eHarmony and Match.

It’s also worth noting that the cost of Elite Singles fluctuates throughout the year. On this page, we’ll look at promotions and deals that lessen the financial load required to buy a premium membership, and when they’re usually offered.

We’ll also discuss how you can use the Elite Singles app for free, whether the company offers free trials, and most importantly, which features are available to basic members, versus being exclusive to premium customers.

Finally, if you still have any questions that weren’t addressed in this Elite Singles cost guide or by our review of Elite Singles, we hope that you’ll find the answer amongst the “Frequently Asked Questions” at the bottom of the page.

Elite Singles Membership Plans

MembershipMembership LengthCost Per MonthTotal Cost

Premium Light

3 Months



Premium Classic

6 Months



Premium Comfort

12 Months



For the majority of 2022, premium packages have been available in 1-, 3-, and 6-month plans. The prices in the table above reflect the standard membership terms and prices as they’ve been for most of the year. However, occasionally runs promotions during the weeks prior to national holidays that significantly alter the costs and durations of their plans.

For example, in the weeks leading up to Labor Day, the dating site is offering drastically reduced rates and is only selling 3-, 6-, and 12-month packages. There’s no one-month option available. The deal runs through September 6; then, Elite Singles’ costs are expected to revert to the numbers in the above table until it’s time to roll out the next set of deals for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.

Besides the durations of the plans, the dating app’s premium memberships are all the same – in that they unlock the same features. No matter which option you choose, paying customers receive the following benefits (in addition to the handful of features available to free users):

  • Detailed analysis of your personality test results.
  • More visibility — your profile is recommended to other members more often.
  • See which members visit your profile.
  • Unlimited messaging with other users.
  • See all your matches’ pictures.
  • Comment on other member’s profiles and photos.
  • 20 additional matches per day through the “Have you met?” feature.
  • Access to premium features on the Elite Singles mobile app.

The only difference is that the longer the subscription, the less Elite Singles costs per month.

While the company may present the price-per-month breakdown when advertising its premium packages, it does not accept monthly payments or installment plans. The total membership price is due at checkout.

Elite Singles Free Trial Details

Websites that review dating apps often get confused when talking about free trials. We can’t blame them, the difference between a free trial and a dating profile that’s free to create (and use in a limited fashion) isn’t immediately apparent.

Nevertheless, they’re two different concepts with two completely different uses for customers.

Free Trial vs. Free Basic Membership

Free Trial

A free trial promotion allows the person claiming it to temporarily experience all the benefits of a premium membership without paying. The trial period usually lasts somewhere between a month and a few days. While the trial is free, the recipient is asked to provide payment information at the start of the promotion. Under the terms of the free trial, once the duration of the deal expires, the subscription is automatically renewed at the normal rate. The customer must cancel their membership before the end of the trial to avoid paying.

Free Basic Membership

Most dating apps let new users create a profile and see their matches for free. They don’t even ask for any payment information. That’s because they don’t give you access to any premium features either. Usually, the scope of what free members can do is extremely limited. You might be able to send “likes,” but won’t be able to write or receive messages. Some dating apps won’t even let you view other people’s pictures – they’re blurred out. Unlike a free trial, which gives you the full premium membership experience, the restrictions on your average free profile make it almost impossible to communicate with other singles. You must pay for the upgrade before truly using the service.

Elite Singles falls into the second category. They allow you to take the personality test and create a profile for free as part of the basic membership. You may also upload photos and receive messages from other users – but that’s it. You can’t respond to the messages you receive or interact in any other way.

Basic members can’t even see other members’ photos. All you can see is their name, “matching score,” and location. You can visit their profile page and read their bio and any “About Me” questions they answered. You’ll also find general information about hobbies and interests, their profession, their physical attributes (height, weight, and body composition), lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking, and whether they want, or already have, kids.

So, you can learn quite a bit about your matches. You just can’t see how they look or communicate.

Elite Singles Free Membership vs. Paid Subscription

Feature/BenefitFree MembershipPremium Membership

Personality Profile Quiz



Match Suggestions



Upload Photos



Receive Messages



Detailed Personality Test Results



Who Viewed Me



Unlimited Messaging



See All Matches’ Photos



Leave Comments on Profiles and Pictures



20 Extra Have We Met Matches per Day



Mobile App



Message Read Receipts



Payment Options at Elite Singles

Depending on the time of year, offers premium memberships in 1-, 3-, 6-, and 12-month packages. When the 12-month plan is available, they don’t sell 1-month subscriptions and vice versa. Regardless of your chosen duration, the full cost of the membership is due at checkout.

Payment Options

On the checkout page, you’ll find a list of accepted payment options. The list of Elite Singles’ preferred banking methods is fairly limited. These are the only ways to cover your Elite Singles membership cost:

  • Paypal
  • PayPal Credit
  • Credit Card – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover
  • Debit Cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo

Android – Google Play Store

If you download the Elite Singles dating app on an Android mobile device, you can purchase and manage your subscription through your Google Play account. Depending on the payment methods linked to your Google Play account, this may indirectly open more payment options.

IOS – Apple’s App Store

If you’re using the Elite Singles dating app on an Apple device, you may purchase and manage your premium subscription through the Apple App Store. This way, your subscription will be treated like a standard in-app purchase.


Keep in mind that Elite Singles costs auto-renew at the end of each membership term unless you cancel your account (or turn off auto-renewal) ahead of time. The dating app will renew your subscription for the same price and duration as your previous plan unless you signed up during a promotion. In that case, you may be renewed at the usual rate instead of the reduced price you received before.

Elite Singles Deals, Discounts, and Promo Codes

We mentioned previously that Elite Singles’ price is slashed for various promotional events throughout the year. Usually, these special deals coincide with a major holiday such as Labor Day or Valentine’s Day. From late August through September 6, 2022, Elite Singles ran a promotion that renamed all three premium packages and dramatically reduced monthly rates. In addition to the low prices, they dropped the one-month plan and replaced it with a 12-month subscription at less than $15 per month!

Premium MembershipMembership LengthCost Per MonthTotal Cost

Give it a Go

3 Months



Dive In

6 Months



Settle Down

12 Months



Vouchers for

You may have noticed a small field on the checkout page labeled “voucher.” Elite Singles vouchers work the same way as a coupon code. And you’d be shocked by how easy it is to find codes offering between 10-20% off the total cost of Elite Singles’ premium membership. You may even find voucher codes on this very website!

Elite Singles Cost FAQ

Have we covered everything you could ever want to know about what Elite Singles costs? If not, hopefully, you’ll find the information you need amongst these frequently asked questions.

What Can I Do With a Free Elite Singles Membership?

The basic free membership to Elite Singles is extremely limited. You can create your profile, upload pictures, take the personality test, and read other members’ profiles. However, you can’t see any of their pictures or send messages. There are no functions available that will allow you to communicate with other singles unless you upgrade to a premium membership.

Are Elite Singles’ Premium Membership Perks Worth the Cost?

That depends on the individual and how they feel about the service. Elite Singles requires a premium membership to do anything meaningful on the dating app. Buying a subscription lets you send and receive messages, look at pictures, and get notified whenever someone checks you out.

Still, it’s a pretty meager list of membership benefits for the price. For a similar cost, some dating apps give you the ability to video chat, go on virtual dates, and use all sorts of helpful power-ups and enhancement features.

Do Elite Singles Premium Membership Subscriptions Auto-renew?

Yes, they do. You must turn off auto-renewal yourself if you don’t want your premium membership to roll over into a new plan when it expires.

How Do I Purchase a Premium Membership for Elite Singles?

That’s easy! Just click on the “Become a Premium Member” banner spanning across the top of your home page. That’ll take you to a page with the three different package options all laid out. Choose the one that fits best for you, enter your payment information, and complete the transaction.

Boom! You’re a premium member!

Does Offer Refunds to Customers?

Elite Singles will refund customers who purchased their membership in error. Visit their Customer Care page to submit the contact form to request a refund.

Are There Payment Plans Available To Make the Cost of Elite Singles More Affordable?

No, Elite Singles does not offer payment plans of any kind. The total cost of your premium membership is due upfront, all at once. Fortunately, Elite Singles usually offers a one-month subscription, so the service is still affordable to most people.

How Do I Cancel My Premium Subscription to Elite Singles?

You can cancel your premium subscription by using the menu to reach the “My Account” page, then click “Membership.”

Now, select the link labeled, “Cancel.”

Select a reason for canceling, enter your password on the next page, and click “Confirm.”

You’ve successfully submitted an online cancellation form. Your automatic renewal will be turned off and you’ll receive a confirmation email informing you when the cancellation is complete.