Best Apps for Casual Dating in 2024

It’s 2024 and, let’s face it, not everyone is cut out for settling down and starting a family, much less finding someone special to develop a serious relationship with. Many people are at a point where hooking up with other singles or going on casual dates is far more appealing, especially in amid the hustle and bustle of daily life! And that is to be expected. Not everyone has the same endgame in mind when it comes to online dating apps!

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The Best App for Casual Dating

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Best for Sugar Dating and Sugar Arrangements

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Best for Meaningful Casual Dates

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So if you are looking for a casual dating app that is well worth your time and money, we have four of the best options that the market has to offer! These casual dating apps will allow you to experience the fun, wild side of online dating, allowing you to hook up, form friendships, and go out on dates with good, quality singles.

Top 3 Casual Dating Apps in 2024​

#1: Zoosk

  • Best For: Casual dates, hookups, or friendship
  • Year Started: 2007
  • Membership Pricing: Starts at $10.00 a month
  • Current Members: 40+ million
  • Monthly Visitors: 12 million
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men and 52% women
  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Highest Density of Users: United States 83.9%
  • Matchmaking Process: “Smart Pick” feature analyzes user information and determines a “type” for them

Zoosk is the definition of the best casual dating app! This is a place where running into users who are looking for a serious relationship will never really be a thing. There are over 40 million users here and, for the most part, they are ready to go out on dates or hook up with you! The volume of their dating pool cannot be beaten, and they even have a swipe-style feature built into their app that allows you to find exciting singles in a short amount of time!

Casual Daters Will Love These Features!​

  • Zoosk has a swipe-style feature called the carousel so users can find singles like they would on Tinder!
  • Your preferences and likes on Facebook will automatically sync to your Zoosk account when logging in through Facebook.
  • Zoosk analyzes and establishes users’ “types” using an advanced search filter known as the “SmartPick”.

#2: Seeking

  • Best For: Looking for sugar dating arrangements
  • Year Started: 2006
  • Membership Pricing: Starts at $96.66 a month
  • Current Members: 40 million
  • Gender Ratio: 50% men and 50% women
  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Highest Density of Users: United States 66.8%
  • Matchmaking Process: Advanced search filters find matches based on location, age, education, number of kids, etc.

Seeking is a great casual dating app for those who are open to sugar dating or sugar daddy/momma/sugar baby arrangements. It does not matter which end of the relationship you find yourself on. You could be the sugar daddy or momma looking to find dates with attractive singles. Or you could be the sugar baby, and you are looking for financial support and companionship with someone more successful. If you are open to sugar dating or arrangements, look no further than Seeking! And they now have a ton of additional safety features and requirements that make the entire process fun, easy, and stress-free!

Casual Daters Will Love These Features!​

  • Let’s Talk Sugar blog is a great resource for advice on finding the right singles for your arrangement or for staying safe on dates with sugar daddies, mommas, or babies.
  • Sugar babies who are in college can get a free upgrade to a premium account!
  • Video chat feature allows users to find singles open to sugar arrangement and meet them face-to-face.

#3: Cupid Media

  • Best For: Singles looking for quality casual dating
  • Year Started: 2002
  • Membership Pricing: Starts at $15.99 a month
  • Current Members: 1 million
  • Gender Ratio: 66% men and 34% women
  • Free Version: Yes (Standard Membership Plan)
  • Highest Density of Users: Indonesia 35.8%
  • Matchmaking Process: Matchmaking questionnaire and personality quiz

Cupid Media is one of our picks for the best casual dating apps, but there is a little twist that comes with this selection. Cupid Media is in the business of catering to casual daters, but many come to the site to look for something a bit more meaningful. This could mean friendship with singles that are not romantic material or developing a casual relationship that lasts longer than a few dates and has a deeper emotional connection.

Cupid Media handles this more nuanced side of casual dating with aplomb resulting in 1 million users who are ready to go on dates in search of relationships with an emotional aspect to them. If this is what you are looking for in your casual dating experience, Cupid Media is worth a look.

Casual Daters Will Love These Features!​

  • Cupid Arrow is an additional feature that allows users to browse profiles anonymously and boost their profile to feature in the top results of other singles.
  • Advanced search filters and compatibility testing known as Q-Match takes users’ interests, beliefs, and lifestyle into mind as they produce match results.

What Is Casual Dating?​

The rise of digital dating apps and online matchmaking services has only increased the number of people who are interested in the casual dating scene. Casual dating was common in decades past before the Internet, but now, with better technologies, it is extremely popular and commonplace in today’s culture.

So what is casual dating exactly? Some think it is simply having friends with benefits. Others believe that it is going on as many dates as you can. There can be a misconception that the longest casual relationship can span no more than a few dates with the same person.

When it comes down to it, casual dating is actually quite nuanced.

Casual dating consists of a relationship that can be physical, emotional or both. The people involved in the relationship spend time with each other and go out on dates, and the expectation is that there is no deeper commitment or any sort of demand for a serious relationship.

Casual dating relationships are not always short, one-off interactions between two people. There are some that can last several weeks or months and some that can span years! At the end of the day, the understanding is that those in the relationship are free to see other people if they chose. There is no commitment that is stopping them from proceeding as they wish with other people.

5 Great Reasons to Use These Casual Dating Apps!​

What makes these casual dating apps so special, and why should I give them the time of day? Here are 5 great reasons to consider using one of our favorite sites to meet singles who are interested in hooking up or going on casual dates!

  • Each dating app has a wide user base that number into the millions!
  • The sign-up process only takes 10 to 15 minutes and does not bog you down with a lengthy questionnaire or personality test.
  • You are guaranteed to meet like-minded singles who have casual relationships in mind. You are not really going to run across many people looking for something serious.
  • Free trial memberships allow users to test drive each casual dating app to see which is the best fit for their needs and goals.
  • Top-notch chatting features allow users to send messages right away and enjoy quick responses.

How to Be Successful as a Casual Dater​

Our hope is that you can find a casual dating app that works best for your needs and your online dating goals. We would be absolutely remiss if we did not share some of our best tips for finding success in the casual dating scene. Keep these top 4 tips and tricks in mind as you move forward and watch your number of dates increase over time!

#1: Only Use Casual Dating Apps

If you are a lone wolf and you want nothing to do with commitment, do not waste your time on dating apps that are designed to create committed or long-term relationships. Focus solely on using casual dating apps. They will help you to avoid singles who are looking for a serious relationship. When you use casual dating apps, you will be surrounded by like-minded people with similar goals.

#2: Post Good Pictures of Yourself

In the casual dating scene, it is much more about looks and capturing attention than it is about writing a good bio for your profile. Create some interest and buzz around your online profile by posting a picture that best captures who you are. Choose a picture of yourself that really captures your viewers’ attention. Post a full-body shot so viewers can see what you look like in your entirety. Post a picture where you are in the middle of your favorite activity or hobby. For instance, if you enjoy playing soccer, post a picture where you are playing a pick-up game with friends.

#3: Be Honest About What You Want

If you are using a casual dating app, you will not have to really state what your intentions are in the online profile. Most people who use these sites are already looking for hookups or casual relationships. But here is your chance to be honest about who you are as a person and any other relevant details you want to share with those who look at your profile. Share about your interests, your friends, or how you like spending your free time. And make sure it is all honest and true!

#4: Use More Than One Casual Dating App

You can greatly increase your chances of finding good, quality matches for casual dates and hookups when you cast a wider net and begin using more than one dating app! It would be like having to dig a ditch and upgrading from a spoon to a full-sized shovel to accomplish the task. The more exposure you have in the online dating market, the greater number of singles you can access for the chance to go on casual dates. That is why using more than one casual dating app is critical to your success.

Safety Tips for Using Casual Dating Apps​

It is important to stay on guard and to be vigilant as you use casual dating apps. By nature, casual dating apps can lead to some casual scenarios when it comes to time and place, scenarios where your guard can go down, and you are left vulnerable. Our hope is that you can steer clear of disaster and unneeded drama. Follow our casual dating app safety tips and enjoy a secure online dating experience!

  • Choose a public place for your first date where there are plenty of people around. Avoid meeting in places that are private or away from the public eye.
  • Let your family or friends know where and when you will be going on your date. Feel free to contact them for help or support if the date becomes uncomfortable.
  • Keep your private information confidential. Never share your banking information or send money to someone you just met online. Be wary of sharing your phone number, email address, or even your last name in the early stage of the relationship.
  • Know the red flags of a fake account or online scammer. Avoid profiles that have a stock image as the profile picture or no picture at all. Terminate relationships where you are asked for money or banking information. A lot of scammers will work their victims with a lot of compliments or flattery as well so be on guard if this occurs.
  • Report spam accounts, fake profiles, or any suspicious activity to the dating app you are using or law enforcement. Making sure illegitimate accounts are reported and taken down will help you and countless other users in the future.

Casual Dating Apps FAQ​

Still not sure whether or not you want to use a casual dating app? If you still have questions that you need answered be sure to read through the following FAQ to find the answers you’re looking for.

How Expensive Are Casual Dating Apps?

It is going to depend on which casual dating app you end up using. Zoosk is a great one to begin with because they are fairly affordable when compared to a lot of other dating app costs. Their starting monthly price is set at $12.50!

Do These Sites Offer the Chance for Long-term, Serious Relationships?

There are a few casual dating apps that we recommend where it is possible to find true love or a serious, committed relationship. They do not happen as often, but they are still possible. Your best chances at finding something serious would have to be at Match. They are pretty decent at matching up people who are looking for casual relationships and serious relationships.

What Are Some Benefits of Using the Best Casual Dating Apps?

There are a number of benefits that come from using casual dating apps. For one thing, you have no strings attached. You can come and go as you please and you are not weighed down with a commitment. You also have the opportunity to try out different kinds of relationships and see what kind of person works best for you. You can also avoid all the serious, heavy stuff that comes from a serious relationship. You can simply enjoy hooking up or going on casual dates.

What Are the Biggest Drawbacks To Using Casual Dating Sites?

Casual dating is not for everyone. Some people are more suited for a relationship that is committed and has emotional depth. When you casually date someone or are looking for hookups, there is really no commitment whatsoever and little depth to the relationship. The chances are that any relationship you find on a casual dating app is going to be short-term and might not even get past one date or a one-night stand.

How Will I Know if My Match Is Looking For Something Casual?

There are a lot of people who use casual dating apps that state their intentions on their online profiles. That is one way you can know for certain. If you are feeling bold, you can always ask them directly. Being honest is always a good way to go. Once you find out what their intentions are in meeting singles online, you can better navigate the situation.

Is Casual Dating Basically Just Having Friends With Benefits?

The friends-with-benefits setup is set up around the idea of friendship primarily and having a physical relationship secondary. When it comes to casual dating, singles can be looking for companionship or friendship, but a lot of singles are looking to hook up as well. Although friends-with-benefits is something that can result from casual dating, the two terms are not necessarily synonymous.

How Do You Know When It Is Time to Move On to Another Person?

If you are in the casual dating game, your goal is not to settle down or become committed to one person. No, your goal is to continue seeing other people and go on as many dates as possible. If the person you are seeing is becoming attached or developing feelings, that is a good sign you should probably end things. Life can also get busy, and you might not be talking with someone as much because your schedule is hectic. That could be another sign that it’s time to move on.

How Do I Know I’m a Good Fit for a Casual Dating App?

If you want to go on casual dates or hook up with other singles without any sort of commitment, you are probably well-suited to use a casual dating app. Casual relationships are somewhat nuanced, though. Some can take place over one date or a one-night stand. Some last weeks, months, or even years! The entire point is that there is an understanding between the two singles that there is no commitment or strings attached.

Are These Free Casual Dating Apps Out There?

Yes, each of the dating apps we recommend comes complete with free trial membership offers where users can enjoy limited features and functions of the site without having to pay any money for the services. Ultimately, we recommend the paid membership because it will completely unlock all benefits and features. But the free trial offers are great for letting future users get a taste of what to expect.