Dating Apps for Farmers

The life of a farmer, rancher, or anyone in the agricultural community is characterized by a lifestyle of hard work, dedication, and long hours. Putting food on the table for an entire nation is a job that is not for the faint of heart! On top of the long days and hard labor, some farmers do not have the luxury of meeting a lot of new people, especially if they are far from major cities or if they are geographically isolated.

This is where the best farmer dating sites come in! Although farming is a different lifestyle from most of the population, farmers are still people who are out there looking for love, friendship, or casual dating opportunities. Take a break from cultivating the land and begin cultivating a relationship using one of our favorite farmer dating apps!

Dating App Best For Free Trial
eharmony Logo eHarmony

Single farmers who want serious relationships that lead to long-term commitments or marriage

Zoosk Logo Zoosk

Single farmers who want to go on casual dates or build friendships

Elite Singles Logo Elite Singles

Single farmers who are looking for serious relationships or singles looking to date a professional farmer.

Christian Mingle Logo Christian Mingle

Single Christian farmers who are looking for serious, God-centered relationships with other Christians

SilverSingles Logo SilverSingles

Single farmers who are looking for serious relationships with singles who are over 50

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What Is the Best Dating App for Farmers?​

While there are niche farmer dating apps where you are guaranteed to find singles that are farmers, we highly recommend going with one of the major generic dating apps. The dating apps that cater specifically to farmers have a lot fewer users, and they are not going to provide you with as large a dating pool. It is up to you which course of action is best, but we officially recommend these five farmer dating apps for the best results!

#1: eHarmony: Best Dating App for Farmers Overall



  • Total User Base: 66 million
  • Heaviest Use by Country: United States (92.1%)
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men and 52% women
eharmony Homepage

While eHarmony is the best dating app for farmers overall, there is going to be a heavy lean toward relationships that are serious and long-term and less of a focus on the casual dating aspect. eHarmony combines its top-notch compatibility testing and user preferences based on factors like lifestyle, beliefs, behaviors, and location to create matches that lead to serious commitments and even marriage!

Being one of the biggest names in the online dating industry for over 20 years, eHarmony is a dating app whose reach is far and wide. There are a ton of users who are city dwellers, but there is a substantial portion of their user base located in the rural pockets of the country too. You have a great shot at meeting someone who is a farmer or is interested in a relationship with a farmer because almost everyone knows about eHarmony!

#2: Zoosk: Best for Farmers Looking for Casual Dating​



  • Total User Base: 40 million
  • Heaviest Use by Country: United States (83.9%)
  • Gender Ratio: 47% men and 53% women
Zoosk Homepage Screenshot

Farming is a tough, demanding profession, and a lot of farmers might not have the time to maintain a serious relationship on top of their heavy workload. This is where Zoosk becomes a perfect farmer dating app! They are known for providing casual dating opportunities for their users, and because of their giant user base of 40 million, there are endless possibilities when it comes to dating pool candidates! And these users are spread out over the nation, not just in the urban areas but also in a ton of quiet little towns or forgotten backwaters.

#3: Elite Singles: Best for Finding Professional Farmers



  • Total User Base: 2 million+
  • Heaviest Use by Country: United States (90.14%)
  • Gender Ratio: 44% men and 56% women
Elite Singles Homepage Screenshot

The reason that Elite Singles finds its way onto our list of the best farmer dating apps is because you can find real professional farmers on there. Many people who have made a successful career out of farming are also looking for other career-oriented singles to match up with. Elite Singles is geared specifically towards people who are looking for other professionals that are career-minded.

Elite Singles does an excellent job in it’s matchmaking process to pair individuals up with other singles. If you are looking to date a farmer or are a farmer yourself, you can be sure that this app will match you up with quality matches that meet the criteria your looking for. The Elite Singles app is geared more towards serious relationships but there is a little bit of everything.

#4: Christian Mingle: Best App for Christian Farmers



  • Total User Base: 15 million
  • Heaviest Use by Country: United States (88.3%)
  • Gender Ratio: 44% men and 56% women
Christian Mingle Homepage Screenshot-1

Maybe it’s just a stereotype, but we have found that there are many farmers out there on God’s green earth who are practicing Christians. At the very least, they are tight with the Good Lord for plenty of rain and sunshine to be successful in their work! All joking aside, there are many farmers who are also quite serious in their faith and desire strong relationships with other Christian believers!

This is why we consider Christian Mingle to be one of the best dating apps for farmers. Christian Mingle has 15 million active users, with a large concentration being in the US, although there are six other countries that are served as well. Farmers have a great shot at finding serious relationships with other Christians using this amazing farm dating app!

5: SilverSingles: Best Dating App for Senior Farmers



  • Total User Base: 100,000
  • Heaviest Use by Country: United States (98.8%)
  • Gender Ratio: 53% men and 47% women
SilverSingles Homepage Screenshot

Our team did a little research on farmers in the US and around the world and found their average ages to be 57.5 years and 60 years, respectively. Farmers tend to be older in age, so this is why we have included Silver Singles as a farm dating app option! The majority of users at Silver Singles are over the age of 50 and are in the market for finding serious relationships with others in the same age group.

Dating Apps Exclusively for Farmers​

There are plenty of online dating apps that are specifically geared toward farmers, and they are fine resources (especially if you want to meet other single farmers, ranch hands, cowboys, or girls), but they will not produce the wider match results and enormous dating pools you could be getting going with our top five farmer dating sites. Still, some of these are worth a look!

Dating AppFree Trial

Farmly LogoFarmly

Sign Up Here!

Farmers Dating Site LogoFarmers Dating Site

Sign Up Here!

Farmer Match LogoFarmers Match

Sign Up Here!

Sign Up Here! is probably the best farmer dating site that has a good number of users and will connect you with someone else who is a farmer, guaranteed! If we were to recommend a niche farmer dating app, this would be the one!

Tips for Using Farm Dating Apps​

As a farmer, you know what it takes to successfully grow your crop. You need to plant at the right time. You have to make sure the land is properly worked. Plus, you need to know what kind of fertilizers to use to make sure the crop grows abundantly.

Wow, that’s really romantic bringing up fertilizing in your online dating metaphor.

Eh, nix the fertilizer metaphor.

The point is to think of proactive steps to be taking to make sure that your online relationship (your crop) is cultivated in the best possible way. One way to do this is to follow our tips and best practices in using farmer dating sites. By taking these steps, you can produce a wonderful crop, er, relationship with someone special online!

Be Honest about What You Want​

You might be looking to date another farmer. Or you could be looking for a city slicker. Maybe you are trying your hand at online dating because you are searching for the love of your life. Or maybe you are so busy with work that casual dating is the appropriate thing for you at this time.

The moral of the story is to be completely honest with other singles on what your endgame is using farmer dating apps. This way, they can know for certain what they are getting themselves into when they meet you! Specify whether or not you want something serious or something casual. If you are looking to meet another farmer, make that known in your profile!

Adjust Your Settings Based on What You Need​

Each of the farmer dating sites we have recommended throughout this review give users the option to set up their preferences for other online singles. Be sure to take full advantage of these and set them up in line with what it is you desire in a serious relationship or casual dating setup.

For example, if you want to find someone close by or in a nearby city, adjust the distance settings accordingly to capture each geographic area where you are willing to find eligible singles. There are also plenty of search filters that sort singles out by the way they look or their age. You can even break things down into features like behavior or beliefs!

Use the Major Dating Apps We Recommend​

As we have mentioned a few times in this review, it is best to stick with major, mainstream dating apps. They are going to introduce you to far more possibilities than you could ever find using niche farming dating sites.

Farmer Dating App FAQ

What Is the Best Farmer Dating App to Use in 2024?

Our recommendation for the best-all-around farmer dating app would be eHarmony. While not a niche farmers dating app, they have the best compatibility testing and personality quizzes by a long shot! They also have a huge user base and offer the best shot at a wide and varied dating pool for farmers.

How Do Dating Apps for Farmers Work?

Those who use farmer dating sites can find matches based on the results of their compatibility testing. But there are also search filter settings that users can set for factors like distance, age, and appearance, as well as aspects like beliefs, lifestyles, or behaviors. You might be looking for someone who is a farmer or at least shares the values of farmers. As long as you set your distance range to capture rural areas and set lifestyle and behavior setting to terms like “hardworking,” “determined,” or “rugged,” you are bound to find other farmers!

Why Are Generic Dating Apps Better for Farmers than Niche Farmer Dating Apps?

Although niche farmer dating sites are great for finding like-minded singles or even singles who are farmers themselves, they are not going to have the scope and reach found with generic dating apps like eHarmony, Christian Mingle, or Zoosk. If you use a niche app like Farmers Dating Site, which has only 50,000 members, you are going to be limited to that small dating pool, and your options are going to be much slimmer. Use a site like eHarmony, however, and you will have access to over 60 million users looking for love, and your possibilities really open up!

How Hard Is It to Be a Farmer and Find Someone Using Farmer Dating Apps?

As a farmer, you work long hours, and the labor can really take up a lot of your energy. The great thing about farmer dating sites is that they can be accessed any time of the day or night via your mobile device or desktop PC! Before dating apps, you might have had to go to great lengths to meet other singles, like taking time to travel into town or a big city. Now that you can meet singles from the comfort and convenience of a smartphone or mobile device, meeting people for serious relationships or casual dates has never been easier!

Are There Farmer Dating Apps Where I Can Swipe Right or Left?

There are a few sites that have this feature, including Zoosk and Match, which have their own unique take on the swipe style that has made Tinder so popular today. Tinder is always a good route to go for farmers looking for more casual dating situations, but using Zoosk or Match could open you up to more serious relationships as well.