Maximizing Match Potential | Advanced Features of Popular Dating Apps Explained

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Most singles are now using dating apps to find romantic connections—they’re actually the go-to for younger generations! And while there are some drawbacks to using them, like swipe fatigue and the ghosting epidemic, there isn’t a doubt in our minds that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

If you are in the camp that thinks dating apps aren’t worth it or don’t think they should pay for premium perks while using them—we have news for you—these advanced features of popular dating apps can work for you and your love life if you know what they are and how to use them!

Take a little time to examine dating apps beyond just the swiping and matching. It can increase not only your experience with them but also your chances of finding a compatible partner.

Some of the most popular platforms offer a host of advanced features that are specifically designed to boost your chances of finding a solid romantic connection. From sophisticated algorithms that curate your potential matches to interactive elements geared toward breaking the ice, knowing what these tools are and how they can help will get you to your dating goals faster. So, what exactly are these advanced features of popular dating apps we speak of, and how can they ramp up your match potential? Let’s find out!

The Dating Apps

To start off, we are going to be looking at the advanced functionalities of the most popular dating apps of the moment, like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, OkCupid, Elite Singles, and eHarmony, and how harnessing the power of the perks, they can help you maximize your matching potential!

Tinder: Super Likes and Boosts

Tinder, the app that made “swipe right” a cultural icon, offers the simplest approach to online dating. It’s designed for quick, easy browsing of potential matches, making it super popular with all kinds of singles who are looking for everything from casual connections to serious, long-term relationships. Its features include the following:

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  • Super Likes: Sending a Super Like shows someone you’re really interested in, anointing your dating profile with a blue star. This feature can lead to better interactions by showing them you mean business–by that; we mean interest.
  • Boosts: Activating a Boost shoots your profile to the top of the swiping queue, increasing visibility and potential matches for 30 minutes. It’s an easy way to get noticed by more potential matches.

Bumble: Spotlight and Extended Connections

Bumble burst onto the dating scene with a feminist twist on the dating game—only women can make the first move. This feature goes a long way in cutting back on unsolicited messages and encourages more meaningful connections, creating a respectful and responsive online dating space.

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  • Spotlight: This feature amplifies your profile’s visibility for 30 minutes, similar to Tinder’s Boost. For men on Bumble, where women must initiate the conversation, Spotlight can be particularly useful in getting noticed.
  • Extended Connections: Bumble allows you to extend a connection for an extra 24 hours, signaling strong interest and giving your match more time to respond. It’s an effective way to keep potential connections alive.

Hinge: Roses and Standouts

Hinge is always going on and on about being “the dating app designed to be deleted.” But if you haven’t deleted it yet and are still searching, Hinge encourages its users to share more detailed profiles and engage with each other’s content—the goal here is to create better connections and move beyond superficial likes and matches.

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  • Roses: Hinge offers Roses so singles can show extra special interest in another user, alerting them that you have got their attention. Given their scarcity, sending a Rose is a pretty powerful way to say “sup.”
  • Standouts: Featuring profiles based on your likes and interactions, Standouts recommends users Hinge thinks you’ll be interested in. And a Rose sent to a Standout? That doubles the chance of a compatible connection!

OkCupid: A-List and Incognito Mode

OkCupid has a pretty comprehensive approach to matchmaking—users answer a range of questions on various topics, which allows the platform to calculate compatibility percentages with potential matches. This data-driven approach connects users based on common values and interests.

  • A-List: This premium subscription offers insights into who likes you, more search options, and message-read receipts, which makes for a more controlled and informed online dating approach.
  • Incognito Mode: For those who want privacy, enabling OkCupid’s Incognito Mode means you’re only seen by people you’ve liked, allowing for selective engagement and maintaining a low profile.

Elite Singles: Personality Analysis and Match Recommendation

This platform is targeted at professionals and academics, and Elite Singles uses an in-depth personality test to match users based on compatibility. The app is laser-focused on facilitating lasting connections and caters to those looking for serious, long-term relationships.

elite singles app
  • Personality Analysis: Elite Singles uses detailed personality tests to create profiles—matches are based on strong compatibility instead of just surface-level interests.
  • Match Recommendation: The app sends you daily, curated match recommendations of potential partners who are the most aligned with your personality and preferences, streamlining the search for a compatible romantic partner.

eHarmony: Compatibility Matching System and Video Date

The eharmony dating app is about as thorough as it gets with the matchmaking process—after all, it is rooted in psychological principles. With a focus on long-term relationships, it uses a detailed (it takes about 30 minutes to complete) questionnaire to assess users’ compatibility, making it the dating platform for those who are looking for serious relationships and marriage.

eHarmony app
  • Compatibility Matching System: eHarmony is renowned for its comprehensive compatibility quiz that informs its matching algorithm so it can connect you with highly compatible partners for long-term relationships.
  • Video Date: eharmony’s Video Date feature allows you to have virtual dates, facilitating stronger connections through face-to-face chats before meeting in person.

Leveraging These Features Effectively

To make the most of these beneficial advanced features, here are some practical tips for when you’re on the apps:

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  • Be Selective with Super Likes and Roses: Use these features to show genuine interest in profiles that capture your attention—it makes your gesture much more meaningful.
  • Utilize Visibility Boosts Sparingly: Save Boosts and Spotlight for peak times when more users are online, like on Sunday evenings, to maximize your profile’s exposure.
  • Engage Authentically: Whether it’s through DMs or virtual dates, genuine interactions are the key to forming connections. You can use features like eharmony’s Compatibility Matching System to find matches with whom you really can be your true self.
  • Privacy vs. Exposure: Balance your use of features like Incognito Mode with the need for visibility. Being too private can limit your opportunities to connect with others.


When you understand and know how to use the advanced features of dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, OkCupid, Elite Singles, and eHarmony, you can upgrade your search for meaningful connections!

Each app offers distinct beneficial tools and features that are designed to improve your chances of finding a compatible romantic partner, so make them work for you—it’s why they exist!

Molly Davis
Molly Davis

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