Dating Apps for Nerds and Geeks

Dating sites for nerds and geeks

Meeting people in real life can be challenging, and it doesn’t make it any easier if you have niche interests. We are not using these terms as an insult, but if you are on the nerdy or geeky side, finding someone special can be even more intimidating.

That’s why we are thankful for modern technology and dating apps, which allow introverts or shy people to look for love online before that potentially awkward face-to-face meeting.

In reality, there is a vast dating pool out there who will appreciate your love for all things Marvel, that you know every character and which house they belong to on “Game of Thrones,” and want to get your hot takes on why or why not James Gunn should take over for Zach Snyder at DC.

On the other hand, a big part of the dating population will not want to hear about your latest cosplay adventure or who you met at ComicCon. Honestly, that’s their loss, and that’s why we went on a side quest for our readers to find the best dating apps for nerds and geeks.

Before signing up for any of these apps, you should figure out your dating goals—do you want a serious, committed, long-term relationship? Or are you in the market for something more casual, such as a one-nighter or a friend-with-benefits arrangement?

Things to Look for on Dating Apps

  • Number of users: Narrowing your search on a niche dating site might be helpful, but if there aren’t enough people using the site, you may have a hard time finding genuine matches. Find a sweet spot between your niche interests and the site’s overall popularity to boost your selections.
  • Safety: Online dating apps and services are convenient, but you should be careful with them just like you would with anything else you do online. Look for safety measures like social media sign-in, photo verification, and member blocking to protect yourself from the dreaded “catfish” or other scammers trying to scam you out of your money.
  • Cost: Sure, you can use many dating app sites for free, but most of them make sure you can’t use their features unless you sign up for a premium membership. If you are really invested in finding someone to date, we think it’s well worth investing some money in your love life’s interest.

Our Top Picks for Dating Apps for Nerds and Geeks

OkCupid is one of our top selections because of its commitment to creating a welcoming environment for people of all genders and orientations. Match is another of our top picks because of its large user base and reliable matching technology.

While there aren’t many options for nerds looking for love online, we were pleasantly surprised by Gamer Dating. It’s touted as “The World’s Dating app for GAMERS.

Life is a game, Play with someone you Love.” That is so adorably geeky!

Keep reading to find out which other apps made the cut and why!


If you’ve been testing out online dating for a while, you’re probably already well-versed in OkCupid. If you haven’t used the site in a while, though, you might want to give it another go. The first of its kind in dating apps underwent a facelift and boasts millions of chill users, making the online dating scene a more welcoming, inclusive space for all.

OkCupid Review


Match is the best place to go if you have some extra cash to spend and are dedicated to finding a relationship. Millions of people visit this dating app daily, making it one of the most popular and successful online dating communities. Review


If you’re a serious gamer seeking a like-minded significant other, you will do well to look for someone who takes gaming as seriously as you do. If you’re a gamer looking for your competitive soulmate, check out GamerDating, a super cute (if a little dated) dating site.

GamerDating Review


Compared to the other dating apps on our list, Zoosk is considerably more laid-back and informal—and it’s pricey. However, the massive dating service has a fairly similar user base to Match or eHarmony regarding the number of active members, and starting a conversation is really simple and relaxing.

Zoosk Review

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is a dating app for professionals. It has an in-depth personality test that looks at things like financial stability and a commitment to a work-life balance to see if two people are a good match. It’s not very romantic, but it’s beneficial for those who desire a life companion who shares their values and goals concerning work and finances. This sounds perfect for NFT and crypto nerds, in our opinion.

Elite Singles Review


The eHarmony name has been helping people find love online for more than twenty years. Yet, eHarmony still manages to seem thoroughly contemporary. Singles looking for long-term relationships will discover what they’re looking for on a reliable dating app. Remember that the main point of eHarmony is marriage; if you’re not ready for a long-term commitment, you might want to look elsewhere.

eHarmony Review

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel skips the needless searching and gives you carefully chosen matches from your Facebook friends and the networks of your Facebook friends.

CMB Review


Need a dating app that doesn’t suck all the fun out of meeting potential partners? Fans of rom-coms will like Happn’s synchronicity since it pairs you with folks you’ve really crossed paths with in real life according to your phone’s location services. It’s like meeting your potential partner while waiting in line at a deli, just without the uncomfortable small talk. It’s a real-life meet-cute!

Happn Review


SoulGeek lets people find their perfect match based on shared interests and levels of nerdiness, whether that’s a love of certain subgenres of horror films or a willingness to perform couples-themed costume cosplay at the next Comic-Con. The simple interface puts you in control and makes it simple to guarantee that your matches will always be totally down for all of your important gaming or movie viewings.

Dating for Muggles

What a wonderful time to be alive when there is a dating site dedicated to Harry Potter heads! Dating for Muggles is an excellent niche dating app for Potter fans who cannot bear the thought of marrying someone who does not know their Hogwarts house with pride. If you want to find a Hermione to go with your Ron or a Harry to go with your Ginny, the enchanting dating service is your best bet, even though it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of more popular and modern dating services.

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