April Fool’s Love: The Best Dating Apps for Finding Laughter and Romance on April 1st

April Fools dating apps

Do they love me or is it just an April Fool’s Prank?

With April Fool’s Day just around the corner, it’s natural to be a bit tempted to play some pranks, take everything a little less seriously, and be jocular in the way that you’re approaching love in the next few months.

To be fair, we’re leaving cuffing season behind us and now we’re just having fun finding love.

April Fools is one of the best holidays to be on a dating app and try to have fun while you’re doing it. There is just something about Spring and how easy-going and fun it is to start making connections online and see where they lead. There’s no pressure to create a long-lasting relationship, but if you do end up getting lucky in love and you find that pot of gold around this season, then all the better!

But some people might be entering this light-hearted spring season with a bit of apprehension and anxiety surrounding how they’re going to approach April Fool’s day and spring in general on their dating apps.

Some might be tempted to start double-checking on their matches and making sure that they’re actually going to hang around, or if they’re just being a little silly and joining a dating app as an April Fool’s day prank or just to find a spring fling.

But we don’t want the possibility of getting tricked or fooled this season to get you down or make you start questioning whether or not you should even try going on a dating app during the springtime. Instead, we want you to have fun every single time you’re on a dating app, no matter what the outcome might be or how you might want to approach that time.

Honestly, barely anyone has ever really run into an issue with finding love and laughter around April Fool’s Day. Although the holiday is meant to be light-hearted and farcical at times, that often means that users can have a little bit of extra fun and flirtation while they’re on the apps on that day.

April and spring in general are great times to try out your skills on any dating service and have a fun time while you’re doing it.

Dating should be fun and dating apps make all of this mess so much easier to handle and go through, so there’s really no reason that you should feel as though you need to shy away from finding love during any season. People can put so much pressure on themselves and others to find love, but we’re just trying to have a fun time and flirt a bit (or a lot ) on all of our apps!

If you’re curious about what apps we would suggest that people use during this time of the year to have fun in their journey to love and to flirt with all of the people that they want, keep reading!

The Best Apps for April Fool’s Day

It’s always a wise idea to keep up with the time of the year that you’re going on the apps, just so you can know when the best times are to get on an app and what to expect from the general feeling on the app at certain times.

Spring is notoriously a great season to start finding a causal relationship that might or might not go away by summer. Springtime is the time of rebirth and renewal, so if you’ve felt as though your love life has passed away or needs a little facelift, this is the time that you’ve been waiting for!

April Fool’s Day leads to the perfect opportunity for you to put yourself out there on any app that you’d like and flirt to your hearts’ content. Also, because April Fool’s Day is such an interesting holiday, you can use it as fodder and a conversation starter on all of the messages that you’re going to send on the app.

This is the perfect time for you to flirt and have fun exploring new and exciting things in your dating life. Online dating is usually all about having low risks and high rewards and if that entices you, you might want to explore all that the services have in store for you!

And now it’s time to get to the apps! Here are the best dating apps that we would suggest you download just in time for some fun and flirty April Fool’s day messages!


Bumble is and always will be one of our favorite dating apps that we like to suggest to anyone who is starting out their journey with online dating.

The app is fun and looks like spring with its bee-themed interface and its cheery yellow color. But that’s not what sells us on the app, even though it does help.

Bumble is one of the most successful dating apps on the market currently. The app was created to give a voice and power back to women in the dating world, which we will always support. It’s also a very low-risk app that most people already have tried out if they’re not currently on it.

While Bumble is a great service that many people use to find long-term relationships, it’s also such a well-known and well-used app that many people are on it to find casual relationships as well.

Because of the nature of Bumble and the way that the app is set up and created, a lot of people have made Bumble their go-to dating app. This means that you’re more likely to find a number of people who match what you’re looking for in a partner on the app if you want to look for something real and potentially more permanent.

But if you’re just looking for a fun dating app to experiment on and bop check out who’s available online, Bumble is a great choice for you as well.

One of the main reasons why we recommend that you try out Bumble for your springtime dating app is because it’s a recognizably safe app where you won’t get scammed and you’re less likely to receive any concerning or threatening messages online because of the women-message-first rule that the app has.

Not to mention, matches usually talk and message with each other sooner on Bumble than almost any other service because, if the woman doesn’t message her match within 24 hours of matching with them, the match will disappear.

This adds a little bit of fun pressure to the entire situation and makes people more experimental with who they match with and choose to message.

Bumble also appeals to a younger audience, although the app does have some older outliers if you’re looking for that. But because of the younger, more fast-paced, and semi-casual environment that the app has created for its users, there’s no question that Bumble will make you busy as a bee finding people that you’d like to flirt with during your springtime love sesh.

It’s also nice to note that Bumble is extremely user-friendly and the app’s algorithm will continue to adapt to show you who you want to see on your swipe deck and create an easy environment to help you find whatever you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a reliable and fast-paced dating app to get your flirt game on, then download Bumble right now!


Zoosk is another great and well-known service that provides its users with a great and safe place to meet and talk to all kinds of people all over the world. Zooks is owned by an extremely reputable company, Sparks Network, which owns other amazing sites like Christian Mingle and Elite Singles. 

Although Zoosk might not be everyone’s first choice for a casual dating app, there’s no denying that is a great choice, especially if you want to further explore any relationship that you forge during your time searching and flirting in the spring. 

The app is one of the most interesting and playful apps that is on the market right now. So many people have found success during their time on Zoosk and millions of users swear by the app. There’s a reason Zoosk is on top of all of the polls and rankings. 

The layout of the app itself is so refreshing and not outdated or stuffy. The creator of Zoosk knew that online dating can be scary and there’s a lot of pressure that people put on themselves and others to log into a dating app, find their person, and delete it. 

But Zoosk seeks to reframe the narrative by allowing its users to enjoy the time they spend on the app and get as much out of it as they can. 

If you’re planning on logging in and being very active during the spring then you’ll be rewarded on Zoosk. The app takes note of the users who are actively sending and responding to messages and it rewards them. This means that the more you’re on the app, the more likely it is that your profile will pop up on other people’s apps, and thus, you’ll get more matches. 

Similarly to Bumble, one of the main reasons that we suggest Zoosk as your go-to casual and flirty dating app is because it caters to a younger demographic. About three-fourths of Zoosk users are younger than 35, making this app a great platform for younger users to meet and interact with one another in a casual and easy way. 

Zoosk is also extremely forward-thinking in the way that it’s set up and the app allows its users to look for all kinds of different relationships with no worries or complications.

That means that whether you’re looking for something long-term, a fling, or anything in between, you will find it on this dating app.

But the inclusivity doesn’t stop there. Although Zoosk isn’t primarily focused on LGBTQ+, the creators and team at Zoosk have made sure that their LGBTQ+ audience is well taken care of and that they will be able to find any kind of relationship with whomever they want on their app.

Love should be easy and fun to find for everyone and apps like Zoosk make finding that kind of love a greater possibility than ever before. If you want to get your flirt on with anyone and everyone, download Zoosk right now!


The app that is designed to be deleted is absolutely one of the best platforms that users can and should go on during their time to find a fun and flirty kind of love.

We adore Hinge so much on this website. There is something so brilliant not only about their marketing but also about the app’s follow-through that makes it one of our favorite services that we love to add to every list possible.

Although Hinge is a bit similar to Bumble where a number of people who download and actually invest their time and energy into the app are able to find more than enough success online. Hinge is such a well-known app and so many people have it, that if you are in the market for finding love, whether you’re looking for something long-term and stable or you’re just wanting someone to flirt with, this is the app for you.

We always suggest that people go on the apps that have the highest number of users because that will always increase your chances of matching with the people who interest you while still being able to make choices.

While niche apps are amazing, especially if you’re looking for something very specific in your person, they usually don’t provide enough people for users to feel as though they have the opportunity to explore something.

When you’re on a dating app and you’re just looking to have fun and flirt with as many people as you’d like, numbers matter and it is better to go with the ones that have the highest ones. That’s why Hinge and its 500,000 active users in the United States are a great match for you.

But the benefits of using Hinge don’t just end with its high user numbers or recognizability. Hinge is similar to other high-ranking and fun dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, but we would argue that this app takes everything one step further and makes online dating even easier for its users.

Hinge’s slogan is that it’s the dating app that’s designed to be deleted. The creators at Hinge know that no one wants to stick around on a dating service longer than they should and the entire goal should be to match its users with other users in a quick and easy process.

Hinge’s operations rely heavily on its algorithm and the app seeks to make match making as easy as possible. Hinge listens to what you tell it and the app will only deliver profiles to you that you want to see and that fit in with your previously stated preferences. You won’t have to waste your time when you’re using this app.

The reason that we like Hinge is because, even though you might not be looking for something serious, it’s always nice to know that every profile you see can potentially be something for you and that you will get along with everyone that you message. This takes the pressure off of you to have to feel like you need to perform when you’re talking to someone. Instead, you can just flirt and be yourself the entire time that you’re on the app!


We arguably saved the best for last when it comes to no-strings-attached and easy-to-use dating apps. Everyone knows about Tinder and most people who have tried online dating started with Tinder.

Tinder is, of course, the original dating app that started it all. The app created the now ubiquitous swipe left, swipe right lingo and it became the prototype for all others that followed in its footsteps.

Tinder is the ultimate service and it’s a great platform for people to go on during this time of the year in order to find love and explore all of the options that are available to them with the help of online dating.

Similar to Hinge, Tinder has a huge number of active users on its platforms, with over eight million weekly logins on the app in the United States alone. This means that when you’re searching for love on Tinder, you’ll have your fair share of active users to choose from.

Even though Tinder is not as structured as some of the popular dating apps that came after it and became modeled after it, it’s a great app to get on if you are just looking for something casual and fun. While you ought to be able to find whatever you want throughout your online dating journey, Tinder is the ultimate low-stakes, high-reward dating app platform that people go to when they want to relax a bit and not add too much pressure to their dating plate.

Tinder is extremely easy to use and navigate, anyone can message anyone, so if you’re a guy, you don’t have to wait for the woman to make the first move before you can start flirting with her. This is the perfect app to try out this time of the year if you’re looking for something casual and exciting.

Leroy Vandalay
Leroy Vandalay

Leroy Vandalay is a dating app veteran with over a decade of experience using these services for his own personal life. He ultimately looks forward to sharing this acquired knowledge with you, the readers.