SingleParentMeet App Review 2023

SingleParentMeet is an awesome online dating app for singles to find true love and serious relationships in the midst of the hardships that come with being a single parent. We highly recommend this app to anyone who is interested in starting a relationship with singles who have children, as well as single parents who are looking for others in a similar position who need some companionship!

With over 70,000 active members, SingleParentMeet is a niche dating app with a decent dating pool that is worth checking out! We are going to discuss the features and benefits you will find when you sign up for a membership at SingleParentMeet. We are also going to give you a rundown of the various membership plans and price points that will work best for you and your needs!

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SingleParentMeet App Ratings


How did we feel about the SingleParentMeet app overall? This is a really decent, easy-to-use dating app for finding true love again with other single moms or dads! They do not have the largest pool of users, but they do feature an app that is really easy for users to navigate, and their pricing is super affordable, fitting for nearly any budget.

Category Score
Ease of Use 4
Daily Matches 3
Volume of Users 2.5
Features and Functions 3
Membership Pricing 4

SingleParentMeet Pros and Cons has its fair share of good and bad. In order to bring you the most honest and unbiased review we can of this dating app, we are going to focus on some of their greatest strengths as well as some of their areas of greatest weakness. We can guarantee that you will get a completely accurate picture of this dating app!

SingleParentMeet Pros

  • A quick sign-up process that is user-friendly and takes less than 10 minutes
  • The overall site setup is really easy to use and navigate
  • PromoteMe feature allows users to boost their profile higher in the search
  • NotifyMe feature allows users to know when particular singles log into their account
  • ConnectMe feature allows users to chat via private phone line with other singles
  • 50,000 active members are active weekly

SingleParentMeet Cons

  • Smaller dating pool compared to other dating apps out there (77,000 active members)
  • Slow customer service and users mostly troubleshoot through issues on their own
  • Limited free trial does not allow the user to send or receive messages from other singles
  • Available only to residents of the US and Canada
  • Not a great dating app to find casual relationships or dating
  • Not many search filters are used to help find the singles you are looking for

SingleParentMeet Fast Facts

Check out some of the most basic facts about SingleParentMeet, the niche dating app that allows you to find singles who have children. Keep in mind that this is a niche dating app that caters to a smaller pool of singles. If you are looking for something a bit bigger with more options, we definitely recommend checking out eHarmony or Match!

SingleParentMeet Key Information

Fact Details
Site Name
Key Info Best For: singles who are looking for serious relationships with singles who have children
Gender Ratio: 43% men and 57% women
Active Members: 77,000 (niche dating app)
Visits Per Week: 500,000
Most Popular Country: United States (72.2% of users)
Matchmaking System: by location
Cost of Membership Begins at $6.99 per month
Free Trial Yes

Free Trial Opportunities

There is a free trial offer at SingleParentMeet that lets you use the site (albeit in a limited capacity) without having to pay for a membership. This is almost like taking a new car out for a test drive to see how it handles and performs! Check out the free trial at SingleParentMeet to see if this is the right online dating app for you!

While it is great to save some money and experience some of the services and benefits, this free trial is going to have its limitations. Most free trials are limited by design. For instance, you are not going to be able to send or receive messages from other singles at SingleParentMeet if you are not a paying member.

SingleParentMeet App

We actually tested this out. We clicked on messaging as a free trial member, and the site directed us to the page to sign up for a paid membership!

Free Trial Features

So what do you get with a free trial membership anyways? Just enough to give you an idea of what the dating app has for you! This is one of the more limited free trials that you will currently find out there.

Membership Plans and Prices

We found that there are only three membership plans offered at SingleParentMeet. Compared to many other dating apps, this is pretty typical. We found that their prices are on the lower end of the spectrum, making it one of the most affordable dating apps that we have covered!

We found that all memberships are billed in one lump sum. Even though there is a monthly rate for each plan, you are not going to be paying month to month. Everything is billed in one payment (the total cost is listed below).

1 Month


3 Month


6 Month

Best Value!

We found there are some savings to be had when you sign up for a more extended membership. SingleParentMeet draws the user’s attention to the fact that the 6-month membership plan allows you to save 70% over the 1-month plan! You will ultimately pay more for a more extended plan, but you will save more on the price per month!

This might come in handy if you need extra time to use the app. Best go with a more extended plan at a cheaper monthly rate than continually renew a one-month membership for more money!

Note: All membership plans are set to auto-renew once they are finished unless the user notifies customer service or cancels the auto-renewal on the Membership settings page.


Paying members also have the ability to purchase tokens. These allow them to get add-on features to their SingleParentMeet profile! These extra features include PromoteMe, NotifyMe, and Virtual Gifts. Below is a full breakdown of the token bundle plans for members.

Number of Tokens Cost Per Token Total Cost
290 Tokens 4 cents $9.99
110 Tokens 4 cents $3.99
25 Tokens 4 cents 99 cents

Note: If your token balance falls below 20, you will get an automatic renewal of the last token bundle you purchased at the same price. In order to disable the auto-renewal, you need to cancel on the Token settings page.

Payment Methods

There are a handful of methods that customers can use to pay for their membership at SingleParentMeet:

Membership Features

Our official recommendation is to purchase a membership at SingleParentMeet. You will be able to enjoy the full line of features and functions available in the app! You will also be able to purchase tokens in order to add on special features that are available only to members!

Unlimited Messaging – This includes sending and receiving messages between any and all other users at SingleParentMeet.

Sending Flirts – Flirts are the equivalent of “likes” and are used to generate interest with other singles using the app. not only can you send unlimited flirts, but you can view all the flirts another member has gotten from other users!

ConnectMe – Members at SingleParentMeet can get access to a private phone line that is provided through the app. This private line is completely secure and allows users to get calls, texts, and voicemails from other singles without having to give out their personal phone numbers.

SingleParentMeet ConnectMe Feature Screenshot

Members at SingleParentMeet can get access to a private phone line that is provided through the app. This private line is completely secure and allows users to get calls, texts, and voicemails from other singles without having to give out their personal phone numbers.

PromoteMe (20 Tokens) – Members can purchase tokens and pay for the PromoteMe feature, which allows them to rank better in the app’s search results!

NotifyMe (20 Tokens) – Members can purchase tokens and pay for the NotifyMe feature to be alerted when specific singles log into their accounts!

Virtual Gifts (Amount of Tokens Will Vary) – Members can purchase tokens and pay for Virtual Gifts to send to other singles. This helps to drum up some interest and let them know that you want to know them better!

Single ParentMeet Virtual Gifts Screenshot

Members can purchase tokens and pay for Virtual Gifts to send to other singles. This helps to drum up some interest and let them know that you want to know them better!

Customer Service and Support

Overall, we were not too impressed with the customer service side of SingleParentMeet. This is another one of those dating apps where there is not any sort of human touch when it comes to service and support. You will not find an email address, phone line, or live chat feature that will put you immediately in touch with a human customer service representative or anything like that. There is only a cold and impersonal FAQ page and a generic contact form.

We can honestly say that SingleParentMeet is not a great dating app if you are looking for speedy or personalized customer service. If you enjoy troubleshooting problems on your own, however, this might be the perfect dating app for you! All in all, we definitely have to rate this as one of the weaker areas of the app! You are not going to get fast service if there is a pressing issue. The site really leaves you to fend for yourself in a way.

FAQ Center

This is what the FAQ center is going to look like at SingleParentMeet. You get here by going to the Settings tab at the top of the homepage and clicking on Help.

FAQ Center at SingleParentMeet Screenshot

You are going to find six different options for major categories that SingleParentMeet apparently gets a lot of questions about. Let’s say you have a question about your profile or photos. You will want to click on the tab that says Profile and Photos. You will then be launched to the next page with all the FAQ questions that go along with that category.

Below are some of the FAQ questions that pertain to your SingleParentMeet profile or photos. Let’s say you have a question on Greeting Text Guidelines. Click on that option to find more information on the subject.

As you’ll see, there is a detailed breakdown of information on the greeting text that you put together when you first created your account at SingleParentMeet.

So this is, by and large, what you will be dealing with when it comes to customer service and support at SingleParentMeet. You will be solving your own problems. We will admit that this is a pretty thorough FAQ center, and it does cover a majority of the common issues that might arise.

Generic Contact Form

While there is no phone support or a live chat feature available at SingleParentMeet, customers can use the generic contact form below to reach out to the support center with any sort of questions, concerns, or comments. The speed at which they will get back to you is going to vary, but we have seen a lot of reports saying that it typically takes 24 hours or less.

It’s really going to be a mixed bag of results, though, judging from a lot of online user reviews.

You can provide your phone number and your email address so that customer service can respond to your questions or inquiries. There is also a large description box for writing out messages, as well as a place where you can include attachments that might be needed.

Sign Up Process

The sign-up process was easy to complete, and we did not find it time-consuming whatsoever. In fact, we got ours done in about 5 minutes! Everything was self-explanatory for the most part, and we did not find ourselves engaged in a lot of busy work while creating our profile. It was simple, easy, and fun. The time definitely breezed by!

Here is what you can expect when you begin signing up for an account at SingleParentMeet. We will walk you through it step-by-step!

Head over to SingleParentMeet’s homepage and begin the signup process by selecting your gender and your endgame (“I’m a man seeking women”, “I’m a woman seeking men”, etc.) and then click the orange Search Now button.

Note: Whether you are signing up for the free trial or for a membership, you are going to begin the sign-up process the same way. Select your gender and dating endgame and click that orange Search Now button!

SingleParentMeet Sign Up Process Screenshot 1

It’s nice to know that SingleParentMeet offers international dating opportunities, even if it’s only between two countries. So, select the one that applies to you and hit the Keep Going button to continue!

SingleParentMeet helps you find single moms and dads through location and distance settings. It’s important to provide your ZIP code so you can find singles near you or in your general region.

SingleParentMeet Sign Up Process Screenshot 3

Provide the first name that you want to appear on your SingleParentMeet profile! We highly recommend being honest and using your real name, but nicknames are all right too.

Be sure to create a unique password for your account as well. The app will actually generate a recommended password for you to use! If you are interested in this, it can save you some time coming up with one on your own.

SingleParentMeet Sign Up Process Screenshot 4

In this SingleParentMeet review, we found that the average user of this app is between 33 and 41 years of age. However, people of any age can sign up for an account here as long as they are 18 years or older! Enter your birth date and hit Keep Going.

SingleParentMeet Sign Up Process Screenshot 5

The next step is to enter your email address. As stated in the image above, this will not be shared with other users on the app or sold off to a third party. This is also your chance to view the Terms of Use, the Cookie Policy, and the Privacy Policy.

SingleParentMeet Sign Up Process Screenshot 6

Agree to the app’s Privacy and Cookie Policy. You also have the option to personalize your choices. Hit Accept to continue.

SingleParentMeet Sign Up Process Screenshot 7

Add up to 18 photos of yourself to your free trial account. You can get them off your device (smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC) or from your Facebook account. You do have the option to skip this step, but we highly advise not skipping it. Adding some photos to your SingleParentMeet account is going to generate a lot more interest in your profile!

SingleParentMeet Sign Up Process Screenshot 8

As with the photo step, this step does not need to be completed in order to move to the next step. You can certainly skip it, but, again, we advise that you take advantage of this and use up to 1,250 characters to include some sort of interesting tagline, a clever remark, or some sort of summary about who you are. This can generate all sorts of interest in your profile!

SingleParentMeet Sign Up Process Screenshot 9

Here, again, is another opportunity to make your profile at SingleParentMeet really stand out! You can customize a greeting for people who visit your profile and base it around your interests or passions.

SingleParentMeet Sign Up Process Screenshot 10

All you have to do in this next step is to hit the orange Continue button. There is going to be a plug here for getting a paid membership at SingleParentMeet. There will be more information on the plans and pricing in a few more pages, but this page is simply here to remind you of the features that you will be missing out on by sticking with just the free trial membership!

SingleParentMeet Sign Up Process Screenshot 11

Enter your phone number and SingleParentMeet will send you a verification code in order to verify your new account and get it up and running! Once you have been texted the code, enter it and hit Continue.

And that is it! You will then be launched into the homepage, and you can begin looking for single moms and dads near you! Reviews From Real Customers

To be completely honest, we have tested out SingleParentMeet to see how it works and what they offer their customers, but we have not legitimately used it as a single mom or dad looking for other single parents with children. We have never been in the actual shoes of the customers who use this matchmaking service and pay for the membership.

We feel that in order to fully flesh out this SingleParentMeet review, we needed to include some actual customer feedback to give you a complete perspective!

Betty H.
Betty H.May 13, 2020
Read More
“Someone found me within a few days. We were emailing. We have been texting for a while now. We are very happy. This happened all within a month. He saw my picture and profile. Don't give up.”
Iwona A.
Iwona A.February 22, 2017
Read More
“We fall in love 7 years ago and everything started with SingleParentMeet. We were very lucky. Now we have a daughter and a happy relationship. So SingleParentMeet is not all bad.”
Heather B.
Heather B.February 6, 2014
Read More
“As a single mother, I appreciate a website where I can meet other single parents. I understand that not many single men who do not have kids want to date me. I just could not find anyone of interest on this site. I found many more men with children on sites like eHarmony and I do hope that this site does well and gets more members.”

SingleParentMeet Alternatives

SingleParentMeet might not be the best dating app for everyone, whether you be a single parent or someone who is looking to be in a relationship with a single parent. There are definitely some drawbacks with SingleParentMeet, most notably their impersonal and passive customer service center and their smaller dating pool.

There is nothing wrong with checking out other sites for finding single moms and dads, but may we suggest some great alternatives to SingleParentMeet? With these dating apps, you will experience better customer service and a much larger base of users, which will open up the possibilities even more!

#1: eHarmony

eHarmony is a great dating app for finding serious relationships with other singles online! On top of that, eHarmony is known for its scientific compatibility testing. Most who use SingleParentMeet are looking for serious, compatible relationships, which makes eHarmony a great alternative!

#2: is a great place to meet a large pool of singles from varying backgrounds, and this includes single parents! They are adept at setting up both casual and serious relationships, but with compatibility being the driving factor. Find a single mom or dad that is your perfect Match by visiting today and selecting from their immense pool of candidates!

#3: Zoosk

SingleParentMeet is a dating app that fosters serious relationships between single parents, but another big part of this site is fostering good friendships or companionship as well! We can think of no better SingleParentMeet alternative than Zoosk, which prides itself on helping to form good quality friendships between all kinds of singles! FAQ

The SingleParentMeet app is definitely worth your time, money, and energy if you are a single parent, and you are looking for singles who are either single parents themselves or open to relationships with single parents! With this being a niche dating app, it might not be the best fit for just anybody. It’s really only worth using as a single parent or if you are looking for singles who are single parents.

There are three membership plans to choose from at SingleParentMeet, so the cost is going to vary depending on which plan you end up choosing. The 1-month membership costs $15.29. the 3-month membership costs $8.49 per month for a grand total of $25.47. Then there is the 6-month membership plan with a monthly rate of $5.49 for a total of $35.64!

Yes, there is a free trial version of SingleParentMeet available for newcomers. Users can test out the app without having to pay a penny! With the free trial membership, users can create a profile at SingleParentMeet, view daily matches, like photos, upload their own photos, and send flirts to other members. Compared to a lot of other dating apps, this free trial is right on par with a lot of others we have seen. The biggest drawback is the fact that you cannot send any sort of message to other members.

The average user at SingleParentMeet is going to be anywhere from 33 to 41 years of age! Honestly, you will meet singles who fall outside this age range, but these are the kind of singles you will find on average. With over 70,000 members worldwide, you are bound to find a wide range of ages!

Yes, SingleParentMeet is a dating app that you can use knowing that you will enjoy a safe and secure experience! As we did our review of this site, we found that they have included a bunch of safety features that really benefit the customer! These include automatic timing out if there are 15 minutes of inactivity in the app, the ability to block members who are pestering you, and being able to hide your profile. We also checked into SingleParentMeet’s past. There is no record of them selling off their customers’ data or misusing/mishandling any of their customers’ personal or financial information!

The greatest strength of going with a membership at SingleParentMeet is the ability to send and receive unlimited messages from any members at the site! There are a handful of other cool features like ConnectMe (the app supplies you with a private phone line to message singles without giving up your own number), NotifyMe (receiving notifications when certain members log onto the site), and PromoteMe (having your profile boosted near the top of the search results of other singles who are using the app).

The matchmaking process at this dating app is actually done through a combination of factors. SingleParentMeet takes the single’s location into consideration. There is also the personal information that the customer provides that the site uses to gauge compatibility with other singles. Customers can also list their dating preferences using the site’s search filters to find singles that match up well with what they are looking for!

SingleParentMeet is a dating app that is good for single parents who are looking for serious relationships or friendships. It’s not really the kind of site that you would use to find casual dating or relationships. On the contrary, the people who use this site are typically looking for strong commitment and profound connections.

Like any dating app out there, you will find some fake accounts here and there when using SingleParentMeet. Customers are ultimately responsible for their own safety when dealing with other users, so we encourage users of the dating app to be vigilant as they use the app’s services. All in all, SingleParentMeet does a decent job keeping fake accounts or profiles at bay. Any that make their way through the vetting system is usually shut down pretty quickly.

The tokens at SingleParentMeet can be used to purchase extra add-on features to your membership. These add-ons include ConnectMe, NotifyMe, and PromoteMe which can go a long way to allowing you to experience success as you use the app! 280 tokens can be purchased for $9.99. 110 tokens can be purchased for $3.99. 25 tokens can be purchased for 99 cents! Going along with the affordable membership plans, the tokens at SingleParentMeet are super affordable!

While it’s true that the free trial offer at SingleParentMeet does not allow the user to experience too much of what the app has to offer, we still recommend that our readers take a look. At the end of the day, it’s free and not going to cost you anything. So there is no harm in checking it out.

The free trial is a great way to get your profile established and see what kind of singles you could find on the site. So even though you will not be able to send messages or use any of the cool add-on features, we feel that the free trial is enough to give you a little taste of what to expect at SingleParentMeet!