BlackCupid Review Updated for 2023

Are you looking for true love or romance with black singles? You need to check out BlackCupid, a niche dating app that features black singles who desire serious relationships and long-term commitments.

In our BlackCupid review, we’ll go over our ratings for this platform, membership plans, features and pricing, and opportunities to use BlackCupid in a limited capacity for free! This is our honest and unbiased take on BlackCupid and how you can meet black singles in 2023.

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Want to know a little more about BlackCupid before diving into our BlackCupid review? Check out some of our fast facts to learn more about this dating app, who it caters to, and how it operates in matchmaking.

BlackCupid Key Information

Fact Details
Site Name
Key Info Year Founded: 2000
Best For: Finding black singles who want to find love, romance, and serious relationships
Number of Active Members: 3,500 (from the US)
Daily Logins: 250 daily logins
Gender Ratio: 81% men to 19% women
Matchmaking Process: Advanced search filters and members’ dating preferences
Cost of Membership BlackCupid prices start at $3.83
Sign Up Time 5 minutes

Rating BlackCupid

How did we feel about BlackCupid as a whole? We ended up rating them 3.7 out of 5 stars, and this was due to evaluating five key criteria points and drawing an average from there.

We definitely like BlackCupid and would recommend it to any readers interested in black singles dating. Still, it’s not a perfect dating app, and we aren’t afraid to say that.

Category Score
Features 4.5
Ease of Use 4.6
Match Quality 3.1
Cost 3.8
Active User Base 2.5

Why These Ratings? 

BlackCupid comes locked and loaded with some excellent features. We appreciate the message translator that helps break down language barriers with international singles and the ability for members to perform reverse or mutual matches. We’re not a fan of having to pay more to get more, but we’re impressed with the arsenal of features and perks that come along with BlackCupid.

The entire dating app is really easy to use. It features an intuitive design that makes BlackCupid appealing to just about anyone. The sign-up process is straightforward, taking only 1 to 2 minutes and an additional 4 to 5 for profile creation and setting up the search filters. We liked the conceit of using the app in free mode before you even get your profile or search settings up and running.

We rated the daily matches a little lower than other sections, and this is because the matches are limited considering the size of BlackCupid: 3,500 members. The daily matches we saw and experienced were all right. BlackCupid does an excellent job of curating the matches to line up with the search criteria. But there could be a better mix if more active members or users were on the app, making us rate this part on the lower side. 

12 membership plans offer the customer much flexibility regarding plan length and respective features. We appreciate that BlackCupid, and CupidMedia in general, allow their customers to have so much choice in their membership and offer plans that can work with nearly any budget or income. And overall, BlackCupid has super affordable premium memberships that are proportionate to what you get in features and perks.

This is one of the more significant cons of BlackCupid. There are simply not all that many members at BlackCupid. There are 3,500 members total in the US, 50,000 visits per month, and only 250 daily logins. This is the definition of a niche dating app. And to make matters worse, the gender ratio for users is really out of whack. This is a male-dominated platform, with 81% being men and only 19% being women. 

Pros and Cons

Reasons to Join

  • A choice of 12 different membership plans
  • Advanced search filters make for decent daily matches
  • Simple sign-up process that only takes 5 minutes
  • New users can develop their profile as they browse potential matches
  • Easy-to-use interface and a modern design

Reasons Not to Join

  • Gender ratio of 81% of men to 19% of women
  • Auto-renewal is included on all premium memberships
  • The free trial doesn't allow for any communication with other members.
  • Limited customer service with generic contact form and help ticket
  • 3,500 members from the US, and 250 daily logins

BlackCupid Free Trial

Suppose you are hesitant to purchase a premium membership plan from BlackCupid. In that case, we highly recommend using the app’s free trial to see if BlackCupid is a dating app worth the money. The “free trial,” as we call it, allows you to experience a few of the features of being a paying member without putting any money down. It’s almost like test-driving a new car.

Note: All newcomers to BlackCupid will begin their journey in free trial mode. It’s also known as the Standard Membership Plan. BlackCupid users can get out of the free trial by paying for a premium membership.

Free Trial Features

We want to say that you can use BlackCupid for free without any sort of restrictions, but there are only a few features that can be enjoyed. You have to pay up if you want to enjoy the rest of the features, perks, and benefits the app has to offer you.

Here’s what you can do for free with the BlackCupid “free trial” membership (the Standard Tier Plan):

A lot of this is basic stuff, so all you can do as a free user is get daily matches from BlackCupid, send likes to other members, and engage with messages sent to you by paying members.

While the free trial lets you do a few cool things, it’s no real substitute for the benefits of premium membership. But you also wouldn’t know if membership at BlackCupid is suitable for you if it weren’t for the free trial. All that said, it never hurts to stay in free trial mode until you’re dead set on paying for a plan.

BlackCupid Membership Plans

CupidMedia dating apps typically break their membership plans into three tiers: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. And then, within each tier, there are four separate membership plans that vary in length going from 1 week to 12 months. The features will change as you move upwards in the tiers. The Gold Tier comes with the fewest features, and the Diamond Tier will allow you to experience every tool BlackCupid offers.

Here’s how each of the membership plans at BlackCupid breaks down:

Gold Tier Plans

Plan Length Cost Per Month Total Cost
1 Week $5.49 (cost for 1 week) $5.49 (cost for 1 week)
1 Month $10.99 $10.99
3 Month $7.66 $22.98
12 Month $3.83 $45.99

Platinum Tier Plans

Plan Length Cost Per Month Total Cost
1 Week $7.49 (cost for 1 week) $7.49 (cost for 1 week)
1 Month $14.99 $14.99
3 Month $9.99 $29.98
12 Month $5.00 $59.99

Diamond Tier Plans

Plan Length Cost Per Month Total Cost
1 Week $15.00 (cost for 1 week) $15.00 (cost for 1 week)
1 Month $29.98 $29.98
3 Month $19.99 $59.97
12 Month $10.00 $119.98

Something to remember about the membership plans at BlackCupid is that all subscriptions need to be paid for in full before you can begin enjoying the perks and benefits of being a member. There are also no payment plans for the memberships found at BlackCupid. You cannot break up payments into monthly installment plans. Everything has to be paid for all at once!

Another cool facet of the membership plans at BlackCupid (or any CupidMedia dating app, for that matter) is that the price per month rate drops as you increase the length of the subscription. It’s much cheaper to purchase a more extended membership than it would be to renew a shorter plan over and over again. There are some savings for those who want to commit to BlackCupid for a longer period.


This is the case with most dating app membership plans, but all BlackCupid packages are already set to auto-renew once the plan has come to its end. Members will be charged for the same membership plan once the first one is finished. This allows BlackCupid members to have continuous, uninterrupted perks and benefits without returning to the site and purchasing a new membership plan.

Cupid Dating Auto-Renewal Screenshot

There are a few ways that you can disable the auto-renewal feature if you want to avoid being charged automatically for the same membership plan. There is a notice period for opting out. Be sure to cancel the auto-renewal feature 10 days before your subscription ends.

Contact customer support, and they can disable auto-renewal, or you can change your billing preferences in the account settings.

Tiers of Membership

Every new member to BlackCupid begins as a free trial user in Standard Membership Plan mode. The only special features that come for free are sending likes, basic matching, and communication with paying members. That’s it.

You begin by paying for a Gold Tier membership and open up with four new features on top of the three you already had. In every tier you graduate, you’ll maintain the features you already had and gain more.

Features Gold Platinum Diamond
Send Likes X X X
Basic Matching X X X
Communicate With Paying Members X X X
Unlimited Communications X X X
Unlock Messages X X X
Conceal Your Profile or Photos X X X
No Ads X X X
Mutual Matches and Reverse Matches X X
Rank Above Gold and Standard Members X X
Enhanced Search Features X X
Double Your Profile Space X X
Message Translator X X
Rank Above All Other Members X
Priority Messages X
Highlight Your Profile X
Enhanced 24/7 Customer Support X

Ideally, you want to become a Diamond Tier member to experience all the features, perks, and benefits that BlackCupid offers. Even becoming a Gold Tier member is much better than using the app for free because you can actually begin communicating with other members aside from just sending likes or hoping to get a message from a paying member to respond to.

Membership Features by Tier

As we mentioned, you get more features at BlackCupid the higher you go in the membership tiers. We will work our way from top to bottom, showing you which features you get as you work your way from the Standard Plan up to the Diamond Plan.

If you’re looking for a full description of these special features, we will run through them in detail and show how they can benefit your online dating game at BlackCupid.

This is one of the few ways to communicate with other members without sending them a message. Sending like to other members’ profiles or pictures is a great way to show them you’re interested. 

Yes, even as a free trial member using the Standard Plan, you’ll be eligible to get daily matches from BlackCupid! These are based on what you want in a partner as specified in your search filters and dating preferences. 

The biggest drawback of the Standard Plan is zero communication with other members unless you want to count contact with paying members who send you messages. Yes, that’s right. Free trial users can communicate with other members, but only if a paying member sends them a message. Free users can receive, read, and respond. 

The best feature you get as a paying member of the Gold Tier is the ability to communicate with other members on the app with no hindrances. 

Any messages you might have received from other trial users — or members that were locked during your time as a free user —  are unlocked when you upgrade to at least a Gold Tier member of BlackCupid. 

Gold Tier members can also hide their profiles or their photos from any members that might make them feel uncomfortable or uneasy. It’s equivalent to having your profile in privacy mode on Facebook. It’s one of the best ways to avoid certain members without blocking them.

When you begin paying for a premium membership plan, you will no longer have to deal with ads that clutter up the screen where you view your profile page. It’s one of the perks that alleviate something really annoying that you might not always think about immediately.

Graduating up to the Platinum Plan opens the door for mutual and reverse matches. With the first one, you can find singles based on them having the same search criteria as you! Reverse matches are with those members whose search criteria are the exact opposite. They say opposites attract. Use mutual or reverse matches to determine if this is true. 

Platinum members will appear higher in the app’s search ranking over the Gold Tier and Standard Tier members. However, they will appear below the Diamond Tier members, which is to be expected.  

The search filters get much better when you attain a Platinum Tier membership plan. You can break down your search by more detailed metrics.

The space used to feature your profile in the “matches” section will be doubled. Your area will be twice as big as those with the Gold or Standard Tier plans. This will increase your visibility and generate additional interest in your profile. 

Your Platinum membership will even come with a message translator if you meet another single who doesn’t speak the same language. Don’t let a language barrier become an obstacle anymore! 

Diamond Tier members will have the best rankings in the search results at BlackCupid. What this means for the top-tier members is the best visibility on the platform and ostensibly more traffic and attention as a result. 

Search rankings are going to be prioritized around Diamond Tier members and the same applies to messaging. Diamond Tier members are going to have their messages features at the top of any member’s message inbox regardless of the time the message was sent. They get bumped straight to the top!

Diamond Tier members will get a diamond icon on their profile. This profile highlight draws the attention of many other singles. It’s almost like being a VIP at BlackCupid.

Diamond Tier members also get the best overall rate of service and support from the help center as one of the perks for dishing out the most for a membership plan. Customer support for Diamond members is available on a 24/7 basis.

Customer Support Center

Let’s begin by telling you how you access the customer service and support center at BlackCupid. If you look over on the right-hand side of any page you’re on, you’ll see the green Upgrade Membership button along with a small menu. On the far right, there’s a little cog icon. Click here and select “help” from the drop-down menu.

BlackCupid Profile Menu

Help Ticket

The help ticket will appear once you’ve hit “help.” It will appear in the screen’s lower right-hand corner, right under the previous drop-down menu. All that will appear in the box is a search bar and a “contact us” button at the bottom. You can use the search bar and type in the question you have or use keywords to generate question suggestions.

For example, we typed in the term “billing,” and these are the results we ended up getting using that search term. We got suggestions for canceling auto-billing and a few others. BlackCupid uses this help ticket feature instead of the FAQ pages commonly featured in other dating apps.

Contact Us

The other major way to get service and support at BlackCupid is to use the generic contact form. This is accessed by clicking on “contact us” in the app’s help ticket.

Your name and email address will be auto-filled by BlackCupid. Below that part is a drop-down menu of options for what the issue is that you’re facing.

Next, there’s a text box to provide additional details (if needed) of the problem or issues you’re facing, another drop-down menu where you can specify the device you’re using, and a place where you can include any relevant attachments (files or documents).

Sign Up at BlackCupid Today!

BlackCupid (and all CupidMedia dating apps) makes it easy for new members to sign up and get their profile established without going through a lengthy process. Something we can really appreciate about the CupidMedia line of dating apps is the fact that newcomers can access their free account in a few steps. They can work on honing their search settings and establishing their personal profile. It’s that flexibility that makes the sign-up process nearly painless!

That said, the actual process might take less than 1 or 2 minutes, but that does not include putting together a profile or establishing your dating preferences. We’ll walk you through each step and how easy it is to access other members’ profiles and photos, get your search settings in order, and add information to flesh out your profile.

BlackCupid Homepage Screenshot

The first step is to visit or click on the image above. You’ll see login information for current members, but you’ll also see a “join now” link to access the app as a fresh, new member. 

You’ll be taken to the next screen, where you’ll provide your name, age, email address, and gender, plus the gender of the singles you wish to meet on the app. You must create a unique password to access your new account. As with all CupidMedia dating apps, BlackCupid provides unique suggestions that will save you time and effort. 

BlackCupid Sign Up Process Screenshot 1

Read over the Terms of Use and the Privacy Statement and agree. Once you’ve completed this initial step, click “view singles now.”

BlackCupid Sign Up Process Screenshot 2

Free trial users at BlackCupid are allowed to upload up to five photos. This step is not required to advance to your new account. Still, it’s highly recommended as it brings legitimacy to your online profile. 

And there you have it: the sign-up process for BlackCupid. That didn’t take long at all, right? At this point, you have access to your new account. You can begin looking at other members’ profiles and photos if you so choose. You can start looking around the app to see where everything is located and how everything works. 

But your profile and search settings still need to be set up so you can begin attracting other singles and get better suggestions from BlackCupid.

Let’s begin by telling you how to access your profile and develop it into something that will draw the attention of other singles on the app.

BlackCupid Sign Up Process Screenshot 3

You’ll see an icon with your profile picture on the far right of the screen to the right of the green “upgrade membership” button. Click on that icon and click on “view profile” from the drop-down menu. With this option, you can see what your profile appears like to others on the app with every change or update you make. 

BlackCupid Sign Up Process Screenshot 4

Under “edit profile,” you can begin adding information to flesh out your personal profile on BlackCupid. You’ll be asked questions about your appearance, interests, lifestyle, and more. 

Once you’ve made changes to the body of your profile, you can click on “view profile” to see how the changes look overall. 

BlackCupid Sign Up Process Screenshot 5

The option “hobbies and interests” appears on the drop-down menu and will take you to the page featured above. There will be a series of questions with extensive lists of choices, and you can add as many that apply to you as you want! 

BlackCupid Sign Up Process Screenshot 6

Check out the “personality questions” section, and you can provide written-word answers to any questions posed here. The actual question itself along with your response will appear on your profile. 

BlackCupid Sign Up Process Screenshot 7

You’ll be asked many questions here, including a preferred age range, the appearance of the singles you desire to meet, and factors involving careers, education, beliefs, and values. 

Now that you have access to BlackCupid and set up your profile and search filters, you can begin checking out the members currently enjoying the app! 


BlackCupid Sign Up Process Screenshot 8

“Matches” is one of the primary tabs featured across the main menu. You want to click here to see multiple profiles at one time. 

These are condensed profiles that do not provide all the member’s information, just an abridged version with their age, location, and the age range of the singles they’re looking for, as well as a small summary of who they are. 


BlackCupid Sign Up Process Screenshot 9

Click on any of the profiles you find under “matches,” and you’ll see the entire profile page. You can see all of the member’s essential information about their appearance, lifestyle (income level, pets, smoking/drinking habits, etc.), and cultural background (religion, education, nationality, etc.) 

BlackCupid Alternatives 

If you’ve read our BlackCupid review and feel like there are better fits as far as a dating app goes, we understand and are happy to guide you to some great alternatives. These dating apps have much larger and more active membership bases and typically come at a better cost!

Dating App Fast Facts Review
eHarmony LogoeHarmony
  • Active Users: 16+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
  • Number of Countries Serviced: 200 countries
  • Membership Cost: $35.90/month (beginning rate)
eHarmony Review
Elite Singles LogoElite Singles
  • Active Users: 2+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 44% men to 56% women
  • Number of Countries Serviced: 20+ countries
  • Membership Cost: $27.95/month (beginning rate)
Elite Singles Review
  • Active Users: 8+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 51% men to 49% women
  • Number of Countries Serviced: 50+ countries
  • Membership Cost: $18.99/month (beginning rate) Review
Christian Mingle LogoChristian Mingle
  • Active Users: 16 million
  • Gender Ratio: 44% men to 56% women
  • Number of Countries Serviced: 7+ countries
  • Membership Cost: $24.99/month (beginning rate)
Christian Mingle Review
Zoosk LogoZoosk
  • Active Users: 500,000+
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men to 52% women
  • Number of Countries Serviced: 80+ countries
  • Membership Cost: $12.50/month (beginning rate)
Zoosk Review

BlackCupid FAQ

We might not have covered everything you need about BlackCupid in our review. We hope our FAQ section will plug any gaps we have missed. There are some of the most common questions about BlackCupid that we have seen from readers online. 

BlackCupid is a niche black dating app where most members and users are black singles. Their focus is on fostering serious relationships and long-term commitments between the singles who meet one another on the app. 

No free trial plan lets you use the BlackCupid app free of charge; a limited features “free trial” allows newcomers to experience a handful of premium membership features for free and operate the app in a limited capacity. It’s a great way to test drive BlackCupid and see if it’s an app worth your time and money. 

BlackCupid is owned and operated by the trusted, well-known parent company CupidMedia Pty Ltd. which oversees the Cupid line of dating apps that cater to various international singles groups all across the world. BlackCupid has been operating since 2000 and has a proven track record of success in keeping its customers’ personal and financial information safe and secure. 

The membership cost will change depending on the length of the plan and which tier it belongs to. For more details on the cost of membership at BlackCupid, check out our section BlackCupid Membership Plans. 

While a good majority of the users at BlackCupid are black singles, it’s a dating app that is open to anyone to use, so long as they are 18 years of age or older. Some non-black users join BlackCupid because they want to fall in love or develop relationships with black singles.  

The sign-up process only takes about 1 or 2 minutes because profile creation and describing your ideal match or what you’re looking for in a relationship take place after you’re granted access to your account. You might look at 5 to 10 minutes altogether if you add these steps. But to access the app, it only takes a few minutes. 

Yes, all membership plans will automatically renew when they end. Members will be automatically charged for another plan after their first one finishes. You can cancel this feature by contacting customer support or by going into the account settings and changing your billing preferences. 

Yes, and there are several ways to do this. You can go into your account settings to shut off the auto-renewal feature or contact customer service and ask that your auto-renewal be shut off. Your plan will run its course and not be re-upped, thus canceling your membership. You can also send an email or fax to the support center requesting cancelation. You could adjust your app store subscription at Google Play or the Apple Store if you downloaded the app. 

Yes, there are block icons on any profile you view and “report abuse” icons that allow you to notify BlackCupid of any members that are giving you a hard time or that may raise your suspicion.

The average member of BlackCupid is between the ages of 35 and 45. Most of the singles using this app are black, though plenty of non-black users enjoy the platform’s services. 3,500 members reside in the US, with 5,000 visits per month and 250 daily logins.

There are three main membership tiers, and you will gain more features as you climb into the tier levels. For instance, the Gold Tier is the lowest price membership tier. It has the fewest amount available: 7. You get to the next level (Platinum) and maintain the 7 features you had, plus 5 more. The Diamond Tier lets you enjoy all the app’s features and adds another 4 special features to round everything out. 

Subscriptions can be paid for using major credits, Google Pay, Paysafecard, Skrill, and bank transfers. Credit cards accepted include American Express, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and Diners Club.