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In 2024, Indian singles are living all across the globe, so Indian dating apps have really grown in popularity. Sure, many hail from traditional families and are looking for serious relationships or to be married. Still, plenty of Indians are all about the casual dating scene as well. Some are interested in dating singles who share the same education level or taste for the finer things in life. Some Indian singles might simply be looking for a soulmate with whom to share a quiet life.  

When it comes to the best Indian dating apps, we recommend the most secure and trusted platforms! Check out our reviews and find serious relationships, romance, or true love with Indian singles! They have a lot of active users, robust dating pools, reasonable membership pricing, terrific search filters, and the ability to be used in multiple countries.

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Best for Compatible, Serious Relationships

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Best for Indian Marriages

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Best for Long-Term, Committed Relationships

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5 Best Indian Dating Apps​

Are you looking to learn more about the best Indian dating apps in 2024? Our team of experts has thoroughly researched each one, and the recommendations you’ll find below are the safest and most trusted options currently out there.

#1: eHarmony

  • Best For: finding Indian singles who want serious, compatible relationships
  • Active Members: 16+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men and 52% women
  • Membership Cost: $35.90-65.90/month
  • Review: eHarmony Review
eharmony Homepage

There are several reasons that eHarmony is our number one pick for the best Indian dating apps: a large dating pool of over 16 million active members, search filters that allow you to find singles based on country of origin, distance, level or income, and education, and, of course, its emphasis on compatible relationships with its patented 32 Dimensions of Compatibility testing. 

Not only will eHarmony connect you with compatible matches based on your personality, but they’ll also cater to matching you around factors like personal beliefs and values! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for Indian singles near you or abroad; eHarmony and its immense pool of members will ensure that you will find true love with the best Indian singles the online dating market has to offer!

#2: IndianCupid

  • Best For: finding Indian singles who desire serious relationships resulting in marriage
  • Active Members: 1,000 (45,000 total users worldwide)
  • Gender Ratio: 65% men to 35% women
  • Membership Cost: $17.73-69.98/month
  • Review: IndianCupid Review

IndianCupid is much smaller than eHarmony; its number of genuinely active members is only around 1,000 singles. However, this is a niche Indian dating app and, overall, or second pick for the best in Indian singles dating online!  And that’s because you’re guaranteed to find Indian singles or singles from other cultures interested in dating them. IndianCupid focuses on serious relationships that will lead toward marriage and commitment.

IndianCupid also offers super-affordable pricing and a great line of features (including message translators and unlimited communications). It’s actually an excellent platform for female singles due to the gender breakdown of 65% men to 35% women. It’s the best option for women looking to find their marriage partner or soulmate in a smaller, niche dating platform. 

#3: Elite Singles

  • Best For: finding Indian singles who are highly educated and successful
  • Active Members: 2+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 44% men and 56% women
  • Membership Cost: $19.95-37.95/month
  • Review: Elite Singles Review

Maybe you’re looking for Indian singles who enjoy the finer things in life, are well-educated, and conduct themselves with seriousness and professionalism. Elite Singles is a great dating app in general for finding highly educated, successful singles. They also have a ton of great search filters that can allow you to find Indian singles. Searches can be performed based on filters for ethnicity, religion, distance, location, and appearance. 

Over 85% of the users at Elite Singles have completed a form of higher education, and many work in high-paying careers like medicine, law, and business. Most who use this platform are in the market for serious commitments and deep connections. And since many Indian singles are looking for serious relationships in the first place, this makes Elite Singles a great fit yet again. 


  • Best For: finding suitable, compatible matches with Indian singles 
  • Active Members: 8+ million (3 million daily logins)
  • Gender Ratio: 49% men and 51% women
  • Membership Cost: $18.99-34.99/month
  • Review: Review
Christian Mingle Homepage Screenshot-1 has a straightforward matchmaking system using basic personality testing, dating preferences, and location to form matches well-suited for either serious or casual relationships. It’s a great dating app for singles open to any kind of relationship and looking for a quality match with compatible personalities. 

There’s a stereotype that Indian singles date with the sole endgame of being married, and marriages are arranged by the family. But the reality is that there are many Indian singles out there who want to do the casual dating thing, jumping from partner to partner! We offer as the dating app of choice for Indian singles who might not come from super traditional families.

#5: Aisle

  • Best For: Indian singles looking for long-term commitments or marriage 
  • Active Members: 2.5 million (500,000 active each week)
  • Gender Ratio: 75% men to 25% women
  • Membership Cost: $6.66-15.99/month

This is our best recommendation for a niche Indian dating app focused on fostering serious relationships that result in marriage. Aisle was designed as a platform that blends the fun aspects of casual dating apps with the weightier, more conservative elements that go into Indian wedding traditions. Something we really enjoy about Aisle is that they have over 2 million members (and 500,000 active each week), which rivals the size of mainstreaming dating apps like Elite Singles. 

This is a great dating app for women considering that they only make up 25% of the total user base at Aisle! And because of this fact, Aisle does a great job of ensuring that its female members are not bombarded with unsolicited messages on the app. Are you ready for this one? Female members are the only ones on Aisle that can send the first message! 

Why Can You Trust Us?​


Reviews Are Done Using an Unbiased Rating Process

Our rating process for dating app reviews is always done by evaluating the good and the bad that comes with each platform. We strive for honest reviews, so we look at the pros and cons of each Indian dating app, along with membership costs, features, ease of use, active members, and daily matching processes.

Our Writers Try Out These Dating Apps Before Doing Reviews

We have our writers create their own free trial account at each dating app to craft a review rooted in firsthand experience. Writers will register an account, create a profile for free, adjust their search filters or dating preferences, and then see what kind of singles are using the platform. It’s all to deliver an accurate review and assessment of any product we cover.

All Review Information is Kept Up To Date

You know that you’re always getting accurate info with our reviews! Once the reviews have been written, our writers diligently review the content and update any changes that might occur regarding membership pricing or app features. We ensure that all information in our content is in line with any changes in the market.

We Review the Best Apps for Indian Singles Dating

We always recommend the best and most popular platforms to ensure results! The last thing we want is to waste your time with a dating app that gets you nowhere when it comes to finding Indian singles. That’s why several of our recommendations are mainstream dating apps, while some are more niche Indian dating apps.

You’ll Always Find Links to Free Trials

We never want you to feel pressure to join any one Indian dating app until you’re absolutely sure it’s the right one for you. We always include links to free trials in our content, so readers can try out the app or platform free of charge and see if it’ll be a good fit.

Why These Are the Best Dating Apps for Indian Singles​

We know we threw a lot of information at you earlier about each of our favorite dating apps for women, but we have consolidated the most important information into the chart below for your convenience. We have found it to be extremely helpful in deciding which dating app is best for your needs and budget!

A Focus on Serious Dating and Relationships

Many Indian singles in the online dating market are looking for serious relationships and commitments. We made sure that any mainstream or niche dating apps for Indians had a more substantial focus in mind. However, Indian singles are also looking for casual dating, so we included a recommendation that could be used for informal relationships or hookups. 

Best For

  • eHarmony: long-term commitment and serious relationships with Indian singles where compatibility is key
  • IndianCupid: Indian singles dating that leads to marriage
  • Elite Singles: serious relationships with Indian singles with above-average education
  • Indian singles dating where good, quality matches could lead to committed relationships OR casual dating
  • Aisle: serious dating relationships with Indian singles that results in marriage

Active Dating Pools

We choose Indian dating apps (as well as several mainstream platforms) with a large volume of active users. The idea is to have a dating pool where you can experience enough variety to find precisely the singles you’re looking for. We made sure to include dating apps that allow you to cast a wide net in your search.

Number of Members

  • eHarmony: 16+ million
  • IndianCupid: 1,000 (45,000 total users worldwide)
  • Elite Singles: 2+ million
  • 8+ million (3 million daily logins)
  • Aisle: 2.5 million (500,000 active each week)

Top-Rated Matchmaking

We included Indian dating apps with a solid matchmaking algorithm or processes to ensure good compatibility on all levels: personality, beliefs, lifestyle, education, and many others. It’s one thing to find singles who are Indian by blood, but it’s another thing to find those who share your interests, are attracted to your personality, or see eye-to-eye when it comes to worldview.

Matchmaking Process

  • eHarmony: 32 Dimensions of Compatibility
  • IndianCupid: Personality testing and dating preferences
  • Elite Singles: Compatibility testing
  • Personality testing and dating preferences
  • Aisle: Dating preference and personal information

Good Search Filters

With niche Indian dating apps, good search filters are less critical because you’re guaranteed to find Indian singles using those apps. But if you’re using a mainstream dating app to get the job done, you’ll do well to use search filters to your advantage.

Search Filter Options

  • Age
  • Location
  • Country of origin
  • Religious Beliefs
  • Ethnicity
  • Interests
  • Lifestyle

Indian Dating Apps FAQ

If there’s anything else you want to know about Indian dating apps, you might find it here in our FAQ section. We feature some of the most common and popular questions from our readers and customers about dating apps for Indian singles.

Can I Use Indian Dating Apps for Free?

The free trial offers on these dating apps are limited regarding features. Newcomers can test-drive these Indian dating apps to get a feel for how they work and what kind of singles are using them. Still, new users will be limited in what they can do. For instance, the free trials typically allow you to create a profile and search for other members but will not let you send any message until you pay for a premium membership.

How Much Do the Best Dating Apps for Indians Cost?

The cost of these dating apps will differ depending on the platform you use. Mainstream dating apps are typically cheaper than niche dating apps, so that’s something to consider. Check out our condensed reviews above for more information on membership pricing.

Are There Any Good Apps for Casual Dating and Romance?

Of all the dating apps we recommend in this review, is the one we’d point you toward if you’re looking for something more casual. is really good at developing matches for both serious and casual relationships, so it could honestly go either way.

What Is a Niche Indian Dating App?

Niche Indian dating apps are those platforms that are comprised primarily of Indian singles or those who are interested in dating Indian singles. They’re not dating apps where you must be Indian to use them, but most users are Indian. You want to use these sites if you wish for most of your daily matches to be Indian.

Which Dating App for Indians Is the Best Overall?

We recommend using eHarmony. It might be a mainstream dating app, but it has a ton of great features and such an extensive reach in the online dating industry that it’s actually the ideal dating app for finding Indian singles. They have over 16 million active members, great search filters based on age, country of origin, or ethnicity, and their famous 32 Dimensions of Compatibility testing.

Should I Be Using Mainstream Dating Apps or a Niche Dating App?

That’s your call, honestly. We can say with certainty that mainstream dating apps for finding Indian singles are generally cheaper when it comes to the cost of membership. They have much better dating pools and active members. Niche dating apps, though, guarantee that you’ll find Indian singles, albeit from a much smaller dating pool.

Are These Indian Dating Sites Safe to Use?

Yes, these dating apps come with SSL-encrypted safeguards to keep all customers’ personal and financial information private and secure. There are ways for users to quickly report any potential abuse or fraud to customer service. Many of these dating apps come with video chat features allowing members to see whom they meet on the app face-to-face.

What Is Indian Dating Like?

There are a lot of Indian singles who come from conventional families and are in the online dating market for profound relationships that result in marriage. And in a lot of cases with traditional Indian families, the family will be highly involved in the matchmaking process and arranging the relationship, the engagement, and the wedding.

But there are also Indian singles who want to hit up dating apps for casual romance. It’s a mixed bag, to be honest! We’d say, though, that Indian singles are generally looking for something more serious, which is why we recommended dating apps with a more serious focus.

What Is the Best Way to Find Indian Singles on Mainstream Dating Apps?

If you’re using one of the popular, mainstream dating apps, one of the best ways to find Indian singles is to adjust your search filters properly. Many apps offer to filter by religion, ethnicity, location, distance, age, appearance, and many other relevant factors.

Are There Any Good Tips for Using Indian Dating Apps?

As mentioned before, it’s always a good idea to adjust your search filter setting correctly to find Indian singles. If you’re dealing with international Indian singles, be sure you’re using a dating app with message translators. And create a robust profile that allows members to see the real you, be it a clear profile picture or correct information on your interests, beliefs, or lifestyle choices.