Christian Cafe Free Trial (2024)

Become a free Christian Cafe dating app member, where you can post prayers, read members’ blogs, and participate in the app’s chat forums with other users. But remember, you only have about ten days to enjoy the free perks before they are locked away. And the key to unlocking your account and profile is a paid membership plan.

Something a little different, right? Unlike other ones we’ve seen, Christian Cafe’s free trial is set up with a time limit. It gives you a taste of its features and services but doesn’t want you to drift aimlessly as a free member in limbo. Christian Cafe essentially forces you to decide one way or the other. It’s quite Christ-like. Let your yes be yes, anyone?

Our look at the Christian Cafe free trial will outline how it works and what free perks you can enjoy during your limited time testing the app. Without further ado, let’s hop into it and learn how you can experience the Christian Café free membership plan. Banner - Holding Hands

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Overview of the Christian Cafe Free Trial​ Offer

The free trial at Christian Cafe differs significantly from the free trials that other dating apps offer. It comes with a time limit, something we haven’t seen anywhere else since most free memberships are set up on the freemium model. New users only have a short window of time to test the app.

Here’s how the free trial works at Christian Cafe: 

  • Sign up for an account/create a free profile = get 7 free days
  • Post one profile photo = get 3 free days
  • Refer a friend to Christian Cafe = get 5 free days for each successful referral 

And that’s about it. You can quickly get ten free days just for coming on as a new non-paying app member. You could stretch your time by five to ten days more if you’re diligent with getting your friends to join the app. However, you only get the extra five days if your referral signs up for an account and creates a profile of their own.

Let’s say you get ten days free to use the Christian Cafe free trial plan. Once your time is up, your account and profile will stay intact but become completely inactive. You must become a premium app member to get it back up and running. Choose a subscription plan and enter payment info to retrieve your Christian Cafe account and profile.

We give Christian Cafe a lot of props for pushing their members toward a paid membership in such an obvious way. You cannot enjoy the free trial indefinitely to see how much progress you can make without paying. You have some time to test things out, but the app ultimately wants you to make a firm commitment one way or the other.

Christian Cafe “Free Trial” Features​

If you sign up for the 10-day free trial membership plan at Christian Cafe, you can enjoy several complimentary features, many of which help you get integrated within the app’s community and give you a sense of how everything works. Though the free trial is limited to ten days, Christian Cafe has many unique free features for non-paying members, all highlighted below.

  • Register a New Account: Sign up as a new member. You pay no fees to complete the registration form.
  • Create a Free Profile: Develop your Christian Cafe profile. You can upload photos, include bio information, and create self-written sections where you describe who you are and why you’re using the app. The free profile is almost like free advertising because you get your information onto the site without paying anything.
  • Post Up to Three Photos: Free members can only post three photos. An upgrade to premium allows members to post more than three to give their profile more variety.
  • Enter Search Terms: Use the site’s search filters to find singles who adhere to your dating criteria and standards, adjusting them for factors like gender, age, location, religious beliefs, etc. You can save specific criteria for future searches, too.
  • Add Profiles to Your Favorites List: Include the best profiles you encounter in a special list. Your favorites are kept in one place for later viewing.
  • Access Christian Cafe Content: Read blogs posted by other members about Christian faith and dating. Visit the chat forums where multiple members have discussions about relationships or religion. Read testimonials from other members who’ve had success with the site. And access Dating101 content from Christian Cafe that outlines strategies and best practices for using the site.
  • Post and Read Prayers: Christian Cafe has a page where free or paid members can post prayer requests for the community to see. Free members can post prayers or read prayers posted by any other members. It’s a place of hope, encouragement, and bonding for many people.

Like many dating app free trials, Christian Cafe bars its free members from communicating directly with their matches unless they become a paying member. However, free users can somewhat circumvent this roadblock by joining the chat forums or posting prayers. These are two free communication methods where you can connect with other members, though it’s in a communal setting.

Free Features and Paid Features​

For a better idea of what’s offered with Christian Mingles’ free trials and what comes with paid memberships, we have included a side-by-side comparison for your convenience!

Basic Features Icon

Free Trial

  • Register a New Account
  • Create a Free Profile
  • Post Up to Three Photos
  • Enter Search Terms
  • Add Profiles to Your Favorites List
  • Access Christian Café Content
  • Post and Read Prayers
Premium Features Icon

Paid Membership

  • Unlimited Communications
  • Read Receipts
  • See Who Viewed or Liked Your Profile
  • Gift a Membership
  • Exchange Contact Information
  • Post More Than Three Photos
  • Send Winks

The best part about becoming a premium member of Chrisitan Cafe is the ability to send messages to your matches. What good is a dating app if you cannot meet and connect with other singles? We highly encourage our readers to become paid members of Christian Cafe if they want to experience the app for all it’s worth.


Let’s see what our customers and readers have been asking about the Christian Cafe free trial and how we responded to these common questions. Consider this an abridged version of the free trial review; you can get many highlights here.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Free Member?

If you’re signing up for a free membership at Christian Cafe, it’ll take five to ten minutes. You must provide extra time to make a quality profile page. It’s a painless registration experience, the most challenging part being the self-written section of your profile where you describe yourself further.

How Does the Christian Cafe Free Membership Work?

The Christian Café free membership has a time limit. New users who create a profile get seven days to use the free trial. They can gain another three days after uploading one profile photo. And they can pick up five days for every successful referral. Once your free trial time has passed, your account and profile will be deactivated but remain entirely intact. Signing up for a premium membership will allow you to re-access your profile.

Which Free Features Can I Enjoy at Christian Cafe?

Free members can register a new account and create a free profile page. They can enter search terms and view profiles that appeal to their dating criteria or relationship preferences. Plus, non-paying members of the app can access all the Christian Café unique content like blogs, talk in the chat forums with other members, get advice from the Dating101 section, and read testimonies from current and former members of the service.

How Much Do the Christian Cafe Premium Plans Cost?

There are several ways you can become a member of Christian Café. Each plan has the same premium features but covers a different time. They include three months for $69.97, six months for $109.97, or twelve months for $149.97. for more information on subscription plans and pricing.

Which Features Come with the Premium Membership Plan?

Chrisitan Café members with a premium subscription can enjoy unlimited messaging with their matches, gift memberships to free users, send winks, share contact info with other members, and post more than three photos to their profile. There are a few other perks, but those are the main highlights.

Can I Get Away with Using the Free Trial and Not Pay for a Membership?

You can pull this off with other dating apps, but the free trial here has a seven-to-ten-day time limit. The only way you can use Christian Café to meet other Christian singles is through the premium plan. This is chiefly due to the paid membership allowing you to send messages directly to your matches instead of chatting in a forum where multiple people could be talking at once.

Is the Free Membership at Christian Café Worth It?

It’s the only way you can test out the app to see if it’s a good fit for your dating needs. Not only can you check out other members’ profiles to see who’s using the platform, but you can also check out the unique content that Christian Café showcases, like its members’ blogs and testimonials, or participate in the chat forums with other users.