Jdate Cost

Are you considering signing up for the leading Jewish online dating app, but you’re wondering what using Jdate costs? If so, this Jdate pricing breakdown has you covered.

On this page, you’ll find the latest membership plans, what they cost per month (and in total), and the benefits of purchasing a premium subscription.

After our Jdate cost breakdown, we’ll examine whether the dating app offers free trial promotions or another way for new users to test drive the platform before buying a membership upgrade. We’ll also list the features available to free users and compare them to the tools and functions unlocked for paid subscribers.

Finally, our deep dive into Jdate pricing takes us to payment options. After all, you can’t buy a premium membership without the proper banking methods to facilitate the transaction. We’ve researched the payment options accepted by Jdate, how they are processed, and whether subscriptions renew automatically. By the time you reach our frequently asked questions section, you should be an expert on all things related to Jdate memberships, pricing, and payments!

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Jdate Membership Cost Breakdown

Membership LengthCost (US Dollars)Cost (Canadian Dollars)Cost (British Pounds)Cost (Australian Dollars)

1 Month

$59.99 per month

CAD 81.89 per month

£53.22 per month

AUD 92.27 per month

3 Months

$44.99 per month / one payment of $134.97

CAD 61.42 per month / one payment of $184.24

£39.91 per month / one payment of £119.74

AUD 69.20 per month / one payment of $207.58

6 Months

$29.99 per month / one payment of $179.94

CAD 40.94 per month / one payment of $245.64

£26.61 per month / one payment of £159.64

AUD 46.13 per month / one payment of $276.77

Jdate’s premium membership packages come in three lengths: 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. Otherwise, all the features and services that they offer are the same. The benefit of the longer plans is that, while more expensive overall, they discount the Jdate cost per month. In fact, the monthly average of the 6-month subscription is half that of paying one month at a time. 

So, unless you’re supremely confident in your ability to find love in your first thirty days of becoming a member, a longer-term membership package is usually the best bet. For your convenience, we’ve also listed the monthly and total rates for each plan in Australian and Canadian dollars, as well as the British Pound Sterling.

Keep in mind that regardless of the duration of your premium membership, the full price of the package is due upfront. There are no installment plans or long-term contracts with monthly payments.


Jdate’s premium memberships are set to renew automatically unless you cancel your subscription before its expiration date. When a plan is automatically renewed, it will be for the same duration as the previous deal.

Jdate Auto-Renewal Terms

To avoid a surprise renewal, you can turn off auto-renew at any time. Just navigate to your Account Settings page and click the Manage Subscription link. Select “stop your subscription.” 

You’ll still have your premium membership for the duration of the plan until it expires – at which point, you’ll lose your membership benefits. 

If you purchased your subscription through the Jdate mobile app using the payment method connected to your account in the Apple App Store or Google Play, you must manage your automatic renewal the same way. Instead of visiting your “Account Settings” page in the Jdate app, use your device’s mobile app store to manage your subscription.

Jdate Free Trial Details

Jdate is not known to offer free trial periods, but that doesn’t mean you can’t test drive the dating service first before deciding whether it’s worth investing more time and money.

A true free trial is a promotional tool that gives prospective customers access to premium membership benefits for a short period of time. However, before the trial begins, the recipient must provide their payment information. If they don’t cancel their membership before the trial period expires, it is automatically renewed at the full subscription rate. 

Instead of offering free trials, Jdate has a free standard membership. You can sign up, create your profile, upload photos, and browse other members – all without paying. And your standard membership never expires or reverts into a paid subscription. 

The downside is that free memberships are severely limited in what they can see and do on the platform. Communicating with other singles is nearly impossible unless a premium member initiates a conversation with you first (more on that later).

A standard Jdate membership has the following capabilities:

  • Upload a maximum of 6 photos
  • Search for member profiles
  • Receive new matches daily
  • Read members’ full profiles
  • See members’ first photo
  • Reply to messages received from premium members
  • Send smiles
  • Browse LookBook matches
  • View Activity Lists (I Viewed, My Likes, Mutual Likes)

Jdate is one of the few online dating services that allow free users to read and respond to messages received from premium members. So, if you’re fortunate enough to catch the right user’s attention, you could meet your future partner, get to know each other, and arrange a date without ever having to pay.

The downside is that you’re leaving it up to fate. You still won’t be able to see more than one of their profile pictures, nor can you initiate conversations. The most you can do is send smiles to the matches that interest you and hope that they’re premium members who respond with a message.

Expert Tip:

Free members who aren’t ready to commit to a premium subscription should take advantage of spotlighting.

Jdate’s messaging+ feature allows you to respond to premium members’ messages, but you must get their attention first. Boosting your profile to the top of everyone’s match results is the perfect way to lure them in. It’s an especially useful strategy for women, who aren’t as expected to initiate introductions.

Spending $20 per month to have one of the most visible profiles on Jdate (where you’ll be seen by all the men with premium messaging) is a better investment for single women than paying the full membership price and having the option to start conversations.

Jdate Free Membership vs. Paid Subscription

Feature/BenefitFree MembershipPaid Jdate MembershipSubscription Upgrade

Create a Profile




Search Member Profiles




Read Full Profiles




See Members’ 1st Photo




Send Smiles




Unlimited Send and Receive Messages




See All Photos




See Who Viewed Me




See Who Liked Me




Browse Anonymously




Hide Online Status




Premium Messaging




Spotlight Profile




In this table, you’ll see Jdate’s many features and whether they’re accessible to standard members or if they require a paid premium subscription.

Jdate Premium Features

As you can see, a premium membership is necessary for anyone looking to introduce themselves to other singles and communicate effectively. Some free users will get lucky and receive messages from the premium members they like, but for most people, not being able to initiate conversations is a major hindrance. 

Having a premium membership means that you can send messages to every other person on the platform, dramatically increasing your prospects of finding love.

See Every Photo

It’s also extremely important to be able to see more than one photo when you’re browsing people’s profiles. Anyone familiar with online dating knows just how deceptive a single picture can be. Usually, it takes between 4 – 10 photos from different angles and lighting to get a decent idea of how someone looks.

Read Receipts

Read receipts are another valuable tool for someone serious about online dating. It can be difficult to get to know new people on a dating app. You’re trying to introduce yourself, figure out what you have in common, and keep it interesting, so they don’t lose interest. And since everything is done via text, there are often gaps in the conversation.

Read receipts notify you when your messages have been read. That way, you don’t overreact to not receiving a response and interpret it as disinterest. On the other hand, if your match reads your message and doesn’t reply, you know to move on and stop wasting your time.

Control Your Visibility

Premium Jdate members are alerted whenever someone views or likes their profile. These notifications can be useful because you know who’s at least interested enough to check you out. Maybe they’re a free user who can’t follow up with a message. Once you see they’ve visited or liked your profile, you can take it as a cue to introduce yourself.

Of course, that’s a double-edged sword. Maybe you were just browsing and had no intention of showing interest by reading another member’s profile. Or maybe you didn’t like what you saw and read on their page.

Included in your Jdate membership cost is the ability to hide your profile activities and browse anonymously. You can prevent members from being notified that you’ve read their profile and even remove yourself from search results.

If you don’t want people to know that you’re online, you can make it appear that you’re away. That’s especially helpful when you’re not ready to respond to a message but don’t want the other party to think you’re ignoring them.

Premium members have full control of their online visibility. Other Jdate members will only see and know as much as you want them to.

Subscription Upgrades (Spotlight)

There’s one feature available for purchase that’s not included in your Jdate membership cost. It’s a temporary upgrade that can be bought and used by free and premium subscribers alike. On most online dating apps, this add-on is called a “boost,” but on Jdate, it’s named Spotlight.

Spotlight is an enhancement feature that brings significantly more attention to your profile for a set length of time. While engaged, your profile is moved to the top of people’s matches and highlighted with a blue badge, making it stand out. Over ten times the number of members will see you.

Online dating is a numbers game; the greater your visibility, the better the odds of finding your perfect match!

Spotlights can be purchased in the Jdate mobile app. They come in the following durations:

  • 1 day for $2.99
  • 7 days for $7.99
  • 30 days for $19.98

If you’ve hit a wall and your profile isn’t getting as much attention lately, maybe use the Spotlight upgrade to inject a little life into your online dating.

Here’s what else you gain by becoming a premium member:

  • Everything included in free memberships
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Receive read receipt notifications for your messages
  • Browse anonymously without alerting other members
  • Hide online status
  • Control whether your profile appears in searches
  • See all member’s photos
  • See who visited your profile
  • See who likes your profile
  • Messaging+: All Jdate users can read and reply to your messages, even free accounts

Payment Options at Jdate

When you’re ready to upgrade your Jdate subscription, click on the blue “Get All Features” button located in the top right corner of the home page (next to your account’s profile picture). This will bring you to the “Upgrade Your Account” page. Once you choose your membership plan, you’ll arrive at the checkout cart.

Payment Options

All that’s left to do now is enter your payment details. Jdate accepts all major credit cards, including (but not limited to):

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

You can also use debit cards containing Visa or MasterCard logos.

Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store

Members using the Jdate mobile app may purchase a premium membership as an in-app purchase. This links your dating profile to your Google Play or Apple App Store account (depending on your mobile device) and uses whatever payment method is already on file.

If you use this method of payment, you’ll also manage your subscription through your designated mobile app store. For example, that’s where you’ll go to cancel your membership or turn off the automatic renewal feature.

Jdate Cost FAQ

We hope we’ve covered everything you could ever want to know about Jdate membership costs on this page. If not, here are some answers to a handful of frequently asked questions or be sure to read through our full Jdate.com review.

Is a Premium Membership to Jdate Worth the Cost?

Sure! If you’re serious about meeting Jewish singles and forming a serious long-term relationship. 52% of married Jewish couples who were introduced to each other online met on Jdate.

As for the premium membership pricing, on average, Jdate’s cost is on par with similar-sized religion-based dating apps. While slightly more expensive than online dating services built for broader audiences, the modest price tag weeds out less serious candidates and attracts a membership base that’s highly motivated to meet someone and settle down.

How Do I Purchase a Spotlight Profile Boost?

The Spotlight add-on can only be purchased in the Jdate mobile app. The profile boosts can be purchased in 1-, 7-, and 30-day durations.

– 1 day for $2.99
– 7 days for $7.99
– 30 days for $19.98

Can Standard (Free) Jdate Users Purchase Profile Spotlights?

Yes! Spotlights are independent of any Jdate membership costs. Anyone with the mobile app can purchase Spotlights to temporarily boost their profile visibility.

Do Jdate Subscriptions Auto-Renew?

Yes, unless you manually turn off the auto-renew feature. If you purchased your subscription through Google Play or the Apple App Store, you must manage your membership in those mobile apps as well.

If you bought your premium membership on the Jdate website, go to your Account Settings page and click “Manage Subscription.” There, you can turn off automatic renewal and let your membership benefits expire at the end of your current term.

What Features Are Available with a Jdate Standard Subscription?

Jdate members using the service for free have a limited number of features at their disposal. As we covered in previous sections, standard users have the following capabilities:

– Upload up to 6 photos
– Browse member profiles
– See members’ first photo
– Send smiles
– Swipe through LookBook
– View Activity Lists (I Viewed, My Likes, Mutual Likes)
– Read and reply to messages received from premium members