Bumble Subscription Cost

Are you interested in becoming a member of the Bumble dating app but unsure if it’ll fit your budget or financial plans?

Our review of how much Bumble costs will answer these questions and outline the pathways for you to join Bumble and do so at a price that works for you. We’ll discuss each available, affordable membership option and touch on some add-on features that add value to the experience.

We recommend using the limited Bumble free membership plan to see if the dating app will be a good fit. Register an account, create a free profile, and find out who’s using the platform.

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Bumble Standard Membership

Bumble offers its newcomers three affordable membership plans that cover various lengths of time but contain all the same premium perks and benefits. Along with the three main premium plans, three other specialty plans give members additional opportunities to use the app.

Membership PlanCost Per MonthTotal Cost

1-Month Premium Membership



3-Month Premium Membership



6-Month Premium Membership



Secondary Membership PlanCost Per MonthTotal Cost

1-Day Premium Membership



1-Week Premium Membership



Lifetime Premium Membership



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Key Takeaways

  • The Lifetime Premium Membership offered by Bumble is a one-time payment for lifetime services.
  • There are shorter plans for customers who might not want to commit to an entire month. They include services for a single day or one week.
  • Bumble memberships must be paid in one lump payment before you can enjoy the features.
  • There aren’t any monthly payment plans or installments.
  • The primary membership plans at Bumble have a lower monthly cost rate the longer time they cover. Capture savings over time.

If you envision yourself using the Bumble dating app for a long time, we recommend committing to a three- or six-month subscription to capitalize on the reduced monthly cost rate. It’s much cheaper to use a single longer membership over time than to re-up a shorter plan several times. But you ultimately want to do what’s best for you; we just wanted to give you a heads up on some savings you can enjoy.

Looking for more information before committing to a paid membership? Check out our full review of Bumble to get a complete picture of what this platform has to offer.

Bumble Premium Features

What perks and benefits come with the cost of a Bumble Premium subscription? That’s what we’ll find out as we dive into the details of Bumble and its paid membership plans. Since Bumble isn’t divided into membership tiers, you can enjoy the same features regardless of the length of time your plan covers.

Premium Benefits

There’s a reason this is one of the better-known dating apps out there. Compared to many other platforms, Bumble has some interesting, unique features that add a ton of value to its premium subscription plans. Let’s look at what you get in exchange for an upgrade from a free membership plan to a paid subscription.

  • Advanced Search Filters – Access more search terms to curate your matches along more detailed criteria like educational background, career, religious beliefs, lifestyle choices, etc. Free members are limited to location, gender, and age, so an upgrade to premium unlocked a ton of other helpful search criteria for a better match.
  • Unlimited SwipesSwipe through as many profiles as you want as a paying member of Bumble. Unlike free members, they don’t place a cap on how many profiles you can see in a single day.
  • Unlimited Messaging – Once you make a mutual match with someone at Bumble (you both liked each other’s profiles), you can message them as often as you’d like without any caps or limitations on the number of messages you can send daily.
  • Backtrack – If you made a swiping mistake on Bumble, you could use the Backtrack feature to go back and fix any “like” or “pass” mistakes you might have made in a rush.
  • Travel Mode – If you’re planning on taking a vacation and looking to find love or romance in the town or city where you’ll be staying, you can use Travel Mode to set up your new location, and this will serve as your search radius point for up to seven days.
  • SuperSwipes – Premium Bumble members get five free SuperSwipes per week, and they’re reserved for profiles at the top of your list. They help show other members that you’re interested in establishing a connection.
  • Incognito Mode – Use Bumble secretively by engaging in Incognito Mode. You can choose which profiles won’t be alerted to your presence on the app. It’s handy for avoiding someone who’d rather not chat up.
  • One Spotlight Per Week – Have your profile be seen at the top of the app’s search results from time to time using the Spotlight feature. These can help you get increased visibility and capture the attention of the top Bumble members. It’s available once a week to premium subscribers.

Bumble Boosts

Bumble members can enjoy higher-level features when they pay for Bumble Boosts, which provide access for one day, one week, or one to six months.

Bumble Boosts lets members enjoy the following perks for the amount of time they paid for:

  • Extend – Bumble’s premium members have a 24-hour window to contact their matches after the mutual match is established, but the Extend feature gives members extra time to craft the first message. However, it can only be used for a limited number of singles each day.
  • Beeline – Discover which members have already liked your profiles so it’s much easier to establish a mutual match and get a conversation going. The Beeline expedites the matching process, so you don’t waste much time.
  • Rematch – Get another shot at connecting with the matches you let expire.

Bumble Spotlight

Paying members get one free Spotlight per week, but they can get more at an additional cost. You can pay for one Spotlight or purchase a bundle of thirty if you want to impact the search algorithm significantly. The more times your Bumble profile is spotlighted, the more attention you should get from other singles on the app.


All Bumble memberships are set to renew automatically. It’s sometimes referred to as recurring billing. When the original subscription comes to the end of the billing cycle, the plan automatically re-ups. The perks and benefits continue, and you get charged for the cost of a new membership with the billing information on file. It’s designed for members who prefer not to repurchase another subscription plan and manually reenter payment.

Even though every Bumble membership comes with this feature, you don’t have to use it. You can shut it off under your account settings. Some members prefer this because they only want to use what they paid for and nothing more. Turn off recurring billing, and your plan will expire when the time comes.

Is Bumble Free?

Bumble runs on a “freemium” free membership where newcomers can enjoy a few free features while testing the app and learning how it works. Basically, free Bumble members can create a profile and browse singles on the app using simple search terms like location, age, and gender. So, it’s a limited way to use the Bumble app, but it is halfway decent for becoming familiar with the service and an excellent way to see if it’s the right product you want to use.

Check out the following free features you can enjoy as a non-paying member:

  • Register for free
  • Download the app for free
  • Create a free Bumble profile
  • Set search terms (location, age, and gender)
  • View profiles and photos
  • Limited profile swiping (“pass” or “like”)

The biggest downside to the free membership plan is that you cannot message your matches or connect beyond liking their profile. These free trials are limited by design to give new users a taste of what the app offers but require some financial commitment to use the app in a meaningful way to find love or romance.

Free vs Paid Membership

If you’re not sure that the cost of a Bumble membership is worth the time and money, we recommend checking out the free and premium features to see how much value the paid subscriptions offer new users.

Free FeaturesPaid Features

Register a new account

Unlimited swipes

Create a free profile

Unlimited messaging with matches

Upload photos

Advanced search terms

Include bio information

Five SuperSwipes per week

Adjust your search settings

Privacy controls and incognito mode

View profiles that fit your description

Change your location when travelling

“Like” or “pass” on members’ profiles

One Spotlight per week

Swipe through profile suggestions

Unlimited backtracks to fix swipe mistakes

Bumble premium subscriptions allow members to message their matches, allowing for meaningful connections. It’s the best reason to upgrade from free to premium because the free membership limits you to simply browsing singles you could be talking to. The free trial period lets you become familiar with the platform, but the paid plan is where you can make a real impact.

Features That Cost Extra

Bumble’s more advanced features come at a price. You can pay for extra Spotlights or enjoy Bumble Boosts, where the matching process is made a bit easier and more convenient.

  • Getting more than one Spotlight per week
  • Extend the timeframe of your connection past 24 hours (Extend)
  • See which members liked your profile (Beeline)
  • Contact missed connections (Rematch)

Bumble Cost FAQ

To learn more about the Bumble Premium cost, check out this FAQ section, which has the most popular questions from our readers about the Bumble app and its membership plans.

How Much Does Bumble Cost?

There are six membership plans at Bumble. The traditional subscriptions include one month for $29.99, three months for $59.99, and six months for $99.99. You can become a member for a single day for $3.49 or one week for $13.99. There’s even a lifetime membership (a one-time payment) for $149.99.

Is There a Free Version of the Bumble App?

Bumble offers a free membership plan, but it’s a “freemium” free trial. You can use a few complimentary features, such as developing a profile page, setting up your search terms, and viewing profiles that adhere to your dating preferences or criteria. You must be a premium app member if you want to message your matches, get profile boosts, or send SuperSwipes.

Do Bumble Memberships Automatically Reup?

All Bumble membership plans will re-up automatically when they come to the end of the billing cycle. You can turn the feature off, but it saves you the time to repurchase another plan and manually reenter your payment information.

Can I Pay for my Bumble Membership in Installments?

Unfortunately, the Bumble app doesn’t have monthly payment plans or installment payments to cover the cost of membership. All plans must be paid for in full at one time before you can begin using the perks and benefits of the subscription.

Can I Get a Discount on a Bumble Premium Membership?

Typically, Bumble doesn’t offer any sales or promotions on their subscriptions, but they feature a reduced monthly cost rate on the longer membership plans. New users will immediately benefit from committing to longer subscriptions to capture these lower prices.

How Long Does It Take to Sign Up as a Paying Member of Bumble?

Registering as a new member of Bumble only takes about five to ten minutes. If you take your time to develop your profile and upgrade your free plan to a premium subscription, it will take the better part of ten minutes to finish the registration process.