Elite Singles vs eharmony: Head-to-Head Comparison

eharmony and Elite Singles focus on developing compatible matches and meaningful relationships between the singles using their platforms. But which one is the best for such purposes? Discover the best way to find true love, romance, or a committed marriage partner! In this review, we’re going to compare Elite Singles vs eharmony.

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Each app has its strengths and weaknesses, but no one can deny that both are well-versed in fostering relationships of substance. That’s because both apps value good compatibility and connectedness in online relationships. Look no further than eharmony’s 32 Dimensions of Compatibility and Elite Singles’ Five Factor Model of Personality Traits, which are the heart and the soul of the matchmaking processes on these dating apps!

General Info Breakdown

Elite Singles and eharmony are both strong when it comes to matchmaking, where couples go on to become married or commit themselves to a long-term, serious relationship. What are some of the most important things to know about these sites before trying them out? Look no further than the key information chart below!

Key Information

Elite Singleseharmony

Year Founded



Best For

Meaningful relationships with professional singles

Meaningful relationships based around compatibility

Site URL



Active Members

2+ million (Active weekly)

16+ million (Active weekly)

Gender Ratio

44% men to 56% women

48% men to 52% women

Average Age

30-55 years

35-45 years

Free Trial



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Elite Singles Review

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Key Takeaways

  • Both dating apps aim to create solid and serious relationships between their customers.
  • eharmony and Elite Singles are geared toward singles in their 30s and 40s (for the most part).
  • The ratio of men to women is relatively even on both dating apps.
  • Millions of people use eharmony and Elite Singles, making for diverse dating pools and better opportunities for connection.
  • eharmony and Elite Singles can be accessed as an app or by visiting the site in-browser through mobile devices. They can be accessed by desktop PC as well.

Main Differences

What aspects of eharmony and Elite Singles set them apart from one another? Let’s find out so you can see which dating app is better suited for your needs as you pursue or meaningful relationship or true love with someone special.

Matchmaking Process

Both apps handle all the matchmaking, including wildcard suggestions. Neither has a dedicated search option for members to conduct their searches. Both use compatibility testing: eharmony has 32 Dimensions, and Elite Singles has the Five Factor Model. The most significant difference here is the effectiveness of the compatibility testing; eharmony wins by a long shot for its robust matching and overall success in bringing together quality couples.

Number of Active Users

eharmony boasts the most extensive user base of the two dating apps. There are 66 million registered accounts worldwide, and 16+ million are active each week. Elite Singles has 13+ million accounts, and 2+ million see regular activity every week. eharmony is the better-known dating app and enjoys more member involvement.

Gender Ratio

The breakdown of men to women is nearly the same at both dating apps, but eharmony has a slightly more even balance: 48% men to 52% women.

Membership Base

The most significant difference between the two dating apps is that Elite Singles focuses on meaningful relationships between professionals and the highly educated. On the other hand, eharmony caters to anyone regardless of occupation, lifestyle choices, professional training, or educational background.

Top Features Comparison

There are several features that eharmony and Elite Singles have in common. For example, neither dating app has a dedicated search feature where members can search proactively for their matches. eharmony and Elite Singles do all the matchmaking themselves. They also allow members to send unlimited messages back and forth to one another.

But several features are unique to each dating site:

Elite Singles’ Special Features

  • Five-Factor Model Testing – Even though it’s more obscure than eharmony’s testing, the Five Factor Model by McCrae and Costa takes a deep dive into each member’s personality traits to discover compatible connections between members on the platform. It’s decent enough; Elite Singles does introduce 2,000 couples each month on average, and the app is popular enough that 381,000 new members are added each month!
  • Breakdown of Test Results – Elite Singles doesn’t offer compatibility reports on daily matches, but they provide members with analyses of the Five Factor Model testing results. These reports describe that member’s ideal match along with the characteristics and personality traits that would be best suited to their wants or desires as well as their needs.
  • Have We Met? – This is Elite Singles’ answer to the wildcard matches. These come in the form of swipe-style profiles where members can send “likes” or “skip” them altogether. “Have We Met?” suggestions aren’t precisely aligned within the ideal compatibility range but could be promising if singles are open-minded about meeting someone who might not fit all their expectations.

eharmony’s Special Features

  • 32 Dimensions Testing – Sure, eharmony has compatibility and personality testing like Elite Singles, but the 32 Dimensions testing is much more in-depth and practical in finding proper matches for premium members. It’s been responsible for creating over 600,000 married couples in the last 20 years!
  • Reports on Daily Matches – Each daily match comes with a compatibility report which explains why that match will be a good fit. The 32 Dimensions testing is used to gauge connection on various levels, the characteristics that are the building blocks of happy and satisfying relationships.
  • Wildcard Matches – In addition to daily matching, eharmony provides its premium members with a batch of wildcard matches daily. These are called What If, the name suggesting possibilities for falling in love outside your ideal dating parameters and preferences. Wildcard matches don’t precisely line up with what you have in mind but offer the opportunity for something different.
  • RelyID – Premium members can have their profiles officially verified by eharmony using RelyID technology. When members provide a form of ID to the site, eHarmony will run this against the photos posted on your profile. They’ll verify your identity and assign a verification badge to anyone who views your eHarmony profile.

Elite Singles vs eharmony Cost Comparison

Elite Singles costs less than eharmony on average. It’s the more affordable option for finding serious, committed relationships, and it may appeal more to members looking for savings or spending the least amount of money they can. On the other hand, eharmony offers much more value considering its success rate and the effectiveness of the 32 Dimensions testing.

Elite Singles

Membership PlanCost Per MonthTotal Cost

3-Month Membership



6-Month Membership



12-Month Membership




Membership PlanCost Per MonthTotal Cost

6-Month Membership



12-Month Membership



24-Month Membership



Key Takeaways

  • eharmony and Elite Singles accept similar payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. Elite Singles take an additional payment option: Diners Club.
  • Both dating apps offer 6-month and 12-month memberships. Elite Singles offers a 3-month, and eharmony offers a 24-month.
  • Elite Singles is the more affordable of the two dating apps.

Which App Is Better for Meaningful Relationships for Professionals?

Elite Singles specializes in serious relationships between successful and highly educated singles. But there is no enforcement that all members correctly fall under the “elite” title. Still, due to Elite Singles’ lax enforcement of its branding, it can have a broader appeal than marketed while also championing online dating in the professional realm. Overall, eharmony has a wider appeal because they cater to many kinds of online singles.

Elite Singles Homepage Screenshot

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is just as good at developing serious, compatible relationships as eharmony. The only difference from eharmony is that it’s a lot smaller and technically caters to “elite” customers. Elite Singles is effective and successful enough that 381,000 are admitted as premium members of the app every month! Elite Singles even has thorough compatibility testing: the Five Factor Model theory of personality traits by McCrae and Costa.


Elite Singles has about 14 million fewer active members than eharmony. You’re dealing with a smaller dating pool. The disparity between male and female users is also wider here at Elite Singles. Most users are in their 30s or 40s and desire deep connections and relationships with other like-minded singles.

Membership and Price

You’re going to spend less money on your membership at Elite Singles vs eharmony. The monthly cost rate for membership is a lot lower, and this is because Elite Singles is a little thinner on features and has less intensive compatibility testing. Unlike eharmony, Elite Singles doesn’t offer payment plans on their membership costs.


We were happy to see that Elite Singles had a swipe-style dating feature: Have We Met? We also liked seeing the personality test breakdowns, unlimited messaging, and the read message receipts. Unfortunately, eharmony gets the edge again because of its video chat capabilities. Elite Singles has yet to add this to its platform.

Customer Service

Like eharmony, Elite Singles only features an FAQ page in its customer support and help center. The customer service experience at Elite Singles leaves a lot to be desired.

Which App Is Better for Meaningful Relationships for Anyone?

eharmony is one of the best dating apps on the market for finding connections and deep, meaningful relationships with other singles online. This results from fantastic personality and compatibility testing that eharmony has been using for the past 20+ years, the 32 Dimensions of Compatibility.

eharmony Homepage


But is eharmony the ultimate app for finding serious relationships? Only you can be the judge of this. Read our breakdown below for more information about the strengths and weaknesses of the eharmony app and how it compares with Elite Singles.


eharmony has more active users overall than Elite Singles: 16+ million to Elite Singles’ 2+ million. It’s been around longer (since 2000) and is seen as the elder statesman of the online dating app world. They’ve had much more time to perfect their craft compared to Elite Singles, which has only been around since 2013. The clientele for both eharmony and Elite Singles are generally in their 30s and 40s and are looking for serious relationships.

Membership and Price

eharmony is more expensive than Elite Singles. eharmony is a dating app with a lot of value due to its reputation as a juggernaut in the industry and its diligence in creating relationships of genuine substance. Because of this value, it will be more expensive, but the little bit more that you’d pay for each month is worth it for the outstanding modern features and first-rate testing you end up getting. eharmony also offers payment plans for membership, which is another great plus!


We’re going to give the edge on features to eharmony. While both eharmony and Elite Singles have their answer to swipe-style dating action, eharmony also carries the bonus of video chat! Elite Singles doesn’t feature this in its app. Aside from this difference, these apps have many of the same features.

Customer Service

There’s little to say about customer service at eharmony. The only thing customers can access at the help center is an FAQ page. It’s easily the worst part of using eharmony.

Which Dating App Is Our Favorite?

Our favorite dating app of the two is eharmony! They’ve been around longer, have a firmer grasp on their matchmaking system, and have more people using the app each week compared to Elite Singles. eharmony is also better because of its broader appeal, catering to anyone, not just the “elite.”

eharmony Logo

eharmony: Our Favorite Dating App

Our favorite dating app of the two is eharmony! They’ve been around longer, have a firmer grasp on their matchmaking system, and have more people using the app each week compared to Elite Singles. eharmony is also better because of its broader appeal, catering to anyone, not just the “elite.”

eharmony has the edge overall compared to Elite Singles. Their 32 Dimensions of Compatibility testing is superior to Elite Singles’ Five Factor Model testing, and you can see this with the success rate of each app. eharmony is much better known to the public, practically a household name when it comes to serious online dating. Elite Singles are far more obscure in the cultural lexicon.