Khloe Kardashian | Why She Keeps Going Back to Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

People who love the Kardashians are concerned that Khloe Kardashian has once again taken back her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, after they were both seen at the Kardashian’s longtime best friend’s (and her twin sister’s) 40th birthday party. 

Twins Malika and Khadijah Haqq McCray held a joint celebration birthday bash on March 10, 2023. First, Khloe arrived at the party dressed in a sparkly silver mini-dress. Soon after that, Thompson arrived. 

Thompson, 32, has publicly cheated on and humiliated Kardashian, 38, on many occasions. His infidelities led to a highly publicized breakup, only for her to repeatedly take him back after other affairs. 

Kardashian has two children with Thompson, whose births are tangentially tied to his cheating. He cheated on Kardashian after impregnating her with their first baby, True, 4. 

He had another child when a surrogate delivered his and Khloe’s second child, a boy born in July 2022.

For these reasons, their alleged reunion has led many fans to ask why she would go back to him since he’s repeatedly cheated on her. Is there any possible way for the couple to rebuild their relationship after he broke her trust over and over?

Relationship experts have dissected this relationship and have come up with a few reasons why Khloe seems so insistent on being with her baby daddy. The good news is their relationship isn’t as doomed as some may think, and they can rebuild a relationship based on trust.  

Whether or not you agree, when couples have children together, they hope for the best and try to give their partner the benefit of the doubt. 

Many people dream of being with the person who mothered or fathered their child because it represents the family dynamic they desire. 

So, even if Thompson broke Kardashian’s trust, it’s not weird that she has maintained a connection with him, despite his previous behavior. To her, he is someone she has a future with since, regardless of his actions, she has to co-parent with him. 

Sometimes people connect with someone because they view them as their soulmate, especially when children are involved. Even if they have character defects and make disappointing and hurtful choices for the family, they still feel a strong bond.

Even though Thompson has previously cheated on Kardashian several times, his bad behavior shouldn’t reflect on Khloe’s self-esteem, self-worth, or character.

Thompson’s choices have absolutely nothing to do with Khloe. If he decides to lie and cheat, deceive, or betray, it’s a reflection of his character and not hers.

People have made several disparaging comments about Thompson and his antics. The widespread fan consensus is that Khloe is making (another) huge mistake if she’s considering taking him back. 

But, what may be somewhat surprising to some is that Khloe receives the same backlash as Tristan, the admitted cheater. 

People have referred to her as an idiot, stupid, and lacking in self-esteem. But most relationship experts agree that people shouldn’t view her as the problem. 

Instead of ridiculing Kardashian for her choice, see that giving him another chance represents her ability for forgiveness. Forgiveness is also a sign of emotional intelligence. 

When we offer forgiveness, it allows people to be emotionally resilient. When people let go of betrayal and hurt, it enables them to continue living and thriving despite a bad situation. Someone who chooses to love after a betrayal should be seen as someone willing to persevere no matter what. 

Think about it: When you allow someone to dictate how you feel because of their actions, you’re giving them the power to control your emotions. So, not only have they committed the original betrayal, but they still influence whether or not you can let go and be happy.

Even though Thompson’s confessed infidelities appear like compulsive behavior, experts agree that change can happen daily—and it seems Kardashian concurs. 

Individuals can alter their thought patterns and behaviors as they do the necessary behavioral and psychological work and learn–and put into action–better choices. It’s not enough to theoretically know how to do it. You must do it!

Forgiving someone infinitely is possible. When done, it can still lead to a satisfying, fulfilling, and long-term loving and healthy relationship. So, despite their troubled past, persistence in a relationship should be respected and admired.

One of the many reasons Khloe could be choosing a relationship with Thompson is that she is being intentional in her behavior, which takes some self-awareness and self-thought.

Perhaps she’s choosing to be slow to anger but quick to forgive. Maybe she’s practicing giving him the benefit of the doubt and believing and hoping for the best in their situation. 

There is no intrinsic shame in her choice to keep a relationship with Thompson. People should stop judging, regardless of how their relationship unfolds, because sometimes people need more chances to get to where things need to be in their relationship. 

Why are people so interested in the love lives of others? We’ve all made past relationship decisions that we would be embarrassed to admit. 

Whether or not she feels publicly shamed has nothing to do with how she chooses to move forward. But, unfortunately, plenty of people are waiting with bated breath to see what happens next when we should be more concerned with our own relationships.

Reasons Why You’re Afraid of Ending Your Relationship

You’ve been contemplating it for weeks. You’ve talked to your family about it and asked friends for advice. You’re finally ready to pull the plug on your relationship. You want to end it because you no longer wish to be with your partner. 

For several months, your relationship has brought more suffering than happiness. Or maybe the love is gone. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided the next logical step is to end it and move on.

You’ve made the decision, so why can’t you find the courage to announce to your partner that it’s time to break up? It’s all you think about, yet, you keep putting off the inevitable.

If this sounds like your situation, here are a few reasons why you might be afraid to end your relationship and some actions you can take to resolve the issue. 

You’re Afraid of Your Partner

Sometimes a person can find the courage to break up with their partner because they are literally afraid to do so. They don’t want to move on because they’re fearful of their partner.

You may think that happens in relationships where one person has an anger problem and has exhibited violent actions. The surprising thing is that we may subconsciously be afraid of our partner, even if they’re the type of person who wouldn’t harm a fly. 

In some parts of our minds, there could be some lingering terror. There may be a burst of violence, and we’re unsure if we’re prepared to deal with that. We could be scared of our partners when we tell them it’s over because they may have a sudden burst of toxic anger. They could scream at us or accuse us of cheating on them. The fear comes from the uncertainty of how they’ll behave. 

What to Do

Most of our fears exist and may be realized in one place only: our head.

If your partner has never demonstrated any violent behavior toward you, you have no reason to believe they would freak out on you after you break up with them. We’re adults, and most of us have figured out how to control our behavior when dealing with bad news. 

However, if you’re still afraid they may go rogue, or if they have shown violent behavior toward you or someone else before, break up with them in a public place or at home with someone by your side, like family or friends.

You Don’t Want to Hurt Your Partner

When you’re ready to move on from someone you know still has feelings for you, chances are your actions will hurt them, so you wind up putting it off.

Some people can’t bear the thought of hurting someone who has stood by their side and helped them through multiple situations. You might be one of these people, so breaking up with them is more challenging for you. They’ve been there for you and shared your good and bad times, but you no longer have feelings, so you want to move on.

You may be filled with guilty feelings, thinking, “They’ve been there and done so much for me, so breaking up with them will make me an ungrateful and mean person.”

What You Should Do

Nobody wants to be the “bad guy” and hurt their partner’s feelings–unless they have a heart of stone. But not every relationship is built to last forever. 

Remember that even though this is difficult, it’s the best thing for you and your partner in the long run. You prefer the chance to end it on good terms so that a future friendship is possible. Remind yourself that it’s better to go your separate ways than to remain in a bad relationship because you both may end up bitter and eventually resent each other, and that’s the last thing you want. Let them know that staying in the relationship would hurt them much more later.

Yes, it’s painful now, but short-term pain is much more tolerable than a long-term one. Your partner will likely be sad, angry, or depressed for some time, but eventually, they’ll get over it and move on.  

You’re Scared You Won’t Find Someone Better

Sometimes people stick with a mediocre or boring relationship because it’s all they have, and they feel they can’t do better. 

After a long search, you finally found someone who understood you and wanted to share a lot with you. You had similar interests and shared the same sense of humor. Unfortunately, those things weren’t enough to keep the relationship afloat.

The happier times have ended, and you’re ready to move on. But then, you hear all the dating horror stories from your friends, and when you look around, you don’t see any better options. You assume you won’t find love again, so you determine it’s better to remain in your relationship after all.

What to Do

Realize that the fear of not finding someone better than your current parent is all in your head. Chances are, like most, at one point, someone has dumped you, and you still had feelings for them. 

Your initial thought was probably something like, “I’ll never find someone as good as they treated me.”  With a bad breakup, that person may have even told you you won’t find better.

However, after some time, didn’t you find someone ten times better than your last relationship? 

There are billions of people worldwide, so the odds are in your favor. Plus, online dating apps make it so much easier for you. If you’re looking to date someone in business, they have an online dating app for professionals. If you’re looking for something more chill this time, there are online dating apps for casual dating. There’s no reason you can’t meet someone just as good, if not better, than your previous relationship. 

You Don’t Want to Be Alone

Some people will take a bad, loveless relationship over being alone. Being afraid to go solo is something that people rarely admit, yet it is the primary reason most don’t break up with their partner.

Thinking about sitting alone in your room at night with only your thoughts can be scary. Now, think about that happening every day. You don’t want to come home from work to an empty house, go into your empty room, and lie in your bed alone. 

Moving on from a serious relationship alters many things in your life. You used to think, feel and live for the two of you, but now, it’s just you. It makes sense that loneliness is scary.

What to Do

Consider that although a relationship is great, being single is good, too, because it comes with many advantages. 

For example, stop sitting at home, thinking about how lonely you are. Take advantage of all your free time and do the things you couldn’t do when you were in a relationship. You can take courses, join clubs, or head back to the gym. Go out with your friends and catch up on all those movies you’ve wanted to see. You’re single now, so you might as well enjoy it.  

Final Thoughts

Who you decide to date is no business. A relationship is between the people involved, so if you keep it that way, you’ll have a happier connection. People in the spotlight don’t have the luxury of keeping their relationships private. So, to eliminate judgment from others, stop advertising your business. 

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