4 Free Dating Sites for Polyamorous Men and Women in 2023

Polyamorous Dating

Polyamorous dating sites have become more popular in recent years as studies point to the fact that roughly 4-5% of Americans have engaged in polyamorous relationships at one point or another. Polyamory is defined as the practice of engaging in more than one romantic relationship at a time. It is a perfectly legal practice so long as it is done consensually, a practice that has become so common that there are free polyamorous dating sites out there to help polyamorous individuals and couples connect.

If you and your partner are seeking out someone special to share your love with or you are someone who is seeking out such a couple, we encourage you to check out our favorite free poly dating sites! While these are not polyamory-specific dating sites, these are big names in the online dating world that offer free polyamory dating as one of their many options!

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The Best Free Poly Dating Sites in 2023

Are you looking for free polyamory dating in 2023? Check out our favorite polyamorous dating sites in the table below! These are well-known, trusted brands that are perfect for people who are looking for polyamory dates or throuple dates!
Rank Christian Dating App Free Trial
#1 eHarmony LogoeHarmony Start Free Trial Today!
#2 Elite Singles LogoElite Singles Start Free Trial Today!
#3 Zoosk LogoZoosk Start Free Trial Today!
#4 Match.com LogoMatch.com Start Free Trial Today!
Create an account in less than five minutes at a free polyamorous dating site today! Use any of the links in the table above to begin your free trial right away!

What are Polyamorous Relationships?

Polyamory is the practice of being in a romantic relationship with more than one partner. In polyamory, there is informed consent from all partners involved.

Polyamory is a nuanced subject, and it can be easy to make a lot of assumptions about what it is or conflate it with things that are in a completely separate category. For more clarity on what polyamory is not, check out this list below:

What Polyamory is Not

It Is Not Polygamy

Many people who are unfamiliar with the idea of polyamory often conflate it with polygamy. To be clear, polyamory is the legal practice of having more than one romantic partner at one time, while polygamy is the (mostly) illegal practice of having more than one spouse. In the US, the only place where polygamy is legal is in the state of Utah.

It Is Not Cheating or Infidelity

One of the hallmarks of polyamorous relationships is the informed consent of all parties involved. There are many different ways that relationships are structured. There are vee relationships where there is one polyamorous person in a relationship with two other people, but those two partners have no relationship with one another. There are also polyamory setups where all parties involved are in a relationship with one another. The place where infidelity could possibly come in is the breaking of a commitment or expectation that was established between two members in the polyamorous relationship.

It Is Not Rooted Solely in Sex

The goal of throuple dates or polyamory dates is not always to wind up in bed with the other person or persons. While many polyamorous relationships involve sex, there are many where sex is not a part of the relationship at all, but is instead based on an emotional connection or deep commitment.

It Is Not “Swinging”

As mentioned above, polyamorous relationships do not always involve having sex. There are many of these relationships where two members might have a deeply emotional connection or a highly-committed, nonsexual relationship. On the other hand, swinging is more about having recreational sex. While there are polyamorous people who do engage in swinging, the two practices are not one and the same.

What Is Offered at These Free Polyamorous Dating Sites?

Our free polyamory dating apps are all unique from one another, offering customers a brand of experience that will differ from site to site. Some free polyamory dating apps are based more in compatibility and deep connection while others are geared toward more casual daters. For the best in polyamorous dating sites 2023, check out our top-rated recommendation breakdown below:

#1: eHarmony

eHarmony is a world-renowned online dating site that touts being the go-to app for singles who are looking for long-term, meaningful relationships. And a successful company that is this big does that discriminate! 

If you are looking for polyamorous relationships or love, you bet you will be able to find that too! As a whole, eHarmony caters to a wide range of dating or relationship preferences as compatibility is their ultimate mission

  • Number of Users: 29 million +
  • Gender Ratio: 53% men and 47% women
  • Best For: Finding love and quality, compatible connections
  • Pricing: Begins at $35.90 per month
  • Poly Dating Offered: Yes

#2: Elite Singles

Elite Singles is an online dating app that is geared toward educated professionals looking for relationships with other like-minded people, and that includes polyamorous love and relationships as well!

If you feel that you are not a professional, you might have better success at a site like eHarmony or Zoosk, but Elite Singles is one of the better.

  • Number of Users: 5 million +
  • Gender Ratio: 50% men and 50% women
  • Best For: Finding love and deep relationships with other professionals
  • Pricing: Begins at $19.95 per month
  • Poly Dating Offered: Yes

#3: Zoosk

Of the four free poly dating sites featured in our 2023 review, Zoosk is the one that focuses most heavily on getting dates, flirting, and developing more casual relationships. Zoosk offers free polyamory dates as well as affordable, paid subscription services. 

One of the best advantages to this free poly dating site is that they have the resources of a large company like eHarmony but have far fewer members, making searches for suitable matches less overwhelming.

  • Number of Users: 3 million +
  • Gender Ratio: 47% men and 53% women
  • Best For: Flirting, finding love and getting dates
  • Pricing: Begins at $7.50 per month
  • Poly Dating Offered: Yes

#4: Match

Much like eHarmony, Match is a dating app whose primary focus is on compatible relationships. Their wide user base includes those who are desiring throuple dates and polyamory connections!

With a name like Match, there is a good chance that you will be successfully matched with someone who shares the same interests as you in polyamorous relationships.

  • Number of Users: 500,000
  • Gender Ratio: 40% men and 60% women
  • Best For: Finding quality, compatible connections
  • Pricing: Begins at $21.84 per month
  • Poly Dating Offered: Yes

Free Poly Dating Sites FAQs

Although they are not dating apps that focus exclusively on poly relationships, we highly recommend using eHarmony, Elite Singles, Match, or Zoosk in 2023. These are some of the biggest names in the online dating industry, so it is no surprise that many turn to these sites to pursue free polyamory dating! One of the biggest reasons for the success of these top-rated dating sites is their ability to cater to multiple markets including those interested in throuple dates or polyamorous dates.
Yes, polyamorous dating sites are legal in the US, as well as the practice of polyamory. There are no laws on the books deeming it illegal. Polyamory is the practice of having multiple romantic partners with the consent of all parties involved. Just think about it. There aren’t even any laws in the US where people are arrested for cheating on their partner, let alone having multiple consensual partners.
Polyamory is the practice of having multiple romantic partners, but it is done with the consent of everyone involved. It is sometimes referred to as an “open relationship.” Polyamory is legal in the US. Polygamy, on the other hand, is the practice of having more than one husband or wife. Polygamy is illegal in most places in the US, the most significant exception being the state of Utah.
Using free polyamorous dating sites is not technically cheating on your partner if there is consent from all parties involved in the poly relationship. Polyamory relationships, by definition, are “open relationships” where everything is done in a consensual manner. It would technically be cheating if you used a free poly dating site without letting your partner know. Still, there is a big difference between infidelity and properly using free polyamory dating apps where everything is done in complete honesty and transparency.
According to studies, an estimated 4-5% of the American population has engaged in polyamorous relationships at one point or another. Relatively, this is still a minority of the population, but there is no doubting that polyamorous dating sites have gained more attention over the past few years as these lifestyles have become more commonplace amongst the public.
Unicorn dating involves a straight couple looking for a bisexual woman to become a threesome. Unicorn dating is not the same as polyamorous or throuple dating. Unicorn dating focuses on a one-off sexual experience while polyamorous dating is focused on building a quality connection with multiple partners.
If a threesome is the type of relationship where all three people are having a sexual relationship with one another, vee relationships are like the inverse. With vee relationships, there is one polyamorous person who is dating two people at one time. The other two people are not in a relationship with each other but share that one polyamorous person. The name derives from the visual of the poly individual acting like a hinge between the other two people.

Yes, there are plenty of free poly dating sites that cater only to people in polyamorous relationships. Some of these include Open Minded, BeyondTwo, Polyamorous Passions, and Polyamory Date. One of the great things about our favorite dating apps for 2022 is that they offer polyamorous dating for free. If you are interested in joining one of these sites, sign up for a new account today:

  • eHarmony
  • Elite Singles
  • Zoosk
  • Match
The free poly dating sites that we recommend in this review are well-known brands, ones that are trusted and reputable in the online dating market. We encourage our readers to use these dating apps to enjoy a free polyamory dating experience because these are sites that make their users’ safety and security a priority! We do ask, though, that users stay on high alert for potential fake profiles or scammers. All dating sites have them. It is up to the user to be responsible for their safety when it comes to the people they meet on the site.
Polyandry is just like polygamy, but this is the case where it is a woman who has more than one husband. This practice is currently illegal in the US.

Final Thoughts

If you are a polyamorous person looking for polyamorous love or relationships online, you do not have to be restricted to a polyamory-specific dating site or app! Each of the online dating sites featured in this review offers free polyamory dating for your convenience! Create a new account or get a free trial today in less than five minutes:
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