OkCupid Free Trial (Updated for 2024)

If you’re interested in using OkCupid but are unsure it’s the best dating app for your needs and goals, the platform offers new users a free membership plan to test things out. The biggest draw of this free trial membership is that free users can send and receive messages without paying for a subscription.

But just because you can use the free membership and enjoy complimentary messaging with your mutual matches, you’ll be missing out on a host of premium benefits. Our review of the OkCupid free trial will outline the highlights of the free membership but also draw attention to the paid subscription and its perks. We’ve outlined everything so you can decide what’s best for you as you learn about OkCupid.

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Overview of the OkCupid Free Trial​ Offer

The OkCupid dating app has a free trial membership for new users, allowing them to test out the service. All new members begin as free users, but it’s not the traditional free trial you might consider. This is a freemium “free trial” where you can enjoy a few complimentary features but are barred from using the higher-end features.

However, what sets the OkCupid free trial experience apart from the rest of the field is that free members can send and receive messages from their matches. You don’t have to pay for a membership plan to communicate with potential love interests; you can do it for free! Even though you’re limited to other features like better search filters, you can connect with your matches without paying.

So, the free trial at OkCupid is an excellent way to test the dating app and experience a portion of what it offers its premium members. You’re given enough of a taste in the hopes that you’ll sign up for an official membership plan.

Free Features

Let’s take a closer look at the free features that non-paying members can enjoy while using the app for free. For the most part, it’s a lot like the other free trial plans you see with online dating apps, but there’s a significant advantage with this one that makes the free membership a viable alternative for paying for the service.

  • Register an OkCupid Account: New members don’t have to pay fees to join and register an account with OkCupid.
  • Create a Free Profile: Along with a free registration, new OkCupid members can also create a complimentary profile, getting all their information, photos, and other key details onto the platform without paying any money.
  • Use Basic Search Filters: Non-paying members can search for matches using gender, age, location, and relationship type. You must become a premium member to enjoy higher-end search terms, but OkCupid lets you search on your own using these limited filters.
  • Browse Profiles: Free members can view photos and bio information on other members’ profiles they find after entering search terms.
  • Send and Receive Messages: The strongest aspect of the free membership is members can send and receive messages with their mutual matches. Free members have a lot of freedom to communicate with other singles on the app, so it’s a great substitution for a paid plan, though there are some significant drawbacks, too.
  • Send “Likes”: OkCupid free members can send “likes” to members they want to get to know better. Non-paying users are capped on how many “likes” they can send daily, while premium members can send unlimited “likes” to any members.
  • Get Daily Match Suggestions: OkCupid uses the results of the fifteen-question personality test from your initial sign-up to provide you with some daily match suggestions. You can get these on top of the searches you can perform using the limited search terms.

There are many excellent free features here at OkCupid, and this one is a lot better than competing dating apps, primarily due to the complimentary messages with your mutual matches. While free members are missing out on many other great features, the OkCupid free membership plan is a solid one where new users can test the app and make connections without having to pay. Not too shabby!

Free Features vs. Premium Features

To better understand how you can upgrade your experience using the OkCupid dating app, we’ve included a list of premium membership features alongside the perks for free trial members. Once you see how many extra features you gain as a premium user, regardless of the free messaging, you may want to consider becoming a paid member of OkCupid.

Free Features

  • Register an OkCupid Account
  • Create a Free Profile
  • Use Basic Search Filters
  • Browse Profiles
  • Send and Receive Messages
  • Send “Likes”
  • Get Daily Match Suggestions

Paid Features

  • Priority Messages: Paying members can send messages to their matches and have those messages appear at the top of their recipients’ inboxes. This gives paid members a leg up over the free users.
  • See Who Likes Your Profile: Discover which members like and view your profile so you can know with certainty which singles are good leads to pursue.
  • Unlimited Likes: Send as many “likes” as possible to OkCupid members as you swipe through profiles.
  • Three SuperLikes Per Day: Paying members get three “SuperLikes” per day they can send to the members whom they’re most interested in talking to and meeting.
  • Read Notification Receipts: Know when the recipients of your messages have received and read them.
  • Advanced Search Filters: Search using terms beyond location, age range, gender, and relationship type.
  • Daily Auto Boost: Have your OkCupid profile boosted each day for a limited time for increased attention from other members.

A few of the best core features of the premium membership are having your messages appear at the top of the inbox, using better search terms, and seeing who has liked and viewed your profile. These fantastic, complimentary features take your OkCupid experience to the next level.

If you want a more complete look at OkCupid and everything that it offers, be sure to check out our OkCupid review.

OkCupid Free Trial FAQ

Learn more about the OkCupid free trial plan by checking out what our customers and readers have been asking about the free features and free membership.

How Long Does It Take to Sign Up for Free at OkCupid?

Completing the OkCupid registration process should take around five to ten minutes. You have to complete a personality test, but it’s only fifteen questions, and they take little time to answer.

How Does the OkCupid Free Membership Work?

The free trial at OkCupid is a freemium membership plan where non-paying users can use several features for free but are restricted from using the better perks like priority messaging, seeing who liked or viewed them, or knowing when messages have been received and read.

Which Features Can I Use for Free at OkCupid?

OkCupid’s free members can register a new account, create a profile, upload photos, search for members on the app, send “likes,” and message their mutual connections. The free membership is a good alternative to a paid plan because messaging comes at no cost.

How Much Do the OkCupid Premium Plans Cost?

OkCupid has three membership options: new users can join for one month for $39.99, three months for $79.98, or six months for $119.94. You can also see a full breakdown on our OkCupid cost page.

Which Features Don’t Come with Free Membership?

OkCupid’s free trial users cannot see when other members like or view their profile. They cannot get read notification receipts on their messages or have their messages appear at the top of their recipients’ inboxes. Free members cannot search for matches beyond using an age range, gender, and location. An upgrade to premium allows paying members access to advanced search filters.

Is the OkCupid App Free to Download?

The OkCupid dating app is available at Google Play and the App Store. It’s free to download and lets new members make in-app purchases if they want to upgrade from free to premium.