Christian Mingle Free Trial 2024

Does Christian Mingle have a free trial? 

Christian Mingle has a “free trial,” but it is not one where you can use all the features and functions of a paid membership. We say free trial in quotes because what Christian Mingle offers is a limited set of features to use the app in a restricted capacity. You must be a paying member to enjoy everything Christian Mingle has to offer. The trial is only like a test drive.

One thing is for sure: it never hurts to go with a Christian Mingle free trial in the beginning. It’s free, after all! 

The Christian Mingle free trial allows you a chance to test out the app and see how it functions as a whole. You will also be able to view Christian Mingle’s LookBook, the app’s catalog of singles who are currently using the app’s services! It’s the perfect solution for anyone interested in joining Christian Mingle who wants to learn more about it or get a feel for what the app offers.

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Overview of the Christian Mingle Free Trial​ Offer

The “free trial” found at Christian Mingle is not a free trial in the traditional sense. A free trial is supposed to allow the user to enjoy all services free of charge for a limited amount of time. What Christian Mingle offers is the opposite. It will enable you to use the app in a limited capacity for free, with only certain features available. And it can be used indefinitely!

Christian Mingle “Free Trial” Features​

You can use these features at Christian Mingle without paying for an app membership. One of the biggest drawbacks to the free trial is no unlimited messaging. 

  • Register for a Christian Mingle account
  • Create and develop your personal profile
  • Post up to 6 photos
  • Access to LookBook
  • Browse profiles
  • Send “smiles”
  • Get limited daily matches
  • Read and reply to premium member messages

Features Description​

We’ll now dive into the features of the Christian Mingle free trial in depth and outline what you can do on the app if you have not paid for a membership. 

Register an Account

It’s completely free to download the Christian Mingle app and register an account. This includes the entire signup process, inputting your personal information, and going through the personality and compatibility testing. It’s all on the house. You can get your foot in the door at Christian Mingle and not pay a dime!

Create Your Personal Profile

A lot of your Christian Mingle profile gets assembled as you go through the signup process. Along the way, you’re uploading photos of yourself, outlining your interests, and including information like your religious or political stance and level of education. Even after signup is complete, you can go back and tweak and refine your profile to your liking. 

Post up to 6 Photos

The free trial allows you to post a handful of photos to your profile so other singles can match a face with a name! Profile photos are also a great way of driving interest your way! You’ll be limited to posting up to 6 photos on your Christian Mingle profile before paying.

Access to LookBook

Aside from navigating the app and seeing how everything works, having access to the LookBook might be one of the biggest perks of the Christian Mingle free trial. This feature lets you view a catalog of singles using Christian Mingle. It’s a great way to determine if the Christian dating app is right for you!

Browse Profiles

The free trial at Christian Mingle will let you browse other members’ and “free” users’ profiles but in a limited capacity. While you can read all the written profile information, you will be limited in the number of photos you can view.

Send “Smiles”

“Smiles” are Christian Mingles’ answer to Super Likes. When you send “smiles” to another user or member, this shows a high interest in them or their profile. As a Christian Mingle free trial member, you can send “smiles” to other users or members, and there are no caps on how many!

Get Limited Daily Matches

Christian Mingle will also set up free trial members with some limited matches daily, but not as many as paying members. The app will generate these daily matches based on what they know about you from your personal preferences and your criteria for your ideal partner. 

Read and Reply to Premium Members

Premium members can send messages to free trial users. And free trial users have the ability to read these messages and reply back. Those who are using Christian Mingle “for free” cannot initiate these conversations, but they do have the ability to react. These are one of the few loopholes to messaging on Christian Mingle using a free trial, but you are banking on paying members to reach out to you in the first place!

Free Features and Paid Features​

For a better idea of what’s offered with Christian Mingles’ free trials and what comes with paid memberships, we have included a side-by-side comparison for your convenience!

Basic Features Icon

Free Trial

  • Register an account
  • Create and develop a profile
  • Post up to 6 photos
  • Access the LookBook
  • Send “smiles”
  • Get daily matches from the app
  • Read and reply to premium members’ messages
Premium Features Icon

Paid Membership

  • All free features
  • Access all photos on a profile
  • See who has viewed or liked your profile
  • Post unlimited photos
  • Browse anonymously
  • Read receipt notifications
  • Messaging+ provides unlimited messages with any members or users

Our official recommendation is to get a premium membership plan at Christian Mingle. That way, you can use the app for everything it was intended for!

How to Create a Christian Mingle Free Trial Account​

It takes no time at all to begin a free trial of the Christian Mingle app — five to ten minutes tops! During this time, you’re not only establishing your free trial account but assembling the first draft of your personal Christian Mingle profile. 

Because Christian Mingle is a dating app that is easy to navigate and has an intuitive design, the signup process is simple to walk through. For your convenience, we’ve included a step-by-step breakdown of the entire signup process! This also serves as the process to establishing your Christian Mingle account if you are interested in getting a paid membership.

Step #1: Go to Christian Mingles’ Home Page

Begin the process by heading over to or by clicking on the image. Click the green “register today” button to get the ball rolling!

Christian Mingle Homepage Screenshot-1

Step #2: Sign In with Email or Social Media (Initial Information)

Christian Mingle Sign Up Process Screenshot 2

The next step is signing into Christian Mingle. You can sign in using Facebook or Apple accounts, which will auto-fill a lot of the information needed to get you started. Or you can sign in using your email and create a unique password. 

If you sign in using email, click on the “next” button to move on to the next step of the process.

You will need to provide your first and last name as well as your gender and date of birth. Be sure to enter your ZIP code as well. Christian Mingle will use this to help you find singles close to your location. 

Read the T&Cs and Privacy Policy and agree to them. Confirm you’re not a robot, and hit the “next” button to continue!

Step #3: Upload Some Photos

Elite Singles Icebreakers Screenshot

To get to the next step of the signup process, you must upload at least one photo of yourself. If you are only coming on to Christian Mingle as a free trial member, you will only be able to upload 6 images. As a member, there are no limits! 

The guidelines for photos appear below the empty photo slots. Be sure you’re not posting anything crude or offensive, and make sure they are the correct size. Hit the “next” button to proceed to the next step.

Step #4: Fill Out More Information

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This next step involves providing more in-depth information about yourself that will appear in your online profile. Once it’s filled out, click the blue “next” button.

Next comes a place where you can write a summary of yourself to further flesh out your Christian Mingle profile. You can come up with a creative tagline or description that gives other singles an idea of your personality and character or your interests and passions. There is even a link to some tips for writing this part of your profile.

In any case, this is where you can use creativity to teach other singles about who you are. You can be as elaborate or concise as you want, but this part will ultimately help you gain more interest from other singles. We highly recommend not skipping this step.

Once you’re finished, click the “next” button. 

Step #5: Interests and Passions

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Like the last step, this one can be skipped, but we highly advise against it. Adding your interests and passions to your profile will catch the attention of other singles looking for members who enjoy the same things they do!

In this step, select all that apply to you. You can always add more or change them once your profile is complete. When you’re finished, hit “next.”

Step #6: Who Are You Looking For?

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This is the next question posed to you in the signup process. You’ll describe your ideal match so Christian Mingle can begin recommending daily matches for you! 

Begin by selecting the gender of your perfect match and the desired age range. Adjust your distance settings and how far you are willing to look for your ideal partner. There’s a tab for your preferred religious denomination, another for the type of relationship you would like to pursue, and an entire list of advanced preferences that allow you to tweak your search results! 

Click on the “next” button once you’re finished and are ready to move on.

Step #7: Choose a Subscription

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Before moving on to your free trial membership, you’ll be offered the option to purchase an official Christian Mingle membership! You can skip this step and add it later if you so choose. But we highly recommend buying a membership so you can use all the app’s features. 

If you want the membership, click “get all features.” If you’re going to do the free trial account, you will be redirected to your free profile in the step.

The next page will list the three membership plans and all the paid features you can enjoy as a member. Pick the membership plan that works best for you, and you will be taken to check out. 

If you want to continue as a “free” member, click on the link at the bottom that says, “bring me back.”

Step #8: Cash Out

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If you choose to go with a paid membership, you will be taken to the next page, where you input your credit card information for purchasing. Enter the card number, expiration date, security code, ZIP code, and the country where the card is based. 

Included are the T&Cs on the purchase and cancellation rights. Agree to them and click on “complete purchase” at the bottom of the screen.


Although the Christian Mingle free trial comes with a limited set of features, it always helps to create one while deciding if this is the best dating app for you. You can view singles using the LookBook and see how the app operates, all without having to pay anything!