CatholicMatch Free Trial (2024)

We’ve reviewed CatholicMatch in its entirety, but we wanted to focus some time on the free membership plan. While the CatholicMatch free trial is not the equivalent of a premium subscription and all the perks and benefits that come with that, it’s a terrific place to begin if you’re new to the platform. The free membership lets you become familiar with how the app works and allows you to enjoy a portion of the paid features, like searching for profiles and some basic interaction with potential matches.

Our review team has already been through the sign-up process and tested the CatholicMatch free trial for a few days; this is one of the better ones out there. A lot of this has to do with the CatholicMatch Photo Wall, a beautiful page full of some fantastic profile suggestions. It gives the app a modern look, which isn’t always true for niche Christian dating apps.

If you do want to read our complete assessment of the platform, be sure to read our CatcholicMatch review.

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Overview of the CatholicMatch Free Trial​ Offer

The CatholicMatch free trial membership allows new, non-paying customers to join, create a profile, and search for singles on the platform without paying for an official membership plan. It’s all based around the “freemium” free trial setup where newcomers can set down roots on the CatholicMatch app but enjoy only a few basic features. They must upgrade to a premium plan to unlock the platform’s more useful features.

CatholicMatch falls right in line with a lot of the other free trials we’ve found over the years at other niche Christian dating apps and mainstream platforms. The biggest communication features here are limited responses to paying members’ messages and sending generic icebreaker questions to your matches in hopes of a response.

CatholicMatch’ Free Trial Features

We enjoyed our time testing the CatholicMatch free trial plan. It has its limits, like any other dating app with free membership, but we got an excellent sense of how it worked and which singles were on the platform. The CatholicMatch Photo Wall stood out from this free trial, but more on that in a bit.

  • Register a CatholicMatch Account: You don’t have to pay fees to create a new CatholicMatch account. You can go through the entire sign-up process free of charge.
  • Take the Faith Test: New members can take the Faith Test for free, where they answer questions about subjects like mass attendance, your position of Church teachings, or your preferred liturgical style.
  • Create a Profile: You don’t have to become a premium member to establish your CatholicMatch profile. Include bio information like interests and self-written “About Me” sections, and upload photos, all for free.
  • Set or Adjust Search Settings: Search for potential matches using the app’s search filters that break down profiles by location, gender, age, and a host of other factors.
  • View the CM Photo Wall: Besides seeking profiles that align with your dating criteria and preferences, you can view many other profiles on the Photo Wall. They might not be compatible matches, but it gives you an idea of the variety of members you can meet on the app.
  • View Profiles: You can look at your matches’ profiles, including their basic bio points, the self-written sections, the “Interest” tags, and any posted photos.
  • Send Icebreaker Questions: Free members can send basic icebreaker questions to their matches and see how they respond. To say that it’s getting a conversation going is being generous. Still, it’s a simple way to learn a little more about your matches, even if it’s a minimal form of communication.
  • Upload as many as 50 Photos: One of our personal favorites from the free feature list, free members can upload as many as fifty photos to their free profile. Talk about free advertisement!
  • Respond to Messages from Paying Members: The only other way for free trial members to communicate with other members occurs when paying members send messages to free members. Free users can read and respond to these messages, but you can enjoy only so many back-and-forths before upgrading.

New members using the CatholicMatch free trial membership might not enjoy communicating with their matches or getting in on chatroom discussions, but they can sample a bit of CatholicMatch’s feature fare to see if the app is a good fit for their dating goals or objectives.

Free Features vs Paid Features

Now that we’ve highlighted the features of the CatholicMatch free trial let’s talk about the premium features for a good comparison. You’ll see why you’re better off becoming a paid member of the app; the paid plan has many great features that help you connect with potential partners who share your Catholic faith.

Free Trial Features

  • Register a CatholicMatch Account
  • Take the Faith Test
  • Create a Profile
  • Set or Adjust Search Settings
  • View the CM Photo Wall
  • View Profiles
  • Send Icebreaker Questions
  • Upload as many as 50 Photos
  • Respond to Messages from Paying Members

Paid Membership Features

If you want a more detailed breakdown of what you get for the price of a paid subscription, be sure to check out our CatholicMatch cost page.

  • Unlimited Communications: Paying members can send as many messages as they want to any mutual matches they establish on the app. As long as two members like one another’s profiles, this unlocks messaging, and those two members can enjoy no-limits communications.
  • Access Community Chatrooms or Forums: Aside from private messages between members, there are chatrooms and forums on CatholicMatch that let multiple members speak to one another in a communal setting. Topics can range from matters of faith to how Catholic beliefs and values play into a romantic relationship.
  • See Who Viewed or Liked Your Profile: Find out which CatholicMatch members liked your profile or took the time to visit it. Knowing who likes you or is interested enough to go to your profile page makes it easy to know which singles are worth the time and energy to connect with.
  • Send Personalized Icebreaker Questions: As a free member, you can send your matches generic icebreaker questions to see how they respond. But premium members can customize their own icebreakers to make an excellent first impression and present more engaging questions instead of the generic “What’s your favorite color?”
  • Customer Support: Email the CatholicMatch customer service center or call the toll-free number. Someone is on stand-by 24/7 to address your problems or concerns. And there’s an FAQ page for working through issues on your own.

How to Become a CatholicMatch Member​

Estimated Sign-Up Time: 15-20 minutes

We signed up for the CatholicMatch free trial, and this one is different than other dating app sign-ups. This site lets you use search filters to find matches, but the sign-up process still makes you go through a questionnaire anyway. But it doesn’t inform the matching process. Instead, it gives the app an idea of where you’re at in your Catholic faith.

When you boil everything down, the registration process at CatholicMatch comes in somewhere between fifteen and twenty minutes in total. This applies to free or premium members, and it’s not too bad compared to other dating apps and their onboarding processes.

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