CatholicMatch Subscription Cost for 2024

You are single. You are Catholic. You are looking for a serious relationship with someone who shares your faith. You’ve made a good choice so far by choosing CatholicMatch, the niche dating app designed for Catholic users!

But before you begin finding Catholic singles on this dating app, there might be some questions that come to mind:

  • “How much does CatholicMatch cost?”
  • “How much is CatholicMatch per month?”
  • “Is CatholicMatch free?”
  • “Is CatholicMatch worth it?”

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to find out the CatholicMatch cost of membership in 2023, that is for certain! We are also going to touch on the various CatholicMatch subscription plans that are currently available this year, as well as the respective price points. We will also point you in the direction of any free trial offers that are available on the CatholicMatch app that we feel are worth your time!

If you’re looking for a more detailed look at all that this dating service has to offer, check out our full CatholicMatch review.

CatholicMatch Membership Plans

You have three excellent options for becoming a member of the CatholicMatch app. Each membership plan has the same features, and the only difference between these subscriptions is going to be the length of time the customer can enjoy the services.

Something to keep in mind with these prices is that customers are required to pay for the whole membership plan all at once in one lump sum. Even though we have broken down pricing by a monthly cost rate, there is no paying month-to-month at CatholicMatch.

How Much is CatholicMatch?

Total Cost: $29.99
1 Month
$2999 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $89.94
6 Month
$1499 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $119.88
12 Month
$999 Monthly Select Plan

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CatholicMatch knows that it may take a long time to meet the right Catholic singles who share the same beliefs, ideas, and worldview as you! The process has been known to take longer than just 30 days, that is for sure!

This is why CatholicMatch reduces the monthly cost rate for membership as you increase the time on your subscription. They want to be sure you are getting some savings along the way going with a longer membership plan! You can always go with the 1-month plan if you do not want to commit to the 6 or 12 months, but it is going to cost more money to continually renew a 1-month membership.

Membership Features

CatholicMatch keeps things nice and simple with its subscription plans. No matter which plans you choose, you are going to be experiencing the same great features and functions of the CatholicMatch app. The only way in which the memberships differ is in their plan length.

Take advantage of these capabilities and features using your CatholicMatch subscription. The features in bold are the ones you get solely with a paid membership!

  • CatholicMatch Profile Creation
  • Upload Over 50 Photos to Your Profile
  • Unlimited Messaging with Other Singles
  • Get Daily Matches
  • Search for and View Other Users’ Profiles
  • Discover Who Has Searched Your Profile
  • Enhanced Customer Support
  • Personalized Emotigrams (Icebreaker Questions)
  • Access to the Community Forum and Chatroom

CatholicMatch Free Trial Offer

here is a way that you can enjoy some of the features and functions of the CatholicMatch app and not have to pay any money for a membership! This, of course, is by using the CatholicMatch free trial offer! It is one of the first options you are going to find when you visit their dating site for the first time. As you can see in the image below, right in the middle of the home screen is a blue button that says Get Started for Free.

Catholic Match Homepage Screenshot

Once you click on that button, you will begin the sign-up process at the CatholicMatch app. During sign-up, you will eventually run across a page where you are given the option to purchase a membership if you so choose. You are not required to sign up for a membership to proceed to the app. You can always choose to wait and purchase a membership at a later date.

In the meantime, the free trial will allow you to see what the site looks like and how it works. You will also be able to enjoy some limited features and functions that the free trial offers.

What Features Do I Get with the Free Trial?

The CatholicMatch app’s free trial offer is right on par with a lot of the other free trial offers out there. The free trial is never meant to be a way to use CatholicMatch completely free of charge. This is why the free trial is pretty limited in terms of its features.

Users can operate in a way that gives them a taste of what to expect at CatholicMatch, but there are going to be a few obvious capabilities that are disabled using this specific free trial, most notably messaging.

Free Trial Features

  • CatholicMatch Profile Creation
  • Upload Up to 50 Photos to Your Profile
  • Get Daily Matches
  • Search for and View Other Users’ Profiles
  • Discover Who Has Searched Your Profile
  • Send Icebreaker Questions (Emotigrams) to Other Singles

Free Trial Limitations

So as you can see, the free trial at CatholicMatch is relatively limited and is no sort of substitute for the full range of features and functions that come with a paid membership. If you are someone who is serious about developing relationships and connections with other Catholic singles, our official recommendation is to sign up for a paid membership with the app.

But don’t get us wrong. There is nothing wrong with getting the free trial to get an idea of what to expect with the CatholicMatch app. All we are saying is that long term, the free trial is not a viable strategy. Sooner or later, you will have to pay for a subscription in order to meet other singles who share your Catholic faith successfully.

Free Trial vs. Paid Subscription

In order to give you a clearer picture of the features you might be missing out on with the free trial, we have put the features with each CatholicMatch plan side-by-side for your convenience!

Membership PlanFeatures

Free Trial

  • Create a CatholicMatch User Profile
  • Upload 50 Photos
  • Search For Profiles
  • Get Daily Matches
  • Send Emotigrams
  • See Who Has Viewed Your Profile
  • View Profiles

Paid Subscription

  • Create a CatholicMatch User Profile
  • Upload Over 50 Photos
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • Get Daily Matches
  • Send Personalized Emotigrams
  • Enhanced Customer Support
  • Access the Community Forum/Chatroom

Payment Options at CatholicMatch

For the most part, you are going to need to be a major credit card user in order to pay for a CatholicMatch subscription. But there are actually six solid ways to pay for your membership at this dating app, enough to offer you a bit of flexibility.

Note: CatholicMatch charges members for the full amount of their membership plan in one large lump sum. There is no paying month-to-month.

  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Apple Pay


No matter which membership plan you choose at CatholicMatch, your plan will auto-renew once it expires. This means that you will be charged again for the same plan at the same price once your membership has run its course.

Auto-renewal is an excellent feature for customers who don’t want the hassle of signing up again for a new membership plan. But we do understand that auto-renewal is not for everyone!

If you decide you don’t want your membership to auto-renew once it has ended, reach out to customer service, or go to the app and cancel your CatholicMatch subscription. Just be sure to do it at least 24 hours ahead of time, so you don’t risk getting charged again!

CatholicMatch Cost FAQ

Is CatholicMatch Worth It?

We feel that CatholicMatch is worth it for Catholic singles who are looking for serious relationships with those who share their faith. This is an excellent niche dating app for finding singles who are Catholic through and through! You could use a site like Christian Mingle, but you are not guaranteed to find Catholic believers every time you get on.

We would also say that CatholicMatch is definitely worth the time, energy, and money to become a member of the app! With a CatholicMatch subscription, you can enjoy unlimited messaging with Catholic singles and get better customer service and support. Another great resource that members have access to is the community forum and chatroom, where users of the app can give each other advice and support as they navigate the app!

Is CatholicMatch Free?

CatholicMatch is free to an extent. Newcomers to the dating app can take advantage of the CatholicMatch free trial offer! This free trial will allow users to create a profile at CatholicMatch, post up to 50 photos, view and search for singles, send icebreaker questions (emotigrams), get daily matches from the app, and see who has viewed their profile! The primary thing that free trial users are going to be missing out on by passing up a paid CatholicMatch subscription is the ability to send messages to other users! While you can technically use the dating app for free, there are going to be some significant features and functions that are unavailable.

How Much Does CatholicMatch Cost?

There are three membership plans that you can take advantage of at! Each one will run you a different price. The 1-month membership is going to cost $29.99. The 6-month membership is going to cost $89.94. And the 12-month membership will cost you $119.88.

How Much is CatholicMatch Per Month?

This is going to vary based on which membership plan you end up choosing. Something that is important to note is that longer memberships have better monthly rates! A 1-month membership is going to run $29.99, while a 6-month membership and a 12-month membership are going to run you $14.99 and $9.99, respectively!

Can I Cancel My Auto-Renewal Plan?

Yes, you can cancel the auto-renewal of your membership plan. To prevent being charged for another plan, you must either contact customer service or cancel your membership before your current membership plan is set to expire. If you do not catch it in time, you will be charged again for the same plan at the same price.

Note: Even with the auto-renewal disabled or the cancellation of your membership, you are still able to use your current membership all the way until the day it is set to expire.

Why is the Monthly Cost Higher With a Shorter Plan?

Honestly, it is a great motivator to get customers to sign up for a longer membership plan! But when you think about it, the process of meeting new people, especially those that see eye to eye with you on matters of faith, is not something that just happens overnight! It can take time, and it is certainly realistic to assume it might take more than a month! CatholicMatch recognizes this and feels that customers who are in it for the long haul deserve a good deal. That is why they make the monthly rates more affordable for their 6-month and 12-month subscriptions!

Can I Get a Refund If I’m Dissatisfied With CatholicMatch?

CatholicMatch does not currently offer any sort of refund for their customers. The best we can say is that newcomers to CatholicMatch should check out the free trial offer before springing for a membership. By using the free trial, you can get a feel for the site and if it’s a good fit for you before you go spending money on a membership. And you can get an idea of what kind of singles you can meet in the app and what services are going to be available to you.