Sugardaddie Prices for 2024

Are you ready to enter into a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship using one of the online dating services dedicated to helping their members find such arrangements? If so, is one of the top platforms on the market. 

On this page, we’ll explore what it costs to use Sugardaddie for online dating – and what all comes with buying a premium subscription to the service. 

Fortunately, if you’re planning on being a Sugar Daddy,’s membership cost will be one of the cheaper expenditures connected to your newfound relationship. 

  • The dating site’s premium services cost almost nothing compared to the vacations, gifts, and monthly allowances you’ll soon be buying for your Sugar Baby! 
  • And if you’re approaching this arrangement from the other end of the spectrum, think of your Sugardaddie costs as an investment. It’ll be well worth the lifestyle you’ll unlock once you find the right Sugar Daddy!

After we break down’s membership options, their costs, and the premium features they provide, we’ll examine things like free trial offers, the differences between free and paid subscriptions, and the payment types accepted by the platform. Any remaining issues will be answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of the page.

After we break down’s membership options, their costs, and the premium features they provide, we’ll examine things like free trial offers, the differences between free and paid subscriptions, and the payment types accepted by the platform. Any remaining issues will be answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of the page. Homepage Screenshot Cost Breakdown

Membership Plans

The cost of a membership is largely dependent upon the time at which you sign up. If you choose to upgrade your subscription immediately after creating your profile, you’ll find all four membership options available at reduced rates. 

To secure the prices in the following table, you must buy a membership package within twenty-four hours of creating your account.

Membership LengthCost (US Dollars)Cost (Australian Dollars)Cost (British Pounds)Cost (Canadian Dollars)

Bronze Package
(1 Month)

$39.99 per month

AUD 61.44 per month

£36.95 per month

CAD 34.99 per month

Silver Package
(3 Months)

$26.66 per month / one payment of $79.99

AUD 40.96 per month / one payment of $122.89

£24.63 per month / one payment of £73.91

CAD 36.41 per month / one payment of $109.23

Gold Package
(6 Months)

$22.49 per month / one payment of $134.99

AUD 34.55 per month / one payment of $207.39

£20.78 per month / one payment of £124.72

CAD 30.71 per month / one payment of $184.33

Platinum Package
(12 Months)

$14.16 per month / one payment of $169.99

AUD 21.75 per month / one payment of $261.16

£13.08 per month / one payment of £157.06

CAD 19.34 per month / one payment of $232.13

As you can see, offers four membership plans. They each offer the same features; the only difference between them is their durations. You may purchase 1, 3, 6, and 12-month packages. The longer your subscription, the cheaper Sugardaddie costs per month. However, the total price is due upon checkout, regardless of the term length. 

Normal Pricing

If you don’t upgrade your account within the first twenty-four hours of signing up, your Sugardaddie membership will cost slightly more. We logged back into the website one day later and were offered the following subscription rates.

Total Cost: $44.99
Bronze Package 1 Month
$4499 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $89.97
Silver Package 3 Months
$2999 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $149.94
Gold Package 6 Months
$2499 Monthly Select Plan
Total Cost: $191.88
Platinum Package 12 Months
$1599 Monthly Select Plan

Same Prices for Men and Women

The cost of a membership is the same for men and women. Some Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby dating apps provide their services to women at a reduced rate, but not this one. 

Furthermore, there are no additional upgrades or features to be unlocked after paying for a subscription. Sugardaddie doesn’t sell coins or boosts or anything beyond the paid membership. App Free Trial Details

If you’ve done much research into online dating apps, you’re probably aware that “free trial” is a concept that means very different things to different people. Often, dating app reviewers will use the term interchangeably when describing either of these distinct offerings:

  • The classic understanding of what a “free trial” means is a promotional tool that allows new users to access and use all the benefits of a premium membership for a set period – usually for 3 days, up to a week. However, before receiving the perks, the trial user must enter their payment information and agree that if they haven’t canceled the membership before the trial ends, their subscription will automatically renew at the full price.
  • Most dating apps use the term “free trial” to describe letting new members create a profile and use a limited number of free features. They may answer profile questions, upload pictures, and search through their matches, but won’t be able to send messages or see their full library of photos (depending on the dating app). It’s not a true “free trial” because you can’t use the service to its full potential until after you’ve purchased a subscription. offers the second kind of “free trial.” You can create your account, upload pictures, search for other members, and even Favorite the profiles you like most, but you cannot send messages or use the IM Chat feature.

That said, Sugardaddie gives free users more access to their platform than most dating sites. You can see other members’ pictures, read their profiles, and receive notifications when someone checks out your profile. Signing up for a premium membership is only necessary once you’re ready to send and receive messages – which is required to negotiate a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship. But at least you can check out the dating pool first! Free Membership vs. Paid Subscription

Feature/BenefitFree MembershipPaid Membership

Search Members’ Profiles



View Photos



Who Viewed Me



Favorite Members’ Profiles



Meet My Match



IM Chat



Send and Receive Messages



Comment in Forum



Compared to many premium dating apps, offers a relatively limited number of features. Free accounts can set up a profile, upload multiple photos, and use the search function to find potential matches based on a variety of parameters. You can look all you want for free but must upgrade your subscription to communicate in any meaningful way.

Meet My Match​

Perhaps the most unique feature offered by is “Meet My Match.” Clicking on the Meet My Match link brings you to a new page that shows you one of the nearby profiles that meet your criteria. You’re asked if they’re a good match for you, “yes” or “no.” 

If you select “Yes,” that member will receive a pre-written message (that must first be approved by the website). This is the one way to send messages to other members without buying a premium membership. However, you’ll still need to upgrade before you’ll be able to continue the conversation once they respond. Meet My Match Screenshot

You can continue clicking “yes” or “no” on new profiles until you’ve completed the day’s deck. In addition to sending your pre-written personalized messages to the matches you like, there’s an option to add them to your favorites.

Community Forum also hosts a community forum for paying members exclusively. You’ll find a variety of topics being discussed about everything from dating to vacation ideas to just about anything else you can imagine. It’s a great place to learn the ropes of Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationships.

Payment Options at

As we mentioned previously, memberships are available in 1-, 3-, 6-, and 12-month packages. No matter the length of the plan, the total cost must be paid in full upfront. When it comes to choosing the method with which you’ll pay, you have a bit more flexibility. accepts several different forms of payment for its premium membership service. The online dating platform accepts each of the following methods: 

  • Debit Cards – with the Visa, MasterCard, or Discover logos
  • Credit Cards – with the Visa, MasterCard, or Discover logos
  • Pay by phone – customer service staff are available to accept your payments seven days a week.
  • Pay by mail – you can also send a money order or certified check to’s parent company, New Life Ventures. The address can be found on the “upgrade membership” page. Personal checks are not accepted.

Sugardaddie does not have a dedicated app to support the service, making it impossible to manage your subscription settings through the Apple App Store or Google Play. Everything must be done through the service’s website. Cost FAQ

Hopefully, our cost guide had all the answers you need about the price of using this unique dating app for singles seeking a very specific type of relationship. If you still have unanswered questions, read through our answers below or check out our review.

How Much Does Cost?

The Sugardaddie membership cost depends on a few factors.

The price is determined by the length of subscription you choose and the timing of your upgrade. The premium membership is offered at a reduced rate for twenty-four hours after creating your profile. If you wait longer than a day, the subscription price increases.

The longer the membership package, the cheaper the subscription costs per month. While a one-month plan may cost roughly $40 per month, the year-long term lowers the monthly price to approximately $15.

Either way, the full price of the membership is due upfront.

Is a Sugardaddie Subscription Worth the Cost?

Yes – if you’re serious about finding a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby and entering into a more transactional romantic relationship. Most of Sugardaddie’s features are available for free – you just need a premium subscription to IM Chat or send and receive personalized messages from other members.

So, you can wait until you find someone who interests you before deciding whether to pay. Of course, waiting for too long will cost you the membership discounts offered to new users.

Do Sugardaddie Subscriptions Renew Automatically?

That depends on your method of payment. Premium memberships purchased via debit or credit card will auto-renew after they expire. The same goes for payments submitted over the phone since these will also come from a debit or credit card.

Memberships purchased by sending a money order or cashier’s check cannot be renewed automatically. If you’d like to prevent any lapses in service, be sure to send your renewal check in the mail approximately 2-3 weeks before your current subscription expires.

Does Sugardaddie Offer Free Trial Promotions?

No, not in the traditional sense of the term. Sugardaddie allows free accounts to access a limited number of features. They can search the membership pool, check out other profiles, and even send pre-written messages to matches found through the Meet My Match feature. However, you must upgrade to a premium membership to chat or message further.