Cost of Sugarbook in 2023

Sugarbook is one of the leading online dating apps devoted to arranging Sugar Relationships – a relationship in which an older, more established Sugar Daddy/Momma provides material gifts and financial support to a younger, more attractive Sugar Baby, in exchange for romantic companionship. 

On this page, we’ll be exploring the Sugarbook app membership prices and the various features unlocked by becoming a premium subscriber. If this is the type of relationship you’re hoping to enter, you better get used to keeping an eye on costs. Especially if you’re playing the Sugar Daddy role – you’re about to be spending lots of money! 

In addition to Sugarbook’s costs and features, we’ll examine whether the dating app offers any free trial promotions and how these free plans may compare to paid subscriptions. 

Finally, we’ll take a closer look at the payment options accepted by the Sugarbook app and whether premium memberships auto-renew. If there’s any remaining confusion, we hope you’ll find the answers you need in the Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of the page.

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Sugarbook Cost Breakdown

Membership Length Cost (US Dollars) Cost (Australian Dollars) Cost (British Pounds) Cost (Canadian Dollars)
1 Month $71.95 per month AUD 110.97 per month £65.21 per month CAD 98.68 per month
3 Months $55.95 per month /
one payment of $167.85
AUD 86.35 per month /
one payment of $259.06
£50.71 per month /
one payment of £152.13
CAD 76.73 per month /
one payment of $230.22
6 Months $39.95 per month /
one payment of $239.70
AUD 61.66 per month /
one payment of $369.95
£36.21 per month /
one payment of £217.25
CAD 54.79 per month /
one payment of $328.60

All three of Sugarbook’s subscription plans provide the same access and features – the only differences are the durations and the number of monthly coins included in the deals. You can buy 1-, 3-, and 6-month packages. The longer subscriptions are more expensive overall but cost less per month. 

Fortunately, you’ve chosen the right time to buy a Sugarbook app membership! It’s the online dating service’s sixth anniversary, resulting in discounted pricing. Usually, subscription packages average $79.95 per month. Now, that number is slashed by 10-50%, depending on the length of the plan. 

In the table above, you’ll find the cost of Sugarbook in multiple currencies: US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, and the Pound Sterling. This dating app boasts over 3 million members across 90 countries, so it must be ready to accommodate all sorts of payments!

Free for College Girls​:

If you’re a young woman attending college, your search for a Sugar Daddy just got much easier! Premium Sugarbook memberships are free to college girls. All you must do is provide current proof of enrollment.

Lucky you!


Each premium membership package also includes a monthly stipend of coins. The two shorter plans receive 1,000 coins per month, while the 6-month subscription gets 5,000. These tokens can be used to send money and gifts to Sugarbook’s live streamers. 

There’s an entire section of the website dedicated to members streaming. Open any live stream as it’s occurring live, and you’ll see a chat window along with options to buy more coins, exchange them for digital presents, and/or send them to the streamer.

If you want to learn more about their coins, check out our Sugarbook app review to get more information.

Sugarbook App Free Trial Details

Before we dig into any free trials Sugarbook may offer, there are a few things that require clarification. Depending on the dating app or review page, the term “free trial” is often used to describe very different promotional offerings.

Most of the “free trials” offered by online dating services fit into one of two categories:

At the time of writing this guide, the Sugarbook app fits into the second definition. Free accounts have more freedom to search the membership pool and look at photos than on many other platforms, but they’re still prevented from using several key features. 

We’ll break down the details of everything you can and cannot do with free and premium memberships in the next section.

Sugarbook Free Membership vs. Paid Subscription

Feature/Benefit Free Membership Paid Membership
⠀Search Member Profiles ⠀Yes ⠀Yes
⠀View Public Photos ⠀Yes ⠀Yes
⠀Favorite Members’ Profiles ⠀Yes ⠀Yes
⠀Watch Live Streams ⠀Yes ⠀Yes
⠀Verify Your Profile ⠀No ⠀Yes
⠀Read Receipts ⠀No ⠀Yes
⠀Advanced Search Features ⠀No ⠀Yes
⠀Unlimited Messaging ⠀No ⠀Yes
⠀Hide Profile Activity ⠀No ⠀Yes
⠀View Private Photos ⠀No ⠀Yes
⠀See Who Viewed You ⠀No ⠀Yes
⠀See Who Saved You as a Favorite ⠀No ⠀Yes

As you can see from the table above, Sugarbook uses the same approach as most dating apps – allowing free users to set up a profile, explore the service, and check out other members while blocking them from sending and receiving messages. That way, users can see what’s awaiting them but can’t communicate enough to make plans off the platform.

For what it’s worth, Sugarbook membership prices include more useful features than the service’s main competitors. We thought the following features deserved a little extra attention.

Sugarbook doubles as a live-streaming website. After creating an account, you can visit the streaming section of the service without upgrading to a premium membership. You can also buy coins and gift them to streamers without a monthly subscription. 

If you’re a woman, streaming can be a lucrative business – and you don’t even have to go on any dates. According to Sugarbook, some of its members are making over $15,000 a month through their broadcasts.

Free users can see most members’ profile answers and pictures, but some may be blurred out. In most cases, you can only see one of their five Terms of Relationship. 

So, you’ll know that they want an arrangement that includes a weekly allowance but won’t be able to see if they’re okay being “friends with benefits,” “pay per meet,” or any other preferences. You must upgrade your account to unlock the other four responses. 

This information isn’t super important when you’re just browsing, but you’ll need it when it’s time to negotiate the terms of your Sugar Relationship.

The search function available to free members is fairly comprehensive, but a few categories are blocked off. You can filter searches based on location, profile photos, ethnicity, lifestyle, relationship, body type, number of children, smoking or drinking habits, education, and eye and hair color. 

You need a premium membership to use the filters for height and age. You also need one to type in the search bar for specific keywords like “hiking” or “shopping.”

Once you’re a premium member, there’s no more waiting for Sugarbook reps to approve changes to your profile. The same goes for the pictures you upload. Paying customers are essentially allowed to skip the line.

Premium subscribers are given read receipts for the messages they send. That way, you know if you’re being ghosted or if your prospective Sugar Baby just hasn’t read it yet. 

Paid members also have more control over how much of their profile activity is shared with the public. Premium users can hide their online status, start date, and last login location.

Sugarbook members are able to upload two types of photos: public and private. Public photos are shared on your account for anyone who visits your profile to see. Private pictures are hidden from everyone unless you specifically say otherwise. 

Private photos are usually hidden until you, and another member get comfortable. Once you’ve shown mutual interest and have begun ironing out the details of your arrangement, they may unveil the more adult content to seal the deal. You only have the ability to see private photos if you’re a premium member.

Paid subscribers also receive notifications anytime another member views their profile or adds them to their list of favorites. Free users get these notifications too, but their pictures and names are blurred out. You know that someone visited or favorited you but can’t see who. 

Premium members can see everything and act accordingly. If you already know you’re one of her favorites, why not take the initiative to send a message? It’s information that makes your life easier.

Payment Options at Sugarbook

At the moment, Sugarbook only accepts the most basic payment methods. They used to accept Bitcoin and some online payment processors, but not anymore. However, those alternatives could return at any time. 

Payment Options

On Sugarbook’s secure payment page, there’s only space to pay with a card. 
  • Debit Card – Visa or MasterCard
  • Credit Card – Visa or MasterCard
The dating app accepts debit and credit cards as long as they have either the Visa or Mastercard logo. No other payment methods are mentioned.

Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store

Thankfully, Sugarbook offers a dedicated mobile app. By using the app instead of the website, you unlock one other payment method. On your device, you can purchase a premium membership as an in-app purchase. This will run your banking info through your Apple App Store or Google Play account. If you choose to cancel or manage your subscription in any way, it must also be done through one of the app stores.

Automatic Renewal

Sugarbook memberships renew automatically unless they’re canceled prior to expiring. Not only will your plan renew, but it’ll also renew at the standard rate – not the discounted anniversary price.

So, if you pay $167.85 for a three-month premium subscription today, in 90 days, that membership will renew at the price of $239.85. That same Sugarbook cost will be charged to your chosen payment method every 90 days until you cancel.

Sugarbook Cost FAQ

This guide should tell you everything you need to know about Sugarbook prices and what a premium membership offers. However, if we’ve left anything unclear, we hope you’ll find the answers you need in this Frequently Asked Questions section.

Sugarbook is a dating app that specializes in Sugar Relationships – when an older, more established party agrees to an arrangement in which they provide a younger partner with money and gifts in exchange for companionship and affection. Usually, these relationships involve an older, wealthier man with an attractive young female. 

The provider is the Sugar Daddy/Momma, while the recipient of the gifts and financial support is the Sugar Baby. 

Definitely! Sugarbook’s membership cost is higher than most dating apps, but for a good reason. They’re catering to a very specific clientele who can afford to pay more to weed out the pretenders. 

Plus, college-aged girls, the most common demographic of Sugar Babies, are given premium memberships for free. 

So, if you’re a successful man, $70-80 per month is well worth the access a subscription gives you to the most desirable female demographic.

Yes! Sugarbook memberships renew for the same duration as the previous subscription. If you buy a 3-month package, you’ll be charged again in 90 days. 

Furthermore, if you bought a premium membership at a discounted rate, your renewal will not receive the same discount – you’ll be charged the full price. So, read the terms of your agreement before submitting your payment. 

On the checkout page, Sugarbook tells you exactly when you’ll next be charged and for how much money.

As we covered in previous sections, a premium membership on Sugarbook unlocks the following features:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • See full profiles
  • Advanced search options
  • See who’s viewed you
  • See who’s favorited you
  • Hide profile activity
  • Read receipts
  • Instant profile verification

According to Sugarbook, paid subscribers also get five times more profile views!

Yes! Free Sugarbook users can buy coins in the live stream area. 

Click on one of the ongoing broadcasts and enter the room. Under the ongoing stream, you’ll find a chat window with options to buy coins, exchange them for gifts, and/or send coins or gifts to the current streamer. 

You don’t need a premium membership to watch live streams or use the coins to participate.