Hinge Subscription Cost

Hinge offers three membership plans, but a robust free membership is much better than the ones you’ll find with other online dating apps. The Hinge free membership lets its members message their matches, which is huge, considering very few platforms allow this. But there are several excellent reasons to choose the Preferred Membership, which we’ll outline on this Hinge cost page.

We’ll review and highlight each Hinge membership plan and the special features of the purchase. Since their free membership is unique, we’ll also cover this part of the Hinge app in great detail. If you’re interested in using Hinge as either a free or premium member, we’ve included the entire signup process for your convenience.

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Hinge Membership Plans

Suppose you’re interested in becoming a paid member of the Hinge dating app. In that case, it’s as easy as opening the “Settings” menu and selecting “Preferred Membership” to upgrade your free trial plan to a premium subscription. There are three plans for new members to choose from, all of which cover various lengths of time but have the same premium features.

Membership PlanCost Per MonthTotal Cost

1-Month Membership



3-Month Membership



6-Month Membership



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We’ve compared Hinge with the cost of other dating apps, and Hinge falls on the more affordable side of the scale. Consider choosing the three- or six-month option for opportunities to save money on your plan because they come with reduced monthly cost rates.

Payment Plans

From what we found in our Hinge dating app review, there aren’t any ways that customers can pay for their membership using payment plans or monthly installments. The entire amount due must be paid ahead of time and in one lump sum. New members can only begin using their premium plan once the whole amount has been paid.


Any Hinge membership plan you choose will automatically renew once it comes to the end of the billing cycle. You’ll find a disclaimer at the top of the screen explaining recurring billing as a term for becoming a paid Hinge member.

Hinge Auto-Renewal Information

When you’re set up with continuous billing, and your plan ends, it will continue as if nothing happened. You get uninterrupted access to your premium perks and benefits, plus you won’t have to select a new plan and reenter payment information. It can be a good option for members who don’t want to waste time getting a new membership up and running.

Even though all Hinge memberships are outfitted with this feature, members can turn it off, so they won’t be charged automatically at the end of each billing cycle. Once your original plan ends, you’ll no longer be a member, and your premium benefits will cease. Turning off the auto-renew feature allows you to cancel your membership and use any remaining time.

Hinge Premium Features

Let’s go into more detail on the premium features you get as a paying member of the Hinge app. Something we’ll address later on is the fact that there are many more free features available compared to premium perks within a paid membership plan. However, we’ll review these nonetheless to show you how a premium subscription still trumps the free membership plan every time.

Hinge doesn’t come with a ton of paid membership features, so it’s the rare exception of a dating app where the free membership can be used as an adequate replacement for the paid plan. However, you could still snag some important features to ensure better-quality searches and make the process more convenient.

  • Send Unlimited Likes: Swipe through as many profiles on Hinge as you want daily and never be capped on how many “likes” you can send your matches.
  • See Which Members Liked You: This is a big reason to upgrade to a paid plan—knowing which members already like you makes it much easier to meet and connect with the singles who are worth the time and effort.
  • Advanced Search Filters: Although free members can send messages to their matches, which is a huge coup considering how restrictive most free memberships are, they cannot search for matches beyond location, gender, and age. Premium members can access advanced search filters to find singles who match their other criteria like beliefs, appearance, lifestyle choices, career position, etc.

Hinge Boosts

Hinge also has several a la carte features that members can use but at an additional cost. Among these are profile boost bundles, which can help you garner more attention and favor from other singles using the app.

You can purchase single boosts or buy bundles of three or five. They’ll allow you to be seen by 11x more people in one hour. Three boosts cover three hours, and five boosts cover five hours. You could also purchase a Superboost, which lets more singles see you for 24 hours.


Hinge members can also buy digital rose bouquets if they don’t want to be limited to sending one rose weekly. You can purchase them in bundles of three, twelve, or fifty. Send them to the members you’re super interested in getting to know.

Sending roses is the equivalent of sending a “Super Like” on another dating app. It’s a way to show someone you’re interested in and like them beyond a regular “like.”

Is Hinge Free?

There’s a free membership plan with Hinge, but non-paying members can only access some premium membership features. For the whole experience, you must be a paid subscriber. Most notably, you can send messages to your matches on the Hinge app, but becoming a premium member unlocks a lot more features for an enhanced adventure.

Several complimentary features come with the Hinge free membership plan, and they include the following:

  • Free App Download
  • Register a New Account
  • Create Your Free Profile
  • Upload Photos
  • Set Search Terms
  • View Profile Photos and Bio Info
  • Message Mutual Matches
  • Set up Poll Prompts and Video Prompts
  • Send Comments and Likes (limited to 10 per day)
  • Send 1 Rose Each Week

Hinge is a standout compared to other dating apps in that the free membership plan lets you enjoy messaging with your matches. You don’t typically find this with other free trials based on the “freemium” model. You could probably get away with using Hinge for free, but you’ll never know which members have liked your profile, your profile swiping is capped, and you cannot search for members beyond gender, age, and location.

Free vs Paid Membership

To give you an idea of how the free and premium plans compare, we’ll reiterate the features and perks so you can see what you’re getting with each, side-by-side. Ultimately, we recommend the paid plan because you can use additional search terms and swipe through as many profiles as you’d like in a single day.

Free FeaturesPaid Features

• Free App Download
• Register a New Account
• Create Your Free Profile
• Upload Photos
• Set Search Terms
• View Profile Photos and Bio Info
• Message Mutual Matches
• Set up Poll Prompts and Video Prompts
• Send Comments and Likes (limited to 10 per day)
• Send 1 Rose Each Week

• Send Unlimited Likes
• Unlimited Swipes
• See Which Members Liked You
• Advanced Search Filters
• Digital Rose Bouquets (a la carte)
• Profile Boosts (a la carte)

As we mentioned earlier, you could probably get away with using the Hinge dating app for free (messaging your matches is one of the truly great, signature features available with Hinge’s free membership), but you miss out on a lot of perks that allow you to curate your selection of matches.


Check out what our readers and customers have been asking about Hinge and its premium memberships. These are some of the most common questions, along with from us on the subject.

How Much Does Becoming a Member of Hinge Cost?

Hinge offers its members three membership options: one month for $34.99, three months for $64.99, and six months for $99.99. Currently, there aren’t any payment plans for members who want to spread out the subscription cost over time. All memberships must be paid at one time in one lump sum.

Is the Hinge App Free?

Hinge is one of the better dating apps out there for free features because they allow non-paying members to message their matches for free. However, the free membership has limitations: three search filters for finding matches, daily limits on profile swipes/likes, and the inability to see which members liked your profile. An upgrade to a paid plan unlocks these valuable features.

Do Hinge Memberships Automatically Reup?

The membership plans are set up with continuous billing, automatically renewing each billing cycle. Members experience no interruption regarding features and benefits because they’re charged automatically for a new membership with the billing information on file.

Does Hinge Offer Payment Plans on Memberships?

New members must pay for the entire membership plan ahead of time before they can use it; the total cost must be covered in a one-time payment. Only then will the premium features be unlocked.

Are There Discounts on the Hinge Membership Plans?

The only discounts we know of are the reduced monthly cost rate for longer Hinge subscriptions. It’s much more affordable to start with a longer plan than to renew a shorter, cheaper plan over and over again for the same length of time. If you see yourself using Hinge for six months or more, you’ll discover savings that will eventually work their way to a significant discount over time.

How Long Does It Take to Start a Hinge Membership?

The signup process only takes five to ten minutes. A few minutes of this is creating a basic, free profile, entering some standard information, uploading photos, and adding voice or poll prompts. If you become a paying member, the entire process will take ten minutes, including choosing a fitting subscription and entering payment information.

Which Features Comes with the Preferred Membership?

Several perks come with a premium subscription plan. Paying members can access search terms beyond gender, location, and age range. They can also see which members liked their profile and swipe through as many profiles as they’d like each day. Premium memberships can help you narrow your search for an ideal match. Even if you can message matches as a free member, it’s worth the upgrade.

Are There Extra Costs I Should Know About?

At Hinge, a few premium features require an a la carte purchase for members to partake. Profile boosts must be bought separately, in bundles of three or five. The same applies to digital rose bouquets, too. Members can purchase a single rose or buy as many as twelve or fifty.