Christian Cafe Membership Cost 2024

Christian Cafe is an awesome dating app for finding Christian singles who see eye-to-eye with you when it comes to faith and beliefs! But is going to be an awesome dating app for your personal needs and your budget? Keep reading our Christian Cafe cost page to find out!

You might have some important questions about Christian Cafe as a dating app. How much does Christian Cafe cost? Is Christian Cafe free? What kind of features do I get with a paid membership? We will be addressing these matters, but we will also go over some information on payment options, auto-renewal plans, and how the free trial system works at Christian Cafe!

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Membership Plans and Pricing

There are four different subscription plans found at Each is going to have the same features as the next. The only difference between the plans is the term length. You are basically paying for the amount of time that you can enjoy the services of Christian Cafe! The pricing at Christian Cafe is a bit more expensive compared to a lot of other dating apps. It is not the most expensive we have seen, but it definitely occupies the upper level of the mid-tier.

Plans and Pricing

Membership PlanMonthly Cost BreakdownTotal Cost

2-Week Membership



1-Month Membership



3-Month Membership



6-Month Membership



One Year Membership



Something to note about the Christian Cafe cost of membership is that the monthly price rate is going to decrease as the time of the plan increases! You are getting a far better deal per month if you choose one of the longer plans!

Be sure to read through our section on the cost of dating apps. You can get a good price comparison between Christian Cafe and some of the best alternative dating apps!

Membership Features

These are the features that come with any membership you get at Christian Cafe, regardless of the plan length! The features below that are highlighted in bold are the features that come ONLY with a paid membership at Christian Cafe. The rest come with the free trial offer as well as the membership!

What Do I Get with a Membership?

Paid Membership Features

  • Send Emails to Members
  • Send Winks
  • Share Contact Information with Members
  • Read Receipts
  • Gift Memberships
  • Find Out Who Has Viewed Your Profile

Paid Membership Features

  • Create a Profile at
  • Blog
  • Use the “Favorites List”
  • Use the Christian Cafe Forum
  • Set Up Your Search Filters
  • Post Prayers

Honestly, the features at Christian Cafe are pretty basic. There was not too much here that caught our interest. There are no special add-on features or anything like that. A lot of what Christian Cafe offered came across as really run-of-the-mill.

What Do I Get with a Membership?


Unlimited Messaging

Members of Christian Cafe will be able to send and receive unlimited messages from other members!

Sending Winks

Winks are kind of like flirts or likes that you would find on any other dating app. They show you are interested!

Dating 101 Blog and Testimonial Page

Dating 101 Blog: members can read up on dating advice and tips or publish articles on Christian dating
Testimonials: members can read up on success stories

Community Forum

Members can chat back and forth about the dating scene or anything else for that matter!

Post a Prayer

Members can post prayers to the community board. Members can come together in prayer for one another.

Gift Memberships

Members can buy memberships for those who do not have one!

Read Receipts

Members can get notifications if their messages have been read. They can also see who has viewed their profile.

Payment Options

There are a few ways to pay for your membership at Christian Cafe. We were pleasantly surprised by the extra options offered at this site beyond just the four major credit cards. We have reviewed a lot of dating apps, and many of them do not expand past the first four or five options listed below. That was definitely nice to see!

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal
  • Money Orders
  • Western Union Payments

Note: All memberships, regardless of length, are set to auto-renew once they have expired. Customers who do not want to be charged for the same membership plan at the same price again need to cancel their auto-renewal on the Christian Cafe app one solid week before their membership is set to expire.


We briefly mentioned auto-renewal earlier. Any membership plan that you choose at Christian Cafe is going to auto-renew itself once it has come to its end. When the plan has expired, the customer will be charged again the same membership plan at the same price automatically! Auto-renewal saves the customer the time it takes to go back into the app and purchase a new plan all over again.

Do you not like the sound of auto-renewal? Well, that is no problem. It is something that is not for everyone, and it can be canceled easily. But you must cancel the auto-renewal one full week prior to your plan expiring to avoid being charged for a new plan. If you wish to cancel your auto-renewal, go into Christian Cafe’s auto-renewal section and click on the link to disable the auto-renewal process.

Christian Cafe Free Trial

Christian Cafe is an online dating app where the free trial setup is really different from anything else that we have ever seen. Newcomers to Christian Cafe can use the site for free, but it is going to be for a limited span of time! With most of the dating apps that we have reviewed, it appears that they let you use the free services indefinitely.

While it is a bit restrictive, we can see where Christian Cafe is coming from. This setup really does force the user to make a firm decision to spring for a membership! All in all, we do have mixed feelings about this free trial setup, but it does ultimately keep customers from dragging their feet for too long.

So how does it all work?

Free Trial Timespan

The free trial is going to be broken up into spans of free days for customers. Some of these days are given out by just because the user created their account, but some have to be earned. Here is how it all works:

7 Free Days

The newcomer to is going to get these seven free days right off the bat just for creating an account at the site. This includes logging their new profile and using any of the free features available to them, such as the forum, the Christian Cafe blog, or posting prayers to the prayer page.

3 Free Days

The new user gets three additional days free when they post a photo of themselves on their free trial profile! This is a neat safety precaution. This encourages and rewards users for posting clear pictures of themselves on their profiles. If your profile has no picture, other users could become suspicious of your account and wonder if it’s fake. The three free days that come with posting photos are a great measure to decrease the number of profiles that have no pictures.

5 Free Days

Now we are getting into the territory of earning free days from Christian Cafe. These are free days that can be earned when free users refer friends to use Christian Cafe. These referrals must create an account on the app in order for the user to earn the five free days. As far as we can tell, there are no caps on referrals which means that free users can keep earning as many free days as they have referrals!

Free Features

So what do free trial users at Christian Cafe get to do on the dating app for free? Like many of the free trial offers that are presented at many other online dating apps, the free trial of Christian Cafe is limited in scope. The biggest drawback is the fact that free trial users will not be able to send messages to other singles.Features:

  • Create a Profile at Christian Cafe
  • The Dating 101 Blog
  • Use the “Favorites List”
  • Use the Christian Cafe Forum
  • Set Up Your Search Filters
  • Post Prayers Cost FAQ

We have done our best on this page to answer the main inquiries about the cost of Christian Cafe and what each subscription package gets you. If you feel like you still have questions about this online dating service, be sure to check out our full review of or read through the answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive below.

Is Christian Cafe Free?

Newcomers to Christian Cafe do have the opportunity to use the site for free, but it is only for a limited span of time. Free trial users have seven free days when they create a profile. They get an extra three free days if they download a photo to their new profile. They can also earn five free days for every successful referral to the app!

You need to keep in mind that the free trial at is not going to let you do everything that you could do with a paid membership. The big thing you will be missing out on is the unlimited messaging with other singles.

Are There Any Free Christian Dating Apps?

By and large, you will have to pay to use the services of a Christian dating app. Many of these matchmaking services do extend free trial offers to their customers, but they only allow you experience a limited set of features or functions. And in many cases, there is no free messaging with other singles.

There is, however, a free Christian dating app called the Christian Dating Chat App or CDFF (Christian Dating For Free). It is available for download at Google Play or the Apple Store. This app actually allows its users to message other singles for free. This is truly a free Christian dating site!

How Much Does Christian Cafe Cost?

There are four different memberships that new customers at Christian Cafe can choose from. There is a 2-week membership that costs $34.97. There is a 1-month membership that costs $44.97. There is a 3-month membership that costs $69.97. And there is a 1-year membership that costs $109.97.

What Does Christian Cafe Cost Per Month?

Your monthly cost for using Christian Cafe is going to differ depending on the membership plan you choose. You actually get a cheaper monthly rate the longer the plan that you purchase! The monthly price for the 2-week membership ends up being $69.94, the most expensive by far! With a 1-month plan, that price drops more than $20. The cost of the 1-month plan is $44.97. Then there are the 3-month and 6-month memberships, which have a monthly rate of $23.33 and $18.33, respectively. The 1-year membership is going to give you the best bang for your buck (from a monthly price perspective) with a rate of $12.50!

Is the Free Trial Offer Even Worth It?

It never hurts to give the free trial a whirl. You can discover how Christian Cafe is set up and how it works! You can experience a few of the features and functions of the site without having to pay any money. It is definitely worth the time to check out, but it is no substitute for what you get with a paid membership! When you pay for a Christian Cafe account, you are going to be able to send unlimited messages, read receipts, and be able to gift memberships to other users, as well as many other things. The free trial is a good way to get a taste of what is behind the paywall.