Jdate vs JSwipe: Head-to-Head Comparison

The popularity of online dating among Jewish singles has significantly increased in the last decade–Digital dates are much preferred over Yentas as a way of matchmaking and developing romantic connections in an accessible and contemporary way!

Previously, Jdate was one of the only Jewish dating apps available, but in the past few years, the JSwipe app has been gaining popularity. Here we’ll be comparing Jdate vs JSwipe in a yarmulke to kippah battle to see which one comes out ahead!

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Is JSwipe a hit because of its versatility as a platform, or do people often mistake it for Jdate and think they’re the same dating app? Can either dating platform’s user base successfully meet and fulfill the needs of singles when it comes to compatible matches? Let’s play the Yenta and pit Jdate against JSwipe in a battle of the dating apps. We’ll break down their features, pros, cons, and everything in between so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

General Info Breakdown

Let’s see how Jdate and JSwipe, two specialized dating apps, stack up against one another so you can choose the one most suited to your dating needs. While both ultimately want to help their users find love, they operate differently. Let’s compare the similarities and differences between Jdate and JSwipe by comparing their core capabilities.

Key Information


Year Founded



Best For

Serious relationships where singles find love or romance

Casual dating and romance for Millennials

Site URL



Active Members

240,000+ (Active weekly)

570,000 (Active weekly)

Gender Ratio

47% men to 53% women

46% men to 54% women 

Average Age

30-50 years

18-30 years

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Main Differences

JSwipe is designed for young Jewish singles who prefer to search for potential partners using an interface similar to Tinder. In contrast, Jdate is intended for Jewish individuals who are seeking to establish more in-depth and significant connections, including serious, committed relationships, close friendships, and marriage.

Here are the main differences between Jdate and JSwipe:

  • “Jewish Tinder” is another name for JSwipe–the dating app approaches dating in a quick, non-personalized way.
  • Jdate is a dating app for those interested in serious, long-term relationships rather than casual dating or hookups.
  • The only genuine distinction between JSwipe and Tinder is the option to specify religious preferences and whether or not you keep Kosher.
  • Jdate may have fewer features in general, but those it does have are purpose-built to facilitate meaningful connections between singles.
  • There are more serious, committed singles on Jdate than on JSwipe.
  • JSwipe is faster at finding dates for its users; however, those matches won’t be as compatible.
  • Jdate’s comprehensive matching technology allows you to zero in on the most compatible potential partners.

Comparison of the Top Features that We Like for Each

The Jdate dating app is minimalistic, sleek, and easy to navigate, and the app’s features are ideal for discovering committed partners that match your dating preferences, religious beliefs, and personality.

In contrast, JSwipe has taken the functionality and features of Tinder (which is not a bad thing!) and implemented those on its more niche platform. Because of this, the user population is younger yet more unsure of their long-term dating goals.

We’ve listed these niche apps’ top features that we like below!

Jdate’s Best Features

  • Discovery Preferences – Users can save time in the Discovery Preferences section by limiting their matches to people they have already indicated they are interested in connecting with. Users can personalize several settings and label multiple categories the way they want. This information can show whether a person is religiously engaged, how often they keep Kosher, and more.
  • LookBook – Jdate’s LookBook is a helpful recommendation system where users can quickly browse profiles and gauge their interest in a potential match. Singles who express mutual interest in each other will receive a notification. In this way, singles might feel more comfortable striking up an exchange with someone they perceive to be interested in them.
  • Anonymous Browsing – Jdate offers one of the best features of any dating app: the ability to browse profiles without anyone on the app knowing you’re browsing! Users can explore the singles section of the app with total anonymity thanks to this feature.

JSwipe’s Best Features

  • SuperNote – JSwipe is a lot like Tinder in terms of how it works. You can rapidly look through images of available singles and show interest, but you can only interact with others who show interest back. With SuperNote, you can skip all that and just write the person you’re interested in.
  • Most Eligible – The “Most Eligible” feature is fundamental to JSwipe’s mission of connecting Jewish singles in mere seconds–it organizes the app’s most appealing and eligible singles in a way that makes them easy to find.
  • Passport – Most dating apps restrict your potential matches to those within a certain distance of your current location. To promote mobile dating, several apps track your location in real-time–but JSwipe takes it up a notch. Using the Passport feature, users can browse profiles of singles in any place they want. This is an excellent way to meet potential dates while on vacation or to broaden your social circle before traveling somewhere new!

Jdate vs JSwipe Cost Comparison

Both Jdate and JSwipe offer three tiers of premium membership options for durations of one, three, and six months–but that’s where the similarity ends. As you can see from the tables below, JSwipe is significantly less expensive, and on JSwipe, all members get unlimited swipes and can send messages for free–just like on Tinder’s free plan. So regarding the cost comparison category, JSwipe is the clear frontrunner.


Membership PlanCost Per MonthTotal Cost

1-Month Membership



3-Month Membership



6-Month Membership




Membership PlanCost Per MonthTotal Cost

1-Month Membership



3-Month Membership



6-Month Membership



Which App Is Better for Serious Relationships?

Jdate Homepage Screenshot


Without a doubt, Jdate is leaps and bounds better for Jewish singles looking for a serious relationship! Although the same parent company, Spark Networks, owns both dating apps, our study shows that Jewish singles searching for committed relationships will have much more success on Jdate than on JSwipe.

Which App Is Better for Casual Dating?

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Without question, JSwipe is the best dating app for casual dating—especially given that it has been branded “Jewish Tinder.” In essence, it’s for Jewish individuals who want to keep their religious commitments front and center while keeping it low-key and dating around.

Which Dating App Is Our Favorite?

Look, we value the unique features that each of these Jewish dating apps provides, so we cannot choose a favorite. They’re both great alternatives to having your Bubbe try to set you up with some random synagogue member–both platforms have large user populations for niche dating apps and beneficial features!

Which one you choose depends on your own dating interests, as the apps vary mostly in terms of the people who use them and the types of relationships they’re looking for. Jdate is the place to be if you’re a Jewish single searching for a long-term, committed relationship with other Jewish singles. If finding a connection with someone who shares your religious beliefs is important to you, but you’re not sure what you’re searching for, JSwipe is your best option.

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