8 Things You Need to Know About Dating an Indian Woman

What to know about dating an Indian woman

Thanks to the rise of dating apps, people from all over the world can effortlessly interact with one another, allowing men to meet women (and vice versa) from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.

Indian women are known for their strength, autonomy, and resiliency–people of their ethnicity tend to take on positions of responsibility and authority within their own communities and families because of the importance they place on tradition and values.

Indian women have endured numerous hardships and have faced marginalization at every level. In light of evolving times and women asserting their rights, they now have the freedom to pursue whatever goals they want without some of the challenges of the past. And the dating landscape might be especially perilous for traditional males if you don’t know what you need to know about dating them.

We are here to help the non-Indian men out there who’re interested in dating Indian women, and we’ll also help you out with where to meet Indian women–keep reading for the 8 things you need to know!

Where Can You Meet Indian Women?

First things first–if you want to interact with Indian women, you’ll need to know where to find them if you don’t live in India! The answer? Dating apps, of course!

These beautiful and kind women are increasingly resorting to online dating apps to meet potential partners–after all, these platforms are the most convenient way to meet new people! And with more and more Indian dating apps entering the scene, it shouldn’t be hard to come across someone who matches your interests.

Online dating also enables you to refine your search for the right match by a number of variables, like age, location, religion, and level of education. Now that you know where to find them, let’s educate you on what you need to know about dating an Indian woman and how to stay in their good graces.

1. They are Driven, Smart, and Gracious

They are smart as heck–in fact, many Indian women go on to get PhDs or master’s degrees in fields like medicine, engineering, or business.

Indian women also place great importance on spirituality in their lives–taking part in religious practices, like yoga and meditation, enables them to cultivate inner strength and establish a profound connection to their traditions. And last but certainly not least, they earned a reputation for their outstanding hospitality, as they always extend warm welcomes to guests and are the first to host events and gatherings at their homes.

Smart Indian Woman

Don't crowd

2. Don’t Crowd Her

When dating an Indian woman you want to give her a lot of time to focus on herself; she can’t answer all of your calls or messages, and demanding her to do so right away will only lead to your disappointment and her feeling smothered, so give her plenty of “me” time.

3. Show Respect for Her Culture

Indian women hail from diverse backgrounds and cultures, making it extremely important to show the highest regard toward their unique customs and traditions. Demonstrating regard for her culture will significantly help make her feel comfortable being around you.

Keep an open mind–this makes it possible to get to know each other better, fostering learning experiences, personal growth, and improving the relationship! Steer clear of typical stereotypes you may have about her traditions.

Show Respect

Don't Love Bomb

4. Don’t ‘Love Bomb’ Her

If you don’t know what “love bombing” is, allow us to enlighten you–it’s when you try to buy a potential partner’s affection with gifts. While this may work with a lot of females, it will fall flat with Indian women.

Do not try to woo her with material possessions; she is more than capable of supporting herself financially, and she probably already has what you bought her, AND she bought it for herself.

5. Be Patient

Indian women usually like to take things at a slower pace when it pertains to romantic relationships, so it’s important to have reasonable expectations and not expect it to move at a fast pace–think slower.

Practice patience, don’t rush her, and take the time to enjoy getting to know one another–if it’s meant to be, it’s worth the wait!

Be patient

Family is everything

6. Her Family is Everything

Indian women place a high value on family, and they and their parents will warm to you if you do as well.

They are also quite traditional, so don’t be surprised if she refers to you by her best friend’s name over the phone a few times–she is taking things at her own pace and doesn’t want her family or those around her to know she’s talking to a potential love interest just yet. Don’t be hurt by this–Indian families are quite often super conservative, and this is the norm–it’s not about you at all!

7. Avoid Stereotype ‘Jokes’

While it may serve as a means of amusement for you, it’s important to remember that stereotypical Indian jokes could easily offend her–it’s easy–don’t be sexist or mi sogynistic!

If you are not of Indian descent, you might think that you are being funny when you make jokes about knowing the best Indian restaurant in town or go on and on about how she looks like a Bollywood star, but she has probably heard this a ton and is not a fan.

It’s a good thing to be funny and attempt to make her giggle, but you’re not exactly being creative or thoughtful. Words hurt, especially when someone close to you labels you, and maybe she’ll be good-natured about it because she is into you–but think before you tell a played-out “joke” and maybe bone up about microaggressions so you’ll 1) know what they are, and 2) you can avoid offending or hurting her.

Avoid Stereotype jokes


8. Listen to Her

This goes for dating all women! Ask her for her opinion on things and actively listen to her answers–this goes a long way in getting to know a potential partner in any relationship. Never discount her opinions or knowledge in areas of politics or sports out of hand–just be happy that you found someone who shares your interests and is as educated, confident, and well-read as she is.

And if she says no to a date or anything else, don’t second-guess her reasons for saying no; just take her at her word for it. She is not unsure of what she wants and understands that a firm “no” means exactly that; there is no room for ambiguity.


Indian women are not harder to win over than any other woman; they simply take dating and relationships more slowly and cautiously.

Be dependable, and once she shows interest, find a happy medium between trying to impress her and treating her thoughtfully when it comes to her culture and traditions. Rightfully so, Indian women want their romantic partners to treat them with respect.

Molly Davis
Molly Davis

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