Should I Join Multiple Dating Apps at Once?

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You have done it! You have finally decided to join the online dating scene! Now begins the process of finding the right dating app for you and your needs. But who is to say that you have to limit yourself to just one?

Using more than one dating app is a fairly common practice today. There are plenty of online singles who use multiple dating apps to open up their options and extend the reach of their search for the right person. After all, the more exposure you have out there online, the more results that will come up!

While we believe it can be beneficial to join more than one dating app, there is a delicate balance there as well. You can go into overkill mode pretty quickly, so you will not want to spread yourself too thin by joining too many dating apps all at once. The key here is quality over quantity and working smarter, not harder!

Using Multiple Dating Apps: The Pros and the Cons

Here are some of the biggest pros and cons when it comes to using multiple matchmaking services. You can find out if using more than one dating app is a good and viable strategy for you!


Here we have broken down five key benefits to using multiple dating apps. Understanding these advantages can really boost your options and ability to find great matches online!

Pro #1: Increase Your Dating Profile Visibility

By joining multiple dating apps, the user has the ability to put their face out there on multiple matchmaking services. It follows that they are going to get much better visibility, and this should increase the volume of singles they will be able to find (at least in theory). The more that other singles can see your face, the more likely you will be to find someone quickly!

Think about it in terms of being at the grocery store. There are certain items that are given more space than others based on the laws of supply and demand. Higher volume items are given more space and are therefore going to be easier to spot compared to niche or slower-moving items that might only have one small spot on the shelf.

If you have increased your visibility by using multiple dating apps, you are going to get a lot more attention from singles, especially compared to those who are using just one matchmaking service!

Pro #2: Enjoy Multiple App Features

Not all dating sites and matchmaking services have the same features and functions. There are some apps that have minimalistic features, while others come with a lot of great add-on features and other hidden goodies for customers who are willing to pay a bit more. For instance, some dating apps allow their customers to add on a feature that lets them rank higher up in the site’s search results, increasing visibility!

One of the great advantages of joining multiple dating apps is that you can open yourself up to a wider range of features and functions. Sticking with one site will limit you to just those features. Join more than one dating app, and you can access things like a community forum or blog, the ability to see when certain users log into their account or use private phone lines provided by the dating app where you can talk and text with other singles!

Pro #3: Wider Range of Candidates

Going with multiple dating apps, you are going to find a wider range of potential candidates. In fact, you can expand your dating pools to heights that you never thought were possible. It is going to be a demanding task to keep up with it, but this is how you can ultimately meet the widest range of different singles and have your pick!

You can find a wider range of singles when you use niche dating apps. There are apps out there that service markets like single parents, singles over 50, or religious singles. By using more than one dating app and focusing on niche markets, you will find more than just a wider number of candidates but also a wide number of super-diverse candidates!

Pro #4: Good for Casual Dating

If you are someone who is more interested in casual dating and relationships, joining multiple dating apps is going to be a good strategy to accomplish your goals. As we mentioned in Pro #3, you are going to have access to a wider range of candidates due to increased visibility. One thing is for certain when it comes to dating apps: there is always the chance to meet new singles. There is no shortage of single people out there looking for love or dates.

A lot of dating apps will let you set up your profile where you can state specifically that you are looking for casual dating scenarios and casual relationships. That way, singles can know what your intentions are ahead of time! Combine this with using more than one dating site or service, and you have a winning combination for getting a steady flow of candidates for casual dates.

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Pro #5: Quicker Matches

There are plenty of singles out there who do not want to spend weeks or months looking for the right person. They want to find someone as quickly as they can. They simply want fast results when they use an online dating app. This is where using more than one dating site has its advantages!

You are going to find eligible singles much faster if you have more avenues established to meet them!

The wider the net that you cast, the more fish you should catch. And you should catch them at a quicker pace. Using one dating app will deliver much slower results, and you will need to have more patience in the process. Again, this is one of the biggest differences between serious and casual dating. One process is slower with a focus on quality, and the other is faster-paced and thrives with higher volume.


While it seems like the perfect idea to join as many dating apps as possible, there are some drawbacks that you might face.

Con #1: High Maintenance and Time-Consuming

For one thing, using multiple dating apps is a lot to maintain! It can also become time-consuming to keep up with all the action that you will experience as you cast a wide net.

Think about it. If you are using more than three matchmaking services at a time, you are going to be bombarded with a lot of messages and emails from singles looking to talk. Let’s say you are talking with five different singles on five different dating apps. That’s 25 separate conversations! That is a lot to keep up with!

Now scale that back to five different singles at only two matchmaking services. That’s only ten conversations. It is much more manageable. Our official recommendation is to actually use only two or three dating apps at one given time. Otherwise, all your free time is going to be consumed with trying to develop relationships with a million different people.

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Con #2: Too Many Options

Have you ever had a moment in your life where there were so many options to choose from that it took you forever to decide what you wanted? You might have had a fear of missing out on something great. Or you might have felt that if you chose the wrong thing, you would have some major buyer’s remorse.

This is something that you can slip into if you are using too many dating apps. The number of options can become overwhelming, and this can lead some users to make bad decisions or spend too much time going through every possible scenario in their heads. As we said in Con #1, the flip side of using multiple dating apps is that it can really consume your time! Instead of spending time in two or three quality conversations, you are instead juggling 15 to 20 and then stressing out about which path to take!

Con #3: Experiencing More Rejection

One big downside to multiple dating service use is that it can become mentally taxing or discouraging. Along with an increase in the number of singles who get to interact with, there is the potential for more rejection than you ever thought possible! If you find yourself going through a dry spell and you are getting turned down more frequently than usual, this can be taxing for your self-esteem and confidence.

It is one of those things where you have to go into online dating, being all right with getting turned down now and again. There are going to be times when other singles won’t read your messages or ghost you. And that’s ok. It’s all a part of the dance.

But why expose yourself to more rejection than is good for you? This is why our official recommendation is to use only two or three dating apps at once. You can still play the field or scope out your options with a wider variety of singles, but you can spare yourself some unnecessary heartache.

Con #4: The Quality of the Relationships Suffers

If you are someone who is looking to develop a serious relationship online, we highly advise using two or maybe three dating apps at the most. If you expand much past this, you are not going to be able to focus as well on the quality of the relationship. Using over three matchmaking services is going to get you to spread way too thin, and it’s going to be difficult to form good, serious connections with other singles.

While the use of multiple apps is the perfect setup if you are looking for casual dating or relationships, it is not going to be so conducive to quality. While you will want to put yourself out there even for a serious relationship, you can reign yourself in a bit by limiting the number of dating apps you end up joining. It will create the conditions for you to focus on a few good, quality candidates.

Con #5: More Expensive

This drawback is just common sense. The more dating apps that you end up using, the more money will be coming out of your account in order to pay for the services. If you are someone who is tight on cash, we advise joining two or three dating apps. That will give you enough of a reach and dating pool to find some good singles.

There comes a breakeven point in this whole process. If you are dishing out a lot of money and not really finding great matches, you might want to consider scaling back and trying to focus on developing some quality relationships. But for some customers, especially those who shop around for casual dates, it might be totally worth it to pay the extra money to have a large dating pool to draw from.

It all depends on who you are and what you need.

Wrap Up

While there are some advantages to using multiple dating apps, there are a ton of disadvantages too. But you can strike a balance by using two or three dating apps at one time! You can cast your wide net but focus on quality at the same time! Even if you are a casual dater, you can still have your volume of eligible singles but also save yourself some green along the way by focusing on a few good dating services instead of spreading yourself thin with 5 to 10!

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