He Does It Again! Pete Davidson Dating Model Emily Ratajkowski

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski

Extra! Extra! Have you heard the news? Pete Davidson is dating another model. This time the target is the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski. After his last few conquests, hearing that this dude is dating another high-profile celebrity is no shocker.

But then again, it is.

Let’s be honest; aside from the obvious attributes, what else does this guy have that makes all the ladies swoon? I’m serious here. We can all agree that Pete Davidson has an inexplicable mojo. If he bottled it up and sold it, he could feed a small African country.

Move over, Leonardo, there’s a new hottie in town, and the ladies are lining up to find out what Pistol Pete is packin’. Plus, he doesn’t dump them after a certain age, so there’s that.

Pete Davidson’s Dating History

Until recently, Pete flew under the radar for several years. As a teenager, he had trouble in school and rarely dated. However, since his gig on SNL took off, he’s been super popular with the ladies. But it’s something more than that because plenty of TV guys don’t score like this dude. So what is it?  

Let’s take a look at his most recent dating triumphs.

  • Carly Aquilino – Davidson briefly dated the “Girl Code” alum in 2015. Apparently, he left her “shook” because three years later, after becoming engaged to Ariana Grande, according to Us Weekly, Aquilino wrote on her Instagram, “I know I’m the 9 billionth person to text you today about this, but…I can’t.”
  • Cazzie David – Pete’s first long-term relationship was with Cazzie David, comedian Larry David’s daughter. After becoming serious quickly, they broke up two years later. According to news sources, it was a difficult breakup for the both of them, but she was able to get over the pain and later revealed that they were once again friends.
  • Ariana Grande – Due to the pop star’s popularity, this is the first relationship where people began to take notice. They started dating in May 2018, right after Davidson broke up with Cazzie. From there, things moved quickly. Pete and Ariana got engaged a few weeks into their relationship. However, after a short five months together, they called off the engagement in October 2018. Many speculated it was due to the death of Ariana’s previous boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller.
  • Kate Beckinsale – With no time to waste, Pete moved on to actress Kate Beckinsale at a party in January 2019. Their relationship caught people’s attention due to their 20-year age difference. At that time, a source told Page Six that the PDA was “a f–k you to Ariana.” Things didn’t last for Beckinsale and Pete, who is only three years older than the actress’s daughter. They went their separate ways in April of that same year. According to reports, Kate didn’t like that he tended to live his life with “his heart on his sleeve.”
  • Margaret Qualley – This romance was another short and sweet fling. They reportedly began dating in August 2019 after being spotted in Venice, Italy, where the actress was promoting a film. Unfortunately, once the promotion was over, so was their romance. They broke up two months later. However, Andie MacDowell, Qualley’s mother, reported that her daughter and Davidson had a “nice” relationship.
  • Kaia Gerber – Pete and Kaia, the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford, had a fun time dating for a whopping four months. They were spotted out together in October 2019. At the time, Gerber’s parents hoped the relationship would “fizzle out.” And it did just that. By January 2020, they decided to move on with Pete checking into rehab to deal with his mental health.
  • Olivia O’Brien – According to Olivia, she and Pete had a brief fling in October 2020 before his highly publicized relationship with Phoebe Dynevor from Netflix’s Bridgerton. However, he denied ever dating O’Brien. According to O’Brien, he broke up with her via text. So, let’s get this straight; it has come to the point where women happily claim Pete dated them and then broke up with them over a text. However, he denies it. Wow! O’Brien even gave specifics of the breakup, stating, “He texted me and was like, ‘I’m seeing someone else. So, like, I can’t.” Even after that, she only had good things to say about him, calling him a “nice guy” and that, “He’s hot, and he’s really funny, and he’s really sweet.” Okay then. Let’s move on.
  • Phoebe Dynevor – As mentioned above, the Bridgerton star came immediately after O’Brien (or during, depending on how you look at it.) Dating rumors began in March 2021 after he flew to the UK to hang out with her. In April, reports indicated that the relationship wasn’t serious. Then, however, a source suggested that he had fallen hard for the British beauty. Finally, in mid-April, Davidson confirmed they were dating. Once again, this romance would be short-lived. They broke up in August after five months together. According to reports, distance was a major factor in the breakup.
  • Kim Kardashian – In October 2021, Davidson and the reality star were spotted holding hands together on a roller coaster, not long after the SNL skit, where they kissed. At the time, reports stated they were “just friends” and that “they hang in the same circles.” Days later, reportedly Davidson arranged a private dinner with the entertainment mogul. Then, in November, reports indicated that they were officially dating. Fast forward to August 2022. After a nine-month courtship, the couple broke up due to “demanding work schedules.”

Who Is Emily Ratajkowski

Following the break up with Kardashian, Pete reportedly began dating the model in November 2022 after meeting through a mutual friend. A source recently told Us Weekly that the two have been talking for a couple of months and are in the early stages. However, the pair really seem to enjoy each other’s company. 

Let’s dig deeper into who she is and discover why she’s fascinated with Davidson.

What She Says about Davidson

  • “He’s a professional.”
  • “He’s got the height.”
  • “Obviously, women find him very attractive.”
  • “He seems super charming.”
  • “He’s vulnerable.”
  • “He’s lovely.”
  • “His fingernail polish is awesome.”
  • He has a “super great relationship with his mom.”

Davidson has scored another fan with the American model and actress. But, after all her declarations regarding Pete, it’s obvious why he was intrigued to get to know her better. 

Background: Emily Ratajkowski was born on June 7, 1991, and is an English-born American model and actress. She debuted her modeling career with the March 2012 cover of the erotic magazine, treats!, which led to her appearance in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and Maroon 5’s “Love Somebody.”

How they met: They have known each other for over a year. The news of the relationship broke amid her impending divorce proceedings with Sebastian Bear-McClard.

According to a source, they met on the set of Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, a movie produced by Emily’s estranged husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, which also featured Pete. (Red flag?)

According to Hollywood Life, Emily spent time on set with her estranged husband. The set is where she first met Davidson.

“Pete and Emily first met when Sebastian and Pete were working on Bodies together. It was not strange to see Emily visit Sebastian on set.”

Reportedly, Pete cracked jokes and made everyone laugh. The production team was not shocked to learn of Pete and Emily’s newfound relationship. 

While Emily and her soon-to-be ex seemed happy together when shooting in 2021, it wasn’t unexpected that she started hanging out with the SNL alum.

Did Davidson Violate Bro Code?

So, we’ve established that Pete worked on the set of Emily’s soon-to-be ex’s movie. During that time, all seemed to be cool, and Pete got along with Emily (obviously) and her estranged husband. However, now that he’s dating Emily is Pete violating Bro Code?

First, let’s define Bro Code. According to pop culture, “Bro Code is a friendship etiquette to be followed among men or, more specifically, among members of the bro subculture.” 

In other words, men put men before women. When you break Bro Code, you don’t have your bro’s back. Did Davidson have his bro’s back when he started dating Emily? 

That depends on how close Pete was to Emily’s ex. Their relationship determines whether or not he violated The Code.

Reports indicate that it’s unclear just how close Sebastian and Pete were. Unfortunately, if there was a legit friendship, one may be inclined to think that Pete’s new relationship may be on the messy side.

The latest report is that Emily was spotted going into Pete’s New York City apartment three days ago, where he greeted her with a hug before pulling her inside. So, for now, it appears they are still going strong. We’ll check back in another week for the latest news.

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