How to Make a Girl Fall For You After One Date

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Is there some sort of secret to getting a girl to fall for you after one date? Is there a way to build quick attraction and make it so that a girl cannot stop thinking about me after the first date is over?

The good news is that there are several ways you can pull this off! We are not offering any guarantees but simply showing you some things that you can be doing on your first date that will leave the girl you just saw wanting more and more of you!

We are not talking about Jedi mind tricks or Hitch-style pickup artistry. These are really simple steps that cover or address the basic needs of the average woman. Let’s get back to basics and talk about the ways that you can make a girl fall for you after just one date!

Listen More Than You Speak

If there is anything that you should be taking away from reading this, it is that patient, active listening can mean the world to someone. And we are talking about the kind of active listening where you are not concerned with what you are going to say next. We are talking about making eye contact with your date and showing them that you are truly interested in what they have to say!

If you show a girl that you can sit and listen to what she is saying intently, this is going to set you apart from the other men she might have gone on dates with.

Active listening, patience, and being slow to speak are going to take you further than you ever thought possible! It is a sign of a humble, stable personality, something that women cannot resist in a world of arrogant hot shots and blowhards.

Oftentimes, women want a man who can listen to them and not offer some sort of solution to their problems or concerns. They simply want to share something about themselves or their innermost thoughts. A man who can hear a girl out and not try to offer advice or a solution to a problem is worth their weight in gold! When you show a girl that you care about what she is saying, and you are not trying to “fix” her, she is going to remember this, and she will likely be thinking a lot about you after the first date has ended.

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Be Decisive and Confident

Women like men of confidence. When a man is confident, it can communicate reliability, strength, or capability. Perhaps most importantly, a man of confidence makes a woman feel a sense of safety and security. A confident man is stable in his demeanor, stable in his dealings with others, and stable in his sense of self-worth! 

Confidence does not mean being arrogant! Please, do not get this wrong. Decisiveness and confidence are not synonymous with being prideful, being self-focused, or having a “no one is going to push me around” attitude. You can be confident and show decisiveness and still be respectful of others, even those that do you wrong!

For Example…

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Imagine for your first date you go out to a nice dinner, but the service at the restaurant is some of the worse you have seen. The wait staff is not attentive, and they might come across like they do not care, or they might even be short or passive-aggressive with you. A lot of guys might feel the need to voice their dissatisfaction loudly or get aggressive in their language, perhaps confronting the wait staff in a harsh, sharp manner. 

But a man of confidence might take a different approach. A man of confidence might give the waiter or the waitress the benefit of the doubt that they were having an off day. Perhaps they just got broken up with right before their shift. Maybe a family member they cared about died, and they are distracted in their work or just hurting from the loss. The man of confidence might still leave a good tip and be willing to give the restaurant another chance in the future, chalking it all up to an isolated incident. 

And if the man of confidence and decisiveness does voice his dissatisfaction with the service, he will do some in a direct but respectful manner, trying to guard the dignity of all involved! Imagine how much strength and capability this could communicate to your date! It will leave an impression and leave her thinking about you a lot after the first date is over!

Make Sure You Are Clean

No matter what, always come to the first date looking your absolute best. Do the full manscaping routine ahead of time and dress to impress! Unless this is a date where you are doing something that requires really casual clothes (hoodies and sweats to play basketball or an old shirt to do some painting or pottery), come in one of your best outfits. Avoid tattered, dirty, or wrinkled clothing. Instead, choose something that fits you really well, something that has been freshly laundered and smells wonderful! 

And speaking of smells, make sure you are showered and you have on some deodorant or cologne. Brush your teeth and floss. No woman wants to get a whiff of your BO or your halitosis. Make sure your face is washed, freeing it up from an oily appearance or dry, flaky skin. A woman is not going to fall for you if you have an unappealing scent or odor emanating from your body or if you have scaly, reptile skin!

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You might consider getting a haircut or a simple trim just to freshen things up and bring you an added layer of confidence if needed. If you have a beard, make sure it is neatly trimmed or combed. If you are the cleanshaven type, get a shave going before the date, or make sure your five o’clock shadow is right where it needs to be. 

Women like men who take care of themselves. It shows they have respect for themselves, that they are on top of things and taking care of business! While appearance isn’t something you should lean on so heavily to make a girl fall for you, it does give you a strong advantage, so you can’t really go wrong with looking your best!

Be Quick to Forgive

A man who is quick to forgive or overlook offenses is a man who is stable and level-headed. And this is something that women will see if the opportunity does ever arise on the first date! If you are quick to forgive those who have offended you, it speaks volumes about your character. It shows that you are understanding, that you are not one to hold onto bitterness or negativity, and that you are more focused on the possibilities of the future instead of the pettiness of the past. 

While there might not always be an opportunity on a first date to showcase how you deal with offenses or wrongdoings, when the opportunity does arise, you need to act! When you do, it could be one of the biggest factors in making the girl fall for you after the first date. 

But what kind of opportunities are really out there for you to show your forgiving side on the first date?

Example #1:

We used the example earlier of restaurant wait staff and poor service. Being quick to forgive in this situation could look like you not stewing over the bad service and going on and on about the great injustice done to you, having to wait a few extra minutes for your water. If your date begins to complain, you can give the restaurant the benefit of the doubt and tell your date that perhaps they are short-staffed or they are slammed with so much business that they are having a hard time keeping up.

Example #2:

The girl that you are trying to impress might be late to the date by 20 or more minutes. Even if part of you is upset by this, it is important to never show it and to simply be understanding and let the situation go. It is nothing to get all worked up over. Operate in good faith and recognize that she might have gotten held up in traffic or in some sort of personal matter.

Example #3:

We have all said stupid things at one time or another around other people, and we think that we might have accidentally offended them. There is a possibility that this could happen on a first date. The woman you are seeing might slip up and say something that could possibly come off as offensive to you. The best thing to do in this case is to, again, not get worked up and simply move on knowing that they might not have meant what they said.

Be Optimistic and Positive

Being optimistic and positive throughout the course of your first date can communicate stability and a calm well-being. It sounds so cliché, but they always say, “you will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” The same is true when it comes to making a girl fall for you after one date. 

If you are overcome with bitterness and just ooze negativity, your date is going to quickly see this. The atmosphere of the room is heavy with the negative, toxic presence of a bitter person, and often times it can affect those who enter or quickly repel them away! 

There is a strong possibility that she is not going to be comfortable on the date, and she is definitely not going to be put in a positive frame of mind. There is a good chance is going to be more on edge than she would like to be! This is not a recipe for making her fall for you!

Man and Woman Having a Nice Time in a Coffee Date
Wear a genuine smile. Use encouraging and uplifting words as often as you can. Compliment her on her appearance or parts of her personality that you appreciate. The first date is about good times and putting your girl in a good frame of mind!

Being positive, open-minded, slow to be offended, and displaying a calm, confident presence is going to make this girl fall for you hard! She is going to feel safe around you, and she will feel good when she is around you, drawn to you and your positive nature!

Ask Good Questions

In order to make her fall for you during the first date, you will want to be asking her good, thoughtful questions about herself. And ideally, you want to tie it in with something you already know about her from either her online profile (if you two met online) or from her friends or family (if you met her through other people you know). 

By asking her good questions based on her online dating profile, you are telling her that you took the time to read what she posted and made an effort to do some research on her before getting together. This can convey thoughtfulness on your part! 

If you met this girl through friends or family and you begin asking her questions based on things that you have learned through the people in her life, this can show your interest and that you have been thinking about her in preparation for the first date.

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Once you get past the basic kind of questions like “what do you do for a living?” or “what do you like to do in your spare?” time, you can begin asking better, more thoughtful questions that have immediacy for her like “How long have you had your dog? I saw a picture of you and him on your profile. He is so cute!” or “I saw that you are into playing tennis. Have you ever played on the new courts they built last year out on Route 7?

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