9 Most Important Tips for the First Date

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Congratulations! You have set up your first date with someone new, an experience that can be super exciting but also extremely nerve-wracking at times. No need to worry! You have come to the right place for the best in first date tips and expert dating advice that will ensure you have an awesome time as you get to know someone new.

Discover what to say on the first date, some top-rated first date questions, and how to date in a way that creates a truly memorable experience for both you and that special someone! And if we can help you to get to that coveted second date, we must be doing something right!

Check out our best first date advice for 2024 with these helpful first date tips:

#1: Choose a Good Location

One of the keys to a great first date is picking out the right location. The idea is to choose a place that is comfortable for both you and your date, something that is neutral. Instead of beginning with something too forward like an expensive dinner at a fancy restaurant or something active like playing tennis, choose something that is more lowkey, a location where you can have a good conversation and get to know one another well.

Local Eatery
Magical Park
Cozy Cafe

Good locations for a first date would be a nice coffee shop or public park in the middle of the day or lunch at a nice brewery or local eatery. Be sure the location of the first date is relaxing and light hearted and avoid going anywhere that is either too expensive or too cheap.

#2: Dress Comfortably and Confidently

Whether you are on a first date with a man or a first date with a woman, you will want to put some effort into how you look and dress, especially based on the location of the first date. If your venue is informal, there is no need to dress like you’re going to a job interview. Just wear something that makes you feel comfortable but confident as well.

And do not ignore basic hygiene before the first date, either! Be sure to shower, brush your teeth, and wear deodorant, perfume, or cologne. Remember presentable clothing that is in good condition as well!

#3: Good Body Language on the First Date

You will want to show interest on your first date and one of the best ways to convey interest is through your posture. Make good eye contact with your date, avoid slouching in your seat, and practice fronting, the act of keeping your toes pointed in the direction of your date. Stay engaged at all times to show your date that you are interested in them and what they have to say.

You might also want to practice leaning in when your date is speaking or sharing something with you. This conveys interest and attraction. Mirroring the actions of the other person is another tell that your date likes you and interested in what you have to say.

#4: Practice Give and Take

There is nothing worse than being with someone who only wants to talk about themselves and has no interest in what is going on in your life. Avoid monopolizing the conversation on the first date. Allow yourself the time to share about yourself, but more importantly, allow yourself the time to listen to what your date is telling you and absorb what they are saying.

What to say on a first date is extremely important but it is critical that you know when and when not to say things. Make sure the conversations go both ways!

#5: Natural Touch

Nothing is worse than someone who is overly touchy or someone who is awkward when it comes to touch. You can build chemistry, familiarity, and attraction with your date through touch and do so in a way that is not clingy or creepy. When you touch your date, make sure it is completely appropriate and naturalistic.

Some good examples of natural touch could look like this:

  • Touching the top of your date’s hand as a form of empathy or comfort if they are sharing a sad story.
  • A light touch on their back if you are gently guiding them through a crowded place.
  • A light, playful touch of the arm when making a point or telling a joke.

Being touched is not a first date expectation for everyone. You can use touch to build a relationship, but you also need to be cautious and get a sense of the other person’s boundaries before diving in head first.

#6: Humor is Great for Your First Date

On a first date, you can use humor in a way to keep things light during the date, build a relationship, and establishing some common ground. You can come prepared with some jokes of your own or show your date funny things you have found online. Above all, you will want to use humor as a way of getting to know your date better.

One good bit of first date advice when it comes to humor is to talk to your date about things that you find are funny. In turn, you will want them to talk about the things they find are funny. It is all about getting to know the other person. Discovering their sense of humor and tapping into that can certainly help you to build that relationship!

#7: Positive Language is Important When Dating

One of the best bits of first date advice from the experts is to use positive language throughout the course of the first date. Don’t be afraid to give your date some tasteful compliments, focusing on appropriate subjects like clothes or hair. Avoid cursing on the first date as this is something that can turn some people off.

Keep things positive in your speech. You want to talk about things that matter and are important to you, but you might want to avoid polarizing topics like religion or politics on the first date. There is plenty of time to address those things down the road.

#8: Ask Engaging First Date Questions

Many wonder what to say on a first date. One of the best things you can do to make your first date something really memorable is to come prepared with some engaging first date questions for your date, questions that go beyond the surface and allow you to learn more about them as a person. This will not only provide a rough structure for your first date but will give your date some kind of direction and purpose.

Some prompts or good questions to ask on your first date might be:

  • What is one of the proudest moments of your life?
  • Tell me about one of your best memories.
  • What is something that you would love to learn?
  • Where is your favorite place to be?
  • Tell me about the most important people in your life.

#9: Follow Up Afterwards

We would be remiss if our tips for the first date did not include a strong follow up once the date has ended.

Show your date that you are a person of intention and follow up with them after the first date. Be sure not to wait too long to reach out. You will want to follow up later that same day or the next morning. Tell them that you had a good time getting together and that you would love to do it again sometime soon. Do not be afraid to ask how their schedule is looking and throw out some specific days that would work for you to get together.

Wrap Up on First Date Thoughts

A first date does not have to be a daunting task where you need to do and say the exact right things in order to be successful. You do not want to overanalyze what you say on the first date. It will drive you crazy. Some of the best dating advice we can give you is to be calm and be yourself!

Keep your first date expectations realistic. Operate with intention but do not come across like you are trying too hard. Take time to laugh and simply enjoy the company of your date!

Matt Marino
Matt Marino

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