Best Dating Apps for Teachers

The life of a teacher can be extremely hectic. The demands of the job make it challenging to meet people outside of work. After all, teachers have to deal with planning their lessons every week, grading papers, and getting their students to pass their exams. Plus there is always drama to deal with in the teachers’ unions and with the school administration. It can make for a mentally exhausting and emotionally draining experience! 

Teaching is a demanding profession that certainly poses its own set of unique challenges where online dating and meeting new people are concerned. But we have got you covered! We present to you our favorite teacher dating apps for 2024, dating apps that allow teachers to draw from a large dating pool and customize their searches to find the right kind of singles! Take a short break from teaching others, read on, and allow us to teach you about what makes these teacher dating sites the best on the market! 

Dating App Best For Free Trial
eharmony Logo eHarmony
  • Number of Users: +10 million
  • Gender Ratio: 48% men and 52% women
  • Best For: Finding love and quality, compatible connections
  • Pricing: Begins at $35.90 per month
Zoosk Logo Zoosk
  • Number of Users: 77,000
  • Gender Ratio: 43% men and 57% women
  • Best For: Single parents looking for serious relationships
  • Pricing: Begins at $5.94 per month
Elite Singles Logo Elite Singles
  • Number of Users: 2+ million
  • Gender Ratio: 44% men and 56% women
  • Best For: Finding love and deep relationships with other professionals
  • Pricing: Begins at $31.95 per month

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3 Best Teacher Dating Apps​

Study and read up on some of our best dating apps that are geared toward teachers that date! For your convenience, we have included some costs of membership, links to free trial opportunities, and dating app reviews so you can school yourself about what these matchmaking services are all about!

1: eHarmony – Best for Finding Compatible Singles​

eHarmony Key Information​

  • Year Started: 2000
  • Best For: singles who are looking for long-term commitments and serious relationships
  • Gender Ratio: 51% men and 49% women
  • Active Members: 16 million
  • Visits Per Month: 4 million
  • Most Popular Country: United States (92.1% of users)
  • Matchmaking System: Compatibility Matching System (32 Dimensions of Compatibility)
  • Membership Cost: starting at $35.90/month
eharmony Homepage

Perhaps you are a single teacher, and you are ready to settle down with your forever partner. You want something serious and committed. You want someone to do life with outside of the craziness of grading papers and preparing lesson plans. Or maybe you have done a ton of casual dates and relationships over your summer vacations or during after-hours drinks, and you are tired of that whole song and dance. If this sounds like you, look no further than eHarmony!

eHarmony’s greatest strength is in its compatibility testing, setting up serious relationships that are made to go the distance! They also have an enormous user base (over 50 million active users) which provides one of the most immense dating pools of any online matchmaking service out there! And eHarmony is great for singles teachers who are looking for singles outside of their local area. Teachers can adjust their distance settings to go outside of their school district if they want to avoid running into students during a night out.

2: Zoosk – Best for Casual Relationships and Dating​

Zoosk Key Information​

  • Year Started: 2007
  • Best For: singles who are seeking casual dating and relationships or friendships
  • Gender Ratio: 45% men and 52% women
  • Active Members: 40 million
  • AVisits Per Month: 12 million
  • Most Popular Country: United States (83.9% of users)
  • Matchmaking System: “Smart Pick” analyzes user information and determines their “type”
  • Membership Cost: starting at $29.95/month
Zoosk Homepage Screenshot

You might be in a situation where you are a single teacher, and you want nothing more than to focus on your career but also go on some low-key dates in your free time. Sometimes you just want to meet new people and have fun without getting bogged down with anything too serious. It might distract you from your career or working your way up the professional ladder. Zoosk will probably be your best bet for finding casual dates and relationships as a single teacher!

Zoosk has not been around as long as apps like Match or eHarmony, but they are just as big and definitely have a younger feel overall! There are over 40 million active members, and the site is blessed with about 12 million visits per month! So, right there you have a large dating pool! Zoosk’s “SmartPick” pinpoint the customers’ “type”, and this informs the matchmaking process going forward! There is also a cool feature at Zoosk that keeps up with the latest dating app trends, and it is called the Carousel. This is a swipe-style feature that allows customers to go through their options by swiping left or right!

3: Elite Singles – Best for Finding Highly Educated Singles​

Elite Singles Key Information​

  • Year Started: 2013
  • Best For: Highly educated and professional singles who are looking for serious relationships with other like-minded singles
  • Gender Ratio: 43% men and 57% women
  • Active Members: 13 million
  • AVisits Per Month: 2 million
  • Most Popular Country: United States (98.8% of users)
  • Matchmaking System: personality and compatibility testing
  • Membership Cost: starting at $27.95/month
Elite Singles Homepage Screenshot

Let’s face it. Teachers are highly educated people. It kind of comes with the territory. Most had to go to school for a master’s degree or higher to get the positions that they currently enjoy! Because teachers value education, many naturally look for companionship with singles who appreciate education and are like-minded when it comes to the love of learning and gaining knowledge. 

It comes as no surprise whatsoever that Elite Singles is a great teacher dating site for teachers who are looking for serious relationships with highly educated, professional singles! Elite Singles boasts an active user base of around 13 million users, and around 85% of them have received some sort of higher education or learning in the past!

What Makes These the Best Teacher Dating Apps?​

Free Trials and Affordable Pricing That Fit a Teacher’s Salary​

Depending on how many years you have been teaching, there is a chance that you are not making the best money right now. We understand that tenure is a real game changer for teachers and that the further along you get in your career the more your pay climbs up! Whether you are a newer teacher who is just getting their feet wet, or you are a seasoned pro, our dating apps have membership plans that work for all sorts of incomes as well as free trial offers that allow you to enjoy some of the matchmaking services for no cost!

Location Settings Allow Teachers to Find Singles Outside their School District​

All the dating apps for teachers we recommend allow the user to filter search results for singles based on a slew of different criteria, including distance! Maybe you are uninterested in dating someone at the school where you work. Or maybe you need to do your dating well outside of the school district so you will never run into your students! Who wants all that trouble, right? Be sure to get your distance settings calibrated according to what you need! 

Large Dating Pools Allow Teachers to Expand Their Horizons​

Perhaps your dating app endgame is to meet teachers, people who understand the hardships, trials, and tribulations of your job. Or you might have zero interest in that and want to find singles who are in another profession all together! No matter what your vision is of the ideal single, our best dating apps for teachers feature enormous dating pools that allow teachers to connect with a diverse user base of eligible singles. It helps when each site has millions and millions of active members! 

Niche Teacher Dating Apps​

Perhaps you want to meet teachers and teachers alone when you begin using a dating app! While the dating apps we recommend are awesome in terms of a large user base, immense dating pools, and overall success rate, chances are that you will meet singles who are not in the teaching profession. 

In order to overcome this problem, you will want to use a niche teacher dating app, one where all your search results are going to be teachers! Check them out below! 

Teacher Dating AppVisit Now

Just Teachers Dating LogoJust Teachers Dating


Teachers Date LogoTeachers Date


Teacher Friends Date LogoTeacher Friends Date


Just keep in mind that the dating pools are these sites are going to be a lot smaller because these sites do not have the vast member numbers that sites like eHarmony and Match have. You are going to have fewer results, but they will all be teachers! 

Most Commonly Asked Questions​

If you’re a teacher or looking to date a teacher, there are often questions that come up when searching online. Below we have answered the most frequently asked questions that we receive about it.

Are There Free Dating Apps for Teachers?

The dating apps that we recommend do offer free trial accounts to their customers so, in a sense, these sites can be used for free. The only problem is that each of the free trial offers is not going to include the full range of features, functions, and benefits that customers would get if they were paying for a membership plan. In many cases, these free trials offer limited messaging capabilities and are devoid of special features like profile highlights, profile boosting, or the ability to send virtual gifts. Yes, you can use teacher dating apps for free, but they are going to be limited in scope. Our official recommendation is to go with a paid membership.

What Is the Best Dating App for Teachers?

eHarmony has to be one of the best dating apps for teachers that is currently out on the market. This site puts so much effort into its compatibility testing and making sure that the matches they create are quality and will stand the test of time. Single teachers can find compatible matches using the site’s search filters. They can break down their options with things like appearance, income, beliefs, age, and lifestyle! It also helps that eHarmony has over 50 million users worldwide, one of the largest dating pools you will find anywhere online!

Are These Dating Apps for Single Teachers Safe to Use?

We had our research team do some digging into the history of our favorite dating apps for teachers. They definitely get an A+ when it comes to trustworthiness and legitimacy. The primary concern of many customers is the protection of their personal and financial information. This kind of discretion is of the utmost importance to many. We dug around, and we could not find any trace of these dating apps misusing or mishandling customer information at any point in the past. Something we liked seeing was the use of an encrypted connection for all messaging and general operating systems. This is a great way for these dating apps to be accountable to their customers and to remain on the up and up!

How Long Is the Sign-up Process for These Teacher Dating Apps?

It will typically take 10 to 20 minutes to complete sign-up at any one of the teacher dating apps mentioned in our review. But that time is going to vary based on which site you end up joining. eHarmony might take up that full 20 minutes only because their new member testing and personality quizzing are so involved and in-depth. But a site like Zoosk might take only 10 to 15 minutes because their questionnaire is a lot easier to get through.

How Likely Am I to Meet Teachers Using These Dating Apps?

Your success rate is going to be high when you use the dating apps we recommend! And it does not matter if you are looking for other teachers or someone in a different career field entirely! As mentioned above, there are millions of singles out there that use these sites. This means that there are a ton of options out there for single teachers to find exactly what they are looking for! By all means, you can broaden your search and seek other singles by location if you are looking for singles outside of your local area or school district.