FarmersOnly Review for 2023

Farmers, ranchers, agricultural workers, livestock owners, and cowboys/cowgirls are hard-working folk who work long hours to ensure the country is fed and that the fruits of their labor get to market on time. It’s a round-the-clock job. At times, it can feel thankless. There are moments throughout the day you might feel utterly alone in the solitude of the fields, pastures, and out on the range.

Single farmers (or anyone else who works in agriculture) desire true love, romance, and opportunities to go out on dates just as much as the next person. We present to you FarmersOnly, a niche dating app that helps farmers, ranchers, and cowpoke find these kinds of relationships with other like-minded people online!

In this FarmersOnly review, we’ll cover the cost of a premium membership plan and all the features you can enjoy. We’ll also show you how to begin a new account, develop your personal FarmersOnly profile, and begin browsing for singles who share your interest in down-home living and the wide open spaces! Finally, we’ll touch on “free trial” offers which allow you to enjoy a limited number of the membership features.

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How will you know if FarmersOnly is the right dating app for your needs? We’ll present you with some fast facts to give you an idea of who this app is for, how it creates matches for its members, and how many people are currently enjoying its services.

FarmersOnly Fast Facts

Fact Details
Site Name
Key Info Year Founded: 2005
Best For: Farmers and ranchers who are looking for serious relationships, true love, and romance
Number of Active Members: 4.5 million
Visits Per Week: 103,000
Gender Ratio: 65% men to 35% women
Matchmaking Process: Matches are made based on personal information and dating preferences
Cost of Membership FarmersOnly prices start at $10.99
Free Trial Yes
Sign Up Time 5 minutes

FarmersOnly Rating Process

Check out our overall ratings for the FarmersOnly dating app. We examined five key categories that touch on the most critical aspects of the platform, including membership features, cost, and the volume of active users.

Category Score
Features 2.5
Ease of Use 4.5
Match Quality 3.1
Cost 3.9
Active User Base 2.9

Key Takeaways

Honestly, our review of FarmersOnly has shown us that there’s a lot to like and a lot to dislike about this dating app. Learning to use FarmersOnly is really simple, and they do offer a form of swipe-style dating, a modern feature that does offset the dated look of the platform to some degree.

For being a niche dating app, there certainly are a lot of good, eligible singles using FarmersOnly. Ultimately, you might have better results with a mainstream dating app because many using FarmersOnly live in rural areas, and they might be hard to connect with or visit.

We are not overly impressed with the features we found at FarmersOnly. As a paying member, you can send messages to other members, see who has viewed your profile or sent you flirts, use FarmPhone, and a few other things. There are not many interesting or exciting features available for members on this platform, not anything that we felt set the app apart from competitors.

The most promising aspect of FarmersOnly is that it’s extremely easy to navigate and use the app! The menus and tabs are set up in a manner that there’s little question regarding where things are located or how things work on the app. The sign-up process is quick, and it’s effortless to develop your personal profile, establish your search settings, and find other singles near you. 

FarmersOnly uses a combination of your personal information and your dating preferences to steer the right kind of singles in your direction. We took the time to set these up and then hopped over to the Discover feature to begin swiping through the suggested profiles. For being such a small dating app, there were many good options available at FarmersOnly as far as eligible singles go.

FarmersOnly definitely comes at a reasonable, affordable price regardless of your chosen membership plan. The monthly rate begins at $21.95 and continues to drop when you start dealing with longer-term premium memberships. FarmersOnly is a good dating app all around when it comes to the cost of membership.

Although around 4.5 million members are scattered across the United States and Canada, there are only approximately 103,000 members who are active every week on the app. There’s a much smaller user base here than a mainstream dating app, but we were surprised to find some good options on Discover! For being a niche app, there certainly are some excellent opportunities on FarmersOnly. Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons
  • Niche dating app for finding true love and romance with farmers or ranchers
  • 4.5 million members from the US and Canada
  • 103,000 members active weekly and 100,000 new visitors each month
  • Create a profile, adjust search settings, and view FarmersOnly members for free
  • FarmPhone is a private phone line for premium members to call and text on
  • Discover feature allows for modern swipe-style dating
  • 5-minute sign-up process and intuitively designed for excellent ease of use
  • Uninteresting and limited features for paying members
  • Many members live in rural areas which makes real-life dating difficult
  • Niche dating app with a lot fewer members than mainstream apps
  • Far more men use the app than women (65% men to 35% women)
  • There’s currently no app available for iOS users
  • Customer support isn’t the most responsive and can be vastly improved
  • A limited free trial account doesn’t allow for any messaging

Free Trial

You start with free user status whenever you sign up for an account at FarmersOnly. It costs nothing to register an account, create a personal profile, adjust your search preferences, and see what kind of singles are using FarmersOnly via the Discover function. This is what’s known as the FarmersOnly “free trial.” At any point, you can upgrade to a premium membership plan.

The “free trial” at FarmersOnly is not technically a free trial because it does bar its users from several premium membership features, the biggest one being unlimited messaging capabilities with other members. The free trial will give you enough of a taste of FarmersOnly so you can determine if this is the right dating app for your needs. You can figure out how to navigate the user interface and see what kind of singles are using the platform.

Free Trial Features

Premium Membership Plans

Three premium membership plans are available to customers at FarmersOnly, and each comes with the same features and benefits. The price difference is based on the length of the membership plan.

1-Month Membership


3-Month Membership


6-Month Membership


The price per month of the premium membership goes down as the length of the plan increases, which means some savings that customers can capitalize on. You might pay more in total for extended membership plans, but you can take advantage of some monthly savings along the way. Who wants to constantly renew a 1-month membership plan over and over again and pay full price?

There are no payment plans for premium memberships. Customers need to pay the entire membership cost at one time and in one shot before they can even begin using FarmersOnly.


Each premium membership plan offered at FarmersOnly is set to automatically renew once it has reached the end of its term. If you purchase a FarmersOnly premium membership, it will continue to automatically renew at the end of each cycle unless you contact customer service to cancel or set the auto-renewal feature to “off” in your account settings.

Free Features vs. Paid Features

We covered what free trial users can do at FarmersOnly without paying, but what can paying members enjoy and experience? Check out our comparison of free and paid features below.

If you’re already interested in using FarmersOnly, you’ll definitely want to consider a premium membership. Becoming a member is much more rewarding, primarily because you can send and receive messages from other members.

Free Features Paid Features
Register an account at FarmersOnly Unlimited messaging with other singles
Create, develop, and edit your personal profile See other members’ statuses and their last visit date to FarmersOnly
Set and adjust your search criteria Post unlimited photos
View other members’ profiles and pictures Find out which members have liked your profile or pictures
See who’s currently online at FarmersOnly FarmPhone allows members to speak with other singles via a private phone line
Use the Discovery feature to browse through a catalog of singles Block members
Add singles to your Favorites List See which members have sent you flirts
Send “flirts” Any free trial features and capabilities

Customer Service

The customer support options we found at FarmersOnly were par for the course compared to other niche dating apps. We have yet to find any methods for reaching an actual person at customer service. Instead, this has been replaced with an FAQ page and a generic message form. As a whole, customer service and support are rather lackluster based on what we have seen and firsthand users’ experiences.

FAQ Page

To access the customer service and support center, scroll down on the main menu on the left-hand side of the screen to “frequently asked questions.” Once you click there, you’ll be taken to the comprehensive FAQ guide, broken down by common subjects.

Generic Contact Form

FarmersOnly.Com Generic Contact Form Screenshot

One option down from “frequently asked questions” is “contact support.” Click here, and you’ll be presented with a bunch of options:

When you click on either “suggestions” or “can’t find an answer to your question,” you’ll be taken to the generic contact form you see in the image above. Include your name, your phone number, and your message. Customer service is usually good about responding to inquiries within 24 hours or less.

Signing Up and Using the FarmersOnly App

When we created a free trial account at, we were shocked by how easy it was to set up the account, create our personal profile, and then navigate the app. This is the quickest sign-up process we have ever encountered. It didn’t take much more than five minutes to complete! And we were really impressed by FarmersOnly’s intuitive design. It allows you to get around the platform with hardly any trouble at all.

Here’s a breakdown of the sign-up process and some tips on navigating the app if you happen to be a first-timer. Homepage Screenshot

Begin by visiting or clicking on the image above. The first step involves a few things. You will need to provide your email address, zip code, and age. You’ll also need to specify your gender and the gender of the singles you’re looking to meet on the app.

Read and agree to the terms of service and then click on “search now!”

FarmersOnly Sign Up Process Screenshot 1

Upload at least one photo of yourself to continue to the next step. You can upload from your mobile device or import photos directly from your Facebook account.

Once you’ve submitted your profile photo, you’re immediately taken to the FarmersOnly home page. It was somewhat jarring because we were expecting to keep jumping through the hoops of the sign-up process. With numerous other dating apps, you develop and add information to your personal profile as you go through the sign-up process, but with FarmersOnly, you go straight to the app, and you can create and develop your profile as you go!


FarmersOnly Sign Up Process Screenshot 2

Under the “profile settings” menu, you can view your profile as it stands, edit your location, post additional photos, and set your profile to be visible or hidden to other users. There’s also the “edit your profile” option, where you can make changes as you see fit.

Edit Your Profile

FarmersOnly Sign Up Process Screenshot 3

Under the “about you” tab, you have an entire menu where you can add different facts about yourself, describe who you are in more detail via written-word response, and provide a profile headline to get other readers’ attention. 

Your Match

FarmersOnly Sign Up Process Screenshot 4

Shift one tab over from “about you,” and you’ll see the “your match” section where you can describe your ideal match. will take your personal information and these preferences into consideration.  

Now we’ll talk about how to go about finding singles on FarmersOnly. There are several ways you can go about finding people on the app. We’ll cover each and every one so you have a good understanding of what tools are available and the best way to begin your search. 

Search Function

On FarmersOnly’s homepage, click on the “search” icon above the “profile settings.” It’s indicated by an image of a magnifying glass in front of a desktop computer. You can also access this page by clicking on “member search” in the lefthand main menu. 

Either link you click on, you will be sent to the app’s advanced search criteria, where you can search members by their name, desired relationship, smoking or drinking habits, body type, ethnicity, education level, education, and many other topics. 

Who’s Online?

FarmersOnly Sign Up Process Screenshot 5

This is an option for finding out who’s online at that very moment. This page can be accessed by clicking on “who’s online?” in the main menu on the left-hand side of the screen. There’s even a set of search criteria at the top of the page where you can adjust your search based on factors like age and distance.


FarmersOnly Sign Up Process Screenshot 6

Click on the “discover” tab on the lefthand main menu, and browse through a catalog of singles matching your personal preferences and search criteria. You can give them a thumbs down if you’re not interested or a thumbs up if you like what you see. 

You can access their profile information by clicking on the little white circle icon with the “i” in the middle. As a premium member, you can click on the little white speech bubble to send them a message.

What People Are Saying About FarmersOnly

What do the customers have to say about We did a little research consulting our faithful stand-bys, SiteJabber and Trustpilot. These are comments and feedback from those who have used FarmersOnly for themselves.

Ernest Tunnel - Trustpilot Review
Ernest Tunnel - Trustpilot ReviewSeptember 14, 2022
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“FarmersOnly is a phony site that makes money on auto-renewing people's profiles and unauthorized charges. Anyway, I don't need it anymore, I'm married now. I met my wife on my wife is a girl twice younger than me with beautiful body and amiable personality. At first I had my doubts because I could not imagine her live on a farm. But she also grew up in the country and she is easily getting used to it again. She seems happy with me and as for me, I am in seventh heaven.”
Kathryn G. - SiteJabber Review
Kathryn G. - SiteJabber ReviewMarch 16, 2022
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“I subscribed to back in 2020. I did not find very many active profiles in my area. I canceled my membership. But, somehow in July of 2021 they decided to restart my membership without my knowledge. After several months, when my account was overdrawn I discovered what they had done. I contacted my bank and they reversed the charges. However, farmers claimed I restarted my account when I signed in to notify them that I had canceled in 2020. Now I am stuck paying for a membership I never restarted. I would caution anyone that this website is only after your money. Buyer Beware!”
Christopher Manchin - Trustpilot Review
Christopher Manchin - Trustpilot ReviewJune 22, 2022
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“I was only contacted by fake profiles. They look to good to be true. They write in a strange manner, no like a genuine woman would write. They have nothing to do with farming.”
Connie E. - SiteJabber Review
Connie E. - SiteJabber ReviewAugust 27, 2017
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“Well, I saw an add on the television about this new dating site which I have never heard about. I decided to go on there and check it out and come to find out they already had my email address and they said that I already had an account. That is not true! I couldn't obtain a password. They knew my age also. And I tried the site, only to be bombarded with emails. And I can't respond, to anyone, unless I pay. Immediately after I joined Farmers Only, I am getting an email from Zoosk from somebody I have no idea who it is saying that they could not share pictures with me. They said I asked for them. They wanted me to go to another site. I have not been on Zoosk for a year or more. I deleted account. So I am thinking these sites are hacked. BEWARE!”

FarmersOnly Alternatives

If you’ve read our FarmersOnly review and come to the conclusion that there are greener pastures out there, we are happy to guide you in the direction of some great alternative farmer dating apps that serve a similar purpose.

Niche Farmer Dating Apps FAQ

Still not sure if FamersOnly is the right dating app for you? Check out some of the most commonly asked questions we see from real people below and our answers to them.

FarmersOnly is a niche dating app founded in April 2005 in Ohio. This app caters to those who live out in the country working as farmers, ranch hands, cowboys/cowgirls, and livestock owners. People all over the country use this app, and anyone is free to join. 

You don’t really have to be a farmer, a rancher, or work in agriculture to become a member of FarmersOnly. Anyone who wants to can join the app and purchase a premium membership plan. But your chances of finding someone who works as a farmer increase significantly using FarmersOnly because many of its members are involved in this lifestyle and vocation. is unique in that the “sign-up process” comprises only two steps: the first screen, where you include your zip code, email address, and age, and the second screen, where you add a profile photo. After this, you’re immediately launched to your personal profile, and you can continue to work on developing it at your own pace. Everything might take you 5 minutes to complete!

There are three different premium membership plans that you can purchase at The 1-month membership costs $21.95 per month, the 3-month membership costs $39.96 ($13.32 per month), and the 6-month membership costs $65.94 ($10.99 per month). 

You begin as a free user when you first create an account and a personal profile on the FarmersOnly dating app. As a free trial member, you will only be able to enjoy a few of the features that a paying member can experience. Free users cannot message other singles on the app, see who has viewed their profile, or access FarmPhone. You can upgrade to a premium membership at any point you choose. 

The most significant advantage of premium membership is the ability to communicate with other singles on the app without any restrictions. Members can also post unlimited photos, see when other members have viewed their profiles or sent flirts, and block members they do not want to deal with. FarmersOnly doesn’t come with a whole lot of exciting features, if we’re being totally honest. 

We’d say that the FarmersOnly dating app would be worth your time if you’re looking to date or marry someone who works in agriculture as a farmer, a rancher, or a cowboy/cowgirl. The critical thing to remember is that this is a niche dating app. There are not a whole lot of people who use this platform compared to mainstream dating apps. Many users at live in rural areas, making dating difficult in real life. 

As far as we can see in this FarmersOnly review, this is an entirely legitimate and safe-to-use dating app. We looked into the app’s 17-year history and found no instances whatsoever of the app selling off the customers’ personal or financial information to third parties. Any pictures that customers share with the platform have never appeared in Google search results. 

There are a few niche dating apps that are similar to These include Farmers Dating Site, Cowboy Singles, WesternMatch, RedneckMeet, CountryMatch, and MuddyMatches. They cater to a much smaller market, but you’re guaranteed to find singles who are farmers, ranchers, or agricultural workers.

FarmersOnly is a dating app that caters to an older customer base. The average age of the typical FarmersOnly member is 25-40 years. 

There are around 4.5 million members at FarmersOnly, scattered across the United States and Canada. There are about 103,000 members who are active weekly on the platform. There are about 100,000 new visitors to the app each month.