ChristianCupid Review 2024

ChristianCupid is a terrific niche Christian dating app that caters to singles looking for serious relationships with those who share their Christian beliefs and values. For your convenience, we’ve provided you with an honest and transparent ChristianCupid review that covers everything about this dating app, from membership plans and price points to trial offers and a step-by-step guide to the sign-up process!

Is Christiancupid Worth the Time and Effort for You?

Check out our honest ChristianCupid review to find out if this dating app is a good fit. We’ll cover the features available for premium members and standard users alike. We’ve even included a comprehensive list of the pros and cons we found along the way.

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About ChristianCupid

What are the most important things I need to know about ChristianCupid before using the app? Our fast facts will give you more insight into this online dating app, what they offer its customers, and the scope of its services.

ChristianCupid Fast Facts


Site Name

Key Info

Year Founded: 1999
Best For: Christian singles who are looking for serious relationships with others who share their Christian values and beliefs
Number of Active Members: 670,000
Visitor Per Week: 300,000
Gender Ratio: 60% men to 40% women
Matchmaking Process: Advanced search filter and personal preferences

Cost of Membership

ChristianCupid prices start at $3.83

Sign Up Time

5 minutes

Rating ChristianCupid

Check out our process for rating ChristianCupid as a dating site for Christian singles! We looked at the membership features, the quality of daily matches, how easy it was to use the app, the membership cost, and the number of active members. We gave each of these major categories an individual score. To reach our overall score for ChristianCupid, we simply took an average. ChristianCupid comes in at a strong 4.1 out of 5!

Overall: 4.1 Rating Stars




Ease of Use


Match Quality




Active User Base




ChristianCupid Pros and Cons

We’re committed to bringing you an honest ChristianCupid review. Check out the top pros and cons of this dating app to get a good idea of this is the best online dating platform for your needs!

Thumbs Up Icon

Reasons to Join

  • 300,000 members are active on a weekly basis
  • Advanced search filters can be customized to enhance your search
  • Members can have their account verified to boost trust and confidence
  • Profile highlights allow Diamond members’ profiles to get top placement
  • Many ways to pay for memberships including credit cards, bank transfers, and Google Pay
  • A short sign-up process that lets you customize your profile as you go
  • The matches page features a photo wall and the ability to mutual match or reverse match
Thumbs Down Icon

Reasons Not to Join

  • Standard Membership Plan doesn’t allow users to message other members
  • Limited customer service options
  • The mobile app is only available for Android users
  • Fake profiles make their way through the vetting system like any other dating app
  • The app is inundated with ads if you’re operating as a Standard Plan member
  • The app can be a bit glitchy and will not always capture changes made by the user
  • All premium membership plans are set to auto-renew unless otherwise canceled

Standard Membership

The “trial period” at ChristianCupid is also known as the Standard Membership Plan. It’s a way for newcomers to the app to use limited features without paying any money. New members can get a good feel for how the app works, where things are located across the various menus and tabs, and what kind of singles are using the platform.

The whole idea of the Standard Membership is to allow the user time to see the app and what it has to offer. The hope is that the user will sign up for a premium membership where all the app’s features can be enjoyed. In the case of ChristianCupid, there are only a few features to be appreciated beyond registering an account, posting photos, and creating a profile.

Standard Membership Features

  • Register an account
  • Create and develop a profile
  • Adjust your personal preferences and search settings
  • Basic search and matching
  • Send likes
  • Upload photos
  • Respond to messages sent by paying members
  • Block or report other members

Premium membership plans are the way to go when all is said and done. The Standard Membership Plan at ChristianCupid doesn’t even allow its users to message other members (unless it’s a response to a premium member’s message). Membership plans really open up options to the customer and let them use ChristianCupid to its fullest potential.

But if you want to check things out before putting money down for a premium membership, go with the Standard Membership Plan and use the app in a limited capacity free of charge.

Premium Memberships

ChristianCupid provides its customers with an excellent variety of premium membership plans that all come at affordable monthly rates! There are 12 different membership plans available! There are three separate tiers (diamondplatinum, and gold) of membership packages, with four plans for each level. Each tier offers you a different set of features, and the four plans under each tier all represent different membership lengths.

Here’s a breakdown of all the premium membership plans currently available at ChristianCupid. If you are looking for a more detailed look at it, be sure to check out our full analysis of the ChristianCupid Cost.

Diamond Subscription

Plan LengthCost Per MonthTotal Cost

1 Week

$15.00 (cost for 1 week)

$15.00 (cost for 1 week)

1 Month



3 Months



12 Months



What Features Are Included?

  • Basic matching
  • Communication with paying members
  • Unlock your messages
  • Hide your profile and pictures
  • Unlock exclusive search features
  • Instant translate messages
  • Priority messaging
  • Profile highlights
  • Like
  • Send unlimited communications
  • No ads
  • Double your profile space
  • Get better matches
  • Rank above other members
  • Rank above all members
  • Premium customer service

Platinum Subscription

Plan LengthCost Per MonthTotal Cost

1 Week

$7.49 (cost for 1 week)

$7.49 (cost for 1 week)

1 Month



3 Months



12 Months



What Features Are Included?

  • Basic matching
  • Communication with paying members
  • Unlock your messages
  • Hide your profile and pictures
  • Unlock exclusive search features
  • Instant translate messages
  • Like
  • Send unlimited communications
  • No ads
  • Double your profile space
  • Get better matches
  • Rank above other members

Gold Subscription

Plan LengthCost Per MonthTotal Cost

1 Week

$5.49 (cost for 1 week)

$5.49 (cost for 1 week)

1 Month



3 Months



12 Months



What Features Are Included?

  • Basic matching
  • Communication with paying members
  • Unlock your messages
  • Hide your profile and pictures
  • Like
  • Send unlimited communications
  • No ads

The further down the tiers you travel, the fewer features you’ll be able to experience. The Diamond tier has the most features, while the Gold level has the least. Something worth noting is that the longer the plan length, the cheaper the monthly rate. Although you’ll have to pay the total cost of membership for a more extended plan, like 3 or 12 months, you’ll get a nice discount on the monthly cost rate.

There are no payment plans for premium memberships. All packages must be paid for upfront before customers may begin using them and enjoying their features.


Each of the premium plans at ChristianCupid comes with an auto-renewal feature. When any membership plan comes to the end of its term, it will automatically renew itself. This means that the customer will be charged again for the same subscription they had before, and the services of ChristianCupid will continue like normal. It’s a way to save the customer the time to go back in and purchase another plan.

The auto-renewal function can be shut off so you don’t get charged again for a membership plan you might not want after your initial purchase. You can cancel the auto-renewal feature by contacting customer service or shutting it off in your account settings.

Free vs. Paid Features

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between strictly using a Standard Membership Plan account and purchasing a premium membership plan at ChristianCupid. Far and away, the membership plan is the best course of action. You’re giving yourself a massive advantage if you pay for all the premium features. For one thing, you’ll be able to actually message the people you meet on the app! 

As you can see, the Standard Membership is really limiting and is not a viable way to use the app for everything it’s intended to do. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to begin with the Standard Membership (because it doesn’t cost anything), but we highly recommend upgrading whenever you get the chance. 

Free FeaturesPaid Features

Register an account

Any free features that come with a standard membership plan

Create and develop a profile

Unlimited messaging and unlocking messages

Adjust your personal Preferences and search settings

Hide your profile or photos

Basic search and matching

Exclusive search features to get better matches

Send likes

Priority messaging and message translation

Upload photos

Double profile space with no ads

Respond to messages sent by paying members of ChristianCupid

Rank above all other members

Block or report other members

Profile highlights

Account Sign-up and Getting Around

The entire sign-up process at ChristianCupid might take 5 minutes altogether to complete. This is another one of those Christian dating apps that allows you to work on your personal profile after you’ve gained access to the app. We’ll walk you through all the essential parts of the ChristianCupid app, including the sign-up process, uploading photos, completing your profile, and checking out the singles using the app. 

Step #1: Visit ChristianCupid


Step #2: Initial Information


The first step involves you adding your name, your gender, the gender of the singles you’re interested in, your age, your email address, and a unique password. You also need to read and accept the Privacy Statement and the Terms of Use and then click on the “view singles now” button. 

Step #3: Add Photos


Step #4: Develop Your Profile

View Profile


Personality Questions


Edit Profile


Hobbies and Interests


Step #5: Adjust Your Search Filters


Step #6: Search for Your Match



Personality Questions


Customer Service

Customer service is one of the weaker areas of this ChristianCupid review. While many dating apps at least feature an FAQ page to help customers troubleshoot problems, Christian Cupid only has a help ticket option for customers looking for assistance. Customer service at this app is minimal, and there’s not much of a human touch. 

How Do You Access Customer Service Center?

ChristianCupid Customer Service

On the ChristianCupid home screen, you can access the help center by clicking on the cog icon on the far right side of the page and scrolling down to “help.” 

Help Ticket

The first thing that will pop up is the help ticket. The app will provide suggestions, but you can use the search bar to type in your question, concern, or inquiry at the top of the menu. 

Generic Contact Form

There’s another way to reach out to customer service, and this is through the generic contact form. You can send a direct email to customer service along with a description of the issue or problem you’re facing. You should get an answer within 24 hours of sending out your message. 

ChristianCupid FAQ

We hope that we were able to answer all of your questions about ChristianCupid and whether or not it’s right for you. If you still have questions, please check out our answers below to the most commonly asked ones we receive.

What Is ChristianCupid?

ChristianCupid is a niche dating app that helps Christian singles find true love, romance, and serious relationships with other Christians. It’s operated by Cupid Media, a company founded in Australia in 1999 that currently oversees many other dating apps worldwide.

What’s the Cost of ChristianCupid?

There are actually 12 different membership plans to choose from! Membership is broken into three tiers (Diamond, Platinum, and Gold), and each level features four subscription options that vary in length. Diamond tier plans begin at a low $10 per month, platinum plans start at $5 per month, and gold plans begin at $3.83 per month.

Can I Use ChristianCupid for Free?

When you first sign up for an account at ChristianCupid, you begin in free mode or the Standard Membership Plan. The Standard plan is limited as far as features go. Beyond just creating and developing your profile and adjusting your search settings and personal preferences, you can enjoy basic matching with other members, send likes, and respond to messages sent by paying members.

How Old Are Singles on ChristianCupid?

The average member of ChristianCupid is going to be between the ages of 35 and 45. This is an older demographic when you consider that many dating apps cater to 20-somethings, but there are exceptions to the average.

Is ChristianCupid Safe to Use?

ChristianCupid is a safe and secure online dating platform. Any photos shared with the app will never appear on Google, and all personal or financial information is kept secure via an encrypted connection. ChristianCupid allows users to erase their personal data and delete their accounts if they feel uncomfortable. Finally, the Christian dating app also takes the time to vet any new members who join the service, although fake profiles do make their way in from time to time.

What Is the Message Filter, and How Does It Work?

The message filter is a way for you to filter incoming messages. If there are specific kinds of communications you want to receive in your inbox, you can adjust the settings on the filter and limit what you see to fit those criteria.

Can I Verify My Profile?

Yes, you can, and this is something that we recommend to anyone who pays for a membership at ChristianCupid. Getting your profile verified adds to the authenticity of your profile in the eyes of other users. Members will feel like they can approach you because the app thoroughly verifies your identity. You can verify your profile by providing official identification, like a driver’s license or a passport. The verification process will take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

How Many Members Make Up ChristianCupid?

There are 670,000 active members at ChristianCupid, and the app experiences weekly traffic totaling 300,000 visitors. Those numbers make ChristianCupid one of the market’s most prominent niche Christian dating apps. Christian Mingle is a great alternative (if you’re looking for a large base of users).

Is There a ChristianCupid App?

There’s an app for ChristianCupid, but it’s only available for Android devices. iOS users can access the site using their web browser and a reliable internet connection. We found the app and the site function similarly with few differences.

How Long Is the Sign-up Process?

The sign-up process is swift and easy. This is another one of those dating sites where you assemble your personal profile after you’ve been granted access to the app. You can begin looking around the app, checking out singles, and seeing how everything works before completing your profile. The entire sign-up process (including creating your profile) should only take about 5 minutes.

What’s up with the Different Membership Plan Tiers?

There are three different membership tiers: diamond, platinum, and gold. Within those tiers are four separate plans a piece. The difference between the four plans within each tier is the length of time that you want to purchase the plan. As you increase your tier level, you get more and better features.

With the Diamond tier (the top tier), you’ll have exclusive access to the four best features ChristianCupid offers: priority messaging, ranking above all other members, profile highlights, and premium customer service.

What Payment Methods Does ChristianCupid Take?

There are several ways to pay for a premium membership, including major credit cards, Google Pay, Skrill, bank transfers, and Paysafecard. Major credit cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Diner’s Club.