Tawkify Membership Cost

Tawkify is a personalized matchmaking service where each paying member has access to their own concierge, who handles the entire matchmaking process based on what they know about their dating goals and preferences. Suppose you like having someone do all the searches and vetting for you. In that case, Tawkify is a terrific option if you’re looking for a marriage partner, soulmate, or long-term relationship.

How much does Tawkify cost? Is the cost of Tawkify worth what you’re getting in premium features and overall experience? That’s what we aim to answer here as we look at the cost of Tawkify and examine its membership plan. For being a matchmaking service with a human touch, Tawkify comes at a relatively affordable price, but you must commit to at least a year of its services.

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Tawkify Standard Membership

Tawkify is memorable because it only offers one membership plan for interested singles. Becoming a premium subscriber at Tawkify grants new members access to a personal matchmaking expert who does all the compatibility testing and background checks on your future matches.

Membership PlanCost Per MonthTotal Cost

1-Year Premium Membership



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Payment Plans

  • Tawkify doesn’t have monthly installments or payment plans for members to cover the cost of membership.
  • The total cost must be paid in full, ahead of time, and in a single lump sum before new members can use their new account.
  • Paying members can get daily match suggestions, chat with other singles on the app, and view profile pages and bio information.

The Tawkify cost may seem higher than other dating app prices, but you must remember that the membership plan comes with a personal matchmaker and coaching sessions to help you connect with your matches. It’s a subscription that contains a ton of value and is well worth the price, considering the perks you’re getting.


The yearlong Tawkify membership is set to automatically re-up at the end of the billing cycle. Premium members don’t have to worry about repurchasing a new plan and entering their payment information because Tawkify takes care of it all every time your current plan ends. This is known as auto-renewal or continuous billing.

While auto-renewal is convenient for members who want uninterrupted access to their premium benefits, some singles don’t want their accounts to be charged automatically for a new plan. Some want to use what they paid for and nothing more. Bypass being billed automatically by turning off auto-renewal under your billing preferences.

Tawkify Membership Features

Though Tawkify is limited in terms of its membership options, several exciting features come with the paid subscription. There’s a wide variety of perks and benefits awaiting paying members of the Tawkify app, the top feature being the personal matchmaker!

Your Profile Goes Live

New members must upgrade to the premium subscription for their profile to appear in other paying members’ searches. If you’ve gone through the onboarding process but choose not to pay for a membership, you can’t view your own profile, and other members cannot see it.

Personal Concierge

This is the best feature of the paid membership at Tawkify. Each paying member has the luxury of a personal matchmaker who provides daily match suggestions and completes background checks on any Tawkify members they deem are a compatible fit. Once you’ve entered your search terms during the sign-up process, your personal matchmaker does the rest of the work to find someone special.

Background Checks and VIP Screening

Your personal matchmaker/concierge is tasked with vetting any new matches they send to your suggestion queue. This is to ensure you can meet someone special but do so safely. They also run your matches through VIP screening (values, interests, and preferences) for compatible connections and relationships that align with your criteria.

Unlimited Communication

Paying members of the Tawkify dating app get unlimited match suggestions each day, and they can message any of these suggestions with no limits. You’ll never be capped on the number of messages you send to your match daily.

Coaching Sessions

Tawkify gives its premium members advice and counsel on finding the right relationship online. This is top-notch help from the app’s coaching team. Tawkify guarantees its members are appropriately matched and lays the foundation for a strong relationship within the first twelve dates.

Refer a Friend Points

For every referred friend to Tawkify, paying dating app members can get better match suggestions. As other people join the app and build up the dating pool, Tawkify rewards those who point their friends toward the service. It’s a win-win scenario: Tawkify builds its business, and you can match suggestions using enhanced search criteria.

Is Tawkify Free?

It’s free to register and create a complimentary profile at Tawkify. However, there’s no free membership or a free trial plan where non-paying members can test the app or look around to see who’s using it. This isn’t a great dating service if you want to test things out before committing with your wallet.

Once new users complete the registration process, submit search terms, and enter information to form their Tawkify profile, they can upgrade to a premium plan. Of course, you’re not obligated to become a paid member; you can walk away.

But this is where Tawkify differs from other dating apps. It’s technically a professional matchmaking service: there’s no free trial plan and no way for a non-paying member to experience any part of Tawkify’s services. You can’t even view your profile page without upgrading to the premium plan. That’s how little of a free trial there is at Tawkify!

Tawkify Cost FAQ

What are our customers and readers asking about the cost of Tawkify? Check out some of the most common questions we’ve received about the Tawkify app. Use this section to get the highlights and key points on Tawkify cost and memberships.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth look, be sure to read through our Tawkify review as well.

How Much Does Tawkify Cost?

There’s only one membership available at Tawkify. It covers one year and costs $99.99. Anyone interested in joining must pay for their plan in full before they can use the premium perks and benefits.

Is Tawkify Free?

Tawkify is distinct from other matchmaking services and dating sites because they don’t offer new users a free trial or membership plan. You can register a new account for free by completing the sign-up process and entering information to form your basic Tawkify profile. But you cannot browse the site, get matches, or even view your profile until you become a paid member.

Does the Tawkify Membership Auto-Renew?

The membership plan is set up with continuous billing, meaning that your subscription at Tawkify will automatically re-up, and you’ll be charged the cost of a new plan. Though this saves you some time to repurchase a new plan, you might not be crazy about being charged automatically so that you can turn off the auto-renewal feature under your billing preferences.

Can I Pay for my Tawkify Membership in Installments?

There are no payment plans or monthly installments on the Tawkify membership. One of the terms and conditions of becoming a paid site member is paying the $99.00 upfront before accessing your new account.

How Long Does It Take to Sign Up at Tawkify?

Our research team has to register a new account and upgrade to premium to write our review. It only takes five to ten minutes to complete the onboarding process and upgrade to a paid membership plan.

How Is the Cost of Tawkify Compared to Other Options?

Tawkify is a matchmaking service where you get your own human matchmaker, so this dating app costs more than most. But they only offer a one-year membership plan. When you compare their single-year plan against other dating apps, Tawkify comes a lot cheaper. Still, it’s only expensive compared to other platforms in general because they don’t offer anything other than the one-year plan.