The Top 5 Romantic Getaways for Couples in 2024

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Ever caught yourself gazing out of your office window, lost in thoughts about an enchanting escape? We know the feeling all too well. But why reserve such trips for special events only? The beauty of adulthood is the freedom to spontaneously decide on a vacation, “just because.”

We’re here to say, go ahead and indulge in a getaway crafted for two. With a bit of clicking and planning (which might be slightly challenging), you could find yourself soaking up the sun on a Caribbean beach, inhaling the fresh mountain air in the Northeast or the West, or meandering through the historical lanes of European cities.

What’s the most important thing to consider? What do you both want to do on this vacation? It might be a weekend spent idly in bed, discovering a new metropolis with its museums and secret culinary dishes, or locating a tranquil spot for getting lost in a book you’ve been itching to get your eyes on, with your toes buried in the sand and the sun warming your face.

Our curated list includes diverse destinations worldwide, from beachy retreats to upscale resorts, ideal for commemorating milestones like engagements, anniversaries, vow renewals, or simply “just because.” Whether you’re packing a skimpy swimsuit or a light jacket because the evenings can get chilly, keep reading to uncover the top five romantic getaways for couples in 2024 that promise to be an idyllic spot for you and your partner.

ios greece

Ios, Greece

While you might need to block out at least a week (maybe even ten days, just to be safe) for a trip from the U.S. to Greece, omitting Ios from our list of romantic destinations would be an oversight. Known for its pristine beaches and historical sites, Ios offers a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere.

The eco-luxury resort Calilo, located in a secluded area once popular among hippies, emphasizes privacy and sustainability. Its thirty suites feature amenities like swim-up bars, plush daybeds, and heart-shaped pools, adding to its romantic allure. Since 2019, the resort has been lovingly managed by a couple, infusing every aspect with their passion and dedication.

waikiki oahu

Waikiki, Oahu

Waikiki, a gem in Oahu, is known for its beautiful resorts, serene beaches, and upscale shopping. The recently opened Wayfinder has made finding a romantic, affordable, and stylish hotel in Waikiki much easier.

This boutique mid-century hotel offers surprisingly affordable rooms, poolside suites, and vibrant decor, all in the heart of the city. Enjoy a romantic moonlit evening on your room’s veranda or a quiet beach stroll. And keep an eye out for Los & Found, a poolside speakeasy rumored to be opening soon, promising tropical-themed cocktails.



Aruba, often referred to as One Happy Island, ranks high on our Caribbean vacation list, thanks to its affordability and renowned beaches. The Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino is an ideal spot for engagements, featuring a sunset concierge to help you find the perfect proposal spot. For those already married, the hotel offers a vow-renewal package, complete with a sunset photo session and a couples massage, making Aruba an iconic location for such ceremonies.

In the mood for some lively entertainment? Check out the downtown piano bar for a night of singing. Or, for a picturesque day, visit the private flamingo island at the Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort.

dominican republic

Dominican Republic

Cap Cana, on the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic, might surprise those who associate the country with spring breakers. Here, you’ll find miles of white sandy beaches, a world-class marina, and some of the most luxurious romantic hotels.

Our top recommendation is Eden Roc Cap Cana, the only Relais & Châteaux property in the Dominican Republic, nestled on a vast 30,000-acre estate. It offers beachfront villas, a comprehensive spa and wellness program, and in-room services like couples massages and customized bath soaks. The hotel also features a unique limestone cavern cenote, ideal for unforgettable romantic dinners.

Looking for something more budget-friendly? Punta Cana boasts numerous all-inclusive resorts like The Majestic Elegance, offering stunning beach and ocean vistas at reasonable prices.



No romantic getaway guide is complete without mentioning Paris, the City of Love. We won’t try to convince you about Paris – it’s self-explanatory. This city is a marvel, boasting the famed art of the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay, the tranquil Seine River, and the quaint pathways of Le Marais, each turn in the city more enchanting than the last.

For a momentous celebration, consider the Hôtel de Crillon. It’s the epitome of romance, ideal for anniversaries or a lavish getaway. Located in the historic Place de La Concorde, this hotel is a Parisian icon. It offers expansive suites designed by Karl Lagerfeld, bespoke treatments at Sense, a Rosewood Spa, and intimate dining experiences at La Cave, creating a haven of romance.

Be sure not to miss Nonos et Comestibles par Paul Pairet, a restaurant by one of France’s most renowned chefs. For those desiring a Left Bank hotel with a rooftop bar offering expansive views, Hôtel Dame des Arts is a new and noteworthy choice. Celebrating an anniversary? Cheval Blanc Paris, with its stunning Seine views, is nothing short of spectacular, or as the French would say, magnifique.

Final Thoughts

Each of these romantic destinations is poised to offer an unforgettable escape, whether it’s a break from reality, a celebration of a special event, rekindling romance with a second honeymoon, or planning a memorable proposal. And remember, you don’t need a significant occasion to justify a romantic getaway— sometimes, “just because” is more than reason enough.

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