Second Honeymoon | Planning the Ultimate Getaway to Rekindle Your Love

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Are you and your spouse thinking about planning a second honeymoon? You have landed at the right destination!

Whether you just want to get away and have some much-needed time to yourselves, the first one left something to be desired, or you want to renew your marital vows in an exotic paradise, planning the ultimate getaway to rekindle your love is within reach. No matter your budget, we have options for everyone.

We also have tips for planning and recommended spots for couples so you can arrange a dream trip that will have you remembering why you said “I do” to your partner!

Why Plan a Second Honeymoon?

There doesn’t need to be a reason for a second honeymoon—you can do it just because. But there are some valid factors that make couples consider getting away and rediscovering their love:

  • Break from Routine: Daily life and monotonous routines can sometimes lead to dullness in a romantic relationship, and a second honeymoon provides a perfect escape from the usual—couples can experience new things together and reignite that flame that’s not burning as brightly as it once did.
  • Quality Time Together: In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s hard to spend quality time together. A second honeymoon can fix that! You’ll be able to enjoy each other without any outside interference.
Tropical honeymoon
  • New Experiences: Trying new things or setting out on adventures together brings couples closer. Not only is it fun, but it makes new memories. You’ll return home with a phone full of pics to show off that time you went zip-lining over a tropical jungle!
  • Romantic Setting: The romantic surroundings of a honeymoon destination also play a big role in rekindling romance. Gorgeous beach sunsets, candlelit dinners, and beautiful natural surroundings create a romantic setting that gets those romantic butterflies fluttering.
  • Physical Intimacy: Second honeymoons also provide the privacy and time for couples to reconnect physically, which is a necessary part of a romantic relationship—you’ll both get your groove back.
  • Reflection and Appreciation: It’s a time to reflect on the journey together, appreciate each other, and celebrate the love that has grown between partners. It can also be a great time to set new goals for the future.
  • Renewing Vows: Some couples renew their vows during a second honeymoon, which can be a deeply emotional experience, reminding each other of the promises made and the love you have.
  • Surprises and Thoughtfulness: Planning surprises or thoughtful gestures for each other on your second honeymoon also shows love and appreciation, which can, of course, reignite romantic feelings.
  • Reduced Stress: Being away from the stresses of daily life, work pressures, and other responsibilities helps reduce stress, making couples be more relaxed, open, and lovey-dovey with each other.
couple in love on honeymoon

Planning and going on a second honeymoon can help couples feel that romance again, see each other in a new light, and celebrate their marriage with fresh eyes and a renewed commitment to each other!

Dream Destinations

If budget isn’t an issue, the possibilities for a second honeymoon are pretty much limitless. Here are some recommendations to make your getaway incredibly memorable!

luxury destination

Luxury Destinations

Why not set off for an extravagant destination known for its opulence and romantic vibes? We love Bora Bora, Maldives, Seychelles, and St. Barts. These tropical spots offer luxurious over-the-water villas, private beaches, and world-class service.

private villas

Private Villas and Resorts

Booking a private villa or resort means an exclusive, intimate experience; high-end resorts offer personal chefs, private pools, and personalized experiences tailored to your individual preferences.

charter yachts

Chartered Yachts or Private Jets

Aye aye, captain! Charter a private yacht to explore the seas or a private jet for a super luxurious travel experience.

unique experiences

Unique Experiences

Splurge on once-in-a-lifetime experiences like hot air ballooning over Cappadocia, booking a room in an underwater hotel in Dubai, or dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant in a far-flung locale.

personalized itinerary

Personalized Itinerary

Hire a travel concierge to create a curated itinerary that includes private tours, romantic dinners, and exclusive local experiences. This takes the hassle out of the planning equation and ensures a bespoke experience.

wellness retreat

Wellness Retreats

For those who just want to chill and aren’t looking to be tourists, book a luxury wellness retreat in Bali or Thailand, where you can enjoy couples spa treatments, massages, hot yoga sessions, and healthy gourmet meals in a stunning setting.

adventure and exploration

Adventure and Exploration

If you are an adventurous couple, why not plan a luxury safari in Africa? Or private guided tours in other exotic destinations—maybe even a trip to Finland to see herds of reindeer while on a sleigh ride.

cultural immersion

Cultural Immersion

Feeling tourist-y? We’ve got you! Take in the culture of where you are with private tours of museums and historical sites, or hit up live musical or theater shows at iconic venues around the world.

renewal of vows

Renewal of Vows

Plan a special vow renewal ceremony in a picturesque setting, complete with a professional photographer, a beautiful bouquet, and, of course, the celebratory champagne toast.

Every one of the listed experiences will make amazing memories, make you feel closer as a couple, and make your relationship feel new again. If you have the money to spend, your second honeymoon can be a lavish adventure with romance, luxury around every corner, and a host of fun, out-of-the-ordinary experiences.

But don’t worry if you don’t have unlimited financial resources; it doesn’t mean you can’t have a dreamy, uber-romantic second honeymoon—the next section is for you!

Budget Planning

All vacations start with a budget—we wish it weren’t the truth, but just because it’s a special occasion like a second honeymoon doesn’t exclude it from the rules!

Make sure you have a crystal-clear understanding of what you can afford without maxing out your credit cards or spending your kids’ college funds.

You can plan a second honeymoon without breaking your bank. Here’s how to do it!

  • Set a Budget: Define a clear budget that includes travel, accommodation, meals, activities, and a little extra for any spontaneous adventures.
  • Travel Off-Peak: Traveling during off-peak times can really reduce costs.
  • Package Deals: Look for package deals that include flights, hotels, and a few activities and experiences.
  • Save in Advance: Start saving for your getaway well in advance to cut back on any financial stress.
budget for honeymoon

Destinations for Every Budget

Whether you are in the one percent or below, there is an exotic destination that is in your financial reach—we promise!



  • Maldives: Renowned for its over-water bungalows (yes, you can see the water from your room without leaving said room—it’s a skylight but on the floor), crystal-clear cerulean waters, and ultra-luxurious resorts.
  • Bora Bora: Offers a romantic tropical paradise with gorgeous resorts and absolutely stunning surroundings.
mid range


  • Greece: From the sunsets in Santorini to the beaches of Crete, Greece offers a romantic setting with a storied history.
  • Bali: Known for its serene landscapes, beautiful beaches, and affordable luxury.
budget friendly


  • Thailand: Offers a great mix of cultural experiences, beautiful landscapes, and affordable accommodations.
  • Portugal: Known for its romantic charm, stunning beaches, and affordable dining options.

Accommodation Tips

  • Book in Advance: Early bookings usually come with pretty big discounts.
  • Consider Alternative Lodging: Sometimes, Airbnb or vacation rentals are more affordable options.
  • Use Loyalty Points: If you have loyalty points or miles, this is the time to use them!

double heart

Making the Most Out of a Second Honeymoon

  • Explore Local Culture: Engage in any local traditions, taste regional cuisines, and explore historical sites together.
  • Plan a Surprise: Organize a special day or event that your partner isn’t expecting.
  • Capture the Moments: Bring a decent camera to capture all of your second honeymoon’s special moments!


Planning a second honeymoon calls for some careful considerations in order to make it as magical (or more magical) as the first one! All you need to do is set a budget, choose your destination, find a cozy spot to stay, and decide what you want to do—or not do—while there!

This trip is more than just a vacation; it’s a special time to celebrate the love between you and your significant other, remember the good times you’ve had, and look ahead to even more happy times together. Bon voyage!

Molly Davis
Molly Davis

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