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17 Romantic Christmas Date Ideas for Couples

Couple smiling, holding each other and Christmas gifts while walking through snowy park at night

Wintertime is the perfect season for romance. There’s just something about snuggling around a warm fire with your partner, away from the blistery cold outdoors. The beautiful decorations, colorful lights, and piping hot drinks make the Christmas season the ideal time to get romantic. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, sexy, and romantic with fun

What to Do When Your Girl is Mad at You (Plus What Never to Do)

Man and woman sitting at table facing away from each other, angry

Whether she’s your girlfriend or a bestie, it hurts to see her angry and upset with you for something you said or did. People disagree. It’s a fact of life. But you don’t want the tension to last too long. Depending on the seriousness of the argument, you may find yourself in the doghouse or

The Do’s and Don’ts for Breaking Up Over the Holidays

Man and woman sitting back to back each holding half of a broken heart with Christmas lights above them

Breaking up is never easy. Over the holidays, it can be even more brutal. You’re not fully vested in the relationship. Still, you agonize over it, thinking it’s better to wait until after the New Year. But then again, sooner is better than later, right?  Here’s the thing; do you really want to spend the

10 Do’s and Don’ts to Dating a Younger Man

Man having dinner with older woman

Generations ago, dating a younger man was considered taboo.  Even as early as several years ago, a woman in a relationship with a younger man was frowned upon, while it was acceptable for an older man to date a woman half his age.  I’m happy to announce that things have changed! We’re now living in

Fun Ideas for Horror Fans to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Man holding woman and smiling with string lights and bloody heart graphics around them

When you think about Valentine’s Day, the names Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger probably don’t come to mind. You probably also don’t think about ghosts, ghouls, and goblins. That’s more for Halloween, right? But what about Valentine’s Day for horror fans? Don’t they deserve to have some excitement, too, even if it is full of

11 Reassuring Signs That He’s Really the One

Man and woman face to face smiling at each other

We all want to find the perfect guy, but in that quest, we sometimes force a relationship that isn’t right. In the beginning, he may say all the right things that make you believe he’s Mr. Perfect. But if watching him sleep makes you cringe two months into the relationship, Houston, we have a problem! If you

Top Tips for Dating After Divorce with Kids

Dating After Divorce With Kids

The divorce is finally over, but now a new chapter begins, and you need to decide if you even have the energy for it. Of course, you want to find new love eventually, but just thinking about dating exhausts you. And here’s the kicker: You have kids to consider. What will they think? Are they

How to Successfully Meet People at Church to Date

Couple Holding Hands and Reading the Bible

Meeting someone at church to date should be easy, right? They have the same ideologies, mindset, and, of course, goals regarding spirituality and life. There are plenty of attractive-looking men and women of faith who attend your church. You see them every Sunday and even in the same prayer group. But when it comes to