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Follow-up Texts to Send Your Ghoster

Man sending follow up text to ghoster

In our opinion, ghosting is one of the worst toxic dating trends that has become a part of dating culture in the past few years. Regrettably, it has become more and more of a common occurrence directly related to the rise of casual dating facilitated by dating apps. What is Ghosting? Ghosting happens when someone

Keeping the Spark Alive | 10 Creative Date Night Ideas for Long-Term Couples

Date night ideas

Hi, all you lovebirds! Have you been feeling like your date nights are just a routine thing you do, or, even worse, you’re in a romance rut? Dinner and a movie or Netflix and takeout, just not cutting it anymore? We get it, and you’re not alone in feeling like you’ve done everything there is

A List of the 11 Best Breakup Songs for Dealing With the Hurt

Break up songs

Here’s the thing: Breakups are sad. They can make your heart literally ache—it’s called heartache for a reason. It can feel like a donkey kicked you in the chest. We aren’t telling you anything you don’t know—IYKYK. While we can’t make it all better, since trite sayings like “Time heals all wounds” and other cliched

Swiping Left vs Swiping Right | What Do They Mean?

Swiping right and swiping left

To swipe or not to swipe…that is the question. Ok, so it’s not the exact Shakespearean quote, but a little creative license is pertinent and relevant regarding dating apps. Because in the olden days, a nod, smile, sneer, or handshake was the most prevalent gesture to show approval or disapproval? But that was then, and

Building Genuine Connections | The Psychology of Virtual Reality Dating Experiences

VR Dating

In the age of digitalization, the boundaries of reality have expanded, leading to the development of remarkable platforms such as virtual reality (VR). Among its diverse applications, VR dating experiences have garnered significant attention. So, let’s talk about how these experiences can actually help us make real connections and the psychology behind them. But first,

Finding Love by Loving Yourself | The Importance of Self-Worth in the Dating Scene

Self love and online dating

There‘s a good chance you are familiar with the saying, “Before you can truly love someone else, you must first love yourself.” Whether you heard it in a movie, read it in a self-help book, from your therapist, or your mom doesn’t matter; although it’s cliche and maybe a tad overused, it doesn’t make it

Navigating the Online Dating World with Social Anxiety | Tips and Tricks

Dating apps and social anxiety

Dating apps are now the norm for most people looking for love; they are the go-to way for us to connect because of their convenience and accessibility to almost everyone. With a simple swipe or a click, it’s quite likely to be connected to a compatible potential partner in your town or even on the

The Future of First Dates | How Virtual Reality Is Redefining Online Dating

Virtual Reality Dating

Imagine yourself strapping on your virtual reality headset, entering an enchanting French café, and sitting opposite a potential compatible match. The sweet aroma of pastries wafts through the air, and Edith Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose” plays softly in the background. While it may sound straight out of a corny rom-com or romance novel, this