Navigating Faith and Romance | Balancing Religious Values and Online Dating during Easter

Christian dating through Easter

Trying out online dating as a Christian is more complicated than many people talk about. It’s hard to go on some of the most popular dating apps and have to sift through all of your possible matches, knowing that, most likely, none of them are Christians. 

It can also be challenging to navigate Christian dating apps and talk to so many people who seem to have everything right on paper, but when it comes to the nitty-gritty of all that your faith entails, you just don’t see eye-to-eye. 

Online dating is difficult and stressful in general. You have to find someone that aligns with your life and goals, and that search can often make you feel as though you’re searching for a needle in a haystack. 

But, even though the process of finding someone might be stressful and it can often present more problems than you might have felt prepared for or ready for, at the end of the day, it’s one of the best and easiest ways that you can meet people outside of your social circle. 

If you’re a Christian trying out online dating, we support you and we’re here to help you out with all of the problems that might arise on your journey to finding love. It can feel like a jungle out there as you try to find someone who aligns with your spiritual beliefs and is on the same wavelength when it comes to your faith. 

Thankfully, there are some fantastic ways that Christians have been able to navigate their faith and find people who share the same religious values as they do for years now. And you don’t even need to get on a Christian dating app to do so, even though we highly suggest that you at least give one a try. 

Christians face some of the toughest decisions when they decide to enter into the dating world because their standards are often higher and more necessary to be met than almost anyone else who is online dating.

It can feel disheartening and isolating to be a Christian looking for another Christian on a dating app, and many times, many people would rather give up than keep trying to look for their person. 

But this Easter season, we’re here to give you all of the advice that every Christian trying out dating apps should know to have the best and most romantic spring ever. 

If you’re a Christian and you’ve had a difficult time learning to navigate your faith while also trying to find someone who shares the same values as you do, we understand how difficult that might be and want to help. 

Here are some of the best ways to balance your faith and romance while you’re on dating apps during this Easter season. 

Being a Christian on Dating Apps

One of the reasons we love to recommend dating apps to people so much is because so many people are on them every single day. 

In today’s day and age, online dating is one of the best and honestly most necessary ways to meet someone and form a connection with them. And while there are always going to be drawbacks to any technological advancement like this, we’re pretty excited about the ease and access that online dating has provided for people in recent years. 

But if you’re a Christian reading this, you might be skeptical about how many Christians are actually trying online dating out. Let’s be honest, not all dating apps have the more reputable names, and not all of them are Christian-friendly. 

Even though there’s no guarantee that your online dating journey will be smooth sailing or that you’ll only find Christians when you log onto a dating app, the good news about online dating is that many Christians are trying it out, and they’re all over the dating apps. 

And, as we said above, they’re not just on Christian-only dating apps. It might be shocking to think that you could meet someone who perfectly aligns with your religious and faith-oriented beliefs on any dating app, but it’s true. 

Dating apps have become such a necessity for people to be able to meet one another and relate to people who they would have otherwise never known. Because of this, Christians often try out all kinds of dating apps to connect with others and hopefully find love. 

But where does a Christian’s faith come into play with all of this? Can a Christian really find another Christian online and feel as though they’re not playing God by trying out online dating? Because we’re called to be in the world but not of it, is online dating taking it too far? And how can you really know if someone is telling you the truth when they talk about their faith, or if they’re lying to trick you? 

We want to address and answer all of these questions for you. Online dating should be fun, and with the technology that so many people can access now and use to their advantage, it should be easier than ever to be able to navigate the world of dating apps and find precisely the kind of person you’re looking for online.

Here is some of our best advice for leading with your faith and finding your match online. 

Give Christian Dating Apps a Try

Depending on your age, you might be over the moon about this suggestion, or you might already be rolling your eyes at it.

The truth is, yes, some dating apps are more popular and populated than others. If you want to find a ton of success with people online, we often encourage you to try out some of the best dating apps in general. These are usually apps like Bumble, Tinder, Zoosk, and other well-known apps. 

People getting started with online dating often use these apps because they’re technologically advanced and have the highest number of users online. And online dating is a numbers game, so you want to give yourself every chance that you can in order for you to find success. 

But when someone has specific qualifications or niche categories that they fit into or want their future partners to fit into, it’s easier for them to find what they’re looking for when they go to an app that provides them with precisely that.

So when you’re a Christian looking to date other Christians, while other and more popular dating apps might have more people on them, Christian dating apps are more likely to give you exactly what you want to find. You won’t have to waste any time scrolling through endless people who don’t align with your values or faith. 

Another thing to think about when you’re exploring the world of Christian dating apps is that these apps are not like they used to be. While you might think that they look outdated or they’re not as advanced as the top contenders on the dating app market, Christian dating apps have gotten a massive facelift in the past few years. Now, these apps look clean, modern, and similar to any of the best dating apps on the market.

While you don’t have to try out a Christian dating app when you’re looking to find love online, we suggest that you at least give them a try, especially if you want to find love quickly and painlessly. 

There will never be a guarantee that you’ll find success, no matter what app you go on, but you’re more likely to find like-minded people you can connect with when you choose a Christian-specific dating app. 

Use the Search Filters

This is and always will be one of the most essential pieces of advice we can give to anyone looking for something or someone specific during their time on a dating app. 

One of our favorite elements dating apps have added for all their users is the use of advanced search filters. Dating apps know that you’re allowed to want what you want, and it can be a headache to go through all of the people and profiles you know won’t work out for you to find someone or something that works. They also know that there are thousands of people on all of their platforms, so it’s nice to be able to filter some of your hard no’s out right away. 

If you’re a Christian on a dating app and you’re trying to find someone who shares the same values as you do, try using the filters. 

We often tell people to use the filters wisely and not go too crazy with them. Ultimately, no matter how many people are on the dating app you choose, it’s never a wise decision to put too many filters on your options. But if you know that you only want to date a Christian, you can use that as one of your filters.

This filter feature is beneficial, especially if you decide to go on a dating app that might have a more extensive user base but isn’t necessarily Christian. If you specify that you only want to date a Christian, your regular dating app can become something like a Christian dating app.

But the filter feature is also extremely helpful when you’re on a Christian dating app. Some Christian dating apps, like Christian Mingle, even let their users search for other people who are in the same denomination as they are when they’re looking for their future partner online. 

The ability to sort people by their denomination is hugely niche, and you’re most likely only going to be able to find that kind of filter on a Christian-only dating app. But it’s also beneficial, especially if you don’t necessarily want to date someone outside of your denomination.

While we do suggest that you only use the filters that are available on dating apps to help you find other Christians and not necessarily to weed out anyone else, for fear that you might miss someone who was meant for you, taking advantage of these filters is one of the best ways that you can navigate dating apps as a Christian and find your people. 

Trust That God Is in Control No Matter What

While we never want to sugar-coat anything or say that God will handle it and then be done with the conversation, there is something to be said about being able to rest in the knowledge that God has promised good to His people. There is nothing that will get in the way of that promise. 

Yes, this world is full of problems, and not everyone is promised a relationship or that they will find love. But if you feel that longing in your heart and you know that you want someone to share your life with, God isn’t going to withhold His blessings on you. 

A lot of Christians are often hesitant to give online dating a try because they feel as though they’re playing God or taking over the reins of their romantic lives. Online dating is a relatively new idea, and not everyone is going to be comfortable with it. 

But we must remember that if our faith is in God and we’re trusting Him with our lives, then we’re trusting the biggest and most powerful being in the universe. 

It’s silly to think that we can control anything in this life. And while you’re on a dating app, you can control who you see and who you decide to match up with. That’s no different than when you’re in real life, and you’re deciding who you’re interested in and want to explore a new relationship with.

You’re not playing God when you decide to go on a dating app, and you’re not taking over control of your life. God is bigger than any dating app out there, and He is in more control than the algorithm. 

If you have a difficult time navigating your beliefs and how they are intertwined with dating apps, understand that as long as you’re trusting God and going to Him with all of your troubles, hopes, and desires, you’re doing just fine. 

You’re not wrong, or a terrible person for wanting to go on a dating app, and God is in control, no matter where you decide to seek love. 

Talk to the People You Match With

I know that this might sound extremely silly and of course, you’re going to talk to your matches, but we suggest that you try to do a deep dive when you’re matching with people online. 

Many people like to masquerade as Christians in order to pull other Christians in. There will also be some people you meet that aren’t on the same level as you with their faith, or they just have different principles that govern how they live their lives.

While these differences don’t make them better or worse than you, it is a good idea to talk to the people who you want to explore a relationship with, just to see if the two of you are on the same page or can get on the same page at some point. 

When you’re trying to find someone who aligns with your values and your faith life, you’re going to have to ask difficult questions when you’re messaging them. This might feel uncomfortable or too forward at first, but it will save you time and energy that you might have otherwise wasted on someone who doesn’t have the same beliefs as you do. 

When you’re on a dating app, whether that’s a Christian-specific dating app or just a regular one, it’s always nice to make sure that you’re covering your bases and you’re telling the people that you match with who you are and what it is that matters to you the most. 

If you’re looking for someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, it’s a brilliant idea to see if the two of you really share core values and faith or if it’s not going to work out. 

Take Advantage of the Spring Season

Dating someone in the spring is so fun, and we don’t want you to miss out on all this season can have in store for you.

Unlike the winter months, when finding your partner feels more like a necessity, looking for love in the springtime should be fun and not a headache. 

This is the time of year when you’re allowed to let your hair down, and feel free to enjoy your time flirting with people and exploring your options on dating apps. 

You can be serious and look for that long-term love that you’re craving any other time. But we want you to enjoy this season and take advantage of all of the opportunities and possible matches you can make when you’re on the dating apps during this Easter season. 

And who knows? You may find someone while you’re loving your time exploring dating apps that you can’t help but settle down with. 

Have fun during this season, and good luck!