How To Tell if a Girl Likes You

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Being able to tell if a girl likes you is not always an easy task. Many guys will find themselves in this situation with someone they are interested in dating or pursuing romantically and wonder how they can know for sure.

I’m going to share with you 12 surefire signs and indicators to tell if a girl likes you! Surprisingly, a lot of them are common sense, while some are a bit more subtle and nuanced. So do not feel too bad if you are unfamiliar with all the signs and indicators I bring up here. Take it from a guy who knew maybe two of them and still found his dream girl anyways!

Check out these 12 surefire indicators that the girl you are interested in does indeed like you! Find your dream girl faster than I did!

1. She Introduces You to Her Friends

You can tell that a girl likes you if she is introducing you to her friends or inviting you to hang out with her and her friends. She could be doing this as a way to get her friends’ opinions on you and if you would be a good fit for her. If her friends seem to know a lot about you, you know for sure that she has been talking about you with them a lot!

Another great indicator that a girl is into you is that her friends are quick to leave you two alone if the opportunity arises. Her friends obviously know that she likes you, and they feel that it’s appropriate to allow you two some alone time together.

2. She Pays Attention to You

Whether you are hanging out with her friends or yours, her attention is going to be on you. It is easy to get distracted in a large group and to divide your time among different people. But that will not be the case if this girl likes you. Instead, she will cherish the time you have together and will not get distracted by what surrounds her. She will be interested in what you are saying and doing.

If that is not convincing enough, take a look at her feet. If her feet are turned in your direction most of the time, it means she is into you! She will not only be looking at you the entire time, but her entire body will be postured in your direction. If she was uninterested, she would be making minimal eye contact and may be positioned in the direction of someone or something else.

3. She Mirrors You

Mirroring is the act of copying the gestures, movements, or speech of another person. It is a subtle clue that someone likes you and wants you to like them back. Many people often find themselves mirroring another person without even thinking about it. When it comes to speech especially, mirroring is an indicator that the other person is trying to get into your world. If they begin using the slang you use, watch out. They definitely like you.

The act of mirroring another is not limited to romantic interest alone. Friends will often mirror their friends as they are engaged in conversation, especially newer friends. People who want to impress others on a professional level might find themselves copying the movements or gestures of those they hold in high regard. Mirroring is an act that is almost hardwired into our nature, something that we do to show others we like them.

4. She Is Always Willing and Ready To Hang Out With You

You will be able to tell if a girl likes you when she is always down to hang out or spend time with you! A really good indicator that a girl likes you is that she will move prior plans around in order to make time to see you.

One of the greatest excuses out there if you are avoiding someone is to say that you already have other plans. If the girl you like is willing to drop everything just to see you, that is extremely telling. She definitely likes you a lot, and you are her top priority!

5. She Smiles a Lot While Talking With You

You could be talking about the most boring and banal of subjects, and there is a good chance that the girl who likes you will be smiling most of the time you are speaking. Girls who like you will laugh at your unfunny jokes, and they will smile even if you’re talking about something that is not all that interesting or engaging.

Being around you makes her feel good, and she will respond naturally with a smile, even if you’re not the funniest or most interesting guy on the planet. However, you are the guy she likes, and that is even better! And she will show that interest and appreciation for you with her beautiful smile.

6. Your Conversations Are Not Awkward or Forced

If there is a mutual attraction between you and a girl you like, the flow of conversation will be natural and effortless. You enjoy each other’s company, and this means that talk between you two will not feel unnatural or forced. It won’t feel like weird chit-chat, or like you’re struggling to find things to talk about. The conversation will be fun, engaging, and not feel like work.

The key here is enthusiasm. When someone cares about someone or something, they are going to put their heart and soul into it.

If a girl likes you and you like her, then don’t worry about having a good conversation. It will happen naturally because there is the enthusiasm that will allow you to know one another and grow closer.

7. She Will Initiate Conversations With You

When a girl likes you, she will desire to get to know you. If she is the one who initiates a conversation via text message or in person, it definitely means she likes you. She would not be making an effort or wasting time talking with you if she was not interested in getting to know you better and discovering who you are as an individual.

If you are the one who is always initiating the conversation, that can be a sign that the girl might not like you the way you like them. Some girls are shy or lack confidence, and they don’t want to be the one to begin the conversation, so it’s not always a definite sign. It will depend based on her personality. But if she is a confident woman and you are always the one who reaches out first, you might want to set your sights elsewhere.

8. She Talks With You Constantly on Social Media

If you and the girl you like are talking with each other constantly via texting or on social media, she likes you. There is no doubt about that! She will not hesitate to tag your name on her posts or upload pictures of you doing things with her online. These are all signs that she likes you and is excited to be hanging with you.

If you are texting the girl you like, you will find that she responds quickly to your messages. And all of her responses are well thought out. There are not going to be brief messages composed of single words or short answers.

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She will send thoughtful, engaging responses if she likes you and loves talking to you constantly throughout the day. She will also ask you a lot of good questions as well in an attempt to learn more about you.

9. She Lets You Into Her Personal Space

Girls are not willing to let just anyone into their personal space, so it is a good sign for you if she feels comfortable letting you get close. When a girl is not interested in a guy, they will often set up physical boundaries so the guy will not get the wrong idea. By openly inviting you to share her personal space, she is showing you that she is attracted to you!

And this can go the other way too. A girl who likes you will come into your personal space if she senses you are open to it. She might fix the collar on your shirt or straighten your hair if it’s out of place. She might even do something more forward, like rest her head on your shoulder if you are sitting next to one another!

10. She Blushes When She Is Around You

Blushing can be an indication of shame or embarrassment, not that you want to shame or embarrass the girl that you like intentionally. The point is that blushing is a sign that this girl really cares about what you think of her. If she were uninterested, she would not really care about being embarrassed in front of you.

11. She Adjusts Her Clothes or Hair When She Is Around You

If she is adjusting her clothes or hair often around you, this can mean one of two things. And in both cases, it is a positive thing. This could mean she is nervous around you because she likes you and feels the need to adjust and fidget because she is hoping that the feelings are mutual. The other thing this could mean is that she is trying to look her absolute best around you which means she will be primping to come across as appealing as possible.

Either way, adjustments are always a good sign for you!

12. She Will Share Personal Things With You… in Her Timing

The more comfortable a girl is with you the more apt she will be to share things from her personal life. This shows that she trusts you and is alright with being vulnerable. This is also a way for her to reveal more about herself.

This is something that might not come up on the first few dates or in the early stage of the relationship, so don’t feel that she does not like you if she does not open up about her innermost thoughts and feelings right off the bat. Some people take longer to be open with others. She can still like you and be hesitant to share personal matters. Just respect her boundaries and timing.

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