10 Best Ways to End a Date the Right Way

ending the date the right way

Exploring the world of dating can be both exciting and disorienting. And what is the most challenging part, in our opinion? Probably figuring out how to end a date, good or bad, with grace. How you end a date can significantly impact both your and your date’s experience, whether sparks flew or fizzled. Let’s investigate ten considerate, tactful, and good ways to wrap up a date that guarantees a good final impression.


1. Express Gratitude: A Thankful Farewell

A simple ‘thank you’ can go a really long way! It shows appreciation for the other person’s time and effort. So even if you don’t see any kind of future or even a second date with this person, showing and voicing your gratitude leaves a positive impression and hopefully ends the evening on a good note, with minimal hurt feelings or ego bruises.

honesty and kindness

2. Be Honest, But Kind: The Art of Gentle Honesty

Honesty doesn’t have to be brutal, but it sometimes is depending on the person it’s being delivered to. If you feel a connection or don’t feel any sort of connection, it’s important to communicate it, albeit with kindness.

Being honest about your feelings, even though it’s really hard to do—especially face-to-face, will prevent any sort of misunderstanding and show respect for the other person’s feelings. But be aware that not all people take rejection in stride so it could get not-so-nice or even ugly, so be prepared for that.

friendly hug

3. Offer a Friendly Hug or Handshake

Platonic physical gestures like a sweet hug or a handshake (we don’t love a handshake, but some people do) can non-verbally communicate how you feel about the date, so choose one that matches the vibe and your level of comfort and connection that you felt during the date! And if you are up for a quick peck on the cheek or even a smackeroo on the kisser, we say go for it!

follow up message

4. Send a Follow-up Message: The After-Date Nudge

A short and sweet text after the date keeps the communication line open, indicating that you’re thoughtful and considerate. Look at you being proactive! Firing off a simple message saying you had fun on the date or suggesting another meeting is the perfect way to show your interest or even just your appreciation for a nice evening out and that you enjoyed yourself.

avoid mixed signals

5. Avoid Mixed Signals: Clarity is Super Important

Confusion often comes a calling from sending mixed signals, so being clear about your intentions is an absolute must on a date. Make sure your words, actions, and body language are consistent with how you feel about the person and any prospects of another date in the future. For example, if you aren’t feeling it, don’t send signals that you are just to avoid hurting their feelings.

plan next step

6. Plan the Next Step: Carpe Diem

If you’re interested in seeing the person again, don’t sit on your laurels and wait for them to ask—you can take the bull by the horns and suggest planning another date. Proposing a second date shows your confidence and interest, and it can be a little thrill of foreshadowing of things to come for both people if the interest is mutual.

body language

7. Be Mindful of Body Language: Unspoken Words

Your body language speaks volumes without you having to utter a word about your feelings towards your date, so keep open and positive body language if you’re interested, but remember to be respectful and considerate of personal space, no matter how much you are into them. If it’s reciprocal, then, by all means, lean in!

positive note

8. Keep It Light and Positive: End on a High Note

Ending the date on a good note can leave a good impression, regardless of the outcome, so try to find something nice about the meetup to say, like the experience itself, even if you don’t plan to meet up with them again. In layman’s terms, if you had an awful time, try not to show it. Find something, anything, nice to say about the date if you can.

respect boundaries

9. Respect Boundaries: The Respect Rule

Respecting personal boundaries is super important in any dating scenario, so never pressure anyone, man or woman, for physical intimacy or push them to commit to another date in the future; respect their comfort and decisions. Don’t be pushy and try to get your way by manipulating or guilting them into something physical or another meetup. No.

intrigue factor

10. Leave Them Wanting More: The Intrigue Factor

A little mystery can go a really long way, especially if there’s mutual interest—you don’t need to reveal everything about yourself or make concrete next-date plans right away; leaving something for the next date speaks volumes and can seriously up the excitement factor. Who doesn’t like a little mystery? Not us!


Remember, how you end a date can be just as important as how you begin it. These ten tips are designed to help you traverse the sometimes murky middle ground of dating etiquette with grace and a little more confidence.

Whether you’re looking forward to a second date or never want to see their face again, ending on a good note hopefully means a pleasant experience for both parties, no matter the outcome.